「We are friends, aren’t we?」

For all the Chie fans out there, this was your episode. If you thought that she couldn’t get any cuter, just wait until you see the young Chie meeting Yukiko for the first time. With those hilarious facial expressions, it is no wonder that so many of her friends and classmates are unable to resist her charm. She even does a great impression of Edvard Munch’s The Scream!

After the occupants of the Velvet Room remind Yuu that his power grows with the strengthening of his social bonds, it made sense that this week would delve into the backstory of another one of his friends. I don’t mind this formula yet since the investigation into the murders has just begun and it allows us to learn more about the other members of the investigation team. The latest disappearance involving the Midnight Channel hits close to home once again with Yukiko the victim this time around. As her best friend, Chie had quite the emotional roller coaster ride as a result. Her entire personality was laid bear bare this week, from her steely resolve to rescue Yukiko from the Midnight Channel to the hidden and suppressed parts that were brought to the surface by Shadow Chie. Having seen both the good and bad sides of Chie made me think that when you share your darkest secrets (sometimes unwillingly like in Chie’s case) and your friends stay by your side, you know those are your true friends. I’d probably think about sharing my secrets if I could get my own Chariot Arcana Persona like Tomoe Gozen too.

Aside from Chie, we learned more about some other characters as well. I definitely felt sorry for Nanako being left behind all the time by Dojima and now Yuu, but she seems to handle it rather well by watching quiz shows and doing laundry — although, come to think of it, those hobbies are a little unusual for kids her age. Some characters from the game had cameos in this episode, such as the Music Club’s Matsunagi Ayane and the Basketball Club’s Ichijou Kou and Nagase Daisuke. More importantly, Yuu’s increased stats in knowledge and understanding have somehow improved his sense of humor and personality too. He still may not be much of a speaker, but when he does have something to say it’s usually something insightful, a great one-liner, or both. For example, after seeing Yukiko’s show on the Midnight Channel, I bet Yuu just said what everyone was thinking. He still needs to become more expressive though so he doesn’t get arrested for possession of deadly weapons.

Thanks to the police, I didn’t get my wish to see the characters fighting with their own weapons, but the action in Yukiko’s Castle with their Personas was satisfying nonetheless. Yuu was finally able to use his wild card ability to summon Pyro Jack so I’m hoping we’ll be able to see a greater variety of Personas in future battles. The all-out attack sqeuence consisting of the Garu (wind) and Agi (fire) skills to defeat Shadow Chie was pretty neat to see, even if wasn’t possible in the game. I’m sure some of you have heard the rumors about various animation and production problems at AIC ASTA, but so far it seems that none of these concerns have materialized as the quality of each episode has stayed consistent, and even improving some. I’m hoping this trend continues so we can have a proper introduction to Yukiko and find out what that mysterious figure in the dark is up to.

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    1. Nanako is too cute for her own good…She could become a force to be reckoned with when she hits her young adult phase. I’m really hoping they make her older and bring her back as one of the main characters in another Persona….Maybe in 5(‘_’?)

  1. Wow. Didn’t see that coming, Yuu summoning Pyro Jack the Magician Arcana. Since last episode that the Magician Arcana has been unlocked so he can use it and also unnoticingly establish Social Links. As Chie received her own Persona, Yuu obtain the Chariot Arcana so which Persona will Yuu use on that Arcana.

    Chie is always the funny girl of the team.

    Looking forward for future episodes about Kanji, Rise, Teddie, and Naoto. Especially Kanji’s true-self. Wonder how will it do.

  2. Did Yu just summon a lvl 32 persona on the games first dungeon? I call bull. Then again he might need it for Shadow Yukiko. She was an annoying boss. Also ONE paper crane folding session and his Understanding levels up?

    Seriously though, I like how they animated the first meeting of Chie and Yukiko, since that was only told through dialogue in the game. I’m also glad they did away with the stupid “We can hide our weapons on our uniforms” shtick. The fighting was good, I digged Izanami’s moves and they actually made Disco Ninja Frog look cool.

    Yu’s deadpan delivery is hilarious. “I wish I could have taped it” was the best line of the episode.

