「街中の遊撃手」 (Machijyuu No Yuugekisyu)
“Commandos in Town”

If these past few episodes are trying to build up to something amazing, things really need to get kicked into high gear. For a show that can justify having a encyclopedia devoted to solely listing how each character is linked to another, I expect it to be at least somewhat interesting! But with the camera jumping from the main story involving (I’m assuming) Toori to new characters like Miriam and Azuma (who’s a guy?!) who are trying to figure out their dorm life, it’s hard to focus on a single point. It’s as if no one story has enough time to really make you care for those involved — something which doesn’t bode well when most people only give a show three episodes to wow them.

However, I’m betting on the fact that the future episodes will get a lot more interesting with how unique all the characters are. Tadatsugu is a great example of how nontraditional styles of combat can trump even the most skilled warriors. That said, I’m not sure what the point of trying to kill him was, but it was pretty lame when those two commanding officers just sat there whistling as if nothing had happened. In a post-apocalyptic era where people are fighting to relive history, how could you possibly do something that brash when it could lead to an all-out war!?

In a recurring pattern that I will probably follow for the rest of the season, I’m going to call out every time this series doesn’t give me enough of that plot-heavy goodness it’s supposed to be known for. After a good review over what’s led up to the current world last episode, it just doesn’t feel right when there isn’t something pushing the story forward. With enough characters to tell seventeen stories concurrently, one would think that every episode should be used to somehow most the story forward, right?

Thus far I’ll honestly say that my patience is slowly waning. I really want to get into the world that Horizon is trying to make, but with too many silly moments and not enough story building I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to last. Still, I love it when Toori is on screen and he’s probably more than enough to redeem the show during its slow moments. I would really like to see what his confession to Horizon really means but it looks like there’s going to be some big battles before we even get that far.




    1. Agreed. The reason I’m watching this anime is because I loved the fights in the first episode. There was some amazing quick thinking and skillful techniques employed and done with great detail making it amazing to watch.

      1. Personally, I think the three episode rule should only apply to one-cour, one-season shows. Horizon has enough material to cover several seasons (and counting), and if they are going to hasten things up people would just end up being more confused. Episode 1 was a great way to introduce the characters, and the history lesson in Episode 2 was definitely important. People didn’t say Horizon was impossible to adapt for no reason.

        At least it’s advancing – the entire issue regarding Horizon and Remorse Way is definitely an important plot point. Don’t worry, things will be kicked into full gear in the next episode. Look forward to the “fireworks”.

    1. Introductory or not, it’s failing in its execution. The technobabble/world-building is so heavy that I bet many people either have no idea what is happening, or have to rewatch scenes in order to understand.

      It may have worked as a novel because you can read at your own pace, but the amount of cramming in the animation is just not working well at all.

    2. The typical casual viewer who decides to check out a couple episodes of this show isn’t going to be aware of that, so who cares? I don’t know about anybody else, but I want to read a review, not some sales pitch from a huge fan who has already watched every interview and read every blog and tweet each staff and cast member has ever posted. Since I haven’t and am not going to, that wouldn’t tell me anything about whether or not I’ll like the show.

      nobody in particular
    3. I’m also waning my patience with this series. Yeah, it’s pretty, but right now, that’s about it. There are way too many characters and there is not enough concentration on any one of them for me to empathize with. I assumed Toori and P-01 are the main characters, but they are barely in it. Which I find unfair because they (and their relationship) actually look interesting compared to the dozens of side characters who I’m watching, but still find boring cliches and wondering why they are so important. I’m hoping it starts kicking gears soon too or I’ll also be dropping it. And since when is “plot movement” such an annoyance to people? That’s the point of a story, to move forward, address a problem, and actually tell the story. I have a feeling I’ll be looking up light novels and spoilers later on just to understand the point of this show.

    4. “The first three episodes were stated to be introductory episodes by the staff and the writer.”

      Was actually about to drop this before I read your post. Well then, I’ll give this show another episode.

    1. There are numerous discussions available online explaining most of the complicated stuff surrounding this show if you don’t mind the spoilers.

