「神門」 (Shinmon)
“God’s Gate”

After getting a glimpse at what Keisaku had to deal with during his first outing to Outlaw, I was cautiously optimistic that Kazumi would also get the same treatment this week. Not only is she technically a more important character when compared to Keisaku but I can’t wait to see if she’ll ever use that hougu she’s been holding on to. Plus, how can I have any complaints when she’s given more lines of dialogue when she’s voiced by the amazing Kawasumi Ayako?!

But to my surprise, Khamsin and Behemoth happen to make a surprise appearance this week as well! Not only is Khamsin one of the more underrated characters who deserve more screen time, but I really enjoyed getting to hear just how he became a flame haze. If you remember from very early on in the series, Alastor mentioned how Shana is one of the very few flame hazes who chose the flame haze path without having some sort of personal vengeance. As I listened to Khamsin’s story, I thought it was really interesting as he described the final battle between the Prince and the Monster; as they battled to the end, both parties understood that they were the only people in the entire world who knew each other’s past. Which lead to two mortal enemies, fighting to the death, one hugging the other as the final blow was struck. Which makes you wonder, is an all-out war really the only solution to end the battle between the Tomogara and Flame Haze?

I don’t know if it was just me, but Yuuji felt extra evil this week. Up to this point, I believed that deep-down inside of him, Yuuji and not Sairei no Hebi was the one who was really in charge. However, it was like a slap to the face as I listened to Yuuji or I suppose Sairei no Hebi explain his reasoning for keeping both Shana and Yuuji alive. Not only did it sound way too systematic but it contradicts exactly how Yuuji once was. I’m starting to worry that the only thing left of Yuuji is just his appearance!

Next week, I can’t wait to see Wilhelmina and Rebecca working together to take down some Tomogara!




  1. but I can’t wait to see if she’ll ever use that hougu she’s been holding on to.

    She pretty much has to. It would be a huge violation of every narrative rule ever if she didn’t. Also, I WANT PHELES DAMMIT.

    Anyway, it sorta struck me that part of Kahmsin’s point with his story (besides thinly veiled expository backstory), was that “vanishing from the world” doesn’t necessarily mean dying.

    I’d be up for Yoshida Kazumi: Flame Haze.

    1. so… what you’re suggesting is, instead of dying, the hougu is a way to form a contract/link with Pheles and become a flame haze? Interesting concept, but honestly, I think she’d be one hell of a useless flame haze…

      Rise~N Seraphim
      1. If you look at my post below I think it has to be about her becoming a Flame Haze.

        Yuuji will be heartbroken over this should Kazumi choose this path, however. Yuuji really dislikes the concept of Flame Haze as a whole, I think.

      2. Can someone please explain to me the difference between a Guze no Tomogara and a Guze no Ou? Is the only difference their difference in power? The show gave me an impression that Guze no Ou can make contracts with humans to form Flame Haze, who then fight Guze no Tomogara. But at the same time, I always though Pheles was just a Guze no Tomogara (although this was mostly due to her somewhat antagonistic role) and some people are suggesting that she is actually a Guze no Ou and consequently Kazumi can form a contract with her.

  2. Anyone else get completely confused by what the old man and the mad scientist was talking about? Something about something wrong or something fabricated with the weird something globe of something magic spells???

  3. I have never read the light novel before, but this is what I guess will happen.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Khamsin did mention this episode about the consequence of being a Flame Haze – you essentially destroy your own existence; no one will remember you once you become a vessel for a Guze no Ou. This sounds pretty cruel.

    I honestly would not be surprised if at the end some Flame Haze becomes the antagonist. Yuuji has always been shown to be distasteful of the Flame Haze concept in the show.

  4. Nothing? Absolutely zero comments on Shana’s dress @_@?

    Yuji sure have quite a fetish to dress her up at every opportunity he guess…

    Oh, and I wouldn’t be too worry about Yuji reasoning his way with Hecate; I see it as a way to justify his actions to his subordinates. So he achieved the goal of earning Hecate’s trust by showing this is all part of the plan, as well as keeping Shana safe from any further attempts on her life.

  5. For non-novel readers, here’s a bit more explanation needed for the God’s Gate leading to the Eternal Trap where Snake’s true body is imprisoned for millenia.

    The moment Bal-Masque’s leader Snake of the Altar was thrown into the Eternal Trap by Flame Hazes aeons ago, he managed to transmit a sort of “telepathic radio signal” to his leiutenant Bel-Peol which would allow him to communicate with our world despite being physically away.

    Using this loophole, Bal-Masque sets out its Master Plan “Taimei Shihen” (Psalms of Destiny):

    PHASE 1:

    To create a sentient vessel to anchor the conscience of Snake in this world via the use of the Silver “Tyrants” to collect human emotions, and then inserting it into the Reiji Maigo and wait for Snake to manifest from there. Though this phase has somewhat been modified due to Snake taking a liking for Yuuji and decided to select Yuuji as this vessel.

    PHASE 2:

    The vessel (Yuuji) will reopen the God’s Gate that leads to the eternal prison holding Snake’s true body captive for millenia. After which Yuuji will lead a core team to retrieve Snake’s true body. The team includes himself, his three trusted lieutenants Bel-Peol, Sydonay and Hecate, with Zabrac (bodyguard) and Dantalion (“science officer”) in tow, plus a travelling bard for some reason I’m not so sure. Alastor is also being brought along as a sort of “guest” to witness Snake’s return.

    While Yuuji and the core leadership of Bal-Masque is gone, the God’s Gate cannot be moved or closed, so it is up to Yuuji’s minions to ensure that Seireiden and the Gate are protected at all costs. Thus their going on the offensive on major Flame Haze outposts East and West to create a diversion.

    PHASE 3:

    Will be revealed in due time.

    Kinny Riddle
  6. While Bel-Peol and Sydonay have doubts about their leader choosing Yuuji as his vessel, they keep their thoughts to themselves as long as Snake isn’t complaining. Hecate on the other hand, decides to put her thoughts into action and attempts to take out Shana.

    I am glad JC Staff did not omit Khamsin’s backstory as it fleshes his character out very much as well as ask the philosophical question on whether an eternal war is all worth it.

    In case anyone hasn’t already guessed, yup, Khamsin is the third Flame Haze sent by Sophie to accompany Wilhelmina and Rebecca to try and bust Shana out of her prison.

    Kinny Riddle
  7. To some of the more fluent Japanese speakers of RC, I have a question about the nuance of Yuuji’s line to Shana, 「やる事を、やる。」which was translated by Eclipse to say something like, “I’m going to go all the way this time”. It’s been a week, but as I recall, he said this right after telling Shana his ultimate goal was to be with her, and so the fact that this little line fell in a conversation of romantic[ish] subjects, and the look of surprise it garnered from Shana, I’m wondering if Yuuji meant “yaru” as something sexual (which is how I initially took it as) or as in he’s going to flawlessly execute his plan. It’s just the proximity to his talk about doing this all for Shana that confused me. If it really was with Shana in mind, I’d say it’s a pretty bold development on Yuuji’s part. We’ve all seen him man up since gaining Snake’s power, but damn, that’s an audacious thing to say to the girl you love before you’ve ever had a sincere talk about your true feelings.


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