「市民プールはフラグがない(;´ Д`)」 (Shimin Puuru wa Furagu Ga Nai (;´ Д`))
“There are no Flags at the Pool”

I think I finally understand why shows that focus on comedy start to grow boring and stale — and why Haganai is totally not an example of that. I don’t know if I’d say it’s pushing the envelope by having a good amount of variety and pacing between comedy and fan-service but the way it builds a real story amongst all the laughs and boobs is something that makes it stand out amongst the crowd.

As much as it pains me to think about Itou Kanae starring in an adult video, it was impressive how much of that script Sena read out loud. But even more impressive than listening to one of my favorite seiyuu pretend she was partaking in a sex-scene had to be the drive Sena had to protect her precious 2d girl. Even though I should feel bad for her after enduring Yozora’s little prank, I clearly remember getting a good laugh listening to Yozora in-directly poke fun at Sena with that little excerpt she read. Does that make me a bad person?

After watching Sena get traumatized, I wasn’t expecting a new character to get introduced so suddenly. At first glance, I was afraid that Kobato was going to come off as a Kuroneko-esque character, especially with the type of clothes she was wearing. But as soon as Kodoka caught her off guard, I was pleasantly surprised with how cute of character she was. While she may be trying to be Reisis V. Felictiy Sumeragi on the outside, I’m glad that she’s a cute little sister on the inside.

With things focusing more on character development toward the end of the episode, there was one big moment that stuck out to me. The moment would be watching Kodaka finally assert himself and utilizing that bad first impression he gives effectively. It was pretty slick how he saved Sena from getting her ass handed to her but when he told her just how stupid she was being, it was like I was watching a whole different character.

If you haven’t already forgotten what happened back in episode one, Yozora is apparently very bitter about a close friend of hers abandoning her. Whether or not Kodaka is the kid who’s responsible for creating the devilish Yozora we know today, it doesn’t make sense why Yozora is keeping secrets from him. If he was the person who screwed up, she could easily just take her anger out on him. But if he isn’t, what does she gain from not telling him? With a face this flushed, I can’t wait to see what happens.




  1. Hmmmm, I didn’t see that coming (the flashback of Yozora and Kodaka). I wonder why she didn’t say anything about it at all as well. Maybe we’ll know about it around the end of the series.

    And Sena is starting to grow on me. At first, I don’t like her much but now I see that she’s quite likable. Quite funny that she somehow turns out to be a game otaku. And woah, two new characters on next episode. Can’t wait to see it!

    By the way, since Kodaka = Taka maybe Yozora = Sora? Quite fitting if I do say so myself.

  2. Why Scared Blacksmith why!!! I saw this and literally died inside by horror and amusement. I don’t think I could read what Sena read with a straight face.

    Kodaka’s scary face was dead on. It gave me a chill and was completely unexpected.

    Comedy was golden in this episode.

  3. Sena is amusing with her obsession of 2D, especially when Yozora can exploit her for cheap pranks. And she does get some good character development as well.

    I’m not surprised Kodaka can’t recognize Yozora. I don’t think I would recognize a reverse trap turning into a hot piece of ass.

  4. At first I thought I woulnd’t like Kadoka’s sister but it looks like they’re not sterotyping her. Still I’m not convinced yet weather I’ll like her or not. Her “situation” happens a lot in kids. They pretend to be someone else to protect themselves from something (I’m not a psychiatrist so I don’t know much about that).

    Even though Yozora’s young self looks like a boy in those clothes the voice was fairly girlish Makes me wonder what she currently dresses like outside of school. I also wonder why she didn’t speak up when she knew who he was. I wonder from when did she know.

    When Kadoka dealt with those punks I flashed back to Toradora.

  5. Poor Sena. I wasn’t expecting her to be my favorite, but she’s wonderful, and not just because she’s excessively hot. Her reading the sex scene was heartbreaking because…well, as anyone who’s played adult VN’s know, the writing during the sex scenes is universally terrible, no matter how well written the rest of the game was.

    As for Yozora, I assume she hasn’t told him because she thinks that he A) Abandoned her and B) Forgot her. Also he apparently never even knew that she was a girl to begin with. I wonder when she figured it out, before they started the club? If so, it certainly adds a new dimension to what happened in episode 1…

  6. This episode is everything I love about this series. Mizugi-Sena, Yozora-backstory, Kobato’s An-chan. The next few episodes should be introducing the other characters, but these 3 are definitely the backbone.

    I have a suspicion that HanaKana got Kobato’s role just cuz she did Kobato in Clamp’s Kobato. I kinda had an iseewhatyoudidthere feeling. =P

      1. This is where I will shock you! Kobato is actually a second year junior high student! LOL! Even I was shocked when I learned it, and all the characters in this series will be (except her brother of course.)

        Anyways love HanaKana in voicing Kobato! Man I always look forward to this show more so than Guilty Crown, cuz my expectations of that show went downhill a lot after the end of second episode. I expected the guy to be a lot more cooler after gaining his power, take for example Lelouch in CG, how he just displayed his badassery and evilness in only the end of ep.1. Ah I miss anti-hero protagonist like Lelouch,they always add a lot of spice any series.

    1. @Kazuma
      lololol. Not because Geass and Guilty Crown have the “same” plot means you can compare them. You’re comparing a boy who’s always wanted revenge all his life and gets that power to a boy who only wanted to live a normal life. Where’s your logic?

