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Tantei Opera Milky Holmes 2nd Act
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Area no Kishi
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Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou
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Guilty Crown
25:15 CX (10/13)
Persona 4 the ANIMATION
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Amagami SS+ plus
25:55 TBS (1/5)
Inu x Boku SS
26:00 MBS (1/12)
Legend: 4 Divine 1 Prooof 3 Takaii 4 Guardian Enzo 2 Unlisted 3 Verdant 4 Stilts Not covering

With the countdown to the new year happening tonight (or already happened for some parts of the world), here’s a tentative overview of Random Curiosity’s blogging plans for the new season. As usual, everything listed here is subject to change.

The first thing you’ll probably notice is that we have a new writer coming on board. The yet to be named writer enjoys writing fiction in his spare time and came to me expressing interest to write more regularly on one of his pastimes — anime. He’s very open-minded about anime and has a diverse taste as a result, so he’ll be helping with the type of shows I generally covered before inheriting the site almost two years ago. You can expect an introductory post from him in the upcoming days.

The next thing you’ll probably notice is that both Prooof and Takaii are scaling back on the shows they’re covering. They contributed to the site regularly for well over a year now — a feat not many past writers achieved — so it’s only natural that they need a bit of a break themselves. Takaii in particular needs to prioritize real-life more, as readers could probably tell from his later than usual posts in the past month. Hopefully taking on less shows will allow him to get his posts out in his usual timely manner.

To help offset this, stepping up are Verdant and Unlisted — our two guest writers for Persona 4 the ANIMATION. Verdant has expressed interest in taking on another show, whereas Unlisted has offered to take over Last Exile – Ginyoku no Fam- due to Enzo’s waning interest in it. They only signed on for Persona 4, so their help is much appreciated.

With a slot freed up from Enzo’s comfortable four-show maximum, he’ll be covering the highly anticipated Another and the highly underappreciated Area no Kishi. The fourth season of Natsume Yuujin-chou is left out as a result, but may still see some coverage in a more miniscule format.


As for myself, I let the other writers have their first pick at shows since I typically watch the most and am perfectly happy writing about anything that I’m watching. Interestingly enough, I was left with both mecha shows, which makes Sundays rather hectic. At one point, three-to-five shows a day were the norm for me, but my priorities have changed and I’m no longer willing to devote the time required to push out that many posts in a single day. As such, I’ll have to see how things go on Sundays, as I don’t intend to drop coverage of Gundam AGE and am very interested in both Rinne no Lagrange and Aquarion EVOL. Lagrange’s first episode was pre-aired online in low quality and I was completely sold by its perfect balance of mecha seriousness and high school comedy.

With that in mind, I’m heavily considering changing up the regular blogging format. I take some pride in the fact that Random Curiosity can churn out over three dozen hand-picked HD screen captures and 500-1000 word posts over twenty times a week — week after week — however, if it means that I still don’t have enough time to talk about every show that I’m watching — even with the help of all the other writers — it seems to lose sight of the site’s original purpose as a personal record of everything I’m watching. I’m often asked what I think about a show that some readers know I’m watching but not blogging and I’d like to be able to tell them without being asked.

This season, I’m pretty set on watching the following 23 titles — a handful of which isn’t being covered at all:

I’d like to see that changed in the future, especially if Random Curiosity reverts to a more leisurely personal blog some day and I have 23 titles to choose from, so I’m curious to know how readers think about a change in format where there are only a handful of images (e.g. 6-12) and much briefer and to-the-point impressions (~300 words like Manga posts). If you can take the time to vote below, it would be much appreciated. I’m also open to any feedback and suggestions in the comments.

03/04: As per my indefinite leave of absence, Unlisted will be taking over Aquarion EVOL, Verdant Mouretsu Pirates, and Stilts Rinne no Lagrange and Ano Natsu de Matteru, and Takaii Black Rock Shooter.


    1. Unlisted’s been handling all the images for Persona 4. Verdant takes some as well, but it’s mostly Unlisted putting the set together, including all the full-length images.

      Writing-wise, Unlisted picked up WORKING’!! after Prooof didn’t have time for it.

      1. That explains all the full length shots on the posts. I was always wondering how he had the time to write and pull together so many shots, but now I see that it’s always been Unlisted. Haha nice job.

