「カラオケボックスは客が少ない(つд⊂)」 (Karaoke Bokkusu wa Kyaku ga Sukunai (つд⊂))
“The Karaoke Box Doesn’t Have Many Customers”

Out of all the things a group of friends could do together to foster relationships, going to karaoke is probably one of the best or worst ideas that the Neighbors Club have thought of yet. Not only are you all packed into a small dark room but you have to sit uncomfortably close to the people around you and sing in-front of them!

After watching what happened when the Neighbors Club decided to go karaoke, I can’t help but feel that if Yozora and Sena weren’t part of the club, everyone else might actually be better off in their attempts to make friends. First, who in the world gets a room for themselves when they’re part of a group? I can understand the logic behind not getting to sing as many songs as you’d like but the point of going to karaoke is to sing and make fun of yourself in front of others! Second, did you catch that depressed look that both of them had as Kodaka walked into a room with three two other girls around him? Seriously, it would have been a perfect chance for both of them to get some one-on-one time with him — maybe even practice some special skills while they’re at it!

In all honesty though, Sena and Yozora are an integral part of this show and I’m happy that they both of them get all the screen time that they do. The interesting part about both of them is probably how well they hide their feelings for Kodaka while still accidentally letting their jealously spill out. As we’ve seen, both of them have a pretty stable foundation to which their feelings can grow from. While it remains to be seen if either of two will do something about their feelings, I can’t help but feel that their impulse to do something keeps growing stronger each week.

INS: 「二人の季節」 (Futari no Kisetsu) by 三日月夜空&柏崎星奈 (CV. 井上麻里奈&伊藤かな恵) (Mikazuki Yozara & Kashiwazaki Sena (CV. Inoue Marina & Itou Kanae))
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    1. The entirety of Meat’s popularity is solely based on the existence of Yozora as her foil. Meat without Yozora is just a regular, boring, fanservice character. If anything, Yozora is the one with the most personality (not saying it’s good or bad) and definitely is the best girl (my personal subjectivity).

      Though obviously, the OTP of the series is Yozora x Meat (their synchro ratio exceeds 400%).

  1. what I am curious about is what happened to Yozora that turned her to the dark side… although she probably won’t be as fun to watch if she doesn’t act evil… :3
    ok… I am torn between Yozora the fox and Sena the meat… the rest of harem are all interesting, but nothing beats the two there…
    I really hope Kodaka won’t be that dense… but too bad this might be a harem anime after all 🙁

    1. Yozora never actually thought anyone would get the poster and tat she would be in the club alone with Kodaka. She’s seems more angry at Sena for interfering with that plan by actually noticing.

    1. I dont blame you at all, she is very very cute (looking at her blushing showed in those caps!) In fact Kodaka’s harem is quite high level lol. I mean come on look at those 4 waiting for him in the station, I mean Kodaka is really a man as Yukimura admired him to be, cuz not only is he feared by other people, he even has his harem (for better/worse), and he’s even a damn fine singer! Enough to make Rika wet lol! Love that perverted girl! Seriously Haganai is the only show where I find every character enjoyable and fun! I usually dont like one character in harem shows, and this series and Seitokai no Ichizon is the only exception to that. Best show this season definitely for me. The only series I really look forward to and even rewatch it for shits and giggles.

  2. I love the flirtatious Rika but I wonder how much of an impact it’ll have on Kodaka when he finds out that Sena was his childhood friend. It’s a little unfair in my opinion because she has a massive trump card over everyone else. D:

    Kodaka isn’t so thick headed as to not fall for Rika. I know he thinks she’s cute. That’s one reason I think he’s not H&M.

  3. Seeing Yozora and Niku in the same room would have been infinitely more amusing in my opinion
    And what no Maria-sensei?
    Also disliking this new rating system, feels like youtube all over again.

  4. I have to say I’m a fan of Sena – I just think she has better chemistry with Kodaka than Yozora. I think Yozora should stay friend-zoned, just like she was 10 yrs ago.

    Honestly, I think it’s hard to find any drama/romantic tension anywhere when every other shot is a cutaway to thighs/butts/jiggling breasts etc. – even during semi-important scenes. Not that I have anything against that but I wish they hadn’t turned this into such a blatant, shallow, fan-service extravaganza – haven’t we already seen hundreds or those?

  5. Yozora better have a really really heartbreaking back story or she would pretty much have no chance against Meat. I do hope this series actually picks a heroine to become a couple, but chances are this anime and the manga will most likely end on a forever triangle/harem state.

    1. They might nail one heroine for Kodaka, namely Yozora, since there’s another manga version called Boku wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai Plus in which Sena is the one that created the club instead of Yozora.

      But then again, we definitely won’t get the Plus version as anime so there’s a high chance it will end as you said.

  6. I thought that the reasons that yozora and sena chose individual room is to negotiate with the karaoke employee. If they all choose six rooms for six persons, the store will not have any spare room for other customers. To free up rooms and get more customers, that employee must give them discount. Needless to say, Kodaka foiled their plans.

