「留守応答」 (Rusu Ōtō)
“Away Message”

It’s another triumph for gritty, hard-headed realism in episode 7 of Mirai Nikki.

In all seriousness, this arc would seem to be pretty high on the suspension of disbelief scale but I’ll direct anyone who’s really bothered to check out the manga, where a side chapter explains a lot of the weird stuff Rei does that a five year-old shouldn’t be able to do. Perhaps it’ll end up as an extra on the Blue-ray, but I suspect it was sacrificed as a matter of necessity in fitting all the core material in.

That said, I always see a lot of manga readers rip this arc, and I’m really not sure why as I think it has a very interesting surreal quality. It’s absurd to begin with, and Asread probably plays up the absurd even more, but I think that’s a good idea. If you’re going to end a story with a five year-old boy being stabbed to death, it’s probably best not to play it straight. And let’s face it, the terrifying toddler is one of the staples of horror in every medium and every language – there’s something unsettling about the notion of killer children, and since Yukiteru and Yuno are children anyway, you need to go pretty young to make the killer child a contrast to them.

There are lots of interesting questions raised by this arc, not least of which is what sort of God would lure a five year-old child into a deadly game like this in the first place. But little Rei certainly seems up to the task, and when you consider his circumstances he did alarmingly well. With arguably the weakest diary (only updating three times a day) and going up against two comparatively grown-up diarists whose diaries complement each other, he came within a whisker of killing them both. Yuno showed her insane analytical prowess again, spotting the attack of the killer tomatoes just by their weight, but if Rei hadn’t offered her a chance to play a “game” with him, both she and Yukkii probably would have died.

Speaking of Yukiteru, he did some damage this week with something besides his darts (those too) – a hair dryer and his lips. First he saved Yuno from electrocution by overloading the circuit breaker – quick thinking indeed – and then he roused himself from his poison-induced stupor long enough to give Yuno the kiss of life when she was knocked cold by Rei’s second little electrocution trick. Yes, for Yuno a little sugar from Yukkii is the most powerful medicine there is, and damn if she didn’t stab that little tyke in cold blood. He certainly had it coming, but it says something about Yuno anyway. She has a spine of steel and zero conscience whatsoever, and that’s a terrifying combination. And did I mention she’s an insane genius, too? It’s interesting to speculate on her reaction to accidentally knocking Yukkii’s Mom out with the hammer – breaking down in tears and begging forgiveness. Was it genuine, or not?

You learn a little about Yukkii in that moment, too – he’s starting to figure out how to handle Yuno a little, reading her well enough to be able to use her own manic passion and sincerity to manipulate her, as he does here by getting her to meditate on the nature of Rei’s diary rather than immediately kill him. And as so often happens, Asread does a great job of feeding us a little food for our thoughts to snack on right before the end credits. Fourth is feeding information about Yukiteru and Yuno to Ninth, which is interesting in itself. But even more interesting is what Ninth does with the info. She takes a break from feeding chipmunks (!) in her cabin and heads to the Amano house, where she finds the First and Second diary holders unconscious and totally helpless – and saves their lives. Is this really the same girl who was blowing up middle-schoolers by the dozen in the second episode?




    1. I figure something was missing when Rei got all that stuffs that no ordinary child could get his hands on. I don’t know where to get poisonous nerve gas and he DOES. WOW! He was definitely no ordinary child, but the odds every totally against him 10 to 1.

      Geniusingly, he actually completed what he was set out to do. If you take out 9th intervention, 5th would have accomplished his goal of killing both 1st and 2nd.

    1. 12 men enter, only 8 remain…

      4 of which we have already met, 4 unknown to reveals. Given the chronological order in the ending credit, the 4 remaining characters are the 7th (typical gangster punk/biker with a roll style hair), 8th (the granny), 10th (old man with the dog), and 11th (rich man).

      1. It’s not really a spoiler. If you just watch the ending credit, you will see it, too. Plus episode #1 gave a shadow looks into each character. Even the opening credit gave clues to each character’s object.

