OP2 Sequence

OP2: 「sharp #」 by ねごと (Negoto)
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「馬小屋のガンダム」 (Umagoya no Gandamu)
“Gundam in the Stable”

Flit may have been very emotional as a kid, but he sure is an awesome father as an adult. I wish I had someone leave a Gundam in the stable/garage for me when I turned seventeen. So with the sixteenth episode of Gundam AGE, we finally move on to the second of three arcs where Flit’s son Asem Asuno (Eguchi Takuya) succeeds him as the main protagonist of the series. Romary Stone (Hanazawa Kana) fills in the role as the new love interest — and will likely become Asem’s future wife judging from Kio’s hair color — while Zeheart Galette (Kamiya Hiroshi, back in a Gundam role) serves as Asem’s undercover masked rival — another mainstay in the Gundam franchise. In terms of support characters, we have Asem’s friends in his Mobile Suit Club, the taller brown-haired Shawee Berton (Ishii Kazutaka) and the shorter green-haired Macil Void (Kaji Yuuki), as well as some more minor ones that double as Vargas’ “farmers”, Josse Maris (Yamamoto Itaru) and Hans Luuji (Takasaki Takurou). The story pick up 25 years later after the Earth Federation’s been unable to make peace with the Vagans (confirmed in-show spelling) and a war against them is in full swing.

As this is our first look at Asem’s arc, what caught my attention the most — outside of the opening sequence — was how Flit (now voiced by Inoue Kazuhiko) has changed since the loss of Yurin during the Ambat Operation. Now an Earth Federation commander, he has little remorse for the Vagans even though he knows that they’re humans who were abandoned, and is bent on annihilating every last Vagan out there judging from his conversation with Fredrick Algreus (Koyasu Takehito, also back in a Gundam role). That’s not all that unexpected, but had they not added the bit about how the Vagans turned down every peace attempt that the Federation had made and shown how Flit was a happy father raising Asem, I would’ve immediately thought that he was consumed by hatred to this very day. Emily on the other hand “grew into” Endou Aya’s Sheryl Nome voice much like I was anticipating she would, making the real Asuno family surprise their daughter Unao (Oogame Asuka, Erio in Denpa Onna). That, I really wasn’t expecting, though I do like the prospect of another female character in this arc regardless of whether or not she finds herself in a mobile suit or battleship before it’s over. As for Asem and the others, I really like how the romantic elements have taken off almost immediately, considering how Emily was more or less kicked to the curb and Yurin’s involvement was nothing but ominous death flags. What’s more, it’s reassuring to know that Asem’s relationship with Romary will end happily, assuming that the writers don’t drop a real bomb on us later by introducing another brunette heroine.

Progression-wise, it looks like Medel Zant (Inaba Minoru) will play the role of the new antagonist, having awaken from cryogenic sleep alongside Zeheart. He doesn’t appear to have aged much since we saw him at the end of Flit’s arc, so he could of very well been in a cold sleep all this time in preparation for the second phase of the Vagans’ plan. What exactly this second phase entails is anyone’s guess, but it does look like Zeheart’s been sent to find the Gundam. Now that he knows where it is, I presume he’s going to get closer to Asem once he finds out he was piloting it. From a technical standpoint, I actually like how the Gundam hasn’t been upgraded to its transformable AGE-2 form yet, giving us a chance to see how Asem uses the AGE Device he’s been entrusted with to evolve the Gundam himself. He’s not nearly as talented of an engineer or pilot as Flit, so he’s already shown as some unconventional piloting that should prove interesting in future encounters. The mere thought of that, his relationship with Romary, and inclusion of Flit as a Federation commander have me really looking forward to seeing how this second arc plays out.

* It took me the better part of 20 minutes, but I managed to piece together the pre-opening pan of Mars. I had to do it in sections and blend/redraw several parts. Warning: It’s a 1.3MB image file though.
* Full-length images: 02, 05, 08, 11, 15, 16.


ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「My World」 by SPYAIR
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    1. Oh my god! Exactly what I was thinking! I dropped it after like the second episode and never had the motivation to start up again. But the 2nd Generation definitely looks like a huge improvement. I may start watching now. XD

    2. I dropped it around episode 5 but forced myself to watch it through once I saw the new generation. The first 15 episodes were extremely forgettable (except for that captain of their ship, but I even forgot his name -_-) but this new arc looks more interesting. For one thing, the characters are older. The setup is also more promising, with the main character’s sister and a rival appearing, and Flit being in the military and bent on wiping out the Vagans.

    1. Best of luck with the post-graduation and worklife good ser. And that picture, wow, I feel warm and fuzzy inside atm, it’s hard to describe how magnificent the picture is. I am really looking forward to watching this second arc.

  1. Wow, Flit sure took a level in badass over the 25 year time skip. I sure like the new Flit. I also think that this resulted in him having a positive influence on his son as it looks like he made his son a whole lot prepared for the upcoming battles that lay ahead of him.

    This arc is making me hard for more Gundam AGE.

  2. I’m shocked, AGE has finally done something entirely unique. Give its protagonist a complete, loving and stable family. That has never happened before.

    I like how well grounded Asem is though, it probably helps he has a normal upbringing compared to Flit. It seems his only source of conflict right now is how his dad pressuring him to become a soldier. Flit is a contrast though, shown to be a good commander and father, yet singly determined to wipe out the Vagan from existance. Bad things will some happen once this conflicts with his son.

    The combat was pretty good. AGE-1 here was more impressive than it ever was on Gen 1. Asem’s moves were amazing at the same time he showed his lack of experience. Also, that Genoace II pilot was pretty badass, being gutted and decapitated and still trying to fight back. Hoped that dude gets a name.

    Overall a much better start than the first generation. Can’t wait to see AGE-2

    1. It could actually be that Great-Gramps here could have wanted that. He doesn’t strike me particularly as the kind who would want that kind of formality in place, as normal as it may be for some of us.

  3. You forgot something Divine: Dique’s wife is brown haired. So its also possible for Alice (Dique’s daughter) to be Kio’s mother (recessive brown hair genes). Of course, considering this is the Zeta arc of AGE, its also possible the love rival will be an Artificial X-Rounder piloting a Psyco Gundam expy. 😛

    1. Oh god, are you suggesting that Romary might be killed off too!? I don’t know if my poor heart can take that after what happened to Yurin.

      Don’t tell me Gundam AGE is out with a seiyuu hit list.
      – Hayami Saori? Check.
      – Hanazawa Kana? Mwahaha, check.

      1. I’m quite curious to see how Romary will become involved in the war.
        Will she become something like Louise in 00?

        Unao reminds me of Judau’s sister.
        Wonder will she have a big part too.
        Will she be an X-Rounder as well?

    1. AGE-2: Don’t compare me to that overpowered Deus Ex Machina! I’m actually transformable, and quite original.
      Zeta: Son, I’m THE transformable Gundam. Don’t you forget it!
      Age-2: *Bows* Sorry Nii-san.

    1. Hadn’t considered that. That would be pretty awesome if it comes to pass. But I think killing off the main character would send the wrong kind of message to the kids so they probably won’t do it. Asam is not like Yurin, an expendable character to create an emotional response in both audience and protagonist.

  4. Great episode. Well, more or less.

    Age’s worst flaw gets even worse with the transition to generation 2–the lack of exposition. We didn’t know much about the setting in Gen1, and even less now. We know there’s a war now, but don’t know any of the details, nor ANY of the events that occurred in the 25-year time jump.

    And it’s all the more infuriating because it’s a flaw that could be so easily corrected–a simple 60 second narration would be sufficient. Almost all of the “good” Gundam series have made use of narrators to fill-in the viewer on the setting/universe/world. If 00 taught us anything, it’s that a series like Gundam cannot adequately present itself solely through the mouths and eyes of the principle cast.

