「携帯電話は着信が少ない_| ̄|○」 (Keitai Denwa wa Chakushin Ga Sukunai _| ̄|○」)
“My Cellphone has Few Calls”

Are you trying to tell me that I can call people other than my family with a cell phone? NO WAY.

I’m pretty sure a lot of things happened this week, like just how serious Yukimura is at trying to become a proper man, but I can still feel my brain trying to repair itself after witnessing two people who could have come from the Stone Age. I guess the Stone Age might be a bit much to describe what I just witnessed, but it’s unbelievable how behind the times the senior members of the Neighbors Club are. However, the icing on the cake was listening to Yozora mutter something about the magic of data being transferred through thin air. Not only did I facepalm myself but I started to recall how horrible it was when I had to physically connect a data cable between two Gameboys to play with others. Boy have things changed since then…

Now that I finally got that off of my chest, there were actually a lot of genuinely funny jokes this week. Starting with Yukimura taking her his duties way too seriously and nearly smothered Maria with protein shakes in the process, I wish we could have witnessed just what happened when Yozora and Rika got into a “girl” battle. By “girl” battle, I’m referring to those moments when two girls completely ignore their surroundings and start going at each other in ways that would get a guy killed if he tried the same thing. From slapping boobs to feeling things up in certain places, I can only imagine how crazy Rika got to get Yozora this exhausted.

At this point, I’m not sure how to view Sena and Yozora. While they have their moments of harmony, it feels like their attacks at each other are consistently getting crueler. I mean, Sena takes every opportunity to flaunt her family’s high ranking status in Yozora’s face while Yozora manages to push all the right buttons to make Sena run out of the room crying. Combined with the issue that both of them are obviously crushing on Kodaka, it feels like all these unintentional attacks at each other’s love life (ie: getting to close to Kodaka) are going to be the factor that pushes one or the other over the edge. Something which could be either really funny, or really depressing.




  1. You had to show me that image and make me feel like I just violated a law didn’t you. It’s kinda odd but I kinda understand them as I didn’t get my first cell phone till my third year in high school (and that GB cord… ughh….).

    1. Her name is Maria, Sister Maria. Also, in one of the manga she has an older sister named Sister Kate that’s Kodaka’s age. They look the same as there was a case of mistaken identity when he thought Sister Kate had shrunk. But yes, more screen time for the loli nun.

  2. Heh, I can seriously relate to how they feel, I never got the whole ‘my cellphone can do anything’ speel when they entered the mass market. I called people and took photos, that was about the extent of my knowledge on how to use the things.

    1. Not sure how old you are, but this is the generation where everyone about 13+ gets a cell phone, especially smart phones. So it’s sort of the thing to have cell phones that can do almost as much as a computer.

      Did you know that our smart phones today have more technology than the Apollo 11 (the space craft that landed the first humans on the moon).

  3. I don’t know about Yozora, she seems to genuinely hate Sena.
    Sena seemed to be interested in Yozoras number and I don’t think she would have
    spammed Yozora after getting the number from Kodaka – Yozora on the other hand
    totally spammed her. odd relationship

  4. Am I the only one that REALLY wanted to see Yozora swat Sena’s ass with that flyswatter!? I felt teased! Good job. lol With Yozora and Sena going at each other i’m kind of expecting that moment where they get attacked by some outside group and they team up visciously. It would be cool to see. By the way that shot of Kobato in the bikini followed by Kodaka’s horrified face is quite appropriate! lol Sena….the same color and model (Shark)…her social skills are so far backward it’s like watching a 6 year old. Yozora looks her cutest when she’s got that lost puppy look over Kodaka though.

  5. Something which could be either really funny, or really depressing.

    I sure hope it’s going to be something really funny. Since all of their bickering toward each others are really funny so far. I just wish Yozora will be the one on the receiving end sometimes instead of Sena all the time.

  6. To this day, I still exchange cell phone numbers with people the “old fashioned” way, as I never got the knack of this infra-red thingy. (Though it didn’t stop me from embracing Wi-Fi for notebook. 🙂 )

    Still, it’s quite hilarious to see Kodaka and Yozora acting all amazed as though they’ve just seen a miracle being performed. So yeah, Takaii’s description of them being from the Stone Age is most apt.

    Kinny Riddle
    1. There’s a TEIN seen on the bottle already. What do the writers need to do to convince you it is? xD You must have watched too much ******. Can’t blame you though, they must have been aiming for us in that scene anyway. =P

  7. And I thought that I was ignirant about today´s technology, it feels good to see those two in a worse position than me in the regards of cellphones but at the same time I feel kind of sad for them, they don´t even have friends to exchange messages, that´s something unusual in the world we live.

