「決死の共同戦線」 (Kesshi no Kyoudou Sensen)
“A United Front Prepared for Death”

I said back in episode one that Gundam AGE feels like it’s brought back the franchise’s “boyish charm” and this week’s episode feels like it’s done that to a certain degree. I wasn’t oblivious to the predictability of the plot, as I’m sure just about everyone anticipated would result in Euba and Zalam working together, but there were other aspects to offset it to the point that it became a mere observation and not a detriment to the story. It all started with the expanded recap of the events leading up to the cliffhanger last time, which saw Flit’s Gundam retrofitted with the Titus parts. It was a little cheesy and melodramatic, but was still cool to watch with the momentous background music during the transformation scene. I mentioned in my IDOLM@STER post this week that I have a soft spot for seeing people in the face of insurmountable odds and finding a way to overcome them, and the sight of Gundam Titus turning the tides on the battlefield touched upon that really well.

One moment that particularly stuck out in my mind was Vargas’ line about how this is the answer the AGE System gave them. The older cynical side of me naturally thought that it was such an obvious remark to make, but the child in me who can still enjoy a flair for dramatics just ate it up. Heck, I even got some goosebumps from watching Flit unleash a Beam Lariat to take out the first upgraded UE simply because the music brought out all the scenes so well, so I chose not to focus on the predictability and convenient developments that saw Don Boyage and Ract Elfamel (Suwabe Junichi) come around, and tried to look at AGE’s take on something I’ve seen before and judge it based on that. In doing so, even Woolf’s explicative dialogue in his new G-Exes didn’t bother me that much, as it served its purpose of emphasizing his timely arrival and showing that something other than the Gundam can take down the UE.

Compared to other Gundam series, it’s becoming more and more evident that AGE plays up the “super robot” aspect a lot more to appeal to younger audiences. Whether or not someone chooses to knock it for that reason will vary depending on the person though. Personally, I don’t mind if there’s an element of convenience to the plot provided that it’s 1.) believable enough and 2.) portrayed well like it was here. It’s far from my ideal formula for a Gundam series, but it’s not something I’m opposed to giving the benefit of the doubt. I’m quite interested in the overarching plot itself, especially now with mention of Dark Merchant named Yark Dole, who possesses blueprints of UE mobile suits and gets them produced at the same Madorna Workshop that Woolf received his G-Exes from. I assume that Yark is part of EDEN like Desil and Gira Zoi (Chou), but what makes this twist intriguing is how it suggest the UE mobile suits are produced in the present and don’t come from the future like the rumor floating about. Of course, this doesn’t rule out the possibility that EDEN is guided by some information from the future to revive the technology that was presumably discarded as per the Silver Chalice Treaty, so the UE’s purpose could still be preparing mankind for a future threat.

* It looks like Flit is taking a page out of Kyousuke Nanbu’s book with the “pierce through” (tsuranuke) line.
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  1. I thought the expanded recap was nicely done. I liked the new suit design for G-Exes. I also was quite surprised and pleased with the grunt GenoAce performing as well as it did under some great piloting by Largan.

    That said, I was really disappointed by this episode. Unlike Divine, I did not like the super robot aspect of this show.

    “If you can’t penetrate their armor, then just smash it apart. That is the solution the AGE system concluded.” WTF? Am I the only who thought the Titus tactics and weapons made no sense in how to combat the new UE suit? Sure Titus has power and armor, but it’s also heavy and slow. It made no sense that the UE suits would try to fight Titus head on. And what about the Titus’ weapons? Beam Lariat? (minor nitpick, shouldn’t that be a Beam Clotheline?) Beam Knee Kick? Beam Shoulder Tackle? Titus=Prowrestling Gundam?

    Let’s not forget that incredible turn around time for creating the G-Exes. Does the Madorna Workshop have it’s own AGE system so they can crank out entire mobile suits? Maybe it will be explained more in detail in the next episode. I hope so, cause right now it’s straining credulity in all sort of ways.

    1. For the Titus I’d say its all in the mass. Unlike most other Gundam expansion packs, AGE actually requires entirely new limbs attached making the Titus bulkier. More mass means more impact damage making full use of its beam weaponry with high powered hits. With something that bulky though, I imagine that that thing sucks in space. I guess that’s where the AGE Sparrow will come in.

      As for the G-Exes, I think the twist at the end makes it pretty obvious. It seems to have derivative technology from the UE. There is definitely something shady about Madorna. Grodek himself implied that Yark might be dealing with unknown blueprints. Perhaps there is a black market for advanced tech.

