「浮動 flux」 (Fudou)

After the cliffhanger last time, Guilty Crown takes a noticeable turn for the better in terms of showcasing complexity in the characters, building up the story, foreshadowing future events, and most importantly, avoiding any questionable plot developments that viewers may dwell upon prematurely. At the center of it all is of course Shuu, who’s now at a crossroads on who to trust. Out of the options before him, GHQ is undoubtedly the shadier of the two, having executed unregistered citizens in cold-blood simply because they refused to take regular inoculations. That easily raises suspicions about the “vaccine” that GHQ is administering, which leads me to why Major Segai is my highlight character of the week.

With Kanna Nobutoshi (Kabuto in Naruto, Lancer in Fate/stay night, Nekki Basara in Macross 7) voicing him, Segai could’ve easily been the stereotypical sadistic interrogator that he made himself out to be last episode. Instead, he proved to be a lot more cunning, calculating, and manipulative than I gave him credit with the way he tried to earn Shuu’s trust without any obvious visual cues to us as the viewers that he’s lying. I highly doubt he cares about Shuu’s well-being, let alone the fact he’s Dr. Ouma’s son, so the prevalent thought is that he’s trying to have Shuu lead them to Gai with the transmitter. All it really took was hearing him ask Shuuichirou if he could try a different “approach” to convince me that he’s up to no good. Watching him kill one of his own men supports my suspicion that he wants Shuu to leave a trail for them to follow, though he does seem genuinely fascinated by the Void Genome as well, calling the sight of Shuu drawing out Inori’s weapon “beautiful”. (I would have to agree, but only because of Inori.)

It may surprise some people when I say that Yahiro was another character highlight, but learning that he didn’t feel any guilt over selling out Shuu spoke volumes to me. The introduction of his virus-infected younger brother Jun and the revelation that Yahiro’s been selling Norma Gene (and not taking it) to support him left me with every reason to believe that there’s more depth to his character than we’ve seen. While I can’t picture how it would play out, I don’t think it’s too far-fetched to anticipate that Yahiro will redeem himself at some point. He’s not exactly the first character we’ve come across who’s willing to do anything to save a family member — even if it means turning their back on the world — so I’m looking forward to seeing how involved he gets in the Funeral Parlor/GHQ struggled down the road. The same goes for “mass murderer” Kido Kenji (Okamoto Nobuhiko, in everything again), whom I was half-expecting to be voiced by Miyano Mamoru because images of Durarara’s Kida Masaomi came to mind when his face was revealed.

Of course, that’s not to say our main trio of Shuu, Gai, and Inori took a backseat this week. As per the above, Shuu’s decision to follow Gai with Segai’s transmitter in hand suggests that he still doesn’t trust Funeral Parlor and is primarily tagging along because of Inori (…good reason IMO). It also foreshadows the possibility that Shuu will betray Gai and come to regret it, which would help our protagonist ultimately decide on which side to support. More often than not, I find this type of development irksome to watch, but there’s almost always a positive effect on an indecisive character who goes through it, plus the air of distrust floating about should make things more interesting to watch. In Shuu’s case, we also have the subplot about what I presume to be losing someone dear to him, which the crystallization effect caused by the Apocalypse Virus sort of reaffirmed here.

Gai on the other hand never ceases to amaze me with the way he’ll spearhead every operation even after revealing his face to the world. It can be perceived as a calculated risk, sheer recklessness, or both, but it says a fair bit about out the 17-year-old Funeral Parlor leader. As for Inori, I’m still indifferent to how devoted to Shuu she’s become, since part of me sees it as a seemingly emotionless girl struggling to be useful to Gai and perceives being a tool for Shuu as her new-found purpose, whereas another part of me sees it as a seemingly emotionless girl experiencing feelings of love for the very first time for the boy who *cough* reached out and touched her… “heart”. Judging from her earnest desire to be useful to Gai, I’m leaning towards the former; however, her independent actions here do suggest a gradual shift toward the latter. (Granted, the thought did cross my mind that Inori’s insubordination may have been planned by Gai to trick Shuu into joining them.) Whatever the case, changes in Inori’s character are definitely something to keep an eye on as we go on.

Save for Inori choosing not to use her personal stealth, rushing fearlessly in to save Shuu, and jumping god knows how many stories into the air, there wasn’t really anything that came off as a terribly convenient development that’s in desperate need of an explanation. That’s clearly an improvement from episodes prior, as it shows that the premise has finally established itself enough so the plot can finally move forward around that foundation. The third episode made some arguably sloppy amends for the first two — but amends nonetheless — taking the series back to square one from a plot standpoint. This fourth episode looks like it’s shaken off the jitters from that rocky start, which should help renew faith in this series even for those who came in with realistic expectations. I know it has for me. Next time, it looks like Shuu’s going to get some actual training.

