「恋愛禁止令」 (Renai Kinshi Rei)
“Love Prohibition Decree”

The saying normally goes, “It’s okay to look, but not to touch”, but for the students at Neo Deava Academy, they’re not even allowed to think — not unless they want the chastity armband from hell to electrocute their horny asses. I think I speak for all of them when I say, can’t we all just get along and gattai like there’s no tomorrow?

Evidently the answer is no, because somebody had to go fall in love in the pilot’s seat and make Aquarion go berserk, ruining the orgasmic mixed union experience for everyone else. I jest of course, as I’m actually quite happy to learn the reason why mixed unions are forbidden and how walking the fine line of emotions between falling in love and being in love draws out the maximum power of the legendary robot. The flashback to Donar’s tragic past also hinted at the possibility that Mykage had something to do with Aquarion going out of control, so I get the feeling we may be in store for a scenario where Amata and Mikono somehow overcome that disaster and break the limit on its output. For now, that mainly serves as foreshadowing of things to come, with the immediate point of interest being a full-length shot of Zessica’s back dating excursion with a group of sex-starved teenage girls and guys — something that should be added to all school curriculums.

As far as switching up the mecha action with high school romance and showcasing that side of the series, this episode sure gave us a lot of good looks at some of the other potential pairings. Of those, I have my eyes on Andy’s relationship with the feisty man-hater Mix, simply because it feels like it’s only a matter of time before his obvious desires start to uncover some of hers. Almost as fun to watch was Sazanka, as she’s one of the few girls to get electrocuted over and over again from all the Cayenne x Shrade moments. As for our main trio of Amata, Mikono, and Zessica, I for one loved how Zessica was quick to pick up on the obvious signs that she’s going to be a third wheel and just go out there and be one out of protest. If nothing else, her promiscuous behavior sparked some jealous yet cute reactions out of Mikono that I’m not the least bit opposed to seeing a lot more of. After all, it looks like Amata’s pretty set on Mikono, so all Zessica can really do now is make his decision a little more difficult.

Plot-wise, I love how Zen just swooped in and reclaimed his position as the high commander of Neo Deava, but how the heck did Crea turn out to be the school director? Thanks to her, Zen couldn’t stop dishing out the donut analogies either. Of more importance is Kagura’s interest in Mikono that kicks Zessica out of the equation and forms a new love triangle. He sure knew how to push Mikono’s buttons, so his common interest in her kind of supports the idea that him and Amata are the two reincarnated halves of the Solar Wing. Equally noteworthy is how Aquarion EVOL seems to use the events of Sousei no Aquarion as the basis of its 12,000 year old legend and the names Apollonius and Celiane are long forgotten. Their legend speaks of an “Apollon” and “Silvie”, which is much closer to “Apollo” and “Siliva” from the original series, so I’m starting to wonder if I should start thinking of Amata and Mikono as reincarnations of them. Either way, that’s definitely something to keep in mind as the series goes on.

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    1. That’s no FROG thats a CAT!!!! And I support AndyxGreen-thing more than Mix since Andy W.Bro deserves someone who actually cares for him when he got shocked.

      My fujoshi-visions is telling me that Cayenne is probably tsundere for Sharade. Also Divine, I’m pretty sure Sharade is just making a Aquarion-level quote about how his life is controlled by his “sickness” (Yamai is sickness in Japanese)

      1. I got the sickness part, but I wasn’t sure it’s supposed to be interpreted that way. i.e. “I’m plagued by the sickness known as the Abductors.” After rewatching that scene, it does seem to be the most logical interpretation though.

      2. I interpreted that scene as Shrade likening his sickness to the abductors in a metaphorical sense, in that they also play with people’s lives by abducting them, therefore not allowing people to live their lives properly.

        And I don’t think Divine watches anime subs, so he wouldn’t even know about the Yamai thing.

  1. I’m not buying this AmataxMikono thing. Its just so bland. I don’t watch Super Robot Shows for ordinary; I want funny, silly and over-the-top. I pretty much felt sorry for Zessica being ignored and I’m not surprised she was so annoyed. At this point Donar’s past makes him more interesting than Amata for his past with Aquarion.