    2. Hmm let’s not forget that Gundam Age-1 was built by the current technology in the series. The unique thing about it is the AGE system, which is able to create new weapon/parts from data collected from the Gundam. Other than that, most probably the armor, generator etc technology was also possessed by other group in the series. The reason why Genoace is weak most probably because in order to cut cost, Genoace wasn’t fitted with stronger armor and weaponry; add together the fact that it was built b4 UE come. IINM there will be upgraded mass-production MS for the Federation later, which should be able to stand against UE MSes

  2. Normally I would support Gundam AGE, but for some reason after watching this weeks episode… mechas don’t go flying when you punch them, they’re suppose to go *crumple* Gundam AGE feels more like a super robot show than an actual gundam show right now.

    Suppa Tenko
      1. I wondered that myself too. I was all like: “why all that trouble handling the UE if you could have already destroyed them if you had activated the beams.”

        This episode seriously made me question the credibility of this show. It’s full of convenient troubles and solutions. If done right it’s not a big problem, but with so many of them it’s starting to grind my gears.

      2. Because in super robot shows, you never show all your upgrades at once. Sure, you could say that Flit was still learning the capabilities of Titus and his new weapons. But it’s mainly for dramatic tension. Logic has nothing to do with it. Sadly.

      1. Yeah, but G Gundam didn’t try to hide the fact it’s a Super Robot anime.
        Gundam AGE is just balancing on the edges of Real Robot and Super Robot like it doesn’t know which side it belongs to.

  3. and i thought wolf would say

    #1 maneuverability
    #2 funky beam sabers
    #3 because this suit is WHITE

    and enter lambda driver mode. the design has similarities to FMP’s arm slaves. well, since the mecha artist is the same…

  4. I was LOLing when the Genoace was shooting the UE with its paintgun while the UE was blocking with 1 arm and the pilot was conversing with Flit about how he was going to buy time. I think the Genoace shot more than 8 times while the UE was leisurely standing there. It was just so funny that the UE was so polite to let them talk.

    Another scene that brought on the smiles was the black market *arms dealer* actually not knowing what exactly people did in war, like being focused on killing people. Its like the mafia boss saying that he didn’t realise that drugs ruined a lot of people.

    A more sobering point was that the production team had no engineers or common sense. You can’t just simply replace the arm with a heavier armored piece without realising that the main torso’s structure is going to be under heavier stress and could very well crack. Even if the main torso can take the load, the speed of arm movement is severely slowed, as the shoulder acutator is still the same as when it was the normal shoulder. This is the same reaosn you don’t see tanks or ships just stacking on the armor without care

    Zaku Fan
    1. How exactly can’t AGE get a pass with its own BS science? Gundam has always been full of it we can argue all day about the nature of Lunar Titanium, Gundamium, Phase Shift R, E-Carbon or some other made-up sci-fi tech. If no one wants to question how Unicorn can rip apart MS limbs with its bare hands then I’m pretty sure that AGE deserves just as much suspension of disbelief.

      1. Because Gundam AGE’s own mecha has no stated “bullshit science”. The only thing that is beyond normal physics is the AGE system which is just a 3D printer which exists in real life and a very spiffy sensor package plus a super computer backed automated analysis program.

        Lets say the Gundam frame has infinte strength due to “bullshit science” like a “Condensed Singularity Alloy”. Now infinite strength = total invulnerability other than at the joints (or else it could not move at all) as the component atoms cannot be seperated meaning physical force (kinetic energy) fails as does lasers/beam weapons (thermal energy). Obviously the Gundam can be damaged as seen this episode. This means it does not have infinite strength.

        Now that is out of the way, this means the Gundam frame has a strength limit. A strength limit also means that an increase in mass will cause either a collapse of the structure (eg, standing on a weak floor board) or slow the mass down (eg, the speed of a bus when full vs when its empty).

        From this episode, neither happens. Now given that its absolutely fine to do all this, what is to prevent the Gundam Titus from simply holding a DOTS rifle and get the best of all worlds? Because it would not be as maneuverable? Well add thrusters if they have no AMBC. Surely the frame has no problem with additional thrusters… Not enough power, add an engine in each shoulder, surely the frame can take it… Not enough armor? Add more plating, surely the frame can take it…

        Zaku Fan
      2. Did you even see the pin joints on how they attached the arm. Looks like it made in china figurine that would snap if someone touched in the wrong way. There is no way that joint could provide enough torque or durability for melee combat.

