「日常25」 (Nichijou 25)
“My Ordinary Life 25”

Really Kyoani, really? Spending the first half of the episode on two (technically one extended) skits? I’ll have to say that if you were planning on closing this series with some sort of bang, you’ve set the bar pretty high.

As I’ve noticed some hate for my favorite gundere, I hope this skit was able to sway all the haters out there a little bit. By dropping the tsun to an all time low and bringing the dere all the way up to the breaking point, I hope that Misato’s charm may have finally fallen upon all of you. How could this face not make your heart tinge a little? I also have question for all the readers out there – does anyone know the proper name for Sasahara’s neck ornament and can it really come apart just like that?! (I feel like I’ve asked this before, but it’s been a while and I have forgotten.)

The one thing that made Nichijou stand out for me was all the over the top scenes that get thrown into the show. Using this epic run as an example, how many shows have you seen where the girl who just had her heart broken ends up leaping through windows, shadow box like a pro, and even saves a little kids life? As ridiculous as that sounds on paper, watching the whole thing unfold before your eyes is kind of like eating horrible combinations of foods that turn out to actually taste great together!

I guess when a show is about to come to a close, certain jokes have to be put to rest. But boy am I going to miss watching Nakamura-sensei mess up her schemes to capture Nano. Even when the world decides to hand her everything she’s ever wanted, it’s just too much when her inner thoughts cause her to spaz out and miss the chance that’s been handed to her. You could say that I pity Nakamura-sensei a bit, since when she was face to face with Hakase, the only one in the world who would willingly reveal Nano’s secret, she somehow talks herself out of believing it.

The other point that I wanted to make was how spot on Nichjou can be when dealing with emotional subjects. It’s been a while since I’ve strongly agreed with a skit, but best friends are probably one of the best things you could have. For all of you out there who’ve experienced any sort of heartbreak, the pain that hits you is pretty substantial. For each and every person, it takes something special to help them get through these moments — and without best friends to come to your rescue, things can get pretty hairy. And in this manner, I don’t believe I’ve seen a more beautiful note made to help someone feel better.

Let’s go Kyoani. Bring on the best finale you can bring!

ED13: 「Let’s search for Tomorrow」 by ゆっこ、みお、麻衣 (Yukko, Mio, Mai)
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    CHAN-MIO!!! I lol’d hard.

    Welp. Finally it’s here… Sasahara and Misato pairing… I was rooting for it but then now I feel kinda bad for Mio. 🙁

    In any case… Jesus Christ… The animation never ceases to amuse me.

    Everything was well animated in this episode from action stuff such as that epic 360-horizontal-bar-swing-lunging-finale-shadow-boxing-near-miss-train-disaster-like-stunt-road-run-boy-scout-carrying-old-people-charity-work-cursing-life-saving-flat-board-dive scene to the simplest of details such as Billy Watts of Nakamura sensei. I am at awe really…

    Still though even with that awesome scene, we still get a bitter sweet episode closure. Long life friendship voucher kicked me in the nuts.

    Well now that Sasahara Misato pairing has been closed. Expecting Takasaki and Sakurai closure next week. Bracing for full on sakuga pr0n even though this episode’s budget was quite unexpected.

    1 WEEK LEFT!

  2. Lol I actually thought Misato’s tsun was ramped up to an all time high XD

    Loved Mio’s epic run of sorrow. The train part and “Chan Mio!!!” was epic. Was also funny how when Mio can be seen in the background of Misato’s skit, you know instantly there’s gonna be trouble. And seeing Nano running in the background and Yuko running after Mio outside of school grounds when Misato was blowing Sasahara up was pretty neat.

    Nakamura’s skit was very well done, and I liked how all of Hakase’s mad plots came back in just one single skit – Boy 2, the Daruma, Sakamoto talking etc

    Final ep next week 🙁 It’s ending too soon…

  3. This episode made me cry. Not just because we only have one more episode to go, the last episode will probably make me cry even more. Mio was just the best in this episode. Everything must come to an end at some point. Next episode is the last, I believe I will definitely miss this anime.

  4. I was expecting him to pull out a spare pair of glasses! I was completely caught
    off guard when he said they’re just for show (even more so than her willingness to
    “help” him – a true sign of love)!

    This series had a bumpy start but I really enjoyed the 2nd half. It’s great to
    see all of the story threads in this ep tie together to a heart-warming ending.

    I going to miss this after the last ep next week…

    1. Didn’t he say that in an earlier episode as well. I seem to remember him mentioning they were fake in an early episode. Lucky for me I have no issue at all rewatching this entire series. So I guess I’ll find out. Also I loved how she was “being his eyes” walking arm and arm with him but her eyes were closed and he was leading her.

      1. I think I mentioned someplace that the OVA seemed like they were setting us up. I’d read the first volume of the manga by then and the OVA didn’t fit at all, but it was released with the 6th volume of the manga, so it was intended for existing fans. I was betting on it being a setup and they were waiting to pull off the weirdness on TV. I was right for once. (I also watched the first episode RAW and basicially called it “Lucky Star on Crack”)

  5. oh well, all has to end… make it good, Kyoani…

    And yeah Misato IS cute. Also, about Sasahara’s necklace… I suppose someone has to take it down to prove it, right?