Divine’s Random Corner (i.e. sense of humor that no one finds funny):

  • Inori: “Funell, why do I feel so cold?”
    Funell: “Because you’re hugging me.”
  • If Segai really planned ahead, the transmitter should always transmit a GPS location. Now he’s going to be kicking himself since Shuu’s carrying it but not pressing any buttons.
  • Ayase’s new Endlave is named “Steiner”? They should’ve named her Mayuri while they were at it. Tutturu~.
  • Even if Shuu is weightless thanks to Kenji’s Void Weapon, I don’t see how he can push off of weightless water.
  • I’m jealous of how he gets to hold onto Inori while kicking ass. Must be nice…
  • Shuu sounds jealous of Gai in the preview. Inori clearly likes him because she’s the submissive type that wants a “take charge” kind of guy. “Wear this revealing outfit.” “Sing me a song.”
  • If I knew someone with the right physique and daring enough to wear it, I’d be tempted to buy this Yuzuriha Inori cosplay outfit and wig for her. Don’t lie guys, you know you want to see it too.


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      1. I was surprised at how similar it was to the portal gun, but its real function was the gravity gun with a crazy area-of-effect. -_-;

        But besides the obvious, there’s not much you can do puzzle-wise with just a gravity gun. There’s the lifting and pushing, but I don’t think that’s quite as innovative as a pair of portals.

    1. This episode has renewed my faith in this series. Definitely much better than the previous three. I’m curious as to how Gai planned to escape the prison facility with only the Gravity-gun, since Inori’s Void weapon was much more effective.

      I’m betting that the pen constantly transmits, or can be remotely activated. Segai certainly seems to be the type of person to play mind games with you, and I’m pretty sure the pen does not need any buttons to be pushed to activate.

        1. Good thinking, given Tsugumi and her electronic warfare toys… I am even betting it can be not a transmitter but, say, miniaturized grenade. Sagai seems to be devious type capable of such tricks. OTOH, right now it seems he can be more fixated on gaining control of Shu’s weapon, than capturing Gai.
          BTW, I’m not trusting Gai very much too. He might be the fearless charismatic guerilla leader, but so were many brutal dictators early in their careers.
          I hope that school drama side is now definitely gone as all main characters go into hiding – and even Gai would do better stop his “hiding in plain sight” antics before he gets intoo more than he bargained for.
          One last note – I’d soooo love for that sniper to take out main character! Sagai shooting him ranks into idiot ball hall of fame next to “no signs life on this evacuation pod, no reason to waste energy…” – and also marks Sagai as someone who might not be entirely loyal to his own side…

    2. Woah. Badass red eyes, badass music, and badass ass-kicking. And yes. The animation seems back to it roots again.

      And riddle me this. How in the world is that outfit possible to hold itself in real life again?

      1. I actually wasted some time mulling over how it would hold up in cosplay.
        If you constructed it based on a open front bathing suit, I would imagine it would hold up, since you’re supposed to be able to swim in it (seriously, if you google->images->”bathing suit open front”, the sixth red result covers less than Inori’s outfit). Add some cloth, a collar, and you’ve got an outfit. Otherwise you’ll need lots of body tape or a sheer body suit.

        1. I was also going to add that you could just buy the one Divine listed, but Divine beat me to it. XD

          I didn’t realize you could scroll down in the link to see the costume details. I’d personally be afraid to wear that one, you can even see the adhesive bra peeking out of the costume on the model herself! :3

      2. Yup it was badass alright! the only thing I didn’t like is that he was moving like a badass battle-hardened pro all of a sudden. He has a good timing and aim, he’s able to climb and run on some mecha’s arm as if it was done countless times, and that he is able to massacre those mechas easily as if he was treating them as eating breakfast.

        Other than, I liked the episode

        1. It was mentioned before but maybe his pro skills have something to do with how he only turns into a red-eyed badass with Inori’s sword. With the other voids he maintains his normal demeanor and is kind of winging his battles.

          Don’t have a definitive answer for why that is, but if I had to guess right now it might have something to do “bonds” they mentioned in episode one. Like if Shu has a stronger tie to the person he might sync better with the weapon, in turn making it and him stronger. As for Shuu and Inori’s relationship and whether they had a past or not still remains a mystery.

    3. Great episode, it was beautiful all the way through. Looking forward to seeing where the series decides to go from here. And yes Major Segai is quite the villain.

      I must say once again though that the animation was killer, especially the ending. Ufotable could learn a thing or two from I.G. in the CG department. While berserker wasn’t that badly done in cg format he didn’t blend in as well as the mechs do with this show.

      1. not gonna say that IG did bad, but Ufotable in my opinion is doing better in the animation department. If we’re gonna talk about the reason why Berserker didn’t really blend in, it was actually done on purpose. In the Light Novel which Fate/Zero was adapted from, they described him as “otherworldly” and “hard to perceive”. The CG was done in a way that really emphasized on such effect.

      2. Well Production I.G. is the master of CG, I think GitS can speak for that. Also not to mention UfoTable has only done like 9 shows and I don’t think they have really ever experimented with CG before until f/z.

    4. I liked the episode but gosh i couldnt help LOLing at Shion Shuu trying to look badass whilst climbing on bubbles XD
      I can buy the gravity thing, but i dunno the way it was animated combined his ‘manly’ scream…just cant help it haha.