    Still, I’m probably asking too much from too stale a franchise. I’d be better off just hoping AGE manages to maintain the narrative tension it’s built up over the past few episodes and take it even further, without falling into another hopelessly dull Fardain arc.

    1. Agreed. Age does such a poor job of explaining the setting that I’m wondering if it’s on purpose. We know so little of the big picture that when events occur, they are jarring. For example, we knew the Federation in Gen1 was pretty lame. Then we find out about the failed Mars colonization project and the Federation’s abandonment of the settlers right at the end of the show. Up until this point, we had no idea there had been an overpopulation problem. Then the Feddies left thousands and millions of people to their deaths. That’s pretty evil. No wonder the Vagans hate the Earthlings. Now this reveal shows up suddenly as an exposition by the enemy commander. No set up, no warnings, no hints.
      I’m hoping more world setting will become clear in Gen2.

  5. I’m guessing…Asem will have doubts about Vagans being the evil one (a la Kira in GS…not GSD) when he finds out the true identity of Zehart?

    Also…with the fantastic picture painted of the family, I’m afraid Asem’s sister might bite the dust somewhere down the line…all just conjecture at this point, of course.

  6. Now THAT is how you do a Gundam Opening in 2012. And ending too.

    So, the big question here is who is Kio’s mother going to end up being. My money’s on Zeheart.

    I also really liked how Flit’s now become cemented as the commander/vengeful soldier character and given up the spotlight to his son. I’m hoping we may see some parallels between his relationship with Grodek during the first arc, and however Asem may later view the Vagans later on, since the ED seems to establish Zeheart and him as becoming friends prior to the inevitable shit-hits-the-fan moment of this arc.

    This arc definitely has “passing the torch” vibes so far, but I’m wondering how they’ll be able to that for Kio’s arc. Usually when you do a sequel to a story with the child of the main character taking over, you don’t go as far as seeing what THEIR child would end up doing…but that’s what makes AGE unique in it’s story telling process: Instead of season after season of generations, we get all of them neatly packed into one long story.

    Looking forward to the rest of the arc, the series, and it’s coverage on Randomc.

    1. Yeah, with Asem and Zeheart apparently being friends for some of the arc, I wonder if you’re going to get Asem representing an opposing view to his father with the third generation (Kio?) having to choose between a grandfather who wants them ALL DEAD and a father who thinks they should try to understand each other if they want to end the cycle of violence.

      It will be interesting to see how they transition a second time, although I wish Kio were older; his age alone means I’ll probably like Asem the best.

      1. Reminds of El Tigre actually. Kid with superpowers has a hero father and a villain grandfather and spends the series trying to pick between good and evil…and then other wacky stuff happens.

  7. The opening song Sharp# is another instant classic for me and the mech design is a win too. A great template that is underutilized in story telling is the passage of time. Dragonball was great at it though it had enough chapters to do it. In my opinion Gundam AGE has done it successfully and as an anime that’s rare. Asem doesn’t have the trauma of Flit but the option to protect forces Asem to fight, the reason to become the aggressor hasn’t been reveled yet.

    I also like how the story is kept simple using a clear enemy/protagonist instead of the over political, over subplotted stories of SEED DESTINY and 00 (SEED was successful at it imo).

    Looks interesting, can not wait to see the next episode.

  8. only missing now is ai kayano to make more hmm on it?

    oh yea 2nd gen got a sister hmm any bets DLS aka mayu asuka all over again?

    yep indeed the gundam-marks so now got hmm yea so going to happen theory on the 2nd gen.

    yea later gundam-marks.

    1. I really hope they go down the road un-travelled and actually leave his family alone for the most part. We already had the orphan protagonist, now I think the interesting thing would be to really show how this family is affected by 100 years of war, and by that I mean having the family around to see the effects, not just ‘everyone is dead, Flit/Asem/Kio is sad’

  9. I dropped age at episode 8.

    last week I marathon-ed episodes 9-15 and boy that was such a great improvement over the slow start of the series. I look forward for new episode now.