    The rest of the cast were funny though, I liked how Sazanka’s fantasizes about the two most popular boys. Being voiced by Megumi Nakajima, she’s pretty much a Fujoshi Ranka. Also Kudos to all the guys who predicted AndyxMix. Seemed like the most obvious pairing in hindsight. As for Crea she keeps giving me Saber Extra vibes because they are voiced by Sakura Tange.

    I’m glad Aquarion is getting its third form though. Aquarion Gepard is just pathetic, especially compared to Luna and Mars.

    1. I too, hope the AmataXMikono thing isn’t entirely true. I mean, if episode 5 is any indication [original Aquarion ending spoiler ahead]Show Spoiler ▼

      Andy and Mix seemed kinda obvious, since they somewhat likened to the original’s Pierre and Chloe respectively.

    2. I’ve got to agree. I’m enjoying this show immensely, but in the traditional anime love triangle that Amata/Mikono/Zessica is turning out to be, I tend to go for the fiery independent one much more than the yamato nadeshiko type.

      That said, I like Amata’s interactions with the other characters. Apollo was always WAY too much of the ‘goku’ type character to interest me.

    3. I find Amata/Mikono pretty boring, too. I’m hoping for a twist that has it end with Amata/Zessica and Kagura/Mikono… but you know, they might be one in the same anyway, so it’s just one big orgy.

    1. I agree, it’s pretty obvious Mikono’s the one, but hopefully the competition isn’t completely over just five episodes in. Might be though, since this episode seemed like the one to set up the love triangle, but if anything it just pushed zessica further out of the picture than she already was.

    1. I just liken that to the fact that this anime has phenomenal production values and the art designer actually took the time to give each and every side character a unique costume and look. Yes, even the paper bag girl.

      So much more livelier than the normal looking background characters we see in other animes.

      Random Note: Sazanka seriously looks like a character from Pokemon.

  2. I’m a bit surprised when after 5 episodes, Amata, as in main protagonist, is one of the characters I like the least, almost all the other ones have entertaining scenes in some form of another, Amata can’t do nothing but being a wuss and saying “Mikono-san” (who also score well in the boring department but since she is cute it’s still alright) more times than Ash can say Pokemon in a single episode of well Pokemon. The rest of them made the show.

    1. I kind of agree, but I still like him more than I remember liking Apollo (though I haven’t watched the original in a while). I’m so tired of the wild-man/big-eater anime hero, at least Amata’s not that same stereotype, though I guess he’s not that much more original.

  3. Seems to me that Kagura is the reincarnation of Apollo, while Mikono would be the reincarnation of Silvia. This ties into the original series when Apollo promised/swore to never forget Silvia’s smell, and here we have Kagura chasing down Mikono on smell. It would also help to explain why Fudo and Mykage are having a tug of war over Mikono/Kagura/Amata, but it would seem to me like Mykage and Kagura have everything going in there favor and the story doing everything it can to allude to Mikono changing sides (and possibly characters). We have the funeral wedding, Aquarion stealing her from Cayenne, all of the underlying signs that she’s in part Sylvia, and Fudo’s gratuitous donut talk (especially his allusion to a less than delicious side to Mikono’s character hidden deep within).

    Amata would then seem to be the reincarnation of Apollonius or the Wings, rather than Apollo (they even look alike, Amata and Apollonius; and remember that from the original story, Apollo and Sylvia considered themselves to be separate people from Apollonius and Celianne. So they too can be a part of this reincarnation cycle). So that leaves the question of who is Celianne’s reincarnation?

    If we default to the OP to mean anything, Zess is probably going to play a bigger role than just third wheel in all of this, especially once the shit starts hitting the fan with Mykage/Kagura vs. Fudo/Amata over Mikono (imagery right out of the OP). Or, Mikono is a double soul reincarnation! :p

  4. Kagura is Appolonius reincarnation, Amata is Silivie’s reincarnation. Surprise Yaoi twist at episode 11. Mikoto, heartbroken, turned to Zessica. Surprise Yuri twist at episode 15.

  5. If it’s true that Amata and Kagura are the two halves of the wings of the sun… or Amata is Apollonius while Kagura is Apollo… Damn, I’m not entirely sure how they’ll make the pairings!