      Fortunately following scene was awesome.

    5. The action is such a joke. Inori and Shuu are trained by Suzaku to dodge bullets and the mech pilots are just plain bad at their job. Regardless, this show (or Inori) is really beautifully animated and the story still has potential to be interesting.

    6. “Inori: “Funell, why do I feel so cold?”
      Funell: “Because you’re hugging me.””

      That’s exactly what I was thinking.

      “Even if Shuu is weightless thanks to Kenji’s Void Weapon, I don’t see how he can push off of weightless water.”

      It’s anime. Or you could argue the conservation of momentum.

      Is that transmitter really a transmitter? I got the impression that it would explode when he presses it. Otherwise, as Divine mentioned, it would make sense for it to be constantly outputing a signal.

      1. Omg. Explode… that would be very evil. I’m confused as to what it actually does. On the other hand, its design matches Inori’s outfit. :Db
        I like the uses of color, especially orange, in this show, such as with Shuu’s prison garments.

      2. Well, if everything becomes weightless or without gravity, by Newton’s Thrid Law of Motion, “The mutual forces of action and reaction between two bodies are equal, opposite and collinear.” I.E. You push something, the thing pushes you back. So therefore it’s possible to move by pushing the weightless water as the water will in turn push you in the direction you apply power to. So that part is kinda expected and logical.

        1. I think the biggest issue here is not that it’s impossible but rather the lack of surface tension that could allow such a thing. i.e. You would not be able to step onto a lake even if it was weightless.

          Regardless it was a fun scene to watch, especially since Ouma seems to get PlotArmour+99 whenever he uses his power.

    7. Definitely a better episode compared to the first two. Main redeeming feature imo is Major Segai. Even after that entire episode I can’t tell what the hell he’s thinking. You know he’s a “bad” guy, but you don’t know when or how he’ll show it.

    8. It felt like Shu and Inori suddenly took a class in advance gymnastics.

      Inori’s void sword is so much more useful than anything else so far. It pretty much has spacial manipulation powers with the long range dimensional slashes, impervious shield and air platforms.

      1. Gotta agree with that. Kaleidoscope was useful in only that one situation to reflect the lasers and this gun was only of use to disable the enemy temporarily. So far that sword is the best weapon he has, making Inori indispensable. (Why he would want anything else is beyond me, beautiful girl + epic weapon, what else could he want? That lucky fool.)

        1. It’s going to be more epic when we find out who the two other Void users are (and their Void…weapon/partners). 🙂 Assuming that the two other ones have users.

          I find it interesting that Inori’s “heart” has such an awesome offensive capability, considering her soft spoken nature (though not to overlook the fact that she risks her life as a terrorist). I think it says a lot about her true character.

        2. I hope to god I used the right reply button.

          And I don’t know if the other two Void Genomes are in use. It kinda sounded like they were either heavily guarded elsewhere or they were destroyed/lost somehow. They weren’t very clear with that now that I think back. Gonna have to rewatch episode 1 now or its going to bother me aha.

          And yeah I agree with ya, Inori’s void takes an interesting form for sure. I’d love to know the reason why her void is the way it is. Past trauma causing her to become a “sword of justice” at heart? Who knows, but it will be interesting to speculate for the time being.

        3. I forgot where it was mentioned, but supposedly the connection between the wielder and the source affects how the powerful the Void Weapon will be. i.e. If Shuu and Inori are all lovey-dovey, that translates to a huge sword.

        4. But…if the power is based on connection between the holder and wielder…then how did the kaleidoscope and gravity bubble thing work when Shu had only just met both of those people’s holders?

        5. @Da5id:

          From my understanding, the Void Weapon’s powers are primarily based on the individual. It’s just that they can be enhanced further if the wielder and source have a connection.

          Incidentally, the title “Guilty Crown” is in reference to how Shuu has the “Power of Kings” but has to use his own friends as weapons of war.

        6. @Divine

          Kinda reminds me of Covenant of the Plume. I hope Shuu won’t sacrifice his friends in the end: The freedom of one nation isn’t worth the lives of your friends and loved ones.

          The Moondoggie
    9. The first like 75% or so was definitely the highlight for me. All the character progressing stuff was very interesting. Once again, I suspect that Gai figured that Shuu wouldn’t be able to kill student who saw him (i.e. Yahiro) and would get betrayed and imprisoned so that they could carry out this operation. It just seems like he has all these plans and uses everyone to accomplish them. This could all be me over thinking things, but he just seems very manipulative to me.

      The other 25% was ruined for me because of the random and silly floating scene. It is like they designed that whole scene so we could get to see Shuu and Inori meeting mid-air for a (to quote Segai) “beautiful” reunion. Still, one amusing and silly weightless scene in exchange for epicness the rest of the way seems to be the kind of thing this anime is doing just like stupid parts last episode (17 year old plot escape, accidental breast grope, etc).