    Hanazawa Kana in gundam is love.

  10. I look forward to seeing how Flit’s story plays out. While do I have the feeling the Vagans will try to kidnap Romary and try to force to pilot somekind of mobile armor of mass destruction.

      1. Not at all, I have no problem calling other men attractive because I know I’m not gay, why should it matter how people perceive me especially those I don’t know. Now men that try everything they can to appear “masculine” and call other men gay, those are the ones who are most likely closet gay. And of course being gay, in itself is not a bad thing either, which I know you didn’t say but your comment is value laden.

  11. Really good first episode for Gen2 despite throwing out logic for the sake of plot.
    1. The Federation’s best weapon that evolves has been stashed in a barn?
    2. Vagan MS showing up inside the colony out of nowhere? Sure Zeheart said he obtained the infiltration route but really? Giant MS can enter a colony without notice?
    3. Grandpa Vargas taking an injured Romary with him in a jeep to see Asem fighting while the rest of the family are in a shelter. Sure we need to get her interested in Asem but really?
    4. Flit knowing/suspecting the Vagans will attack his colony so he gives his son the AGE device? What? That’s kind of dick move, Flit.

  12. I dunno, i think i skip this “Generation”. Because the Viewers know that Zeheart Galette is a Traitor. But Asem not, he will even get friendship with him. When i now watch this “Generation” somewhere in the back om my Mind a voice keep talking “Asem your Dork!, beat him. Zeheart is the Traitor!” with every Attack there comes

    It’s some kinda Spoiler for me…

      1. Sadly, yes. They make sure that everybody know it. The First Scene was only for that purpose. they could have let it out, then the Viewer would now, when he Call them “in”…

        Well anyway, i just skip

  13. It makes me quite sad that Flit is now hellbent on vengeance against the Veigan. Most protogonist in Gundam attempt to try to understand then go on an aggressive campaign of revenge. That being said, it’s great to see Asem and I can’t wait til he joins the army. I also wonder, who is in that Orange mech, cause the whole time I was like… DON’T DIE! Especially if you Largan. Also on the other hand… I think that for a first timer Asem is actually quite skilled, maybe even more then Flit… Flit has the upper hand, cause he created Gundam Age, so naturally, he’d know what to do with the unit, unlike Asem is riding it for the first time. Of course, that being said, Asem does not have the engineering genius that is Flit Asuno. He’s pretty damn good, but not as good as Flit. That being said… I can’t wait to see their Zeta Gundam adaptation take on this.

    Sora no Kaze
  14. Baseless speculation (Emphasis on baseless): Consider how Kio, the third and final protagonist is supposed to be just 13 when he pilots the Gundam for the first time. I wonder why this is? Surely his father Asem wouldn’t want one so young, whose voice has barely broken to get involved in the war- going by Flit’s example; Asem didn’t receive the Gundam until he was more or less of age (17).

    This leads to the speculation that perhaps some (tragic) event will occur, forcing him to take up arms at such a young age- namely the eventual death of Asem, Romary and possibly even his grandparents somewhere within the time skip in between Kio and Asem’s segments of the story- meaning that he would be the only remaining Asuno able to pilot the Gundam. If this happens, then in terms of plot utility, Unao might exist solely to emerge as the sole relative survivor and serve as a surrogate parent of sorts to Kio until he’s old enough to pilot the Gundam. (Amongst numerous other functions she might have, such as a love interest for Asem’s rival or something- hence the baselessness of it all.)

    Completely baseless, of course- but it would serve as a proper, (relatively) believable explanation for why one so young was forced to participate in a war, and it’ll probably be awesome it executed correctly…

      1. Red-Shoulders covered a lot of the early information. They’ve got the initial announcment spreads (in some magazine) w/ all the characters, but the ages aren’t mentioned. A couple weeks after that, when the web-site went live, they did another preview:


        This was back in june. It looks like those images are from the website? The ages were initially: Frit, 14; Asemu, 15; Kio, 13.

