Episode 04

「再会と、邂逅と」 (Saikaito, Kaikouto)
“Reunions and Chance Meetings”

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Episode 05

「囚われのフレイムヘイズ」 (Toraware no Fureimuheizu)
“Imprisoned Flame Haze”

After two weekends of being stuck out of state combined with exams eating what remaining time I had left, it feels nice to have a chance to finally catch up on these posts that I’m terribly, terribly behind on. So, let’s begin this first of three double-episode posts!

After such a boring episode three weeks ago, things feel like they’re finally getting into gear. Watching Yuuji reveal that he didn’t disappear and wreck havoc on Shana’s emotions in order to protect her was a great way to start things off. Compared to the Yuuji we met two seasons ago, there’s quite a bit of contrast in his behavior. While his kind demeanor still manages to poke through that badass exterior of his, I don’t like how pompous he’s become. Seeing him make Margery nearly lose her mind just to prevent her from bothering him was bad enough, but when he assaulted Shana and was surprised that she wouldn’t welcome him with open arms, I was surprised that he didn’t see a reaction like that coming. But even if he hadn’t attacked and kidnapped her, it’s hard to believe that he didn’t expect her to be mad when he also imprisoned her, sealed her powers, and took Alastor from her.

Amongst all the Yuuji and Shana drama, I was a little surprised how quickly the mystery behind the Silver was revealed. Margery’s sole reason for living was to find the Silver and eradicate its existence, so I never thought that it would end up being a manifestation of her own inner feelings. While it still doesn’t explain why it takes the form of a suit of armor or why it happened to appear near Margery during a low point in her life, it’s nice to see the mystery finally put to rest. Now we just have to wait for her to actually wake up and realize that instead of living for revenge, she can live to enjoy her life.

With preparations for an all-out war being made on both sides, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us in the future. Both the Bal Masque and Outlaw are preparing their forces for an all-out attack even with internal problems building in the back. Bal Masque looks like they’re beginning to question the ability of their new leader, while Outlaw seems to have issues cooperating with one another. Judging from next week’s preview, it looks like we’re going to finally get a closer look into the inner world of Outlaw!




    1. so apparently also stored inside reiji maigo was this crimson denizen named the snake of the festival, and this denizen was known as the god of creation. alastor says it got extremely arrogant and was then imprisoned.

      apparently from the light novels, the snake has always been in communication with yuji from the first novel, which i have not read. from what i can interpret from the episodes this season, the snake has led yuji to believe that war between the crimson denizens and flame hazes is eternal and will eventually led to shana’s death, so by ending the war between the flame hazes and crimson denizens this will free shana from the fate of a flame haze thus allowing yuji and shana to have that ending he envisioned at the end of episode 2 this season.

  1. I can’t wait to see how this season of Shakugan no Shana will unfold. Also I’ve been waiting to see the genuine grand finale of this series for ages lol I really want to see what the ending for Yuuji and Shana will be like. Hopefully it’ll be a happy ending that we can all be satisfied with. ^^

  2. I dont think this is a spoiler as it has all been explained in the series already but if some people feel it is sry.

    The silver was suppose to be the original vessel i.e original plan of the trintiy was
    1-Kill Johan and get the Reiji Maigo
    2-Sabrac puts silver in it
    3-Silver grows inside it
    4-Snake appears and devours outer container(yuji)
    5-Takes the silver as a vessel powered by Reiji Maigo

    However if you read the novels the snake has been talking to yuji for awhile in dreams and thus grew fond of him. So instead of killing yuji he decided to merge with him instead.

      1. Most of what Black_Magic said was mentioned in season 2, yes. I’m not entirely sure of the methodology they would have employed, but in season 2 I remember Hecate removing Reiji Maigo from Yuuji near the end.

    1. Exactly what Black_Magic said. Prior to inserting Silver inside the Reiji Maigo, Bal Masque had them (yes, more than one of them) go around to collect human emotions and use these emotions to construct a sentient host for Snake to inhabit in.

      Rather than inhabit a host with an artificial sentience, Snake decided for something better, Yuuji – a host that is already sentient to begin with, so the Silver thingy was more or less discarded.

      The potential risk that Yuuji, unlike Silver – which is still a puppet, would have his own ideas on how his deal with Snake would go. This is why Bel-Peol et al are still feeling uneasy about all this.

      Kinny Riddle
  3. Takaii, you’re probably not used to the new Yuuji yet, and neither are most of us, I wager. I do like how Yuuji appears now though, as the series goes through a steady progression for his character development. It’s actually nice to see a character previously condemned mercilessly for his indecisiveness now being so straightforward and firm about his desires, thus probably allowing absolutely nothing to stand in his way.

    The one question I have is whether SnH and Yuuji are two entities still or have started assimilating with each other, thus giving each other their own personality traits.

