OP2 Sequence

OP2: 「sky’s the limit」 by 平田志穂子 (Hirata Shihoko)
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「The Contractor’s key」

It’s refreshing to see a main character who is the strong and silent type. Whether it’s awakening to a Persona, finding out a classmate has been murdered, or discovering there’s nothing inside Kuma’s costume, it doesn’t matter because nothing fazes Yuu Narukami. Maybe that’s why he was chosen to fulfill a contract and receive a key to the Velvet Room. In any case, with his unique “wild card” ability and the Fool arcana, Yuu really is a “jack of all trades” and it’ll be fun tracking his status attribute increases from week to week too.

Like I mentioned in the series introduction, I’m more interested in watching the characters and their stories fully animated than in the fight scenes for this adaptation. I really believe that everyone will find a Social Link story that they can relate to or at the very least sympathize with. With this episode serving as an introduction to Yousuke’s storyline, it looks like the character development won’t take a backseat to the action and fighting. We all know someone like him who acts like a comedic foil most of the time, but underneath Yousuke has his demons just like everyone else in Inaba. Poor guy, first he finds out his crush is murdered and then he has to find out what she really thought of him too! At least he’s rewarded for the strength to face his true self with his very own Magician Persona, the Disco Ninja Frog/Deadmau5, I mean Jiraiya.

Sure, with all these Social Links it can be easy to forget that the Persona games are still role playing games at heart featuring plenty of action. It was a bit weird to see Izanagi flying around and fighting Shadow Yousuke in the first “boss” fight without much direct involvement from Yuu, so I’m hoping we’ll see some more action from the characters themselves (not just their Personas) and maybe see some weapons, named attacks, and character-Persona interactions. At least we know Yuu can land a punch, even if it was the wrong guy! Thank goodness he didn’t bring a golf club to fight with because that would’ve been dangerous.

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of all the little references and homages to the game. The more relaxed pacing in the second episode allowed for a more subtle incorporation of various game elements, and so far AIC ASTA has done a commendable job of balancing these elements and not making me think I’m just watching someone play Persona. The background music was more muted and didn’t feel tacked on anymore, and I never thought I would have been so happy to see transition scenes of characters walking in the rain! With less time dedicated to setting up the plot and mystery, this episode was even more faithful to the minor details and events in the game. The humor that I enjoyed so much was given its time to shine, often courtesy of the lovely Chie (I’d gladly buy her a beefsteak or a Rainy Day Beef Bowl any time). We also were treated to a bit more of Yukiko’s aloof personality (although, who can feel sorry for a guy without any pupils) and more importantly, her dressed up in a kimono on TV. Thankfully I won’t have to wait long for more because it looks from the preview that we’ll get the full introduction to her story, as well as Chie’s in the next episode.


ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「Beauty of Destiny」 by 平田志穂子 (Hirata Shihoko) feat. Lotus Juice
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      1. ya, she’s waaaay cuter in the anime than she was in the game, can’t really say the same for Yukiko sadly. On an unrelated note, + 1 courage in the first week?!!?! That’s technically impossible I’m pretty sure….

      2. Yea~!! *cuddles* I’ve always adored Chie!! She’s shoooo KAWAI!! And yea .. Everyone can’t keep their strength if they r sared about their friends or loved ones … I mean COME ON gimme a break … That’s hw she is .. And I LIKE the way she is!! GO CHIE-CHAN!!

  1. I feel that they are going to focus on a different social link each week and that would reflect in the ending changing ever so slightly as Yuu gains more tarot cards from each of his links. Wonder if the ending is a precursor?

  2. Yosuke will now DIE for you! Sorry couldn’t resist.

    Anyway, I like how they shuffled about some of the events. It helps the narrative in a show rather than a game. They actually made Chie more adorable here, especially her sobbing after the return from the TV world. The fight with Shadow Yosuke was great, especially with how they mixed the fight with Yosuke accepting his shadow. Also Yu actually PUNCHES Yosuke, which was awesome. I always wanted to do that in-game.