        So, basically, everyone was just one year apart in age. Asemu’s age got changed to 17 some time between June and last week. It’s possible Kio’s age might change, too, but given the character art, I wouldn’t expect it to change TOO much. The most we could hope for would be him being age 15 or 16.

        Given how close in age all three protagonists were, I don’t think it’s appropriate to assume Kio’s younger age means something bad will happen to Asemu. That may be the kind of “dark, gritty” direction some fans want (probably the same fans who were so certain Frit would be a brooding, “dark” character in his old age) but given the overall tone of Gundam AGE, I’d say it’s EXTREMELY unlikely.

        It would also make for a pretty crappy transition–and, like I’ve said already, the Generation 1-2 transition SUCKED. Hopefully, they’ll do better next time, and stagger the transition from generation 2 to 3. This is more likely because Generation 2 is supposed to be the LONGEST part of the story. This means that instead of 1 big 25 year time-skip, we may get to see several shorter time-jumps over the course of the last six or so episodes. That would be much better, in my opinion.

        One of the big draws of Age (for me) was the multigenerational story–seeing how characters “grow up” and change. A lot of that is lost when you only get to see small, week or month-long portions of each characters life. We don’t see the “change,” just the “then” and “now” snapshots.

  15. I doubt that these attempts at peace from the Federation are nothing more than them threatening the Veigans to surrender or die. Flit believing the Federation is honestly stupid when they hid the failed Mars Colonization project and hid the truth behind the UE back then.

    I also have no doubt that if there were genuine attempts at peace made Flit would ruin them since he’s does not see them as human.

    1. and you know. Flint has more Experience with Gundam. And other things, but no. He let his Rookie Son take this Job. Even is that he know, they will attack. He just are Outside of the Colony.. Dunno. Looks like Flint turned to the Dark Side, Luke! Well, at last he let them have a good Life until this Day

      1. Well, Flint knows this day will come. Why he not give some Training for his son? Must not be Gundam Mecha, an other one have done it too. A well, his Son is doing the same Hard way like him. Learning by doing…

    1. This. That’s exactly the same vibe I got from Asem and Zeheart. It’s possible they’ll make it that neither is aware that the other is a mobile suit pilot and that’s where the conflict is going to be OR maybe Asem and Zeheart will find out but just act friendly.

  16. I just don’t like this series…I dropped it a few episodes back, tried this one and hated it. They have offically ruined Gundam for me. Hopefully after Age dies then they will get their act together and get back to the serious Gundam we all love.

      1. And 00, for that matter.

        Gundam in general has kind of sucked since Tomino left, and REALLY sucked since Turn A. I get a feeling most of the “fans” hating on AGE are new to the franchise, because compared to the last decade or so of the franchise, AGE is quite good.

      2. Probably. I just finished the first 3 UC series, and I saw the first part of AGE as a summarized nuanced 0079. This new arc seems pretty original, (has some seedish qualities, but only from the first episode) so I’m really looking forward to how they execute it. I’ll wait to say whether it RUINED GUDNAM FROEVAAAAAAAH or not (most likely the latter) when it finishes in the summer.

      3. This is where I disagree. In fact I find this generalizations of UC>All irritating. I think Tomino is good but not great. He has his great moments(I LOVE Turn A) and his bad moments (I LOATHE Gundam ZZ and V). In addition, I think the UC timeline has been stagnant for a while repeating the same plot elements. At least the AU’s try to do something new.

        Bottomline I find that UC has just as much fluctuating quality as all the AU. Also Gundam will never be “ruined” or “die” so long as Sunrise makes money selling its Gunpla kits. Fans need to accept the simple fact that the franchise is merchandise driven.