  5. I don’t think the Titus upgrade was too farfetched. The beam lariat is a little bit of a stretch, but the other components are similar to some of the mechs from SEED (Infinite Justice comes to mind).

    I’m still having problems with the lack of drama in this series. I posted this in the last episode, but I still feel that (compared to Unicorn) this series lacks emotional depth. I think part of it has to do with the facelessness of the UE. With almost all other Gundam series (except for the mobile dolls in Wing and aliens in 00), the destruction of a mech usually means the loss of a life. The main aspect that I appreciate about Gundam is the impact of killing on the main/sub-characters as well as how deaths impact the environment around them. With the UE, it doesn’t feel like there are any serious moral implications about warfare or taking of lives.

    At the same time, the series could play up the whole hopelessness/desperation angle that the 00 Gundam movie did. Although the enemy technically didn’t have a clear identity, the story was more about the prevention of mankind’s extinction, which I guess AGE could do as well.

  6. Now we’re finally going somewhere. Largan proves to be a competent pilot, despite his own MS being a POS. I thought that Titus was just a giant punching robot, but it turns out to be more like a beam porcupine, and bristling with weapons all over. That is awesome. And of course the G-Exes looks sweet. Its like a white Hyaku Shiki combined with Woolf’s awesome screen presence.

    The best part though was the twist in the end. I suggested before that AGE might tackle weapons dealing and the reveal that a UE mecha is in the same shop that Woolf visited definitely seems suspicious. This Yark fellow is shaping up to be someone shady. Oh, and almost no Emily screen time that’s always a plus.

    It seems AGE is finally hitting a stride, hopefully it can keep the momentum.

  7. But yeah… as much as I’m trying to find potential in this series, I still can’t overlook how underwhelmed I am with each episode. I know I shouldn’t keep comparing it with Unicorn (since they seem to be two completely different takes on Gundam with their own weaknesses/strengths), but at least Unicorn seems to be pushing the Gundam franchise forward (and yes, I know the anime is based on an existing work). I mean, just look at the Banaghe scene with him wailing on the captain, the NT-D system, and the overarching storyline of Banaghe proving himself capable of the Box… these aspects are exciting and innovative IMO. AGE seems to lack anything new

  8. I for one am quite enjoying Age. Also, the titus would probably do quite well in space since their is no gravity in space, so it’s extra weight would do nothing. Another thing I have been meaning to mention is about all the fuss some people have made about the gundam’s normal form taking little to no damage from getting hit mulitply time. If you go and watch Gundam Wing (a personal favorite) you will see that the gundams there take little to no damage from missles and other big weapons, while the UE have so far only used what appears to be machine guns. Also seeing has how the UE has been using the same weapons since Flit first saw them up close it stands to reason that he would make the gundam durable against those weapons.

    1. This goes back to the talk about BS science.

      The difference is that Wing’s BS science actually has SOME explanations about it, making it more understandable and acceptable as to why various types of (conventional) regular arms fire can’t really damage the Gundanium armor of the GW Gundams and only the bigger/heavier ones could do anything noticeable (like the 4 large-grade torpedoes Heero hurled at Wing and Deathscythe early on).

      AGE, so far, doesn’t have ANY sort of in-universe BS science explanation for anything like its armor and such. Only more simple things like how the beam of the DODS rifle fires like a drill rather than a simple beam. Most likely BECAUSE of the series being more geared towards younger audiences, so trying not to make it seem complicated and trying to compensate it with more flashiness. We’ll probably have to wait for data books and such if they come out with them.

  9. Erm, at this point there’s nothing for me to say except we shouldn’t have any specific expectation for Gundam AGE, just watch it AS-IS. If you enjoy it, then it’s good for you; if not, find other thing that truly interest you.

    Or maybe wait until last episode comes out (or DVD/BD release) so you can do a marathon on this series. Then only we can properly judge it.

    On the other hand, how can we know the current rating of this series? I mean the viewers’ rating in Japan (or maybe including simulcasted areas). Any website?


    (P/S: I personally don’t like Super Robot show anymore now, especially if it’s improperly labelled as ‘Gundam’).

  10. This Gundam is more “Super Robot” than the others?

    I don’t think so. There’s nothing “Super” about this upgraded Gundam having trouble to take down more one enemy.

    Yeah, this episode showed us that, even with this upgrade, the Gundam can barely take down 2 enemies. Since the beginning, the fights have been being 1 vs 1, with the Gundam having some trouble to defeat the enemies (even when he has advantage).