    Of course it seems like they’re really pairing Amata(Apollonius?) and Mikono(Silvia) and it seems to click that way but… nobody would like to see the reincarnation of Apollo(Kagura?) get NTRed!

    But as far as I can see, based on that “Forbidden Lovers” notice, everything seems to point out that Kagura really is Apollo. If that’s true, I really hope that Kagura’s more impressive and interesting than Amata so it would seem that Amata’s the one stealing Mikono from Kagura.

    The Story You Don't Know
  6. I guess I’ll be the odd one to say that I do support the Amata/Mikono pairing because they look good as the awkward pure-pure pairing =p

    In the first place Zessica isn’t even interested in Amata THAT way, not once did her ring goes off. And besides, if people just wants to see her happy then there’s still plenty of other guys in the story.

    1. I don’t want Zes with Amata because he’s boring and I think he’s adorable with Mikono… But I’m willing to bet she’s going to be dragged into the love mess (her ending card, the fact she has inverted colors from Mikono, same as Kagura has of Amata). I wouldn’t be shocked if the end pairings are Kagura/Mikono and Amata/Zessica.

  7. This was the funniest episode yet, Fudo can still think up the craziest things to get the Elements to pilot Aquarion better.

    I think it’s pretty much clear now that Kagura is the reincarnation of Apollo and Amata is the Solar Wing, both halves of Apollonius. It’ll be interesting to see how the two interact with one other, considering they’re going to be the rivals of this series.

    I like Amata, though I liked Apollo too, and I really hope he can get his happy ending in this series. The Amata X Mikono pairing might not be the most interesting, but I find it cute and I’d like it to end happily for the two of them.

    Though I fully support Andy X Mix, I really want to see that happen.

  8. I don’t know if this actually right, but I think Soul =/= Personality.

    So I think if more probably that Kagura and Amata being Apollonius/Apollo, but as a soul split in two bodies, or like someone said somewhere else, Kagura could be an artificial Apollonius/Apollo…

    I don’t understand anything anymore!! I loved this episode. Aquarion is so ridiculously fun, I just can’t stop myself from watching.

  9. “Amata, you pervert! You’ll fly for anybody!” <– I lol'd.

    How anybody's ring is safe around Sexsica, I just don't know.

    And damn, man…donuts are deep. I'm disappointed there's no screenshot of the spiral galaxy inside a donut.

    Cloud is Not Amused
    1. Sorry for my bad english. I never undestand that part… The anime showed many times Show Spoiler ▼

      So, who is Apollonius and Aquarion ? And what was the relationship with Tomma ??? Who was the couple, before Celiane ?

  10. At first I thought Zessica was just flirting to get on Mikono’s nerves, but that troll face she made when Amata ran after Mikono would indicate something deeper. Anyone else feel that way?

    1. I don’t know if she feels anything for him specifically yet (although he was her ‘first’). But I just feel that her character has to be more important than it has been so far, if only to justify her getting third billing in the OP and ED as opposed to Cayenne or Shrade(sp?).

    2. Its a typical girl response. Some girl will react strongly to ignorance, just what Amata did to Zessica. Plus, a girl will always want other girl have. What Zessica did is, just wanted to mess with Amata and at the same time teasing him and Mikono, but when Amata ignore her and chase after Mikono, she became jealous. Nothing big, but it will spark interest for Zessica to chase after Amata.

      1. True. Overall it looks like she’s gonna have a reason to pursue him. Whether or not she actually starts developing something for him remains to be seen. Only 5 episodes in and things are getting interesting.

  11. Like how the theories that Kagura is Apollo and Amata is Apollonius is popping out. Not going to say I said it first, but I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one that thinking this, cause I would feel really left out lol. And yes, I do believe that Mikoto is Sylvie. Now the only problem is… that someone did point out is that Celiane may also be part of this equation. It’d be great to see Zessica as that and we have a really strange triangle. I also go by my theory that Shrade is Silvius, and that Cayennne is probably Reika in the flesh. Andy is our soccer guy. Btw, I love that Crea finally debuted in this episode.