  1. Well personally I don’t mine either one too be honest. Certain shows leave little to be discussed (Bleach) and others require an indepth analysis or even some research depending on how much there needs to be added toward explanation (Horizon) thus this should be a discussion on what types of shows should get what treatment and why.

    1. This. I’d rather it as a mixture of both. To generalize for more character-based show that don’t really have much of an underlying plot I don’t mind quick impressions summing up the good moments of the episode. But for shows that are a bit more plot heavy such as Madoka or Steins;Gate or downright confusing such as Mawaru Penguindrum, I really appreciate the in depth analysis to keep me on track with anything I might have missed.

      1. I’m fine with a cutdown on the screenshots though to be honest the screenshot blogging format are a point about RC that made me remember the blog in the first place. I’m reluctant to say that they don’t matter at all. You should just keep it to the number of pictures that you intend to link into your posts and the full lengths (only when they’re worth the time/effort). Everything else is not required.

  2. Damn, that’s a lot of coverage. I feel like everything will only be on the front page for barely a minute 😛

    Also, is Area no Kishi a one or two cour? Or is it another never ending series?

    1. Same here. The main 3-6 images on the front page are the important ones for me. I don’t really click on the images unless the written text references something about them.

      The written portion is more important to me especially for complex shows that are easy to miss an important word or sentence in.

      Zaku Fan
  3. Wow, I sounded like a total a**hole in that post D0=. I didn’t mean to sound so rude m(_ _)m.

    I think how the blog posts are written now would be better, even if it meant less shows being covered. I like everyone’s in-depth analysis of the episodes and provides a more concrete idea of what the writer is thinking during the show, which is why I read these blogs(not for a synopsis), though I wouldn’t be opposed to the idea of shorter posts should the situation call for it.

    Blogging 9 shows feels like it’ll be a lot too D0=. Don’t wear yourself out Divi.

    1. I wish that kind of thing could work, but programs don’t know how to take screencaps that humans appreciate — you could set up a program to grab an image every x seconds, but there’s no program that can look at the what’s on the screen and decided whether or not it’s a good picture.

      1. That’s why I said “proper” screen caps. It’s not impossible. I’m no expert on the subject, but I did a study on Computer vision along side Augmented reality about year ago. And Google can already show case the technology with the “Reverse image search”. All you have to do is tweak it a bit to accommodate screen caps. Sadly, I don’t have Google’s source code because the process is server-side. 🙁

      2. Hmmm, you draw a very interesting comparison with Google Image Search. As you say, it’s definitely not impossible to set up code to recognize what’s on the screen… But in my opinion, the challenge lies in instructing the program what constitutes an aesthetically pleasing screen cap. Google Image Search doesn’t have to decide anything, it just has to find things that, once decoded from computer data into data humans can process, are similar to what it has been given. But a screen capping program would have to independently decide when to create those new images; it would have to have some sort of “If the display shows x, then take a screenshot” structure.

        Perhaps telling it to cap every time a significant number of the pixels in the image change color (the scene changes), or slightly after that moment…? Regardless, I think it would certainly require a good deal of work, and it would have to have a lot of options to tweak in order to tune it to specific shows (or even specific episodes of said shows!), or it wouldn’t produce reliable enough results.

  4. I read the in-depth analysis’s for shows I’m already watching, but for shows I’m not, the screenshots really help. They allow me to analyze, even if partially, shows I otherwise wouldn’t care about. Because of that, I’ve picked up shows I’d typically never watch, which is always great. So I’m just here to say that the images are a great help, and that slimming down on them does affect readers such as me, even if readers like me are in a smaller margin. Though, I do realize the screenshots take a lot of time and effort to organize, which I do appreciate. And if the cost of receiving these screenshots is a longer wait time, I am willing to accept that.

  5. Imma be honest with y’all.

    I followed this blog since the days of Omni, and I’ve always LOVED the in-depth analysis. I catch onto things and it’s nice to see that others caught it, caught more, or brought a new spin to shows I watched. Making me not seem like I’m going crazy and over analyzing the series.

    That said, new writer?

    Jusuchin (Military Otaku)
  6. Although I would not mind seeing posts with fewer images, one of the things I value most about reading posts on Random Curiosity is the depth of the written portion of the posts. I would be perfectly happy with less focus on screencaps, but I would be pretty sad if the posts got less wordy.