    While in many other Gundam series, you can see the Gundam taking down like 8 enemies in 5 seconds (they only find resistence when they fighting some kind of high rank official with a powerfull MS). Actually, in other Gundams the heroes often fight against entire armies, while in Gundam AGE, they’re always fighting against a pretty small number of enemies.

    Seed, 00, Wing and even the original are much more “Super Robot” than AGE.

    1. I don’t think the original UC timeline have “gundam vs. massive grunt” battles.
      As long as I see on UC timeline, there was aces vs. aces and grunts is battling somewhere else in same battlefield (I haven’t watch Victory though)

      For this series, I’ll take the “watch as is” and do the reasoning after one phase end (when dad giving the technology to his son, whatever way it takes)

      Super Robot or not, I think it’s more “normal” than watching humanoid mecha flying over all they want inside gravity well without using “believable” flight gear…

    2. I think that if they develop along this direction it would be considered more hybrid than super. There are still real melees, but if they are going to take the blows and use more unrealistic attacks then they are supers. They upgraded the size and power and haven’t taken away your mobility which is why it is more hybrid. Isn’t it strange how you can hit enemies that can fly and dodge your shots. Anyways the episode reminds me of the Alt like was mentioned.

    3. The whole “X enemies destroyed in X seconds” bit (in terms of Mobile Suit Gundam where it originated) wasn’t even done until well over halfway through the series (episode 34 to be precise, out of a 43 episode series) AFTER Amuro had already overcome quite a few personal boundaries and was already showing much greater development in both piloting skills AND Newtype ability (he was already proving a challenge to Char, by his own words in Jaburo not long before, and he’s considered Zeon’s best ace), so by that point, it’s no surprise that he’s able to perform such a feat.

      Especially considering he’s piloting the lighter and nimble RX-78-2 Gundam against more heavily armored opponents like the MS-09R Rick Dom, which are really more geared for longer range support anyway and not dogfighting other MS. Add in the fact that the White Base and their MS along with the Zeon and their Rick Doms were all grouped quite close together just outside the boundary of Side 6 airspace (as, being a neutral colony, battles could not be fought within a certain distance) and you got a recipe for a number of such MS being shot down.

    4. Actually I realized you might not be familiar with the terms “Super Robots” vs “Real Robots”. Its a term used to describe the nature of the robot in terms of Super Robot Taisen. Super Robot means that it is more about the super robots like transforming, multiple pilots, drills, and most importantly fighting with guts. Basically they tend to be able to take multiple hits (like a normal grunt might not even scratch them) and dish out amazing damage (usually have high power consumption though so best against bosses). Some of their moves are more super than realistic. Like think power rangers when they use their ultimate slash and instantly the enemy gets cut in half and explodes.

      On the other hand gundam typically has “Reals”. They are characterized by their ability to dodge and usually have good hit ratio. They tend to be more useful against the typical grunts but they can only afford to take a few shots before they die. The elites of reals will dodge all damage and have the ability to counter and clear the field.

      Now in seed. Kira’s freedom is still a “real”. Shin is still able to quickly put him down with some damage. The artificial weapon’s mecha’s are more “super”. You notice how Kira keeps shooting them but they just take it and don’t go down? We aren’t talking about how amazing the mech is rather than what kind of mech it is trying to be.

  11. I ithink the Gundam having trouble one on one has more to do with the pilot then anything else.

    There is something….missing from this show and I guess everyone else already mentioned it.I can’t take it seriously, the UE I really hope have some kind of master plan. There is no reason for them to be losing to 1 machine with all the numbers they have.

    I miss the military aspect of Gundam, if this was SEED orany other version, those little kids would have been thrown in thebrig for unauthorized mech use or even being on a military ship….

    I understand the military in this version hasn’t had a real fight in generations but dontthey still have some rules and regulations? The mechanic main char piloting a Gundam beyond the first ep without being forced to join the military at some point is just ridiculous….why not let Largan pilot it?

    I love my mecha and am glad to have 1 to watch this season but I just have several…problems with it…

    1. Considering all the beam weapons are fixed on the body itself and not hand-held and such, chances are that they’re all connected directly to the reactor rather than having their own separate power source like a beam saber would.

  12. I am glad for AGE to finally choose to be more of a Super Robot show. I mean the problem is it tries to hide which path it wants to be (even though its plainly obvious),that it almost get boring and underwhelming.

    It doesnt have any of the drama and tension of a Real Robot show, nor the excitement and epicness of a Super Robot show. It doesnt even did very well in trying to balance both.