      2. Except 7th is very misleading: I had posted enough clues before already. Rules that had been already used in its most minimum to clue you guys in to 7.

        Clues for you guys(who haven’t read the manga):

        Show Spoiler ▼

        The Moondoggie
  1. I thought this ep is mediocre. There were too many things I felt confused/inconsistent

    #1 Why didn’t Yuki want to kill the kid. Since the kid is a diary holder, he would just disappear if he died so his mom wouldn’t get that much involved
    #2 After Yuki realized who the was the diary holder, why would the kid still stay at their house…
    #3 If the kid truly wanted to win why on Earth would he play a game with Yuki which led to his death

    atm it seems that every diary holder seems to be psychotic and experience some kind of trauma in in the past; and in some ways it’s is kind of getting boring…

    1. 1. Because Yukkii isn’t a psychotic like Yuno, the idea of killing a 5 year-old – even a diary holder – is abhorrent to him.
      2. Because Mom is still in the dark on the whole thing and Yukkii is trying to keep it that way.
      3. Because he’s five years old, and still thinks like a five year-old in some ways.

      1. 3. Because he’s five years old, and still thinks like a five year-old in some ways.

        When I was a kid, I know already that the most effective way to kill someone is to push them down a flight, 15 steps minimum, of stairs….

        That kid, while I was reading the manga, made me facepalm. Clearly he isn’t going to be a smart person when he grows up.

        The Moondoggie
      2. I’d say he displayed enough intellect this episode to be considered at least a mini-genius.

        He threw off Yuno and Yuki with his gas-attack mail delivery, almost killed Yuki with the tomato, and almost killed Yuno in the bathtub, which is the one thing I found odd because she saw so many of the signs beforehand.

      3. For #2 I can imagin the following exchange, “Hey Mum, that sweet kid you invited over actually wants to kill us and become God…”. Lol! So yeah, they can’t exactly get rid of him.

      4. I know the mom is in the dark and all, but since the kid was a diary holder, he would simply disappear when he dies, instead of leaving a body, blood etc… I I felt that it could have been an easy cover up.

    2. 1) Enzo is right. The idea of killing a child is beyond redemption in my mind. Despiet my craziness, there are 3 things in the world that I cannot do without seeking forgiveness from GOD and the world: killing a child, killing good people, and killing innocent bystanders.

      I have no problem in killing those who try to kill me, but the idea that person is a 5 years old child is not something any normal person can do without hesitation. You can kill an adult because they have lived their lives and experience mos in life, a child hasn’t. Older people can’t change, a child can.

      2)Yuki just want to get the diary and end it without hurting Rei. He still has a heart you know, unlike Yuno.

      3)I thought it was because like 12th, the dead end flag was given to him. There is no avoiding it. Like 6th and 12th, dead end flag is final. Yuki was the only exception. Deus himself said so, “A fate no less than a miracle itself…”

      1. Yuno does have a heart. She seemed pretty normal for the most part in school and interacted with other classmates without them thinking she a homicidal lunatic. She seems to have a Jeckle/Hyde thing going on there or a split personality. When it comes to her boytoy she gets all “murderous intent”.

    3. It’s Anime, you have to suspend your disbelief a little my friend.

      Also, with regards to your third question, there are some serial killers that enjoy the chase. The Joker from the Dark Knight illustrates that pretty well.

  2. #1 Why didn’t Yuki want to kill the kid. Since the kid is a diary holder, he would just disappear if he died so his mom wouldn’t get that much involved

    Because Yuki isn’t a murderer and the holder was a kid. Idealist will be idealist.

    #2 After Yuki realized who the was the diary holder, why would the kid still stay at their house…

    So he can keep an eye on him? Or that he’s careful with his actions. His mom’s there and he didn’t want her to know or get involved.

    #3 If the kid truly wanted to win why on Earth would he play a game with Yuki which led to his death

    Dunno? Because he’s a deathseeker?

    The Moondoggie
      1. Meh, even if I’m a devout religious guy, I think Goc sucks for not telling us the whole plan…

        Also request Divine to get rid of the rating buttons and replace them with an edit and spoiler button.