  7. That really sucks about dropping Natsume Shi. Though i’ll be blogging it on my website as it’s my favorite series of all time but it’s my first foray into episodic blogging (i’m a little bit inspired by Enzo’s shorter posts at LiA).

    I’m sorta not surprised that Danshi Koukousei isn’t being covered, at least there’s alot of good various series being covered. Take it easy Divine, 9 series is alot but best of wishes to you.

    1. Ack, one more thing: congrats to the new writer, plus verdant and unlisted for helping out the site a bit more! One little complaint: The colors for each of the writers are a bit too similar like Divine’s and the “Not Covering” parts.

      1. Why can’t you just Copy Paste onto here ! =O

        Is it the colourful pictures? Curse them colourful pictures!

        I’ll be first to say I’d rather read your impression than enjoy the pictures since I probably watched the show 10 secs ago. IDM if it’s shorter!

  8. Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou won’t be covered? Aww, and I was actually looking forward to that one. Div, you’re showing your maso-self; 3 Sun, and 3 Thurs show that you know you’d hate yourself for later on! Don’t burn yourself out knowing that you go farther than that extra 10 miles.

  9. I’ll go for the 3rd option and say it depends on the show or episode. Some might need in-depth analysis like a super complex exposition filled episode, but then the next episode is a beach/hot spring fan service which probably only needs a quick impression. This applies with screenshots too. More action and eventfulness (or beach bikini fanservice) might need more screencaps to show off everything important. The talking heads or boring episodes should only need a few.

    In short, I think you guys should just write on a show by show, episode by episode basis and try not to force yourself to do an in-depth 5000 word analysis on a nekkid loli beach episode.

    Maybe something like those filmstrip posts from Oreimo would work. 3-4 screencaps of a scene/event followed by a quick analysis/summary/impression mixed style of writing to it. At the end you conclude with final impression of the episode. I dunno i’m not a writer, so that might seem more complicated.

    Anyway, I was bored and was updating my stylish userstyle for this site and noticed the html source/stylesheet for the schedule tables’ *new writer* is named stilts_bg. Could it be that the name for this exciting new writer is “Stilts”?

    Chillax Mang
  10. I was trying really hard to get myself to vote for the shorter posts, then realized exactly what I was trying to do…convince myself into a choice that I didn’t want. Yes, I often wonder about you writers’ thoughts about shows you aren’t blogging, but overall I think sacrificing the in-depth thoughts and analyses for more coverage would change what I come to RC for.

    I’m near if not already into the double digits for shows that I wasn’t watching but got nudged into from screencaps/posts here that would have been a shame if I missed. I’d rather have that power behind posts of the fewer chosen shows than shorter thoughts on more of them lacking that weight.

    Sometimes shorter posts fit perfectly. Thinking to some of Takaii’s coverage off my head shows like Itsuten and BakaTest shorter formats covered all that needed to be said where ones like Hanasaku and Kamimemo had the necessary larger posts, so I’m not 100% opposed. The shorter posts of Kimi to Boku and Haganai this season also felt right in getting feelings toward the shows and covering the main points across, but I definitely don’t want to see the in-depth coverage cut short in series where its applicable and makes RC what it is.

    1. I’m near if not already into the double digits for shows that I wasn’t watching but got nudged into from screencaps/posts here that would have been a shame if I missed.

      Me too! I never would have given, say, Idolm@ster a chance had it not been for Divine’s fantastic posts and effusive praise for the show. And that’s certainly not the first show that I’ve haughtily passed up, then read about here, swallowed my pride, and loved.

  11. I think, like many have mentioned, it depends heavily on the show.
    When you have a show like Madoka, Steins;Gate, Penguindrum, or UN-GO where it’s very plot-heavy and there are a lot of aspects to analyze, it’s nice to have a more in-depth post. It can cover things you might have missed or prompt a discussion.

    However, there are shows that the above method doesn’t work for. More lighthearted or “simple” shows like Kimi to Boku, Hanagai, Kore wa Zombie… there’s nothing you need to pick apart. They’re easy to give quick, short impressions of.

    I love RC for the discussion that it can prompt and the response it can generate- it can make me look at an episode in an entirely different light and notice details that I hadn’t seen. At the same time, it can also be left up to the writer and an episode to episode basis. You’re covering 9 shows this season, Divine, and while that’s a cutback from what you used to do, you shouldn’t stress yourself too much!