      Anyways, I hope they find a good shortcut for this anime like AnoHana because its name is so darn long to to type! And Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, Working!!, and Mirai Nikki are the best shows this season for me 😀

      The Story You Don't Know
      1. Ok there, first of all dont tell people what to do, cuz Im free to compare such shows, what’s my logic? Simple look how similar their plots is and I’m saying I really expected a better attitude for the main guy, he had a tough attitude after he remembered those memories where his eyes were blood shot.

        First of all wheres your logic, you dont even know the shortcut name for this show, SHAME ON YOU!

      2. It’s like me saying how you should compare how long the name for this show is to AnoHana cuz they arent at all. -_- How is your logic in that matter? (This isnt at all a long title by the way, unless you are retarded not to remember it, AnoHana and OreImo is long, not this show, man your memory must really suck)

  7. I tend to get disgusted by naked little kids portrayed in anime, but I must confess the scene where Kobato ran out of the bath into Kodaka’s arms was quite adorable. Was mainly to do with the way she phrased her sentences. The voice actress did a splendid job.

    Looks like we get the trap next episode.

    1. Seconded regarding the scene with Kobato running out of the bath! I adore cute characters with different eye colours! This show so far has been pretty random but it actually is the one of the new shows I am most looking foward to.

  8. This Meat would convince Gandhi to abandon vegetarianism!
    Kodaka scaring off the hoodlum wannabes was golden! (as his hair…)
    Yozora trolling Sena about eroge was pure (bad pun…) lulz.
    Kobato failing at being lolidarkgoth was great too. Tomato juice FTW!
    Can’t wait for more characters.

  9. Sexsword Blackstaff huh, well Luke er Lucas’s probably pretty good at using his sword on Cecily er Cecilia. Sena reading out the lines was hilarious expecially since they kept the names of the characters in the sacred blacksmith close. The sister was also cute in how she kept trying to stay in character. Yozora looked very cute in the last few minutes when it seemed like Kodaka remembered her.

    Zaku Fan
  10. Firstly, guys, it’s KO-DA-KA, not Ka-do-ka.

    Now that we have that out of the way, anyone else find it amusing that Hanazawa Kana is once again voicing a character called Kobato? And on top of that, she is also playing an obssessed goth-loli otaku girl, but this time gets to be the main protagonist’s little sister at last. Being a bit greedy, aren’t you Kana-chan? lol

    Itou Kanae has perhaps shown her credentials in doing innuendo-charged scenes back in episode 3 of Hanasaku Iroha, so doing voiceovers for an H scene in an eroge should be a piece of cake, and we’re not disappointed. 🙂

    Kinny Riddle
    1. I unfortunately haven’t had the time to watch all of these. I ESPECIALLY regret not being able to watch softenni.

      But if the character’s role is just to sound horny all the time, I think it loses a little bit of its appeal. 😡

      1. Put simply, the character voiced by Itou Kanae in Softenni is a sweet, sensible tennis player, but she happens to be a massive pervert. If anything even sounds slightly sexual, she’ll go red-in-the-face-hard-breathing-wild-imagination. Most people don’t seem to notice this and assume she’s still on their pace.

        After about half way through the series, it starts to get stale though the series as a whole isn’t that bad.

        And yeah, I didn’t watch Queen’s Blade either. Started seriously watching anime in 2010. Haven’t seen many series before that.

    1. Show Spoiler ▼

  11. Fun episode again. Considering that I didn’t take a liking to the manga and didn’t think much of the OVA, the episodes so far surprised me a lot. Can’t wait to see what the other characters will bring to the club 🙂

  12. “As much as it pains me to think about Itou Kanae starring in an adult video, it was impressive how much of that script Sena read out loud.”

    LOL! Did you forget? One of Kanae Itou’s famous role is Airi from Queen’s Blade.

    Awesome episode though, but the direction needs a little improving but the episode was really fun.

    1. In terms of pacing, this is similar to Seitokai no Ichizon. In fact, I would probably say that’s the most similar comparison in general to this show. Lots of lulz and snail-pace development.

  13. It would have been funnier if Nobuhiko Okamoto and Ayumi Fujimura (the actual Luke Ainsworth and Cecily Cambell) did the voices for Sena’s eroge characters, but the scene was still funny nonetheless.

    Sena in a swimsuit… Yes, please! *Happy grin*

    And I’m guessing this scene will become another one of those perverted seiyuu jokes associated with Kana Hanazawa… XD

    Can’t wait to see Rika next episode…

  14. Another strong episode for Haganai, that scene where Meat is acting like an ero-VA is particularly good.

    Also, the episode is hinting how Kodaka and Yozora may have known each other from the past and Yozora seem to know it but Kodaka doesn’t seem to remember it? Pretty interesting for me, I can’t wait to see the next episode.

  15. So far so good. It’s staying fairly close to the manga, while still keeping a decent pace. (If it followed the manga completely, this episode would have occurred much later in the series.) Though at this rate it gonna run out of material from the manga before the series ends. So it’s either going to starting dipping into the LN or go for an original ending.(The manga thus far is only 20 chapters or so and these three just burned through 5/6 six of them already.)

  16. I think (at least this is what I got from it) that maybe she hasn’t told him because Kodaka thought Yozora was a boy as a kid? It all depends if she KNEW Kodaka though she was a boy or not, but that’s what I’ve gotten from it so far, so maybe she’s scared to tell him or worried he won’t believe her? We’ve already seen hints of a soft side underneath are hard outer shell, so maybe she’s afraid to be disappointed if Kodaka doesn’t believe her.


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