    I also have to mention that like in Shakugan no Shana (I know they aren’t the same studio, or at least I don’t think they are), they really do a good job with Hong Kong. The boat they rode is exactly the same as the one we use today as is the layout. Maybe, I’ll finally get to see some more anime with Hong Kong as the city it’s stage in lol. Another believe that I can see happening later is that hey’ll eventually find the original Vector Units (Vector Sol and such) and combine into a new evolved Aquarion unit or the Vectors will transform into the original Vectors.

    Sora no Kaze
  12. I think the Kagura is giving more and more of an Apollo vibe. “You stink, but you’re delicious.” lol

    I just bet that their understanding of why Aquarion went berserk is completely flawed. Maybe they need a proper third wheel to balance the triangle or something. “Touma” was the definitely involved. Also, Donar’s Aquarion was in mass produced army mode rather than Solar mode. I just can’t believe that “love is bad” is a valid theme for this romantic comedy. What did old man Fudo and Crea forget these last 12,000 years? Or is it “all according to plan”?

  13. I´m going to be honest with you guys, Amata is an idiot for not paying attention to Zessica, I mean how could you not possibly fall in love with that girl!!!. If I had any doubts about this series this episode puted unboard until the end.

    1. I doubt so… lets start with the beginning, Apollonius met Celiane, both fell in love, Apollonius ditched the Shadow Angels for love, then he got killed by Scorpius(stated in the OVA), They never got to spend time together peacefully.
      Then they got reincarnated, Apollo met Sylvia, blah blah blah, they fell in love with each other(yet again..) then got separated again when Apollo sacrificed himself, Touma, and Sirius along with the Aquarion. Again, they never got to spend time together in peaceful time.

      They are like Shin Kudo and Sara Nome from Macross Zero, both of them never got to be together in the end, even in the games that involve Macross Zero.

  14. Ou, I really want to Amata and Mikono be together. Until now its nice romance (Ok, I know, I know its about mecha and so). I liked Sousei no Aquarion but Apollo with his nuzzling…well..I would be glad if it was a happy end for Mikono and Amata, such a nice couple.
    On the other hand, Kagura is also interesting and idea of him as a secon half of wings is really original – there can be lot of plot twists this way ^_^

  15. Just a few thoughts…

    Ever thought that there are actually 2 pairs of reincarnations? Apollonius and Celiane are Amata and Mikono while Apollo and Silvia are Kagura and Zessica? While Kagura obviously got Apollo’s keen nose and wild attitude, it seems that Zessica got Silvia’s semi-Tsundere and pushy attitude. We don’t know much about Apollonius and Celiane’s personalities but what we know is that they’re really lovey dovey like Amata and Mikono.

    Well, I know it’s highly unlikely but I’m just thinking outside the box. I doubt that my idea’s true either. 🙂

    The Story You Don't Know
    1. Kagura has more or less confirmed that Mikono is Silvia, if we assume that he is Apollo, and personalities have never carried over or meant anything as Silvia is not like Celianne, Apollo is not like Apollonius (until there memories return to some degree) so you can’t really judge how someone acts to who they were in a past life. The biggest reason for believe Kagura is Apollo is because he not only looks like him, he’s exhibiting the same abilities like smell, and doing a bunch of throwbacks with his lines to Mikono (Apollo promised Sylvia that he’d always remember her smell and find her after 12,000 years). (This has also led people to believe that he’s not a genuine reincarnation either, but a clone or something, directly of Apollo.) Amata is almost certainly the Wings reborn as a person, the only hint we have about Zessica (if any at all) is from the ED and her attire in the mirror.

  16. Looks like Zessica doesn’t seem attracted to anyone yet. Her bracelet didn’t spark even once or was blushing. Other than troll the couple because she was bored and tired of being a third wheel, she didn’t even care about the boys coming over or anything…

  17. Amata and Kagura are reincarnations of Apollo/Apollonius in the same way Sirius and Silvia were reincarnations of Siren/Celiane (However you decide to pronounce it). Kagura is the equivalent of Sirius in that they represented the dark side of the soul they had descended from. Amata and Silvia are equivalents in that they represent the light side.