    Yeah best friends are great, sadly I’m one of them that doesn’t have them for long (and it’s mostly my fault :|)

    You guys know what? Nichijou is just normal life stuff expanded to the extremes. And I’m glad they did, even if it’s random. Hope the last episode is good! Nichijou no eien ni~

  6. This was indeed a good episode. His fake glasses, Mio running, The Boxing, “Chan-Mio”, Nakamura going to Nano’s house, this was too good and make me laugh more than usual. Cant wait for next week!

  7. Sasahara is wearing a cravat, specifically, a ruffled styled cravat. There are many different kinds of cravats, but Sasahara’s type seems to be falling band, which is detachable. I’m not sure if it’s detached in the way Sasahara removed it, but hey, who cares.

    1. Her hair accessories are voiced by Norie Wakamoto! Do not mess with Mio.

      But yeah…. I think it’s official now that the crush Mio had for most of her life will never be. Poor thing. Chin up!

  8. “I drank it” XD Epic glue fail. ahhh science teacher, this is why you don’t panic. ^_^;.

    “These glasses are just for show” … Y’know. It’s a good thing Evangelion was Gainax and not KyoAni, or Sasahara probably would’ve been N^2 mined right there. <<;. XD … On that note, Did anyone else keep expecting the explosion to catch up to Mio and Yuuko ??

  9. Sasahara was channelling the god of games there with his gentlemanly behavior there. The ending was very nice with Yuko of all people coming up with a great idea at the end. Though Mio ran like crazy, Yuko deserves mad props for being able to keep up with her without breaking a sweat. The train squeezing scene was funny. Nakamura’s constant silliness was also very fun

    Zaku Fan
  10. As always, Nichijou is amazing. Did you guys notice the quick flash of Mio and Yukko running by when Misato exploded? Gotta love Kyoani’s attention to detail.
    When Mio was talking about how life is unpredictable and that’s what makes it so good, I couldn’t help but feel that that would have made an excellent ending to the series haha. That’s really the point of this entire show!
    Can’t wait for the finale.

  11. Today, i was rejected by my long-time crush for her to go to homecoming with me. I was seriously moping all day and I decided just to catch up with Nichijou and maybe that would cheer me up. Man. Funny how anime can relate to life. I felt like Mio the entire episode, but I instantly cheered up when she said good things can come from bad things. My friends had been cheering me up all day, but i had kinda brushed it off anyways. So when I saw that note, and i saw those 3 peeping outta the corner, it felt like the skype messages i got from my 3 best friends today. 10/10 for me <3

  12. Loved the Mio-chan marathon.
    Expected something different with Nakamura finally pinning Nano, luckily my expectations didn’t come to pass.
    Starting from 100
    Usual Misato tsun crap -40
    Misato trying not to be tsun +10
    For once Sasashara getting shot was ok +5

  13. Did anyone notice the mpty bicycle that ran past Nakamura-sensei as she was wolking towards Nano’s place? Did it come from one of the other sketches his episode, or it that the Kendo instructor’s bike still on the loose from a few episodes ago?

  14. Zero spicy HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! Oh the immediate agreeing with her just cuz he loves her, oh man kills me. I would be that teacher takase is it?, if I was anyone haha. That n wear’n glasses for “show”. One week left? It hurts.

  15. And then i realized i have been watching nichijou for half a year….its ending too soon. Every skit still seems to stay fresh in my mind, constantly reminding me of how random and funny life is. This show has helped me in many ways, changing my perspective of how the world works, how even in the worst of situations, humor can be an easy way out.

  16. Now that’s some epic running by Mio.
    I mean to be so heartbroken that she would run haphazardly between two running trains in opposite directions. Only in Nichijou. LOL

    I said last week that I was expecting Kyo-Ani to make an epic skit out of the love triangle between Mio, Misato and Sasahara, and I’m pleased to say I was not disappointed.

    They even managed to cap the whole thing off by a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming by a show of friendship from Yuuko, Nano, and even the usually trolling Mai.

    Nakamura x Nano yuri could be cute. XD

    Kinny Riddle
    1. Nakamura x Nano yuri could be cute. XD

      Actually that scene was just adorably lethal. Nano even pulled a cute “eeeeeehhhh…”
      It was almost at par with Annaka’s only it’s miles cuter.

      Anyway I got a good laugh at Nakamura’s reaction. Very amusing.

  17. I still remember when I first watched this, and the puzzlement I felt at the OP with Sasahara and his goat. Nichijou has really come a long way since then and now if I watched the 1st episode again the goat would probably seem normal! X3

    I loved the running sequence especially in this episode, I nearly died laughing when Yuuko suddenly switched to “Ch-chan-Mio!”
    The best friends note was really sweet too, I just hope one day in my social phobic, antisocial life I find best friends like that, even if one of them is a huge troll like Mai!

  18. It seems we all agree that the second course is better than the first, and there are different reasons for that. but here’s one I haven’t heard someone mention yet: during the first part, there were a lot of sketches that were impossible to ‘get’ for anyone who did not grow up in Japan. I don’t remember such sketches occurring on the second part..


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