        The Moondoggie
      2. Well thats kinda a lame reason…

        I was hoping it would be something along the lines of the two of them making much better targets for the remaining diary holders to focus on and since they’ve been doing such a good job getting rid of all the other competition.

      3. ^ Now that you say that, it makes you wonder if the other diary owners (not Yuki/Yuno) will ever fight and kill each other. I mean I know those two are the targets for every diary owner but that doesn’t mean that Yuki and Yuno should be the only ones taking out the competition.

  3. Watching this episode I realized everyone is psychologically unstable or has suffered psychological trauma at some point :
    – Yuki was isolated to the point of only having “imaginary” friends.
    – Yuno’s maniacal love for Yuki.
    – Rei’s violent household.
    – The socially awkward “hero” (forget his name/number : the Eyeball)
    – The almost-blind woman from the temple was abused to the point of not believing the world of the eyeing.
    – We also saw glimpses of Ninth’s difficult childhood a few episodes back.
    – And there’s the serial killer from the first episodes.

    The only odd ball so far is the cop. How is HE psychologically unstable?!?!?

    1. I am sure he is just as crazy if not worst. Like they say, your so kind and nice next door neighbor looks like another good old man until the cops busted down the door and find out he was molesting little girls and eating their fresh for decades.

      Trust me, nobody is normal in the real world. Everybody is crazy in their own little ways…

    2. With respect to the cop, Yuno and Yukkii’s battle against the 5th seems to say a lot about just how little he meant it when he said that he didn’t want anyone else to die in this game.

      He was obviously aware of what was going on and yet we didn’t even see him try to stop it. In addition to that, he leaked all of this info to 9th, one whom by all rights should be out to kill 1st and 2nd at the first given opportunity.

      A close second to Yuno, 4th is probably the most mysterious character right now as his actions don’t seem to make sense at all.

  4. watchin mirai nikki at night before sleepin aint a good idea. you’d be too strung up from the suspense and action. seriously… i must say… its scary to have a psychotic killer in the house and with such a big house… its practically a large ambush zone

    i must agree on the fact that yukki has managed to have his reins on yuno. its nice to see her mellowed down abit. but its still scary in many ways.

    anyway… i guess this must be “yuno’s face of the week” >>> https://randomc.net/image/Mirai%20Nikki/Mirai%20Nikki%20-%2007%20-%20Large%2022.jpg

    1. Despite what you guys may think, Rei wasn’t that bad.

      1) He left Yuki’s mom lived instead of killing her with the nerve gas.

      2) He could have let Yuno and Yuki died in that bathroom.

      3) He could have ran away, but he didn’t.

      4) He could have trick Yuno and put more poison in the needle instead, thus ensuring his ultimate victory even in death.

      5) Of all the diary owners, 5th is the only one to successfully killed 1st and 2nd. 9th ruined his perfect plan. AND HE IS ONLY 5 YEARS OLD. AND HE HAD THE WEAKEST DIARY!

  5. I just ralized just now that Mirai Nikki touch on some pretty controversial and extreme topics. And I can see that there is still more to come. Each character seems to represent a taboo idea.

    -3rd was murder
    -6th was rape
    -9th was terrorism
    -5th was psychotic child and killing of children

    From what I can see:
    -10th will involve animal, especially dogs
    -11th will probably involve power, wealth, and greed
    -8th in old people
    -7th is ??? (huh, I don’t know this one. Maybe lovers or gangster or high school drama.)

  6. Let’s look at the score so far:

    1st: 2 kills
    2nd: 2 kills
    9th: 0 kills
    4th: 0 kills

    3rd (eliminated: diary destroyed)
    6th (eliminated: diary destroyed)
    12th (eliminated: chopped by axe)
    5th (eliminated: stabbed on the chest)

    7th (alive)
    8th (alive)
    10th (alive)
    11th (alive)

    Deus Ex Machina (dying and one sick, twisted bastard)

    1. ^Deus Ex Machina (dying and one sick, twisted bastard)

      I wondering if he picking screwed up humans to replace him because of how fucked up humanity is. His job is probably not easy to see the shit as a race will do to each other.