  8. I can feel this episode so much regarding getting left behind.
    Up until now, I’m still using Nokia 3210 since 1998 and barely uses it to contact people, although I keep using it for text messages talk about falling from time to time, same thing with my personal computer its still Pentium 3, never used any laptop or anything latest yet I can access the internet with always updating fire fox, the CMOS Battery already ruined so I kept adjusting the date which always resets to Jan 1, 1998 whenever I turn it on.

    In other news, I always updated with handheld consoles whenever there’s something new and I’m still hoping that PSP Vita would make me a happy lolicon.

  9. I still have a stone age phone that is incapable of infrared. I think the material for this episode is a bit weaker, but it is still really fun to watch because of the character interaction don’t get that old for some reason.

  10. DISCLAIMER: Here I am merely highlighting what I think is a significant weakness of this show. It does not mean that I don’t like the show, or that I think it’s bad as a whole- in fact I am enjoying it a lot; I think it’s a pretty decent comedy. All I’m doing is pointing out what I think can be improved upon.

    “At this point, I’m not sure how to view Sena and Yozora. While they have their moments of harmony, it feels like their attacks at each other are consistently getting crueler.”

    …highlighting one of the weaker, more repetitive aspects of show that is otherwise quite funny. Anime comedies in particular have trouble doing running jokes right. In anime, these things tend to become a core mechanic of the entire show and end up being overused and overdone. Sena x Yozora fights started out pretty funny, but has now become somewhat repetitive because of constant overuse.

    It seems like the author of the manga decided to progressively escalate the intensity of these fights to help keep things fresh. But this method only works to a certain extent; there comes a point when the intensity of conflict will eventually escalate into the realm of excessiveness, and we are quickly approaching it. And when that point is reached what was merely repetitive will then become repetitive and exaggerated.

    Working! has similar problems with numerous running gags that double as core character mechanics. Yet commendably, that production team seems to have recognized this, inserting new/side characters into the mix to alter the character interaction mechanics and mix things up a little bit.

    This is, of course, a completely unfeasible move for a new show like BTS which has barely even had a chance to develop its core characters compared to Working! that’s on its second run. BTS needs to somehow develop Sena and Yozora’s characters out of this repetitive and increasingly exaggerated “cat vs. dog” mechanic- while also preserving the show’s charm, maybe making the “love” part of their love-hate relationship a little more dominant would do the trick- making for less frequent, and more meaningful fights between the two crazy narcissists…

    1. I really hope the Sena and Yozora development changes, I really see the anime just trying to pick the best moments from the novel or manga and just giving it a visual feature. For a change they seem to finally show another side of Sena Show Spoiler ▼

      than her crybaby runaways.

  11. I was thinking while they overreact on their phones:

    God, so this is what /a/ people are like? So embarrassing…

    I mean a phone isn’t something hard to understand, right? I find the Real Time monetary conversion of my phone handy when I handle foreign cash to be exchanged.

    Call, send mail, surf the net… So what’s new?

    The Moondoggie
    1. It’s not a matter of it being easy to understand or not, it’s a matter of the function never coming into frequent use so subconsciously you just ignore it. I’ll give you an example. A friend of mine was a diligent student and he wrote all his notes by hand. One day he missed a class and so as a friend I lend him my notes. He thanked me and said he’ll give it back to me after he copied it down. I reminded him that he could just use a scanner or copy machine in the library if he wanted to. He blinked and said “Why didn’t I think of that.”

  12. their reaction to cell phone is exactly same as mine… my thoughts: “wait, that’s not possible. Oh right, this is anime, so sci-fi cell-phones can do that, lawl.” Until I saw your post… -___-

    And yes, the neighbor club has surpassed me in that I have never sent a text message. Orz Am I really the same age as them?

  13. I’ve got a different take on Yozora from most commenters. She’s been alone ever since he left. Based on her and Kodaka’s backstory I see her as desperate to have him remember her so they can be friends/lovers. She’s terrified that Sena, or anyone else, is going gain that position. The club was never meant to have other members than she and Kodaka (remember the poster). She’s hoping that she can drive Sena out of the club. Notice her look when Sena runs up to Kodaka when she sabotaged her phone. It’s not anger that she failed, nor frustration, it’s a hurt look. As long as Sena is a rival it’s just going to escalate. Sena, on the other hand, probably would be friendly with Yozora if she let her, but she can’t stop being an ojousama and lording it over everyone.

    1. Yeah, problem with Yozora is that she’s too tied up in the past, and doesn’t really know what she wants from Kodaka nor what to take of Sena. She’s really confused. Personality wise, she’s already at a disadvantage.

      Sena might be arrogant and stuff, but she knows exactly what she wants from both of them. She’s Yozora’s opposite. It’s part of the reason why she’s so likable; other than the fact that the good side of her was shown earlier.


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