「夏休みカタストロフィ」 (Natsuyasumi Katasutorophi)
“Summer Vacation Catastrophe”

Wait, are you telling me that this spectacular episode wasn’t the ending? It’s crazy how even after giving me more questions than answers, this episode was everything I could have ever wanted from this series. I’m sure that if I was really analyzing things (or thinking coherently), I could pick out about twenty different elements that have been brought up but haven’t been touched since they were introduced. But seeing how this is not an analysis of this show, I’m going to continue letting my mind get blown away with all the action that was packed into a single episode.

Two simultaneous battles and both of them felt strong in their own right. I still can’t get over how touching it felt to watch Gekkou bow down to Yuuichi in order to save Mirai’s life. Coming from the guy who calls everyone trash, he’s actually come quite far since the beginning of this series. Be it from Yuuichi’s teaching methods or just honest feelings for Mirai — something in Gekkou changed this episode. Something that would probably lead him to immense power if there was more than just one episode left.

On the other hand, I can’t believe it took this long for Taito’s familiar to finally show himself. Since he can come out whenever he pleases, it really goes to show you how much of a pussy cat he really is (sorry, bad pun). Then again, Taito managed to fair pretty well even without Himea at his side. After getting beaten to a pulp while standing up for his beliefs, I was half expecting him to pull out a secret attack to blow both of the Soul Breaker’s into pieces.

Luckily, Himea manages to break free at the last minute, not only demonstrating that you don’t mess with the strongest vampire in the universe but you don’t mess with the guy she’s in love with. Had Taito not prevented Himea from killing the two brothers, one can only assume how much collateral damage that gigantic fireball might have caused. Plus, with both brothers going out of their way to not kill Taito or Haruka, I’d have been a little disappointed had Taito not done anything.

Since this isn’t the last episode of the series, I’ll reserve judgement till next week. But after summing up everything that’s occurred up to this point, I think that this show as a whole has been really interesting. I only wish I had some sort of idea of what’s going to happen next week since I’d like to prepare myself for something that won’t be as good as this week’s episode!




    1. Don´t forget her powers were already limited because of Taito´s blessing (inmortality). No wonder nobody was able to capture her for thounsands of years, she might be as powerful as god and according to Yuuichi that´s the highest classication of magical power or so he said in episode 8.

  1. Haruka must have some kind death wish for confessing again right in front of the mother of all love rivals. I still hate her guts, but I pitty her thinking what Himea coul do to her if it weren´t for Taito and his good influence over her.

  2. This was epic. It answered nothing, brought up even more questions, and wasn’t conclusive at all, but goddamn was it awesome.

    Its such a shame this show is only one cour and animated by ZEXCS. Imagine if this had been given two cour and a competent animation studio? Still, all things considered, its been a fun ride. This is also one of the few LN based shows where I really am interested in reading the original source. Most others *cough*Index*cough* make me feel the exact opposite.

    1. Oh yeah, and Gekkou bending his head to save Mirai’s life was fantastic. He’s such a bastard, but I knew that if it came to it, he’d lay down his life for Mirai, and perhaps others as well. Deep down, beneath layers of total asshole, he’s a softie, and its good to know I wasn’t wrong.

      And besides, how could one not come to love Mirai? Doesn’t everyone want their own personal Pikachu-girl?

  3. Now Zexcs surprise us again.
    While we expect for some kind of anime original ending from such a cut and paste job and anime original they have done. They just end their main content at ep11 using vol.4 ending(and the structure of 11eps for main content and one fanservice episode is the same as Korewa zombie desuka?, may be because their story composition staff is the same person.)

    And from the way they release a shot of the black rabbit and some story related hints, it’s look like they’re going to make SS2 for this. Is Zexcs trying to open their new pages of history for doing a sequel for something or what?
    BTW having a sequel is good but it would be no good if they keep raping almost of the original contents like this.

    1. Wow, you´re the first person actually notices the hint of th Black Rabbit, at least nobody bother to comment about the incredibly evil looking thing that apears to be inside Taito.

      I agree with you 100%, Zexcs might for a second season for a change and I really hope they do because the end of novel 4 marks the true begining of the epic story. Fingers cross everyone who support this idea.

      1. Can’t support that hope, I’m afraid. As I said, a single strong episode can’t hold up a series all by itself.

        That aside, I find it rather odd that Zexcs could weave an episode such as this and yet do so poorly with others. Take that into consideration with the obviously teaser of the Dark Rabbit we saw and it would appear that they’re trying to coax viewers into wanting a second season.

        I can’t say I appreciate such hollow tactics and that they couldn’t have put forth the effort that this latest episode saw into the series as a whole.

  4. A surprisingly good episode in what has otherwise been a poor adaptation of one of my favorite series.

    Don’t get me wrong. There was certainly a good deal to like here, but a single standout episode does not a strong series make, nor do I believe it will save Itsu-Ten from the downwards spiral of poor story boarding, unbelievable characters and an overall lacking when compared to the original work that has had potential viewer after viewer abandon it from near day one.

    My bit of ranting aside, I give Zexcs a fair bit of credit in weaving an episode that more accurately reflects what I, and I believe many others, believe Itsu-Ten should’ve been like from the start. Truly a shame that it took them this long to achieve such.

    At any rate, it doesn’t look as though we’ll get to see the Dark Rabbit or Itsu-Ten’s true epicness that begins from here onwards. Though perhaps it’s for the best that such is left to the light novel and manga.

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