    10. Did anyone else NOT realize it was Gai when “Mason” stepped in the room? For some reason, I thought different hair = different character. ORZ

      After Shu yelled out, “GAI!” I then realized that the GHQ must have the worst security in the history of anime. Seriously, not only did they let a terrorist enroll in public school, but also let the leader of said terrorist organization into their prison complex, just because he tied his hair and wore glasses. Gai’s also crazy for handling everything on his own. I was kinda happy things didn’t go exactly as he originally planned.

      I’m loving this series, especially the OST. I actually ended up rewatching epi. 1-3, and it was better the second time around. After the solid introduction of the virus/genome understory in this epi, Guilty Crown differentiates itself from Code Geass, making the viewing more enjoyable without the glaring comparisons.

      I thought it was really cute the way Shu held Inori tightly as he lowered her feet to the ground before turning around near the end of the episode.

      Like Shu, I’m a little confused as to what the terrorists are fighting for. Did GHQ spread the virus before curing it? Who was Shu flashbacking to when he first met Inori?

      Crack theory- Inori’s a daughter of a top researcher and Shu met her when they were little.

      Ps. I LOL’d at Divine’s Random Corner joke #1.

      1. “Shu met her when they were little.”

        I thought that too, she just seems to similar to be someone else, like Gai was in this episode. Not sure if she’s a daughter of a researcher or met Shu when he was younger but I think that the girl in the flashes is her in some way that links Inori to Shu. Also because Inori is the only one his eyes and demeanor change when he uses her void. So I don’t think she sees herself as just a tool for Shu, there’s got to be some connection more than that IMO.

        1. no matter how many times I looked at the flashback’s girl it doesn’t look like Inori(only the hair color and the game are same and the girl is sick(dead) as people touched by virus)

        2. I thought so too, but I guess in the end I think she is different from the girl who was consumed by that virus. I initially thought that maybe it was Inori and because of that virus ended up like she is now, being emotionless and all, but from what I gathered there is no proper cure yet? So I guess that girl couldn’t be her, but for sure I think just as you did that Inori must have a link with her (her sister maybe? Since they both look alike! Which is why I thought she was inori before), and also that connection is what transforms Shu from a wimpy pushover character to this blood red eyes badass char who is gar.

        3. Just have to say I love Shu with his badass red eyes on, something about it just makes him look so. darn. sexy. I do wonder why it only happens when he uses Inori’s sword, it’s like he’s gone into berserk mode or something, he kind of fights better too. 😛

        4. Berserk mode is a great way to describe it. In the screencaps above, he honestly looks like a sad puppy -> https://randomc.net/image/Guilty%20Crown/Guilty%20Crown%20-%2004%20-%20Large%2029.jpg
          and then, with the Void activated, his eyes change into a cold blooded killer ->https://randomc.net/image/Guilty%20Crown/Guilty%20Crown%20-%2004%20-%20Large%2033.jpg

          As for the attraction, to paraphrase Divine’s explanation in the Mirai Nikki comments, “it’s all about the fight in [his] eyes.”

        5. heh heh why thank you. Nice contrast there. If Shu ever comes as a figurine (very unlikely but I can dream can’t I!) I’d love to have both the puppy-dog and the badass face. :3

          That may be it. (:

      2. Me too! I watched the preview last week but I had absolutely no idea it was him. Glad to see I wasn’t the only one, I felt so silly for not having realized it earlier. Agree that it was the stubble that did it for me.

        1. Ahh missed placed reply.

          Glad to know I’m not the only one though. XD I’m leaning towards pretending that Gai had makeup stubble on because it magically disappears when he takes off his hairtie.

      3. Worst prison security since Death Star escape of certain princess… though such is the fate of large beaurocracies, I think. Perfectly forged ID plus athorization of prisoner visit (probably inserted into system by as usually brilliant Tsugumi) work wonders.

      1. This needs more upvotes! (wait, this isn’t Reddit)

        The reckless and early-series affection Shuu and Inori share is EXACTLY like Renton and Eureka. It doesn’t stop there though, their personalities are similar! Shuu is emotionally unstable like Renton. He goes from weakling to white knight in the span of an episode, and probably just like Eureka 7, he’ll be a sissy in following episodes and it will take until the end of the series when his character is likeable.

        I can already predict the next episode: Shuu is introduced through awkward scenes to the rest of the Funeral Parlor. They won’t like Shuu, just like Holland’s crew and Holland didn’t see much in Renton. Especially wheelchair chick (I forgot her name). She’s going to dislike Shuu for half the series because Shuu will obviously continue to put Gai’s missions at risk, and wheelchair chick is omigodsoinlove with Gai. I think Shuu is going to try to put the moves on Inori sooner than Inori likes, ahd the backlash is going to send Shuu into more annoying emotionally sissy episodes (similar to Renton’s episodes–but Renton eventually went badass).

    11. > Save for Inori choosing not to use her personal stealth, rushing fearlessly in to save Shuu, and jumping god knows how many stories into the air, there wasn’t really anything that came off as a terribly convenient development that’s in desperate need of an explanation.

      I like how you de-emphasized this. She’s a terribad character no matter how you try to word it. Don’t forget. She still sought Gai’s approval after Shu “used” her the first time on that roof scene, but now apparently none of that matters anymore. I hate the fact the heroine is just a walking piece of paizuri dress that says less than 5 lines per episode.