    And if it isn’t clear enough, Yuuji has already made his decision known to Kazumi. Poor girl…Getting flamed for nothing online, then getting rejected just like that. There’s probably more tragedy awaiting her, if I recall correctly.

    Next episode should be fun as we take a look into an organisation of the Flame Hazes, who are not well-known for being team players. This time with the focus on one of the side characters that have become increasingly prominent (Satou) and other Flame Hazes aside from Shana, Margery and Wilhelmina, it should be good.

    1. I hated when I heard Yuuji was gonna be the main “villian” now. I’m keeping an open mind and hope it all works out in the end but at the same time I hate this Yuuji as a bad guy thing thats going on.

  4. Oh well, seems like they really wanna put a bigger war into Shana… with all the Bal Masque strategy discussions you can see something big is coming. Yuuji/Snake can have a really trouble controlling them, but given how powerful he is I bet a display of force will eventually bring them in line. I liked subtle powerplays between the Strategist, the Shogun and the Priestess. They are decisively cut above the ordinary members of the BM…
    I think ultimate goal for Yuuji is to end this war once and for all, so Shana will be liberated of her duty as Flame Haze. Regardless who wins, if decisive victory is achieved, demobilization will follow. To this end he also kidnapped her to avoid her being involved in combat.
    On the other side of the front, so to speak, I am amazed how Wilhelmina, the disciplined, severe Flame Haze we knew ended up as the rebel at odds with the HQ to try and save Shana.
    As for the Margery, her complete breakdown was only a bit of surprise to me. Even if her archnemesis wasn’t her own feelings personified, should she manage to avenge herself she would probably lost will to live. Satou is sorely needed, and Outlaw seems to keep him from getting back.

  5. Glad you’re still alive Takaii.

    That sure is some mind-rape that Yuuji has dished out to Margery.

    A bit of explanation on how contracts between Flame Hazes and their Crimson Lords works might be needed for those who needs to refresh their memory:

    With the exception of Shana, who was raised in a unique way, most Flame Hazes are “born” out of a desire for revenge against the Crimson Denizens that have stolen the existences of their loved ones. The Crimson Lords who wish to maintain the “balance” between the two worlds then acknowledges their desire for vengeance (via subconsciousness) and beckons them to form a contract with them: in return for seeking revenge, they would assist in fighting the eternal war to eradicate all Denizens from our world.

    Once a Flame Haze has fulfilled his/her desire for revenge by vanquishing the Denizen that they have sought, or in Margery’s case, discovered that there was no vendetta all along, they have two choices:

    1. They decide that their purpose is fulfilled and retire from this world, thus nullifying the contract with their Crimson Lord. In Margery’s case, she discovered she has been futilely following a shadow of her own self, explaining her spectacular breakdown, and if it wasn’t for Satou, she would be gone already.

    2. They decide to remain behind to educate “younger” Flame Hazes in the ways of their kin and pass the torch in the eternal war to eliminating Denizens, like Wilhelmina. Or become a “Tuner”, tuning the physical distortions left behind by Denizens, like Khamsin.

    Kinny Riddle
  6. https://randomc.net/image/Shakugan%20no%20Shana/Shakugan%20no%20Shana%20III%20Final%20-%2005%20-%20Large%2011.jpg

    It is a good thing that Shana’s flashback episode with Sophie is not cut off, as that’s crucial for the fleshing out of both characters.

    The other crucial flashback is this guy, Merihim, AKA Shiro, Shana’s skeleton mentor.


    His brief backstory is that he’s Crimson Lord that fell madly in love with Matilda, Shana’s predecessor. Though Matilda promptly defeated him and made him promise, out of his love for her, to help raise her successor properly before sacrificing herself in order to prevent a catastrophe.

    Anyway, in his final “tutorial” with Shana, he gives Shana a tip into how to develop Flame Haze powers that is hers and hers alone, this will be important afterwards if she is to escape from Seireiden.


    Besides Yuuji, the other twist would be Rami, despite him being a completely harmless Denizen, has also agreed to side with Bal Masque.

    Sophie, Merihim and Rami (along with Wilhelmina, Matilda and Bal Masque) all appear in the prequel manga Eternal Song, which takes place centuries before this story, so anyone interested in their backstories would do best to try and seek out that manga.

    Kinny Riddle
  7. I think this is where you question why they didn’t add the dreams where Yuji and Snake talk to each other and eventually reach the understanding that they have. Would’ve made the ending of season 2 a little more understandable, as well as Yuji’s attitude now.

    I’m almost expecting a plot twist now with that. Something like…

    Show Spoiler ▼

  8. I would honestly… find it both hilarious and scary… if the original body of Sairei no Hebi was Aizen Sousuke from Bleach… same voice actor and Aizen (albeit being the main antagonist and a bit of a jerk at times) is a boss… it’d be quite a funny plot twist

    Rise~N Seraphim

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