      1. He state that it is a survival game to find a successor, but I don’t think it is that simple…

        From what I can sum up, it looks more like a training course for Yuki to become a god than a survival game. Each situation and character cause Yuki to change and adapt. Being the main character, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out who will win this game when it come down to just Yuno and Yuki.

        Yuki has the advantage 2 to 1 on Yuno. I can’t see her killing Yuki just to win and become god. Yuki is everything to her. I bet she would killed Desu herself if she can avoid killing Yuki. Yuki on the other hand, I can see killing Yuno and winning the game. What happen afterward is a mystery. Who knows, maybe I am rigth, maybe I am wrong…

  7. Hey I think that “Kiss of life” that Yuuki gave Yuno was actually just a breath of air… he was already poisoned so it didn’t matter if he breathed in a bit more as long as Yuno was able to continue taking down the toddler.

  8. A fun episode with more wacky insane characters, the only problem with Mirai Nikki is the lack of Murumuru!

    And for those who want more background info: Dues never found his saucer again…

  9. To reveal something to you guys:

    Show Spoiler ▼

    The Moondoggie
      1. I seriously don’t care if anything that I do, like wearing a strainer for my driver’s license, makes me look stupid.

        But for you, I’ll make my spoiler next as cryptic and riddling as hell…

        The Moondoggie
    1. So…

      I write on napkins at restaurants…
      I crave words, names, and put up your mama number for free blowjob in bathroom’s walls…
      I can spell my name in the snow with my piss…
      I draw dirty pictures on drunk and passed out girl’s faces…

      that doesn’t mean anything can be a diary, but you obviosuly spoiling details for people. They will NIT be happy about that. Let me write you a message using my piss later…assuming there is enough snow tonight.

      1. Meh, I thought it was cryptic enough…

        And no chaos. You mom told me it ain’t going to snow XD.

        MEH! And I was to visit Seattle for a conference next month. When is it gonna snow there?

        The Moondoggie
      2. Not even close to cryptic enough. When it doubt please err on the side of consideration.

        And Seattle only gets snow a couple of days a year in an average winter. Too close to the Sound. But Snoqualimie Pass is only about 30 miles and they should have snow in December.

  10. Rei is like the childhood version of Yagami Raito from Death Note. I immediately thought of his notebook hidden under a piece of wood with an ignition wire in his drawers.

    How exactly does one overload the circuit? Don’t really understand what Yuuki specifically did there. Have never been good with circuits.

    1. It depends…

      How does a 5 years old child get poisonous nerve gas?

      Where did he get the money for these stuffs: gas mask, nerve gas, antidote, mail delivery?

      Why were you bring an antidote for people you are going to poison?

      Why did he smile when he got stab? Does he not feel pain?

      NONE of this shit make any sense… O_o so don’t try to logic with Mirai Mikki, you will just die of frustration and brain overload.

      1. E-Bay…

        “Why did he smile when he got stab? Does he not feel pain?”

        I think he’s totally insane by that time: all he can think of is revenge, revenge and revenge. I’d ignore gun shots if I was in his shoes.

        The Moondoggie
    2. Any normal home electrical system has a number of circuits, each with a limited about of amps that they can handle before overloading. If you turn on all the appliances and put a greater amount of current running through the circuit than it’s designed to handle, it’s supposed to do what the one in Yukiteru’s house did – cut the power. That’s known as a circuit breaker.

      1. I was thinking, why didn’t just Yuki turn the braker off? may be it was too far? but it wouldn’t have taken the same (or less) time run to the circuit breaker than turn on all those appliances?… Nahh… forget that, it’s just an anime XD

        P,S sorry if my english sucks

  11. Why did 9th saved 1st and 2nd?

    It just doesn’t make any sense. She was so determine to kill them in episode #2. Was it 12th’s and 4th’s kindness that changed her?