  3. “I am a Shadow, the true self.”

    For some reason I never get tired of that line. Other than that, I still find the pacing to be kind of awkward, like the story shifts scenes too quickly. Does anyone else find that?

    1. Maybe they’re trying to rush the early episodes to get all characters (or rather the more important ones) out first then slow down for the rest of the series. But yeah, I feel they’re a bit rushed.

    2. 我は陰、真なる我。 yessss… Also the “Thou Art I, and I art Thou”. but we got that back in ep 1 before Yu got nom’d by his TV… looking back I’m disappointed the Table Crash afterwards wasnt louder. I mean, it freaking woke nanako (in the game) >>;.

      Bring on next week and the first real dungeon >).

    3. Umm… Ditto about hw annoying it is and all .. Cuz even in the game .. for ALL the other persona-users the time they don’t accept the truth … And hw they say “I am not u!!” or something like that and when the shadow says “Yess!! I can feel the power building up!!” or something like that .. I kinda get a little embarassed ^//^ And hw the other members say “No!! Don’t say it!!” ROFL!! I die with embarassment … But i will never stop luving anime, manga, and games!!

  4. Just a copy but here what’s I heard: ” From the lead animator’s twitter. Another animator said the third episode was “so bad” that he had his name taken off the credits. The anime directors were ‘bullying’ the animators and apparently no one’s even been paid yet.

    1. It seems right now it’s just a rumor. The animator’s name is Jun Arai, and he said episode 2 isn’t even worth watching. Also, it seems episode 3 will be worse as some animators will be leaving, too.

      I don’t know about you guys, but I though episode 2 was just fine. But, I just have one question. Episode 3 is in 7 days. Are they telling me episode 3 isn’t completed yet?!

      Btw, episode 2 was leaked online with french subtitles. Can somebody say sabotage? =(

  5. I was really looking forward to this series but at the same time I was scared of what they were going to do with the source material.

    Suffice it to say I’m pretty much okay with this. They did a good job.

    The pacing is a bit awkward, but I’m just going to put it off as “Getting things out of the way”. Because people who do not know the games – as well as some people who do – would be very disappointed if this had been Episode 3-4 and Chie’s Episode hat only been 6 or something. Because that’s probably what it could have been given slower pacing.

    The shadow scene was very nicely done. I liked the deviations from the game. Like the talking in the fight, the inclusion of some new scenes (the TV screens), the punch from Narukami and him talking to Yousuke that he loved her. It was well done and reflected what I most loved about Persona 4. The whole true self thing.

    Not that it was new, considering it was just a rehash of Persona 2 Tsumi. But I loved that one as well so it balances out 😛

    I just hope the pacing slows down a notch once we have the “initial 4”. Spoilered: it’s not really one but I am naming the next 2-3 additions to the team while hoping they do them right, so don’t read if you don’t want to know (considering they’re all in the opening…)

    Show Spoiler ▼

    So yeah, I’m very much looking forward to following this adaption the next two cours.

    Oh and: Needs moar Nanako.

  6. Pretty good episode, now on the differences… which I hope I can remember:

    – Mitsuo (and Yosuke) asking Yukiko happens here instead of way sooner, like in episode 1.
    – Yosuke getting the weapons confiscated is not shown.
    – In fact, Yu isn’t wielding a golf club during battle.
    – Teddie still hasn’t introduce himself to the gang. He does in the game on your second visit.
    – Yosuke doesn’t say the “You can’t be me, you son of a bitch !” part in the anime, which is a shame.
    – The shadow, in monster form, talks WAY more in the anime then in the game.
    – Yosuke apparently passes out in the game; in the anime, he witnesses the entire battle.
    – Yu doesn’t have to, or you don’t have to :p, knock some senses into Yosuke in the game.
    – Chie just runs out of the store after wailing on the guys when they return in the game; in the anime, she asks them for food for forgiveness. (That one for funny though)
    – Yu talks more, which is a good thing because he barely talks in episode 1.