      I’m even beginning to warm up to Shu’s indecisive character, but for some reason Inori just makes me mad. The cynic in me is already praying for a BL end between Gai x Shu, BUT we’re still only Episode 4.

      1. Hey! Thats not fair. Inori couldn’t give Paizuri if her life depended on it.

        That doesn’t stop her from not being just one step up from being a sex-toy, but at least don’t attribute things to her she’s manifestly incapable of! (see Gravatar for what is necessary for a proper Paizuri)

        But yes, I agree. And its what really kills me about the show. Inori’s such a terrible, terrible character. Really pisses me off. Far more than Shuu, who’s simply bleh, but at least he’s not offensive.

        Also, could her Void be any more HAX? Jesus christ that was ridiculous.

      2. Yeah, Inori is even blander than freaking Saber. Not to mention the huge shield of plot convenience she has.

        And I think the writers know it to, which is why to try to milk her hotness for all its worth. It’s probably the only way to keep to keep attention to her since she is allegedly a main character.

        1. Oi! Saber’s not bland, just very low-key.

          …ok, she’s bland in comparison to much of the rest of the cast of her show(s), but still. She’s got actual character and motivations and whatnot.

          Of course, Inori could make almost anyone look like a rich, developed character.

        2. Right, let’s compare a new character with 4 episodes ( of, what, 25 when the series has finished? ) to a character which has a complete series under her belt already, together with much more support material to flesh her out.

          Let the girl develop a bit, judging the character at the series start to be worthless only tells people about your sense of entitlement and your impatience.

      3. Lol…BL. The next best alternative when we don’t like the female protagonist.

        It may be a little optimistic and presumptous, but though I’m not exactly warming up to the character (or lack thereof) of Inori, it’s possible her development will take some time, and the focus seems mostly to be on Shuu currently.

        1. It just means that figuring her out will be a challenge that will most likely be one of the main aspects of the entire series. A lot of people also seems to focus on the surface impression. Despite her appearance and being soft spoken so is she not really timid as a timid person wouldn’t single handedly assault a prison like that. It’s not the first time either. Even the time she agreed to not shoot ‘Sugar’ so didn’t she exactly immediately obey, but carefully thought it over and then agreed. Not that someone ready and willing to eliminate an inconvenient witness can be considered that timid.

    12. the episode itself was the best one so far (like everyone have said)…

      Now, did Gai suspect that Shuu was brainwashed and may have a chance to sell him out at a later date? Was Kido Kenji framed for the bombing (GHQ can certianly do that)? Can Gai Convince Shuu to willingly join Funeral Parlor?

      @ Divine: Inori’s treating Funell as a pet…and looks oddly cute (and strangely heartwarming) in the process

    13. Episode 4 was definitely a huge improvement over the first 3. For starters, this episode didnt make me scream “Code Geass” at all, meaning it’s finally managed to establish itself as its own show, which the first 3 episode failed to do.

      Second, it wasn’t stupidly predicable like the first 3 either. Given Shuu’s wimpy naive attitude, I honestly thought he was going to betray Gai right then and there. Hell he probably was going to until Inori came which ultimately changed his mind.

      With that said, he did keep the transmitter on him, and as Divine said, we can all guess whats going to happen in the future, and likewise, I hate this type of “betray good guys, realize you were a fucking retard, repent” development.

      All and all, I’m glad this show is finally picking up, and its finally raised my interest in it, as long as the rest of the episodes dont follow the copy/pasted Code Geass formula previous episodes did.

    14. Divine, you can push off of weightless objects. Its all a question of momentum and force, not if anything weighs something or not. If I throw you into space with a box of stuff next you, you can push yourself off the box and fly in a direction while the box will move off in the directly opposite direction as you. This is the conservation of momentum, and even in the case of air resistance it will still work but energy loss needs to be taken into account; that is to say you won’t go nearly as far.

      The bigger issue is making things go weightless on a planet with an atmosphere, considering this isn’t a simulation of but quite literal weightlessness. Even if he did this at about 10 km off the ground, he’d have another 70 km above him and a crushing weight of whatever the cross section of his void effect is in comparison to the volume of the earth’s atmosphere which in its entirety weighs 5 × 10^18 kg. Doing a low ball estimate tells me that he’d have at least several thousand newtons crashing down on his head and the air below him rushing away as the ‘weighted’ air came down while the weightless went up. (I wouldn’t want to think about the frictional heat that would be created, either.) We could be adventurous and say that his void weapon has no height limit but then you’d have canceled the only force holding that section of the atmosphere in place meaning… well, go open a bottle filled with air in space and see what happens.

      Stupid science… though I probably forgot some little detail that may make this work out.

      1. Oh, and the change in pressure from making all the air around you weightless would make your eardrums… explode. Its like going up, you have to pop your ears to adjust to the pressure change but if it happens at once, your heads’ a poppin!

        I’m sorry… I am terribly bored at 1:42 AM.


        Episode was good though.