  3. Thanks for the review… time to play “spot the differences”:

    – The most glaring one is that Yu, Yosuke and Chie wear their casual outfits instead of their school outfits when visiting Yukiko’s castle. Not much a problem, but it is a difference.
    – Yu and Yosuke don’t have their weapons, the golf club and the wrenches.
    – Teddie saying his name has been skipped in last episode… kinda awkward, but…
    – Yukiko’s inner thoughts are heard in a large hall in-game, not a bedroom like in the anime.
    – Chie is still conscious when the Shadow thransforms (might be recurrant for other Shadows).
    – Shadow Chie talks more in battle, like Shadow Yosuke (again, might be recurrant for other Shadows).
    – The whole “thousand faces” moment never happens in-game.
    – Chie faces herself while the Shadow is transformed in the anime, while in the game, you have to defeat it and then Chie faces herself.
    – The scene with Chie and Yukiko as children never happens in-game. They might talk about it, but we don’t see a flashback or anything alike. (My memory is hazy on that one).
    – No dungeon music ? INCONCEIVABLE ! Where’s the “Castle” theme ? (Yes, that’s how it’s called according to the OST)… might be in the next episode though, crossing my fingers.

    That’s pretty much what I can notice.

    Thanks again for the review !

    1. Yeah, the Chie and Yukiko flashback is only talked about in the game, but in the manga, iirc, it gets expanded on, which is what I believe the anime drew on here and expanded even more.

  4. I am a Chie fan!!!!
    And we are now presented with Jack Frost so early in the anime (level 32, mind you). XD

    I also saw that All-Out Attack cutscene. Pretty much the same as the game, no doubt about it~
    Shadow Chie was fascinating as she was cruel. She talks too much as well, just like Shadow Yosuke. Shadow Yukiko on the other hand, I had to admit it’s much better to see that segment of hers in the anime. =))

    The animation and the art of the anime is still making my right eye twitch. XD

    1. Its not Jack Frost its Pyro Jack (Or Jack 0’Lantern if you prefer the Japanese name).

      Actually its a mystery why they didn’t use Jack Frost, since he’s practically the mascot of the SMT Franchise.

  5. I’d think it’s coz Jack Frost mainly uses Bufu (Ice Spells) which I assume Shadow Chie is resistant / immune to.
    So it had to be a Persona of the Magician Arcana that can use Agi / Fire spells. And Pyro Jack comes to mind!

    Maybe Jack Frost will have a cameo later on, who knows?

  6. A competently executed action/drama show for the most part. My only major complaint would be how formulaic the last few episodes have been, but I imagine that the show will begin to take on a significantly different form once all four of the main characters have obtained their Personas, long before the formulaic structure becomes a significant problem by causing the show to become intolerably predictable and dry…

      1. ^ In the Persona 4 video game, theres a part where you take a field trip to the city (forgot name) that was in Persona 3, and you visited the school from P3 and Chihiro was your tour guide of sort there.

    1. She is not Maiko but it’s hinted that one of Nanako’s friend is Maiko from P3. In one of Nanako’s dialogue: “One of my friends moved here from city last year. She’s living with her mom…”. It’s not much but maybe…

      1. I don’t think her friend is Maiko. Maiko was 8 years old as of P3, and P4 is 2 years after P3, so she would be 10 years old… it seems weird if she and Maiko would be close considering the age difference (Bigger impact in japan than in the western world)

  7. I felt so good when Yu change Persona. I was worried that they won’t let him use other persona besides Izanagi. And the All – out attack scene! Boy, I kept screaming like a crazy fangirl for almost 1 mins.

    1. ”quite funny.XD”
      It was extremely amusing to me!!

      Yosuke: H..hey, did you see that?!
      MC: I wish I had taped it.
      Me: I wish I could tape you saying that.

      Chie: It.. it left teeth marks! Are you okay?
      MC: It’s making me cry.
      Me: why didn’t the game add that x.x!!