    I think by choosing to be more of a Super Robot show,it can go wild and became more exciting.I mean G Gundam went there and I think despite the absurdity and strangeness, its a pretty enjoyable show. Just keep up the action and the war drama to a minimun and this series could be okay.

    1. Unless this is going to turn out like gurren lagann (which was awesome and stupid at the same time, still having trouble deciding which), I’m not sure this series has much potential anymore. Not ridiculous enough to be funny, too kiddy to be taken seriously :/.

      Hope I’m proven wrong.

  13. The dialogue again was not that great this episode. Gundam fights were cool though. When the G-Exes first appeared and decimated the Baqto with its beam sabers I was like WTF why couldn’t Flit do that with his pos beam dagger, but then I saw how Madorna had the Zedas so I am assuming that maybe he reverse engineered the beam saber output of the Zedas or something.

    1. The reason Flit couldn’t do it with his beam dagger is because he’s a horrible pilot. He went for a wild downward stab, which left him completely open to a counter. Even Largan (POS weapons and MS aside) managed to hit the Baqto a few times with the Genoace’s heat spike.

  14. I’ve been thinking some more about this show, and, aside from my normal weekly complaints, there’s one major issue with Gundam AGE. Unlike literally every single other gundam series, in existence, we have no idea at all about the second faction (UE). Zeon, EFF, Titans, Zanscarre, the Moonrace, ZAFT, the Jovians, OZ… all had at least some face time and some explanation of what their purpose was long before this point in the series.

    What do we actually know about the UE right now? Other than that they’re effectively untouchable unless you’re a Gundam or a Gundam clone… nothing at all. It doesn’t help any that they keep popping out of nowhere like they have been. (Related note, considering that waaay back in episode 1, Flit figured out the pattern to UE attacks… was this also predictable? Or did they just drop that particular plot point?) Maybe they’re trying to make them really mysterious, but what’s really happening is that I’m just not caring at all.

    The closest thing to what we’re seeing here are the Aerogators from SRWOG1, but even that was mitigated by the emergence of the Divine Crusaders very early in the series, which gave a name, face and motive to at least two sides in the conflict. The Einst might also be similar, but they were much better integrated into the story.

  15. Guys, be a bit more Patience. It is like Macross has begun. You remember in the 70ties? Just give it a Change, it is directing more for the “Chibi” ones. And they like “Heroes, that can beat Enemy’s with 1 Roundhouse Kick!” Oh, that was Chuck Norris. Sorry 🙂

    Try to see this Show trough your “Chibi, even i was 8 Year Old, Eyes!”. Come on

  16. I assume that the UE are humans, and it’s becoming more likely each episode. If there is going to be a crazy twist, that has to be the most obvious of the choices. (We even see now that a human can make a UE suit.)

  17. Hey, the car from the underground society apparently was fast enough for Vargas and the Kids to get back in time to DIVA to activate and manually upload the battle data (Check previous episode where Flit was “uploading” the battle data with his Halo, which occurred before he met the new UE model)to the AGE system. The AGE System is also able to create, design up to 4/5ths (assuming the last 1/5 as the torso) of a mobile suit with current technology under an hour (or 10 minutes) with time to spare for Gundam Age to come back. (So I guess this is exactly how the anime allows unlimited time for characters to transform/evolve) And Hurray for the convenient camera positions for Vargas and the Kids to be able to see the battle from 3rd Person view (Exactly how we’re seeing it, from a “non-existent Camera”).

    Well, if Madorna Workshop is creating the UEs, then that explains how they are able to create G-Exes that quickly based on a photo (and to have Flit comment how it looks resembles gundam as well). I guess we can safely assume they altered an existing MS in less than a day for Wolf(and I would think painting a MS would take days, but hey, time and technology is just that convenient in Gundam Age). And no wonder Madorna Workshop gives me the vibes of a Celestial Being Gundam Factory! They do create out-of-the-era technology….

    BTW, if the Age System is able to create arms that are able to block beams fired by UEs in point blank rangein a short time, why aren’t all the MS in that time created using that type of material? For all we know, the materials inside the Age System are all provided by Humans….. (More specifically by Vargas) >.<

    Oh wells, I don't have much hopes for this generation to be any good (or logical). Hopefully they'll fix the pacing in Generation II or this will be a total disaster…. (I do compliment them about the twist that Madorna Workshop helps create UE MS though)

    P.S. Noticed that Age-1 Titus is called by the characters as "Gundam Titus", so I guess the Sparrow form will be called "Gundam Sparrow" etc.??


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