      2. I understand the physics behind it, but any force applied to floating bubbles of water would disperse it and the reciprocated force (as per the conservation of momentum) would be minimal. If he were jumping from Endlave to Endlave, I wouldn’t have any problem with it. 🙂

        1. Ahh I thought you were asking how, but you seen to know how. Yes, bubbles aren’t the best thing to be pushing off of, they have almost no mass component and would have needed to be flying at him at blinding speeds to move his thousands of times more massive body… but at least they sort of understood momentum conservation.

        2. Ahh it’s the bubbles, not the physics!
          Although, it’s a little sad to realize that jumping on anti-gravity water bubbles isn’t remotely possible in RL….

          And hello, Vena, I’m on Eastern Standard time too. Hurray for 1:56am. 😛

        3. Doesn’t that depend on what his new ‘weight’ is relative to the intermolecular forces that hold the water together? If he is light enough, then it should technically be possible, because the hydrogen bonds that are holding the water together have their basis in electric dipoles which should not be weakened by something that affects gravitational force.

          (…though it’s been 10 years since I’ve done any physics…)

      3. I would like to think of the weapon as creating a miniature closed system which happens to be weightless. This would be similar to the miniature closed system of the Kaleidoscope in episode 2, except that one had a laser-reflecting boundary. In this case, it forms a weightless zone and shields the interior from the outside forces. Of course, this is all just me hopelessly trying to rationalize the situation with speculation. Either way, the jumping on floating water droplets has no way to rationalize that I can think of.

        1. You can also reason that the G.Gun has removed/neutralized g in w = mg where w is weight and mg is mass and acceleration due to gravity. For that area only creating an alter-dimension where only the value of g differs greatly and yet any object can enter/interact with the inside or outside the zone.

          9.8 m/s becoming zero… wow…

          The Moondoggie
        2. @Moon: My only question is, then, what happens to objects normally under the influence of 9.8 m/s^2 gravitation acceleration entering this no-g-zone. Do they just… stop? What happened to all their kinetic energy? XD

          A wizard did it.

        3. Nope. A guy who can turn DNA codes into weapons did it.

          Their kinetic energy might have dropped due to g dropping. I would like to retract what I said earlier: You cannot remove g because it is proportional to mass.

          Maybe g in the zone is less than 1?

          The Moondoggie
        4. It’d be more that you cannot remove g because it is the metric tensor in General Relativity. You can cancel the acceleration of gravity by accelerating to a suitable but opposite value, or you can remove the planet. Neither having happened.

          As for the Kinetic, it dropping with G dropping is fine, the particles will decelerate because of frictional forces from the air, but where did that KE actually go? … I got it! Shuu doesn’t violate mass-energy principal, he actually saves energy from events like this in his back pocket and converts it into mass when he pulls weapons out of people!

    15. Well, that was certainly better, which…is better than worse. I guess.

      See my comment up above for more, but I really hate how they are treating Inori. Just…ugh.

      Can I have more of Tsugumi and Ayase? Please?

    16. I’m starting to think that maybe Shu can become, i don’t know……some kind of a new hero. A hero that stand between 2 sides, do everything on his own, pursuing his dream or whatever he thinks is right. What’s your opinion?

        1. I’m sorry that i used ” a new kind of hero”. I’ve seen a lot of shows doing that. My real meaning is I’d love to see Shu as a kind of hero i meant above, but more aggressive, more bad-ass. Not some emo kid “have no reason to fight but end up killing a bunch of people” (you know who i’m talking about right?) (hint: i’m a big fan of Gundam xD)

    17. Yeah probably the best episode so far, but not by much. Its nice to finally see some perspective on the setting. Especially, when looking at the perspective of the GHQ. I STILL don’t trust Gai, though. He seems like too much of a jerk, and I don’t really like how his plans always seem to work the way he wants.

      And Inori still hot. Bland but hot.

    18. I might be the only one, but Segai saying he’ll give Shuu puzzles while he’s confined reminded me of GLaDOS. Add the fact that the freaking gravity gun looks like something out of Valve’s games – oh and bouncing lasers in the episode with the kaleidoscope – and we’ve got something suspiciously close to a video game homage.

    19. Oh hay glad to see that this episode’s improvements have been reflected in everyone’s commentary. Finally got around to watching it after waiting hours for the bloody TV to be free. Hate brother forever. Aside from the things most people have already mentioned, I’m also interested in Kido Kenji and his role in this. Without the ‘psycho serial killer’ looking garb he didn’t seem to be a bad guy.

      “Divine’s Random Corner (i.e. sense of humor that no one finds funny):”
      How ironic that I laughed at just this. Even though it’s been a few weeks, I’m glad to see your “random” corners have kind of become a regular thing. I totally LOL’d hearing the Endlave was called “Steiner”. That’s a really cool shout out, that is if it is one in the first place. Its too much of a coincidence for it not to be! Jealous Shuu in the preview may turn out to be really adorable…loving the Shuu fan service as well bahahaha. Wonder what is he’s doing at 00:17, looks kind of creeper. Ah well :3

    20. Okay, this episode was better. We have a Joker-like antagonist (even drawn a little like), still
      pretty transparent, but better. It seems that we’re left no question about him, and I guess that’s
      my overall criticism so far – we’re spoon feed too much about the characters – it’s no surprise that
      he killed one of his own. I guess what I’m saying is that all of the characters are, well, acting in
      character – including Inori.