      *silently makes origami tsuru*

      I’m happy to see more of the MC’s personality showing up XD

      PS Is it just me or does the MC seem less cute in this episode,
      even though he has more personality now?
      maybe cos he didn’t smile that much?
      love his smile when he said ‘Konishi-senpai dakke?’ in the last ep XD

      1. Actually I think most of the one liners the MC has been using have been possible dialogue options in game. It’s really funny because he answers questions the way I would/did(.^_^.)b

  8. The All Out Attack animation made me cheer, even if the combo of Garu and Agi wasn’t possible in the actual game. Maybe they are just taking a page from the guys in Persona 2 with the fusion spells.

  9. Good review of the episode Verdant. I’m just going to point out a few things:

    – You use the Japanese name for Chie’s Persona >Tomoe GozenPyro JackJack O’lantern<
    – You mentioned the cameons and I quote "Basketball Club’s Ichijou Kou and Nagase Daisuke" but Daisuke isn't from the Basketball Club, he is fromt he Soccer Club. Kou is the only one of those two in Basketball.

  10. i must say the fight scene in ep 2 was not that great imo but ep 3 is a whole lot better also letting the MC use different personas thats just pure awesomeness i wonder what personas will show up

  11. Didn’t expect he would called Jack O, but now I can get my hope up on the Jack Frost or Mother Harlot! (On a second thought, Alice wouldn’t be so bad either, Die For Me!! would look so awesome)

    1. They mentioned the fog in episode 2. It’s about half way through the episode when go they back into the tv the second time and before Yosuke unzips Kuma’s head. As for its siginificance I’m not quite sure Show Spoiler ▼


  12. Wow I was so surprised that they managed to incorporate a lot of the game mechanics especially the changing of personas. I was thinking that he would stick with Izanagi the whole series, but that’s been proven false.
    Considering he received the chariot arcana his next might be Show Spoiler ▼

    I would have liked to see an actual all-out attack where they all rush the enemies. Maybe we’ll see that in the future episodes.

  13. I absolutely lost it by the time I saw Shadow Yukiko in the tv doing all those crazy things. What was funnier was Yuu’s reaction and then he said “I should have taped it”. That was too funny, LOL!

  14. This is the first chance I’ve had to make a comment for this series’ posts–I haven’t even been able to watch the first episode yet–though I’m really quite pleased with how well the show seems to have been brought to life like this… Even though I played P3 and P4 extensively, I don’t think I’m going to nit-pick on the varying details that others have noticed. I still have my reservations about this adaptation, especially in regards to some certain future events, but hopefully things will turn out well.. Thanks for posting.

  15. This episode had some big changes from the game but I thought it was done pretty well. The MC’s personality was a win(his nonchalant deadpan humor),Nanako was adorable and dependable as usual, Yosuke “took one for the team” again, and Chie got to be in the spotlight and was once again a bit more girlish than in game. But I think that’s GREAT change honestly and she still retains her original personality for the most part anyway.Oh and how could I forget..Kuma had some really good bear puns this time around. He really tries to step his game up each episode^_^.

    Everything for the most part was good. A few parts had me thinking “Hmm..what about..uh oh well”. Like for example how Chie was conscious when her shadow was rampaging. Or has she could even still stand after the battle. Granted they did leave early because she was exhausted, it didn’t really seem like it to me. But I wouldn’t knock any points off just for that though. And all in all this is probably my favorite episode yet….(I’m a Chie fan=_=) Also I wonder…What club will he join?(I’m guessing basketball)

    P.S. That Yukiko scene…..>.> It was more raunchy than I remember. Lol but it got her shadows point across so no complaints here.

  16. I’m quite surprised they can manage to adapt an RPG as well as this. Curious to see the new personas as the series goes on. It would awesome, although impossible, if we get to see a Mara summon in the anime.

  17. I gave episode 3 a second viewing.
    Show Spoiler ▼

  18. Everything I noticed and found worth mentioning you did too. Oh man, Narukami’s personality is so bada$s! Haha. See I wasn’t sure about that little chart with stats during the eye catches, but it’s funny it correlates with what’s going on. I’m loving the show. Wish I could by the game, maybe after my piggy bank can recover from the Zelda Symphony in L.A. The show is a real hit for me thus far.


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