「理事長は追想が切ない(-_-)」 (Rijichou wa Tsuisou ga Setsunai (-_-))
“The Board Chairman’s Memories are Painful”

Honestly, I’m having some difficulty trying to express in words how I felt about the first eight minutes of this episode. Not only was there a pretty creepy looking vegetarian horse mask doing strange things like smacking Sena in the face and awkwardly creeping up on little girls but Rika’s hormones were on extra overdrive. Maybe I haven’t been watching enough risqué series lately, but when’s the last time you’ve seen a girl drop her bathing suit low enough that her crotch is centimeters away from showing? If you actually answered Yes to the previous question, I commend you in your future endeavors.

After getting my daily recommended dosage of fan-service, I was pleasantly waiting for Kodaka to meet Sena’s father. However, I never expected that Tenma “Pegasus” Kashiwazaki (Okiaya Ryotaro) would be the complete opposite of how he was depicted as a few episodes ago. As it seems, that tough exterior he tries to give off seems to be a mere façade. After that stunning display of embarrassment over his name, it shouldn’t have shocked me to see what a lightweight the guy was. But what really caught me off guard was how funny I found him! Be it his voice actor or just his overall demeanor, I just couldn’t not like him. Especially after you throw in his hilarious butler Stella (Yuzuki Ryouka) who picks the best moments to skillfully, for lack of better words, throw someone under the bus, and it’s like a treasure chest of laughs.

To round out all the fabulous fan-service scenes, I’m starting to wonder if the romance aspect will ever come into play. With subtle hints like Yozora being depressed from not being able to see Kodaka, standing beside the playground they both used to play at as kids; I whole heartily believe that a believable romance could spark between the two. But with less than four episodes left, I hope that the story at least comes back to tie up the loose ends behind their lost friendship. Wouldn’t it be cute if the whole thing ended with the two becoming each other’s first “official” friend again?



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  1. Once I got got over the sheer freakishness of that horse mask and the following fan-service, I actually found it hilarious that Yozora would do something like this so that “she wouldn’t be embarrassed” and the fact that it left bite marks on Sena’s face XD

    1. Yup, we got to see the other members who did not reveal their swimsuits in the previous episode. We’ll get to see them again next episode in the beach episode. Pool and beach in one season. That’s awesome.

    1. It’s how anime works. First you introduce a childhood friend with some sort of secret and meant to be, then you introduce another girl that makes some relationship progres and in the end the childhood friend makes a move tie-ing it up and in the end nothing gets resolved except they all get along.

    2. I find Kodaka treats Sena like he does Kobato, maybe even thinks of her like another sister, although I think he would have probably yelled at Yozora for making Kobato cry that often lol. Even seeing Sena naked he was embarassed but he’s not wound up about it the next day when he talks to her. He just makes an excuse so she’s not feeling awkward.

    1. now we need someone to make that series into eroge, to make this a prophecy!
      Yozora and Sena might fight overKodaka, I’m hooking up with Rika! a girl with such a perverted mind is a rare treasure!
      Oh, and this series thrives on risque with no less than 2 lolis tending to run around naked for starters… Of course Kodaka is cool enough to ignore it.
      More and more Sena and Kobato look like sisters to me, which raises the phantom menace of Kodaka and Kobato being NOT RELATED BY BLOOD.
      And Stella is just golden, humming-along the Wedding March…

      1. I would say that Kodaka only thinks of Kobato and Maria in an asexual manner. They’re just little sisters to him. It’s the reason he doesn’t really react to Kobato naked. If he was thinking something, it’s probably along the lines of “Geez, just don’t do that in front of other people, okay? (pats Kobato on head)”

      2. With all that Kobato fanservice I’m very glad that Kodaka is a regular brother who doesn’t care at all that his little sister is running around naked. But then he always gets his share of Niku.

  2. Lot’s of meat in this episode lol.

    Biggest Surprise of the episode for me was seeing Kobato in her school uniform and without her contacts.

    Funniest thing was Yozora slapping Sena with the horse head.

    The scene where Sena runs past naked was funnier in the visual novel where your hear Kodaka’s thoughts. I want to know WTF was up with her yelling Universe? Is that an eroge reference? Also why did she run outside(still naked)?