      BTW, is Gai working with Segai? It almost seemed that the prisoner was allowed to escape too easily…?

      changes in Inori’s character are definitely something to keep an eye on as we go on “…

      I gots all three eyes on her…

      Honestly, though, I knew Inori was going to get involved, the lead in for it was too obvious.
      I’m wondering if this is a non-bro No. 6-like series (not that there’s anything wrong with a bro-series).
      Imagine Inori is “Rat” – would we find this series as interesting? I tend to think not…

      I think we’re all waiting for a wardrobe malfunction… But, seriously, I’m not WOWed yet.

    21. man, this show’s pretty much like eureka seven no? shuu is renton, inori is eureka, and gai is holland. I’m sure that the story’s develop like eureka seven too like inori is very fond of gai at first and then here comes shuu who will be her true hero, and you know the rest right? not that i hate it though.

    22. “If Segai really planned ahead, the transmitter should always transmit a GPS location. Now he’s going to be kicking himself since Shuu’s carrying it but not pressing any buttons.”
      The whole procedure of having to push buttons in a specific manner makes me suspect that it’s actually an explosive and not a transmitter.
      “Push it and we will serve a fitting punishment, no matter where they are” also makes me suspect it (because hey, if Shuu activates it when next to Gai, and boom. Well, there’s your punishment right there, no matter where they are when Shuu activates it.)

      1. Okay, Divine’s probably going to shoot me…

        Sagai – “Push it and we will serve a fitting punishment, no matter where they are”
        Shuu – “Okay, wait, can you show me what you mean?”
        Sagai – “Sure,” (after taking the “pen” from Shuu), “you just push it lik- <>”

      1. Gives new meaning to when Gai proclaimed that “Resistance is Futile”

        Gai: We are the Funeral Parlor. You will be assimilated. Your distinctiveness and void will be added to our own. Resistance is futile.

    23. I am pretty sure people have picked up this before, but apparently Shuu’s eyes only turn red when he “feels” Inori’s “heart”… maybe there is a significance here?
      Also if void weapon is really an embodiment of fear, then does gravity gun means the guy is afraid of gravity/confinement? and what that leaves Yoshiro with sheers?
      the action scene is well done 🙂
      and lol at Steiner… they should have called it Steiner V 2.576 :3

    24. Selling friendship is such an dirty way to save a family. (just my opinion)
      Anyway, this is indeed an interesting episode that we could see a
      lot of character’s development and twist.

    25. Was a younger Gai one of lab technicians seen in the flash back when Segai was recounting the evens of Apocalypse Virus/Lost Christmas. I wound put it past Gai for being involved in GHQ before it started to turn corrupted.

    26. I think the Void Genomes are a direct result of the “vaccine” injected into everyone’s body after seeing a side effect. Whether it’s was a side effect of combating the Apocalypse Virus or a test added to the vaccine it’s still up for grabs.

      Divine’s Random Corner (i.e. sense of humor that no one finds funny):
      “If I knew someone with the right physique and daring enough to wear it, I’d be tempted to buy this Yuzuriha Inori cosplay outfit and wig for her. Don’t lie guys, you know you want to see it too.”

      Watching the current episode left me shaking my head because it’s made of skin tight spandex that HAS to be glued to she skin. lol

      The one they’re selling on taobao has to be glue/tape down to the skin like that. O___o I still fear for any cosplayer wearing that one because something will pop out.

      Being a female cosplayer myself (that could never pull that off) there is a bunch of topic coming up on Cosplay.com asking how to make it because for all intents and purposes this really needs a under-structure similar to ARMOR (plastic cheat piece anyone) or metal boning to keep it’s shape properly without a Ton of Glue involved.

    27. @Vena What about having most of the kinetic energy being shed when traversing the boundary between the normal world and the “Gravity”-less zone? To me it looked more like he turned the AoE of effect off the gun into something where the air density became more than water.

    28. I’m glad they got him out of that pathetic state and mideset he was in before. I love it when they take a pent up pathetic male character and make them go all apocalyptico and kick ass. I wouldn’t say I dislike the main character, I just want him to step up more. Looks like we will be seeing that more in the coming episodes.

      1. Well, we already have ELS assimilating people and turning their bodies into crystals, so I can see Shuu making the same idiotic decision as Saji.

        Also, with Ayase piloting the (Reading) Steiner, all we need is for her to say Tutturu~

        Lockon Stratos
    29. I wonder what Gai’s void is. Atm it seems like Inori’s Void turns Shuu into Godmode.

      #1 He’s eyes change
      #2 Huge ass sword of destruction and a shield that blocks incoming projectiles
      #3 Floating Panels where ever he goes..