    It’s kind of hard to invest myself in the romance so far when Amata and Mikono are having a moment only to be interrupted by Kagura. Then Kagura licks Mikono and tells her she stinks of sweetness and then Mikono goes full orgasm mode, shorts out the armband, and faints while “forbidden love” is flashing on the deava screens and then I’m all like wut…

    At first Mikono is all like Omg Amata(nice guy version of Apollo), you are so nice, I love you. Then Kagura comes, licks her and tells he she stinks. Then Mikono is all like, Omg Kagura(badass version of Apollo), you are so badass, let me fondle your testicles.

    1. I know that totally threw me off!
      Im like so does he do the things that turns her into a slut or something?!
      She just complained about Amata and Zessica and she climaxes right in front of the guy!
      Im like, “Im done”.

  18. I totally like where this is heading. However, I must say that it is too early to state that Kagura is the reincarnation of Apollo while Amata is the reincarnation of Apollonius. It seems to me that somewhere in the history behind this show (which has not yet been revealed to us) there has been some soul splitting. My theory is that the Kagura and Amata are indeed the reincarnations of Apollo/Apollonius, but I do believe like the Sirius and Sylvia situation, Kagura is merely the beast-like side of Apollo while Amata is the noble side of Apollo. Kagura only relies on the smell of Mikono as his attraction to her but otherwise feels no other tie to her. In fact, one can even view Kagura’s attraction to Mikono as simply lust, which can be seen as the reason why Kagura and Mikono are forbidden lovers. Aquarion runs on the love between its elements and lust is the pure absence of true love. Therefore, if Kagura and Mikono were to pilot Aquarion, it would surely go berserk. Amata on the otherhand feels a bond with Mikono (as seen in ep 5 where thinks their meeting was destiny). The relationship between these two is genuine love, which will eventually power Aquarion evol to a whole new power level. Both of course are inclined to love Sylvia, which is hinted to be Mikono, Though many state that Zess may look like Celiane in the ending, I believe that Zess is the Reika figure of this Aquarion series but will still have a prominent role in the series, perhaps even mistaking herself to be celiane and causing confusion. So the big picture becomes this: Kagura and Amata represent Lust and Love respectively, and only time will tell which one prevails (though I put my money on Love because this is freaking Aquarion we are talking about!).

  19. Hmmm, if all those theories about kagura being apollo’s reincarnation, and amata being apollonius’s, I think that this series might be about breaking their destinies and following their own path instead of the original series where it was basically reincarnation of apollonius is automatically paired up with the reincarnation of Celiane. I’m saying this because I want an AmataXMikono ending XD!

    1. I like that pairing too as of now. However, if they intend to break the destinies of the characters, then it would be blasphemy to the fans of the original series. No matter how much I like the Amata-Mikono pairing currently, I’d still take a route where Apollo’s real reincarnation is able to be with Sylvia’s reincarnation if it ever happens to be that Kagura’s the real reincarnation.

      [i]All these time, these 12,000 years
      I know Aishiteru~
      Eight thousand years from the time that
      I’ve met you my love grows strong than ever before
      Words can’t say of this time
      I’ve been waiting to share my love with you~
      I’d give you my life,
      I would give you the world to see you smiling every day
      One hundred million and two thousand years
      from now Aishiteru~
      I want you to know since you came in my life every day, every night
      you give light into the darkest skies[/i]

      For me, what made the original series as epic as it was, was its OST. The real message of Sousei no Aquarion was to show how strong love can be, that even a thousand years isn’t enough to stop it. So breaking the characters from their destinies will be a really bad move for this series.

      Epic love is Epic. 12,000 years for the win!

      The Story You Don't Know
  20. Can’t follow all the reincarnation theories as I’ve already forgotten most of the previous series 😛
    But the Amata/Kagura/Apollo/Apollonius thing came naturally to all who watched the previous series.

    So the berserk thing only came about because of the separation of Apollo and Sylvia?
    I don’t seem to remember any berserk Aquarion in the original series.

    Is Mykage collecting women in love?
    Why did he crystallize and sleep for 9 years?
    Whats the motive of the Altair folks?

  21. Agh! I’m putting this series on hold. I’m already involuntarily invested in the Amata x Mikono pairing and I hate the week to week rollercoaster ride of love triangle animes. Wish I wasn’t so easily affected by this stuff …

    Guess I’ll just marathon it all at once come the end of the season!


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