      4. No no, don’t get me wrong. I’m just saying this is what I’ve watched recently. Plus fanboys are always going to compare the new stuff to UC eventually.

        But yeah, it’s the toys. It’s always been the toys. I don’t think even Code Geass had mechs until Sunrise made it happen so it could get some actual funding.

      5. For me it has ruined this entire series run and I will not be looking forward to future series if it sticks to this format. Seed had its flaws but it had a serious tone, as did 00. I just honestly feel like this series is on the level of Pokemon which I don’t like either. Geared more towards 7-10 year olds as compared to the other Gundam series. Even G was kind of the DBZ of Gundam and I didn’t dislike it as much as I do Age.

      6. Except the multiple deaths in Gen 1 has already debunked that stupid “for kids” claim you make. They even some some infantry gunned down like swiss cheese(FOR KIDS!!!!). Not to mention the ending of Gen 1 is a lot darker and somewhat depressing than some other Gundam ends.

      7. watching your love interest die right in front of you as a kid and then leading you to want to commit genocide of a whole planet AND be in a position of power to realize that ambition? Dunno about you but i don’t see anything “kiddy” about gundam age anymore lol.

    1. Well thats sorta to be expected they have similar backgrounds Zala lost his wife when the Naturals caused the Bloody Valentine incident. Flit lost his mother at a young age when his home colony Angel was destroyed. Wouldn’t you hate the one’s responsible for the death of your loved one(s)?

    2. The circumstances might be similar, but what they did with Flit here makes him altogether different. Being the protagonist of the previous arc he has the fortune of being portrayed in a positive light (loving dad) while Patrick Zala didn’t have that.

  17. Its nice to see Flit having a nice and comfortable family. Has anyone noticed at the ending of the intro, it seems Disque (fat green haired kid helping out Vargas in the first arc) also has a daughter around Asem’s age.

  18. I kind of wonder if this arc would have been the best place to begin the series, then Kio’s then have Flit’s as prequel movie.

    But then people would be wondering how the hell a tiny Flit becomes however old and decrepit he is in Kio’s arc.

  19. This is the first time I’ve seen a Gundam series seriously making a foray into personal relationships, and I’m liking it. But I’ve only been watching since Wing, so I don’t really know much.

    Too bad this arc didn’t begin the way I wanted it to, with Asem being an angsty father-hating teen and Flit being an irredeemable brooding machine, but it did come close enough. Asem clearly wants his father’s approval, and Flit did show that he hates the Vagan with a passion. I find it ironic that Flit became a commander for the Federation, the same people who didn’t lift a finger against the UE when they first appeared, and jailing Grodek Ainoa, who actually did do something about it. Leading by example, maybe?

    And while on the topic of Grodek Ainoa, is he Unoa Asuna’s namesake? I did feel that Flit gained a lot of respect for the man after all that happened.

    I also liked the way Asem piloted the Gundam, what with the dual-wielding and fall-breaking boosters and all. I like how Asem isn’t a prodigy like Flit, reflected clearly in his mobile suit skills.

    On the whole, I think the beginning for this arc improves over the previous arc in most if not all ways, but then Flit’s circumstances were different from Asem’s.

    Oh, and props to that Genoace pilot. By the principle of Chekhov’s Gun, we’ll probably get to see him, given that that Genoace didn’t blow up, and even helped Flit at a critical moment.

  20. To be honest…I think Asem is a prodigy pilot but less of an engineer than his dad was. Sure, he isn’t experienced here, but he started dual-wielding in his first battle, unconventional as it is, and destroyed 2 UE units himself.
    I’ve just been wondering, what has Flit been piloting this whole time after the Gundam was hidden under all that Hay. It must’ve been hidden before Asem was born, he would’ve noticed it otherwise. Plus, the picture of Flit in his pilot uniform shows a Genoace’s foot in the back; no sign of the Gundam whatsoever.

    I think i’m over thinking it. I thinks.

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