    I suspected that 4th knew somehow she wasn’t a bad person. I think he intentional feed her information to test her. He clearly told her that 1st and 2nd was going to die that day.

    1. You are joking right? kindness is not one of the strong points of this story. I think they are just using each other because the last time Minene tried to take them out directly she end up with a dart in her left eye; kill the weak ones first and leave the extremely dangerous and insane ones for last.

      1. that is not making sense, kill 2 birds (and extremely dangerous ones, too…) with one stone is something natural, and it is best strategy usually to take greatest threat first!
        I don’t suspect Minene of becoming suddenly angel, something is going on around which we don’t know yet…

    2. At the same point in the manga…

      Show Spoiler ▼

      Curiously, it would seem as if Minene has just the slightest bit of respect towards Yukiteru now. Indeed, you might think she would want him killed at the first given opportunity for having taken out her eye; but even with that, it’s not too far a stretch to say that she does want him dead eventually, but by her terms and by her own hand.

    3. I had never read the reason in the manga. My only guess is that either they believe that Yuuki will win and that sking with him will ensure they will survive in the end, or that 4th offered to free 9th if she helps end the game. 4th has something up his sleeve after all.

      The Moondoggie
    4. Yeah, no. The Ninth wasn’t “changed” by kindness at all. She just has something better in store for Yukki and Yuno. Saying that she’s going through character development like that is seriously jumping the gun at this point.

  12. I don´t know who is more terrifying, the little killer child or the beautiful but completely insane Yuno who would do ANYTHING to protect her beloved Yukkii. I have to admit that Yukiteru is slowly improving his usefulness, a long way to go if you compare him with Yuno but still I think they make a perfectly crazy match and if you read really carful in Yukkii´s reactions you can see how he is truly falling for her, I don´t know who is more damaged, the stalker or the guy who is falling in love of his stalker.

    1. Actually, I’d say Yukiteru is the most terrifying one of all in this. For being in this diabolical survival game and having seen the things that he has, he’s adjusting to all of this remarkably well, even improving to the point that he’s beginning to make use of Yuno.

      He’s akin to a wild card that you can’t accurately predict, a stark contrast compared to Yuno who will do anything if it’s to protect Yukkii.

      Even without all of this however, that he’s slowly beginning to fall in love with Yuno, one whom he knows is pretty unstable and has rotting corpses in her house, says quite a bit about him. Whether you want to attribute that to his remarkable resilience, personal growth or his peculiar abnormality; Yukiteru is one to watch out for.

    1. Seeing another side of 9th (even if we’re already seeing it now) is pretty good in my book. +1 more member for the 9th fanclub

      And I read the other side story,

      Show Spoiler ▼

  13. Enzo <3<3.

    Nobody loves you enough to point out your typos, apparently <<;.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Anywho: Nicely done by Yukkii in tripping the circuit breaker, but… what happened to the wire on the second electrocution attempt? wouldn’t it have stayed live in the water? I’m irked that it was a once and disappeared occurrence. Was totally hoping Yuno was going to hop on the Banister run up it and gut the little fiend. Avoiding the shock entirely. Instead Yukkii got to be all heroic. Dawww.

  14. I find fourth and ninth acting in totally surprising ways… fourth obviously ignoring the peril of Yukki and Yuno, while Minene savng them from certan death in the gas fumes…
    WTF? obviously we are being deceived – but such is the nature of that game!

      1. When fansubs try to spell out what Yuno was saying:

        I.E. Yukkii~! Aren’t you gonna jump me?

        …. Classy them fansubs, aren’t they?

        Ryuuzaki’s Yukki or Yuuki are both spot on though.

        The Moondoggie
      2. If it’s written ユッキー then ‘Yukkii’ would be correct.
        ‘ユ’ – Yu
        ‘ッ’ – Small ‘tsu’ meaning a glottal stop or “choked sound” signified by a double consonant
        ‘キ’ – ki
        ‘ー’ – long vowel marker, causes double vowel.