    That’s all I can think of right now. Thanks for the review !

  7. Listening to Yousuke’s banter with his shadow-self was quite interesting- I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of psychological strain it must have put on him; having every single negative aspect of himself exposed…

  8. I was expecting the Social Link up here https://randomc.net/image/Persona%204%20the%20ANIMATION/Persona%204%20the%20ANIMATION%20-%2002%20-%20Large%2033.jpg Too bad it didn’t happen :C. The calling attacks was something I missed too but I get the attack names can get confusing and besides, Izanagi stops learning stuff quickly so they would have to invent attack names or something.

    What I liked was that there was more of awesome Shadow Yosuke (love the guy), the “corruption” of the scenery and of course the punching. Yuu showed a bit more personality here, maybe thanks to his stats leveling up. Also I noticed that Kuma believed them a bit faster than in the game but it’s not a big deal.

    Anyway, so far it’s good. Not perfect but it’s way more better than I had expected but considering I was expecting something like Trinity Soul, maybe my expectations were a bit low.

  9. Kuma. #.Fucking. 1. Interesting episode. Really enjoyed the dialogue between Chie and the other characters and the premise for obtaining Personas is pretty cool. (Never played a Persona game in my life, I know D:)

  10. I’m loving the series so far, and I’m curious to see how much they’ll change various personalities. Chie seems to be a little bit more girly than she was in the game. But with Horie Yui voicing her you wont hear any complaints from me(.^_^.)b
    And I have to add that I actually like Kuma this time around….and all of his terrible “Bear” puns. You really can’t escape them whether it’s English or Japanese.

    1. OH YEA!! The evolved versions .. Show Spoiler ▼

  11. I though the 2nd episode would be kind of lame because the 1st one didn’t really intrigue me, but this turns out to be an improvement. And damn, Yuu is getting more and more handsome, or is it just me!? I like his character, but I really hope his lack of speech doesn’t hinder his personality.
    I really find the guy who hits on Yukiko super scary, why his eyes need to be like that!? On the other hand, I think I will really dig Chie and Yukiko!

  12. … Oh my God, I just noticed that in the ending sequence, the only cards with the proper Arcana on them are the Fool circling around Yu and the Magician falling into his hand. This probably means the ending sequence will be changing as the story progresses to fill all of them.

  13. Man, this episode was ‘beary’ decent, but it did a good job adapting the source material =03.I kinda agree with Nhelraios in that Chie didn’t really exhibit her tomboyish demeanor(which is what makes her great), but it’s kinda cute to see a different take on her character from the(eng) game. Maybe we’ll see that spunk when she gets her chance for a Persona.

    Oh yeah, and the crazy guy who talked to Yukiko at the school gate seemed ‘bearrrrry’ suspicious. He seemed WAYYY too into Yuki and was pissed that she turned him down. I don’t find it a coincidence that all the murders have been women so far. I wonder could he have something to do with all of this; i.e. get turned down, then toss the girls into a tv to kill them out of spite.

  14. A lot of people didn’t think this episode would be any good, but I beg to differ. From Horie Yui’s voicing of Chie to the condensing of the story; I think these were done very well. Here’s to hoping everything remains consistent. Also hoping the rumours about AIC aren’t true.

  15. I actually never liked Chie because of the scene
    Show Spoiler ▼

    I have to commend the anime for making Chie tolerable (though that’s a large part of thanks to Yui Horie, a great voice actress).

    It feels strange to suddenly find Souji/Yu attractive…
    Suddenly it all makes sense why the ladies fall over him!
    Needs more Nanako, Adachi, and Kanji. So far I haven’t been disappointed!

    1. Oh my god, I feel the exact same way as you about Chie! That scene with the money was one giant cringe. It’s amazing how much of a difference a voice actor can make on your impression of a character: so far, I like Horie Yui’s Chie A LOT more XD

  16. For those of you who have played the game, know that there would be slight differences between the game and the anime to make the story more lively.

