Gundam AGE – 20

「赤いモビルスーツ」 (Akai Mobiru Suutsu)
“Red Mobile Suit”

In case it wasn’t already apparent from the opening sequence, Zeheart is well on his way now to becoming the Char Aznable of Gundam AGE. His red Zeydra mostly resembles the other Vagan mobile suits, but comes in a red just like Char’s Rick Dias, Sazabi, and most the recent addition that’s graced television screens, “Full Frontal’s” Sinanju.

Gundam AGE – 19

「アセムの旅立ち」 (Asemu no Tabidachi)
“Asem’s Journey”

Koshimizu Ami in Gundam is one thing, but I wasn’t expecting a Diva bridge crew with Kawasumi Ayako and Noto Mamiko in addition to Hanazawa Kana. What’s more, there are two more pilots voiced by Yusa Kouji and Sakaguchi Daisuke, the latter of whom is no stranger to Gundam having starred as Uso Ewin in Victory Gundam. What more could a Gundam fan ask for in terms of cast?

Gundam AGE – 18

「卒業式の戦闘」 (Sotsugyoushiki no Sentou)
“Graduation Ceremony Battle”

I thought it was kind of weird how the preview showed Zeheart graduating right after transferring to infiltrating Asem’s school. Little did I know, the writers had a one and a half year time skip planned within the first episodes of this second arc — in a series that already has two major ones planned.

Note: I’ve been busy with a new job, so blogging isn’t very high on my priority list at the moment. I contemplated just dropping 3-5 shows, but I’m going to try and make time for all the ones I’m currently covering. I won’t get to Ano Natsu de Matteru until tomorrow though.

Gundam AGE – 17

「友情と恋とモビルスーツ」 (Yuujou to Koi to Mobiru Suutsu)
“Friendship, Love, and Mobile Suits”

I thought this show was about Gundams and stopping the Vagans, not stealing future wives away from the Asuno family. Flit had it pretty bad when Yurin was cruelly snatched from him, but Asem doesn’t even get a chance to realize his feelings before Zeheart starts going for ze heart of ze Romary. To that I say, what ze fu–.

Gundam AGE – 15

「その涙、宇宙に落ちて」 (Sono Namida, Uchuu ni Ochite)
“Those Tears Shed in Space”

Flit’s arc comes to a close with this fifteenth episode and does so in a way that makes the series a welcome addition to the Gundam franchise. I admittedly had my doubts about some of the earlier episodes, such as the introduction of the Euba and Zalam factions and whether they’re really going to have any importance to the story, but everything came together surprisingly well in this “final” episode.

Gundam AGE – 13

「宇宙要塞アンバット」 (Uchuu Yousai Anbatto)
“Space Fortress Ambat”

While I’ve always given Gundam AGE the benefit of the doubt, it still manages to surprise me with its flair for the dramatic. The lead-up to this “final battle” at Ambat was extremely well-done on several character fronts, making it seem like anyone could bite the dust, and then the battle itself proved to be all kinds of awesome starting with the Diva’s transformation.