        For those asking, the double consonant is like a slight hitch in the word before that sound, the double vowel just means the vowel sound is held slightly longer. It’s a more accurate way to write how Yuno says it.

  15. Don’t know if I’m just messed up or what, but I wouldn’t have had any reservations in killing the toddler either. You know why? It’s because he is fully aware of his actions and thus, are completely responsible for them. Screw the law, there are people who are smarter and dumber for their age. That’s why I can’t get behind age limits and stuff like that, but I digress.

    A child unknowingly killing someone is one thing, but this boy is a sick and twisted prodigy.

      1. You can’t take one instance and say that he was normal. He was screwed up, but not by the game; he suffered parental neglect and possibly abuse when his parents were a part of the cult, and since he was extremely smart for his age he knew what was going on. His idea of fun was very sadistic, and he almost succeeded in his goal. His motivations humanize him and make him sympathetic, but at the same time they don’t excuse him since he’s aware of his actions and their consequences.

  16. …so you read the manga. Grats.

    Now, would you PLEASE shut up about things you read in the manga that haven’t happened yet in the anime!?

    I KNOW you get a little rush of endorphins when you realize you know something that some other people don’t know, but that does not make you special! Your life that mundane that you have to take the enjoyment of discovering new things from others…. just so YOU can feel special? You THAT starved for attention?

    I bet you beg and bait for thumbs up on youtube as well. “THUMBS UP IF YOU THINK THIS COMMENT IS WITTY SO I CAN FEEL GOOD ABOUT MYSELF LOLZ”

    So yeah, grats. You’ve become that person that watches movies around other people just so they can go “Watch this! Yeah that my favorite part right here! This the part I been telling you about for 3 straight weeks! Watch This! Oh! OH! OOOHHHHHH!! LOLZ That was GREAT, right!? I TOLD you! I TOLD-”

    No, it wasn’t. Props to Enzo for reading comments and constantly editing spoiler tags into posts.


        You’d HAVE to be to take so much pride in parading around the fact that you’ve read the manga while other people are trying not to. Not to mention your genius IQ Liar Game level hint Show Spoiler ▼

        You may as well just type “I read the manga so I know something that you dont” so we can all see how smart you really are.

    1. Let Enzo deals with the spoiler people…

      I can’t imagine Divine or other writers covering this. He would probably censored everything or die of spoiler materials being given. So thump up for Enzo.

    1. I don’t know if it does have anything to do with it but, have you heard of Tokyo’s Anime and Manga Ban?

      “Any display of children ( minors ) being killed is apparently to be censored”, or so they say.

      The Moondoggie
  17. Why did Yuno stab Rei?

    I mean, she could have just destroy his diary and he would have been gone. Not only did she stab him, but also his diary. Yuno is one sick and crazy bitch. She earned a new level of craziness in this episode.

    In fact, if you count the number of death and ways to death, Yuki only killed people by darts while Yuno killed them with her bare hands. The idea of killing a person with a gun versus a knife.

    If you didn’t already know, murders by knife or axe are considered crime of passion. Killers who use this method do it because they enjoy the warm touch of their victim’s blood and seek to enjoy every moment of their suffering until the very end. Which differ greatly from a person stand at a distance and firing a gun like Yuki.

    1. You’re being far too narrow minded in your perspective of a crime of passion. Simply because one commits a murder with an axe or a knife most certainly does NOT mean they reveal in the feeling of killing someone, wishing to draw it out until the very last moment.

      A crime of passion is nothing more or less than one committed with very intense feelings/emotions being behind it. If you were to classify Yuno’s murdering Rei as such, then her feelings would naturally be those of wanting to protect Yukkii.

      Now we can argue back and forth all night long about how Yuno could’ve just destroyed Rei’s diary without stabbing, but let’s get one thing straight. He was going to die one way or the other, and your saying that she should’ve demonstrated some modicum of mercy in just destroying his diary is merely reflective of your own personal bias towards Yuno.