    I agree that Chie looks cute in the anime whereas she looks funny and cheeky in the game and I am quite shocked that Yukiko doesn’t look as good as I have expected to be.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Yeah, Chie looks way too good in the anime while Yukiko should have looked a lot better than this. I hope Rise will not disappoint when she decides to make an appearance in person.

      Show Spoiler ▼

  17. A lot of Kuma cuteness is present in this episode. Bear-y amusing. XD A mascot without anything inside~ Kuma flailing while his head was “zipped out” is just hilarious~
    LOL Chie. You get cuter each minute, no seriously~

    Yosuke’s Persona on the other hand, Jiraiya, seemed to look okay though…but the Shadow version of it seems….worse than in the game. =w= I really laughed at the part where Yu punched Yosuke, as Izanagi punched Shadow Yosuke =)) Mirror images, I sense it.

    And I had to agree with staticology on his post. It IS strange to find Yu Narukami attractive… (I don’t deny this! Even I would say the same thing about him! Honest! XD) Now I understand why some of the social links in the game…had to be in lovers’ route, I suppose. XD

    We get to see more Nanako, Chie and Yukiko next episode. /o/

  18. I’m disappointed in both the blogger and the comments on this episode for the lack of ‘bear’ jokes =0<(except KayCea and Thousand Mistress). I fully expect 100% more 'bear' jokes in the blog of the next episode.

    1. I’m just beary glad that someone else likes a good pun. Sometimes they’re so bad..that you have to laugh at them(and the awkward silence that surrounds you when you do). *sigh* This is really one of the only few cases that I can get away with stuff like this~_~.

  19. I really liked how they transitioned the boss stage, and double falcon punch! its the Ultimate Mayonaka Arena time! also I don’t think it would be a bad idea if the preview was used to cut time of Yuu watching the midnight channel.

  20. Episode 2 is very nice. For starters is Teddie being this adorable when he’s afraid. Second is the forever Boss Battle Song of the first fight with Shadow Yosuke. And lastly, it would make sense that they only show the main story of the Midnight Channel, and the mysterious murders. (If I’m not mistaken)

    I agree to some people that Chie is cute in the anime, the part she’s worried about them and cried. They should at least make Yukiko more adorable like in her game version.

    1. If anything, I felt this episode looked better than the first. It’s not perfect or flawless, but it’s certainly not the worst I’ve seen.
      Where did you find the animation to be ‘shoddy’?

    2. Boy! Your standard must be ridiculously high if you think P4A’s animation is shoddy. It might not be the top-notch but it’s sure is as good as other good shows around. And the pacing…Seriously, I’m tired of hearing ppl complaint about pacing. 90+ hours got squeezed into a 26 eps anime and people really want to see all the conversations and blah blah talking ? Why don’t they read a bit about the game first then watch the anime later? Hint: try TVtropes.org, it has a pretty nice summary and some reviews for first timers.

    3. I must really be blind…because I don’t see the terrible animation I keep reading about(.=_=.) Especially given the great improvement from the 1st episode to the 2nd. Also the story was more consistent this time around as well, with a few “renovations” here and there. But it still matches up with the game more or less..

      Honesty though it doesn’t seem to be the general opinion for most of the people here so maybe I’m not crazy. But when I read about it on another site I think,”….maybe their eyes aren’t “beary” good” or “Maybe they should just grin and “bear” it”. But not everyone can agree on all things. And it is your opinion, I’m just curious as to why I keep hearing about the “crappy” animation when it really isn’t that bad>,>. If someone could explain why plz reply….Also for those horrible “bear” puns, I apologize.

  21. Never played the game although i’ve been aware of their existence since before their release.

    I’m hoping it gets released on PS Vita like the wiki says so I can finally play it (I no longer have a PS2 and hate playing them on HDTVs)

    O well, I didn’t find this hard to follow at all.

    1. Well the release is in next year. And there’s a lot of features are added for the PSV version so there might be some differences/added dialogues of the game’s storyline because of the new character named Marie, who will be voiced by Kana Hanazawa. (For those who didn’t knew)

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