    Love how ths studio disguised the wine as juice. Looking forward to the mandatory beach episode.

    1. You meant light novel right ? cause the visual novel will only be out in january or i missed something.

      Universe was just a reference to what Rika said back in ep4 when she read her gundam/eva doujin

  3. Never thought a creepy horse mask can make good comedy, but Yozora made it work.

    Still, I think the perversion compass of these characters are out of whack. Rika gets turned on by mecha, Kodaka literally has no reaction to seeing his sister naked, and Sena is completely oblivious to her sexual harassment of Kobato.

    Also, UNIVERSE!

  4. As much as I love Sena, I can’t help get over my sense for always rooting for childhood friends, so I’m leaning a grain of sugar more towards Yozora (if we even get any real romance in here at all, that is) but I’m finding that I would barely mind Kodaka choosing Sena. I just hope there is SOME development!

    1. 娘をよろしく頼む。Take care of my daughter.
      That’s usually what the bride’s father says to the groom. Pegasus clearly has hopes. And despite being a little odd, I do think he knows that his daughter is interested in Kodaka. From Sena’s personality, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kodaka is the first boy that she’s actually falling for.

  5. I think that:
    – Sena and Kodaka …. couple
    – Yozora and Kodaka …… best friends (is what Yozora wants)
    – Sena and Yozora ….. good friends ( and the first true girl friend for Sena)

  6. I think that Yozora wants more, but Sena is so much cuter and gf material. Yozora and Kodaka should just be friends, just because it would be so much more original than all the harem series that girls just throw themselves at the guys. It would be nice to have a close friendship rather than always prioritizing love.

  7. Loved this episode, especially with all the hijinks from Sena’s father. I agree that the combo with Stella was icing on the cake. Leave it to anime to give you one set of impressions a few eps back to have that completely shattered when we actually meet Sena’s father. This needs to happen more in Anime 😛

    Btw, was it just me, or did the animation quality drop in a few scenes? I also noticed similar issues with other series like Working!! Not sure if it was just coicidence this week…sad considering this to me was one of the most entertaining episodes so far.

  8. If only Kodaka really new the meaning of Tenma´s words, I think he might have a heart attack right in the spot. it was only natural to expect that Sena´s family is just as crazy as her but this was more than anyone could ever hope, I can´t wait to see how is her mother.

    This story is all about friendship and the stugle to surpass the social obstacles that life throws at you, love being in the back seat but that doesn´t mean is not important at all, it´s pretty obvious that Sena is in love with Kodaka, Yozora not so sure, she seens to want his best friend back but there might be something more to it, only time will tell. Yukimura, well, I don´t have any idea of what goes thruogh that guy´s mind and I think is safer that way, Rika is a complete pervert and Maria only sees him as the older brother she doesn´t have. I think that sumaries the relationship status for now, but as I said, only time will tell.

  9. I liked the Dad of Sena, yes he is more MOE than most of the girls in this series! The butler too, so full of win. Kodaka is a bro, being cool and not a pervert to all the girls. Although he is DENSE.

  10. Tenma, sorry, Pegasus FTW. lol

    After doing many badass roles, Okiayu Ryuutarou has finally found a new niche role – that of the hilariously eccentric father of the main actor’s female friend (if not girlfriend).

    Hopefully he’ll be able to enjoy more of these “Father of the Bride” roles.

    Kinny Riddle
      1. I can understand people downvoting my origin post if they do not agree with me, fair enough.

        But seriously, do some people have nothing better to do in downvoting a correctional post to a typo error as well?

        This is yet another reason why I have reservations on this YouTube-like downvoting system, Divine.

        Kinny Riddle
  11. crazy plot based on two pictures:

    the butler and kobato are the only two chars that have the same eye color. they could be mother and daughter and nobody knows except the butler and maybe the father who either of them somehow left the baby at the door of kodaka’s parents and that is why kodaka nor kobato do not know the truth.

    sena would be half sister with kobato and neither of them would be related to kodaka by blood.
    And since he is a good guy, sena’s father wants him to marry one of this daughters.




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