    1. That’s what I was thinking as well! However I still think it’s a pretty dick move on their part since most Karaoke places (at least in the States) make most of their money on the food/drinks they serve in addition to the hourly fee they charge per room.

    2. It wasn’t that they were trying to force his hand so much as they just thought he was scamming them by trying to make them all pay for using the same room… so they figured if they got different rooms the pricing would be “fair”

  7. Yozora and Sena are best friendly foes forever – they can’t live without each other to tease, they managed to have a sing-off of the Macross scale while in DIFFERENT ROOMS!
    I bet my DVD collection there are Yuri doujins featuring them in the making…
    And at least one of them features bondage and Yozora teasing Sena mercilessly.
    Kodaka playing the straight man to the wacky females (and a trap) around him is just golden.
    This series, besides fanservice provides solid dose of humor and definitely ended as “surprisingly good”, along “Bento”.

  8. It looks like someone went and pressed dislike all the way down, because a few people above me all have -1… Then there’s this guy disliking the voting system. Guess people like it.

    1. Probably just a troll, and I don’t think a couple troll dislikes is that significant at all. I think most people just dismiss something like that, so people shouldn’t really worry too much about stuff like that. If it’s a few votes ignore it, if it’s many then actually care.

      Where the voting system really comes into play is like the above comments on Yozora and Kobato. Sometimes I don’t have much time so I just skim through the comments looking for any comments by the author, but now there’s eye-catchers like the green background around Kobato’s comment that I can easily take notice to.

  9. This voting system is bad. Should be that you can only like so you can see what comments people appreciate the most,and not use dislikes to hide opinions that you disagree with… feels like this comes from the fact that some people cant read negative opinions on the series they like.

    1. I disagree. The system is perfect as it is, because it show the proportion of likes and dislikes.

      Generally, the negative opinions that get many dislikes are the ones that sound like childish complaining or gratuitous drama. It intimidates many people who whine for nothing and premiates well constructed comments.

      Many sites are in serious need of a dislike button. Facebook, for a popular example.

      1. The positive votes are okay, as they encourage people to come up with sensible well-written posts, it’s the negative votes, or the abuse of their use, that I and I believe many others here are concerned about.

        While I agree with you that the really childish posters will be “shouted down” by having their posts hidden, the downside is that these negative votes can also be open to abuse by these very same people.

        Just for this thread alone, I’ve noticed quite a number of pretty harmless posts above us getting a -1 vote for no reason. Plus it means people will just be lazy and vote down on anything they dislike rather than think before they talk and explain why they disagree with a poster. Rather than a mostly civil debate, we’ll just end up having potential flame wars as to why we downvoted each other.

        This is RC, known for its quality blogging, not YouTube (or even Sankaku Complex), known for its comment sections where Anons have free reign.

        Also, different people have different sentimentalities, and so we would end up in meta-discussions like this post about complaining/being concerned about the pros- and cons- of negative voting, deviating away from the main topic – that is the discussion of the episode being covered.

        This system definitely needs more tweaking, Divine.

        Kinny Riddle
      2. Concern noted, hence the trial run. While the trolls may be tempted to vote down everything at the beginning, it would be quite sad if they took the time to vote down every single comment week after week. Even then, I figure the number of regular readers far outweighs the trolls, so you could just as easily vote up comments to nullify any abused down votes. I think after a couple of weeks, things should settle down. The main benefit of this is to allow readers to moderate comments themselves and block out any blatant trolls or spoilers. The secondary benefit is to provide lurkers a means to show agreement/disagreement to the discussion without leaving an actual comment.

      3. @Divine, this a great new input. You forgot the Third Benefit no comment will ever appear twice or thrice.

        Btw have given any thought on editing your comments.
        And any way to alert users about who has replied.

        Sorry to trouble you and ask for/ suggest these things.

      4. Divine is definitely right about the lurkers. Even I who tend to comment, like to tap a thumbs up button on a comment where there isn’t really much to say about it except “I agree.”

        On several posts before I completely agreed with the comment but there really wasn’t anything to say about it, so I just did a “+1” or “Agreed.”

        Also perhaps some of you are taking the voting system too seriously. I think it’s meant to be more of a guideline on how others feel, not whether the statement is True vs. False.

        And blocking out bad statements isn’t that bad, since I think most people would click on the link to see the comment anyways, because most people would be interested on what was voted down so badly. That’s what I did anyways on the above comment about Yozora. Just the click of a button.

  10. Yes finally an episode without the annoying Index.
    Rika should be wary of licking the microphone in that room since it’s most likely used by other groups of people before they even arrived.
    Sena and Yozora singing the same song from their own rooms seems coincidental.
    Why they didn’t let Kana Hanazawa do her loli singing in the karaoke room? Breaking the fourth wall comment for this week.

  11. I swear that Kobato’s obsessions must be a parody of Tsukihime with all her talk of Vampires, True Ancestors, and the Akashic Root as well. I find this particularly amusing since I’m playing Tsukihime the visual novel right now.


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