      We’re talking about a killer child who nearly poisoned Yuno and Yukkii both, nearly electrocuted her in the bath, filled Yukkii’s house with poisonous gas, and nearly killed Yuno by finally electrocuting her. Now you can argue until the sun sets and rises about how Yuno went overboard; but in this case, it was merciful enough that she ended it with one fell swoop, IMO.

      1. Not true! You missed some vital facts…

        1) A dead end flag was never given to Yuno or Yuki during the time battling Rei…

        This means that they were never in any real danger. If you look back at the salad incident, it was logged that Yuki gotten sick and was taken to the hospital to be treated. No dead end flag there. When Yuno was electrocuted in the bathroom, she was taken to the hospital and regain consciousness. No dead flag there either. Even when Yuki and Yuno was poison by the nerve gas, no dead flags were given to either of them.

        This ultimately means that they were destined to be okay either way.

        2) Rei did have a dead end flag…

        This wasn’t reveal until the very end. His diary clearly stated it, “Rei was killed by Yuno. But it was fun…” So he knew that he was going to die up against Yuno and Yuki. So did try his best around, which as we all know is next to impossible. So he did the next best thing: have fun while it lasted.

        3) He brought the antidote…

        Seriously now. If you were going to poison people, why on Earth would you bring or even offer them the antidote?

        4) He didn’t trick Yuno with the antidote…

        He could have easily put more poison in there, but he didn’t. It was the real antidote. If he wanted to killed Yuno and Yuki, all he had to do was smack it at the very end and Yuki would have died. But he didn’t. He even hand delivery it to Yuno and told her it was the real thing.

        5) He didn’t kill Yuki’s mother…

        He could have left her in the house or killed her, but he didn’t.

        Conclusion, despite what you may think about Rei, I can judge from his actions that he wasn’t a bad kid. So I highly disagree with your “killer child” statement. And yes, I do protect children and have a weak spot for them. Even if they are like Rei.

        For all the things I listed above, Rei deserved better a death than what Yuno gave him. The only valid argument against me that I would have accept is to say, she was poison by the gas at that time and need to finish him quickly to get the antidote to Yuki before she pass out. I would have accept that argument, but not yours.

      2. @chaos

        “1) A dead end flag was never given to Yuno or Yuki during the time battling Rei…”

        “This means that they were never in any real danger…
        …Even when Yuki and Yuno was poison by the nerve gas, no dead flags were given to either of them.”

        “This ultimately means that they were destined to be okay either way.”

        But then, if they didn’t act on it, who says Rei won’t kill them after they’re all doubling over/disabled due to the poison/nerve gas?

        Rei was out to kill them, simple as that. His methods, though they be slow, are effective nonetheless. My only qualm is that bathroom electrocution scene: he’ll end up killing himself too because he put his hands too deep into the water as well. Even with the gloves, if you put your hands too deep in you’ll get shocked too.

        The Moondoggie
      3. @chaos

        2) rei also had a dead end flag in the laundry room but he ran away

        3) what if he drops his mask? 🙂

        4) hes a child who like to play games

        5) he wanted to avenge his parents hence he was aiming for yuno n yuki only

    2. “If you didn’t already know, murders by knife or axe are considered crime of passion. Killers who use this method do it because they enjoy the warm touch of their victim’s blood and seek to enjoy every moment of their suffering until the very end. ”

      I smiled. What she did isn’t a crime of passion.


      IMO she stabbed Rei because it’s the most convenient way to kill him at that time. Would have given her points if she stabbed the kid again and again and again.

      The Moondoggie
  18. Can someone explain why Yuno’s entries in this episode and the second one are written in one minute intervals? I thought her diary was supposed to be every 10 minutes. Is that relative to how serious a situation is or is Asread just messing up?

    1. Anime-wise, I’d have to surmise it goes like this:

      – Yuno’s “Yukiteru Diary” can predict Yuki’s future in ten minute intervals.
      – Depending on the situation, as you suggested, the diary’s contents can be changed to several entries within the span of ten minutes.

      As far as I’ve read in the manga, which is only up to the same point in the anime, most of Yuno’s diary entries are only single entries, some of which don’t have the appropriate time labeled either.