      (WARNING AND DISCLAIMER: Don’t say I didn’t warn you; you may end up spoiling the entire season for yourself if you decide to read the materials that these search directions turn up)

      Show Spoiler ▼

  1. one would think that every episode should be used to somehow most the story forward, right?

    Well, it did. Actually, if you’ll note, these first three episodes cover the course of a single day. Beginning around 8 AM and ending approximately 12 hours later.

    Along the way we’ve gotten a brief introduction to most of the major characters, and more in-depth backstory for Toori and Masazumi, two of the most central characters. Masazumi especially has been treated quite well, and is one of my favorite characters of the season thus far.

    Anyway, its quite obvious that Shit Will Go Down next time, so you should get your actual “plot movement”.

      1. I think that saying that a certain arbitrary number of episodes is “too slow” to cover a given length of time shows that you really don’t get that stories are told at the pace they are told at.

        If they needed 3 episodes to cover 12 hours and set up everything that needs to be set up for what happens next…then they do.

    1. Yes, it is a bit slow. They should have tried to go for 1 hour airings, but then again when’s the last time an anime did one hour episodes?

      Is that a naked guy in the background in the last screen cap?!

  2. Tadatsugu awesome, speed is nothing to him.
    The once Horizon girl is a queen/royalty now?
    Lots of question to ask, but kinda hate the spoilers.
    Guess I’ll watch this for the fights and those “armors”.

    Miss Smiley Girl somehow interests me. The girl who’s always with Mr. Businessman.

  3. “It’s as if no one story has enough time to really make you care for those involved…”

    My concerns ring true. They seem to be spending too much time trying to develop the show’s numerous characters instead of just focusing on the ones that matter- unless they all matter, in which case we have a pacing/time constraint problem instead. But I imagine that they might (As in I hope that they do) start to focus more on Toori and those closest to him now that the supposed 3-episode intro phase is over, which should make things a tad more directed…

    1. unfortunately most of us haven yet read the novel, and what worsts is in japanese with no translation except summary (in English) to grasp the idea. unless the show is targeted to those who had read the novel then is would be a different story. as for us who not yet read the novel is kinda confusing in what ,where,who and how.

  4. this is the first anime series, i watch after 3 episode which not mainly focus on main character (mc) . i do hope the next few coming episode wont be like this. is not like i wants to rush the story but it feel odd when watching the show when mc is not focus in it. dont get me wrong , the show is good but just that they lack of execution and might leads viewer to drop the show.. more importantly i am more curious in toori’s past and his relantion with horizon . dont you all agree?

  5. Right now the show is relying on its large cast of characters. Build up episodes are necessary in that case, but at least I find the characters likable. I find Tori in particular fun to watch. My biggest fear is that the payoff will be a disappointment.

  6. Anyone making a wiki for the anime only? As in without spoilers.
    Let me see…
    4 dewa kings. whats is this?
    I know about 5 people names.
    I can recognize sensei, api, aoi’s sis, horizon, store keeper, child horizon, principal, masazumi, blonde in wheelchair, blonde wing, black wing, dual eye miko, ninja, meccha, blind girl, samurai, money conscious guy, smiley girl following money conscious guy, curry man, girl with huge wrench, girl who attacked principle, girl from church, and black slime
    Characters i would not recognize: Azuma, guy with girl from church, 2 men who met with principal, 2 people in carriage.
    I missed out anyone?

    Okay, next the 4 states are….?
    the districts within the spaceship… there are 3 mentioned (the school one, the market place and something else

  7. When I look at this series I recognize nothing post-apocalyptic about it. It’s mostly futuristic. Their infrastructure is well advanced, there is food and hot water. So why do people worry?

  8. I have a feeling this is gonna end up like Index, where you pretty much have to go back and read the Light Novels to make sense of everything and understand all the subtle things that happen.