    30. Inori is:

      1) Flat as a surf table
      2) Dumb as a drunken sheep
      3) Singing by herself EVERYTIME and mobbing a poor robot

      I don’t find her very attractive… I want more of the cutie pilot on wheelchair plus cutie geek in plug-suit.

      By the way… PLEASE, PLEASE, can we have another cool void weapon like the Dragonslayer? The mirror gun and the gravity gun are good for children parties. I wanna see something more BFGesque.

    31. Inori can fly!!!

      She must be no normal human, to be able to jump 20+ floors. I suspect she can easily survive the fall without Shu as well.

      Perhaps ones’ Void does not merely manifest itself after Shu draws it – the power of the Void is always manifestive within an individual (such as Inori dodging bullets and making great leaps). Shu’s power merely dominates others’ power for his own uses.

      This might explain why Gai is so good – he might have an incredibly powerful Void. Similarly, Shu himself might have a very powerful Void,which is why Gai left the Void Genome to him in episode 1.

    32. Also the ending part after Shu draws inori’s Void was one of the best sequence I have seen in a long while. I honestly had an orgasm there (no it wasn’t because of Inori I swear ><)

    33. Finally! This episode is like light at the end of a tunnel!! 😀
      At the very least I didn’t feel sleepy watching this. Every thing was pretty well placed, and finally the characters become much more likeable, although Inori’s drastic shift of personality is quite shocking.
      Although I must admit after watching this episode, I become even more sure… she is not a human. Wtf how the hell did she manage to jump that high!? It is very cool and awesome… but how!?
      And maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention while watching it, but I didn’t really get what Shu did with the non gravity gun. What I caught was, in the end Shu used its maximum power to make the entire are into non-gravity zone, thus enabling to jump in the air and made all those killer moves. Is that right?? O.O

    34. Excellent Episode! I really enjoyed it this week. Every single moment. Although, I’m surprised no one has commented on the different ED this week. I think the part where Inori takes Shu’s hand is very “D’AWWWW” worthy!

      Jared Drake
    35. Okay. I just saw the preview for the episode and I just have one question. Did Tsugumi get breast implants in-between Episode 2 and 5? Also – https://randomc.net/image/Guilty%20Crown/Guilty%20Crown%20-%2004%20-%20Large%2006.jpg this picture. Kinda bigger…

      Also, is it me or are there Shu/Ayase moments in the next episode. ^_^ Ayase walking in on Shu and that brief moment of her in the white dress (or something) 2nd best pairing in Guilty Crown? Shu/Ayase. No contest. Or maybe, they’ll develop a sibling-ish relationship.

      Jared Drake
    36. I’ll be honest, I didn’t finish reading all of the comments, so if someone has already said this forgive me…

      Divine: You don’t have a transmitter transmitting all of the time because it’s very easily detected. Even if it’s “encrypted” and can’t be deciphered, it’s incredibly easy to detect whether something is transmitting or not. The amount of energy that needs to be used to send a signal in all directions (ala cell phones) has to be very high to overcome any sort of a distance, at least until a “target” (receiver) is discovered.

      There is zero chance a group as sophisticated as funeral parlor wouldn’t have means to detect something that was constantly beaming out a signal.

    37. Ahahah sorry I couldn’t help but noticing, but when Shuu takes Kenji’s void he became unconcious correct? So that means he should have been dead from drowning by now because he was left unconcious in a fountain. Ahahahahh, anime is so great.

    38. This picture pretty much sums up my thoughts.

      Guilty Crown is pretty much just living off of its own production values and action sequences, even more so than Code Geass, as its plot and characters suck so much more and which makes it gorgeous aesthetics and action scenes an absolute necessity. Guilty Crown would not be able to survive without the aesthetics. Is Guilty Crown pretty goddamn terrible? Yeah, but its still really goddamn cool.

      1. Code Geass reminded me of some of old 70’d Anime’s and I LOVED IT for that. The over the top drama made me very happy viewer.

        Guilty Crown as you said lives off it’s stunning visuals so far. I do hope it ends with something meaningful to it then it’s pretty cover.

    39. Things are getting complicated for Shu, I know Gai can´t be trusted at all but at least Inori seems incapable of lying to him. GHQ are defenetly up to no good, no matter how much Major Segai portrits as the saviors of Japan, the guy seriously creeps me out, I don´t have any idea of what he is scheming but he´s right with Gai having really dengerous comrades. It´s just a matter of time before we see how far will they go to liberate Japan.

      1. I don’t know about that. Look, Shu once asked Inori why her Void is a sword…. and Inori simply did not answer the question. Is it because she doesn’t know why? I highly doubt it. I think she has some very good idea as to why, she just chose to not tell Shu about it.

      1. They’re a borrowed idea from the plug suits in Evangelion. I guess from a cosplay standpoint, they could be hardened with a rigid underwire to provide some support. Fashion’s not exactly my area of expertise though.

    40. How the **** did Inori jump that high?? I had no idea Inori had the Anti-Grav boots from Unreal Tournament on all this time.

      That scene reminded me of Deadman Wonderland when they were fighting on the fall-away floor and a simple roll on the floor took him dozens of feet away. Very trippy.


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