      All things considered, it’s likely this is purely an anime thing. A small stray from the original source material at best and nothing that’s going to change the story.

    2. Yuno stated that her diary is always 10 minutes ahead of Yuki’s diary. Thus, it ensures that she will always be one step ahead of him. As for the time interval, I think they are just random.

      Yuki’s diary is differently random if you look at the time on each entry. I assume Yuno is, too. She doesn’t use her diary as much because she isn’t stupid like Yuki who deliberately gave away her location every time he check his diary. I am assuming the game have a radar system and every time a diary owner use his/her diary, they shows up on the radar.

  19. Mmmm. what anime was Deus watching? I guess that is just some random thing the author just made.

    @Kaus Just to clarify, Yuno’s a SUPER STALKER. I think when she says 10 minutes, she really means 10 seconds or less. That’s just my idea, I doubt she just count to ten minutes and then make a new entry

  20. Anybody else here looking forward to next episode of Mirai Nikki more than Fate/Zero or Guilty Crown?

    In fact, any shows really. I find Mirai Nikki for shocking and worth watching than Fate/Zero or Guilty Crown (this show is so cliche and anti-climatic as watching Norm McDonald talk on Comedy Central). Man, if the animators done right with Deadman Wonderland and with season #2, we would have an awesome season right now. Watching Shiro tears people to pieces while Yuno stabbing little kids, that’s a nice week.

  21. I’ve been trying to make sense of the first two scenes of the first episode. We see Yuno over a dead Yukiteru in Deus’s room, then we see Yuno killed by (presumably) Yuno, who cries out for ‘Amano-kun’ instead of ‘Yukki’. The most I can make of it is that the Yuno we’ve been following is an impostor, who somehow killed Yukiteru in Deus’s room (without killing him? Not really sure where the dead Yukiteru comes in unless spacetime warping a la what Deus did with the diaries is involved, but Yuno killing and replacing her past self would create a paradox.) How close am I?

    1. I humbly request that no one answer that, even with spoiler tags. Cobalt is basically asking someone to spoil the entire series (whether his guesses are right, wrong or indifferent is irrelevant – merely answering is a spoiler). If someone wants to answer, I request you do it via PM or email, please.

      1. Well, if it’s such a massive spoiler at least part of what I thought must have been close to the mark… I’ll just continue watching the series and see, and try to look for any signs that the Yuno we’re following might be a fake. Though I don’t see what’s wrong with at least using spoiler tags to tell me how close I am to the truth, wasn’t that part of why spoiler tags were made?

  22. Enzo, is that YOU who is giving everybody a thump down?

    I just notice that all your comments have 1 thump up and 0 thump down while everybody else get 1 thump down. By logical deduction, you’re on the “usual suspect” list. So either you’re the culprit or you have a secret admirer…


  23. Umm can someone tell why yuno was never poisoned at the end when yukiteru kissed her i know she got a gasp of breath from him but she talked to rei as he was stabbed i dont get it and i know she passed out because of the electrocution that rei gave her with the lamp

    Diary Holder
  24. I know nobody will probably reply to this anymore but still I’d like to ask.

    Why the fuck did that toddler just sit on the chair, waiting to be stabbed at the end? At least try to run away and think up some other plan or something. And also, for someone so athletic it sure was too hard for Yuno to just jump OVER the handrail of the stair to avoid electrocution?

    Can’t believe nobody else mentioned that here.

  25. Catching up on the series. I know that the Ninth saving Yuno and Yuki will be “explained sometime in the near future” (ohohoho), but how did Yuno figure out exactly how Rei would receive his diary? I mean, she was exactly spot on. I thought she had some kind of “hidden power” or something, but they didn’t even explain it.

    I have a problem with how unlikely things just seem happen without any explanation. I mean, Rei’s parents just happened to be cultists killed at the Sacred Eye incident, and one of them happened to be a co-worker of Yuki’s mom, who is a video game designer, of all things? And what’s even worse, Yuki’s mom was somehow assigned the task of taking care of the kid for three days? What?

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