  9. The first three episodes are an introduction of the entire cast according to the official site. I also think that you are assumed to check the biography and names of the cast to make it easier to remember. It’s obviously up to everyone to decide, but I think it will be easier to enjoy the series if you can keep track of who everyone are. Here is a link for a translation of the official bios:


  10. I’ve seen some people saying “oh, but it’s complicated because the novels are very complex and it’s impossible to translate it into anime; but you should read the novels, then it will make more sense, they’re awesome, etc, etc, etc”…

    Yeah, the novels maybe good and all, but that doesn’t change that fact that this show is not good. I’m not judging the novels, I’m talking about this anime and it’s pretty much a lot a random scenes together. It’s not entertaining at all. It’s like they’re not even trying to make something interesting. And I think they could have done something better than this.

      1. Ha, if the majority of an audience has to resort to third party explanations to understand what’s going on, then the show has failed in its infodump despite how successful it may have been as a novel.

        But go ahead and sop up the insipid exposition with all the weeaboo elitist gusto you possess. If we’re lucky you’ll choke, seeing as how this show’s dick is already in your mouth!


    It is like a horrifying parody of every other over-the-top anime that was ever made.

    I watched the first episode, speechless for the duration, thinking “what the |=+++ am I watching.”

    The show doesn’t take itself seriously. How can you expect it to begin to? Nothing that happens seems to have any bearing on an actual story, and is all ‘wacky’ side-stories. This is not a show that you watch because you are interested in complex plots.

    The character design ranges from almost normal to bizarrely inhuman. There are crotchless naked demon-men, and girls with breasts which would have to make up 35-40% of their body mass. The most flat-chested girls in the show are b-cup at worst, which at least makes them look passably human-like some of the time (there is some really screwed up shit going on with that btw). Numerous of the characters’ hair is larger than their actual body by a factor of 3 or more.

    The resulting amalgam is the stuff of nightmares. The entire show watches like an inside joke that I’m not in on, that went much too far and comes across as just grotesque.

    1. Its quite possible for a show to both be “serious” and not “take itself seriously”

      I was thinking about this for a while, and a good comparison I came up with was a Sunrise show from a few years back, GunXSword. GunXSword has a very serious plot, but its also a very, very silly show.

  12. Takaii was that a pun. I find this show pretty interesting. I hope the story unravels a bit more but i do like the character designs and characters. ill probably watch a couple of more episodes and see if i should drop the series or keep watching

  13. Don’t know why but there is something about this show that intrigues me. I think if the creators pull this off, we could be in for something special. But who knows? This show could fall apart for all we know, I just got a very good impression from this series so far. I like how Masazumi (she has to be a main character right? She’s probably had the most screen time so far) and Toori have been characterized. I’m getting a good feeling from this series.

  14. I think this show will be unique if it’s given a chance by everybody to slowly develop. Prologues can be boring but necessary to set up the story if it’s complicated enough. Also 3 episode litmus tests are usually stupid as well since the story are told at that set speed. You can’t speed it up or slow it down.

  15. Guessing said confession to horizon is the kick off for a revolution against the silliness of reliving history or the start of a fullscale war of some sort. Possibly the original horizon was killed to follow history.

    Also, did Toori carve the road through the forest beam sabre style or was the road already there. If he did carve the road, then his power level is going to be pretty crazy. Everything is still very messy but this episode has shown who is likely important and who can be ignored (pretty much most of the students excepting the sister)

    Zaku Fan
  16. I have watch up to 3 episodes of horizon and of all my years of watching anime, even with logic wise, I CANNOT UNDERSTAND WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!

    Can somebody please explain to me what the hell that I am watching here?!

    1. Read my post right above yours. The sequence of events is actually not that complicated, you just actually have to pay attention. They aren’t marking the time at which events occur for shits ‘n giggles (though admittedly, many, many shows do that. Here they are actually doing it for a reason). The details of the backstory and setting aren’t overwhelmingly important at the moment, so if you aren’t quite grasping it, don’t worry too much, it should become clearer later.

    2. TL:DR version? Guy is planning on confessing to a ‘girl’ who looks like a friend who died 10 years prior, political skullduggery, bad guy setting his plot in motion.

      All over the period of a day, see Fencedude’s post.

      1. Really, all the show is asking is that you pay attention. A lot of people are trying to treat it like a “shut your brain off” show, like certain others this season *cough*GuiltyCrown*cough*, and while its certainly not Penguindrum, you do have to put at least a little effort into following what is going on.


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