  12. I’m all for going for the shorter format. Not only will more shows be looked upon but especially the ones that turn out really good and are unfortunately missed out while in this straining 5000+ word write up. It’ll give a slight breeze for all the writers. In fact, some already shorten their posts from time to time. I kind of don’t mind the lack of pictures but 6 (minimum)….ugh just doesn’t feel very alluring when I click on a post…well IDK, but knowing Divine, shouldn’t you be adding MORE pictures 🙂

    For me, I do not like the long write ups you do right now. For many people, the in-depth analysis are what makes them want more. I however do a lot of analysing on my own, so many times I read your posts I feel I’m repeating myself. I’m also not a fan of your linking words to your pictures (hey wait a second…, isn’t the short format making so you really don’t need to link so many pictures to words since you have so few (6-12)) your writing style makes it so I can imagine the image linked in the word (90% I get them right) without having clicked on it.

    There are exceptions, but most of the time I feel having a short but firm write up has more effect. Only when shows or certain topics of one prompt for a more clarification without being too excessive, but nonetheless lets just write about how you enjoy those fighting scenes or have fun laughing at funny ones. You don’t need a good in depth coverage to start a good discussion, so just write about what you like and let us comment away!

    I can kind of half guess the polls are towards the lengthy style but ultimately its your choice Divine, so I hope I gave you light on the small posting format.

    1. I think most of us aren’t against shorter more succinct posts. They can be short but maybe be written in a more flavorful and punchy type of style that can be fun to read like some other blogs out there that do an episode post with 1 screenshot with one-liner and maybe a paragraph about it. As long as there’s enough details and insights to conjure up some sort of discussion.

      I guess that’s what Divine is trying to aim for right? Most of the same thing but shorter and sweeter? Maybe I’m just thinking it would turn out something like reddit where you could probably just post 1 picture from imgur with a clever caption(stolen from 4chan of course) and thousands of people would circlejerk around it and somehow also come up with good discussions… But I don’t think that’s what attracted people to randomc in the first place…

      Either way, I don’t really care as long as Divine and crew write what they wanna write at their own leisure. If they can squeeze more shows out of that then why not.

      Chillax Mang
      1. Yeah, I should have said more so on that. That’s the one thing I’m not up for for the shorter kind of style. Less pictures. I can have long post and all that but less pics 🙁 It’s just my thing and I really don’t want you changing it.

  13. I for one, would not care (much) of whatever format you would choose, cause it’s YOUR anime blog, and it should be your final decision (ie. do you personally want it to happen) overall.

    1. You’re very right that it’s ultimately up to me, but I just wanted to get a feel for what people come back for and enjoy reading. Personally, I’m edging toward shorter posts, simply because the amount of time I spend writing every week is somewhat ridiculous. I don’t even like writing. I just like anime.

  14. Thanks for all the feedback so far everyone. Keep ’em coming.

    I get the feeling I should’ve said “wordy posts” instead of “in-depth analysis” in the second option though, as it’s very possible to say something meaningful in a lot less words. It just wouldn’t have the same weight behind it without all the supportive reasoning.

  15. I think the media-rich content and in-depth analysis set RC apart from other blogs out there, and I’m not just referring to blogs with English content. It’s hard to generalize all the shows since their need for screen caps and longer writer-ups vary quite a bit, more screen caps for Fate/Zero is always good but can’t say the same for Shana, so I think it’s best to leave it up to the blogger’s discretion.
    9 bloggers on board and you’re still gonna blog 9 shows? Don’t overwork yourself, Divine. you don’t need to spoil us, your readers will continue to support RC 🙂

    Seishun Otoko
  16. I personally think that writers (and readers for that matter) should worry less about length and more about just getting out whatever thoughts they have about an episode. If an episode was pretty straight-forward, they probably won’t have much to say that week and it could/would be a short post. Conversely, if an episode was full of twists and turns, it’ll most likely result in a longer post. As for the pictures, I mean, the posts aren’t meant to be summaries, right? So most people would’ve seen the episode already (theoretically) so the pictures, while cool, aren’t entirely necessary, unless of course one is using them to get a point across.

    In all honesty, though, I wouldn’t mind if the format stayed the exact same. I love it. Others love it. You just do what you gotta do to make things more enjoyable for yourself. A hobby shouldn’t be a chore.

  17. Whooo, that first Rinne no Lagrange episode was pretty solid. Little heavy on the fanservice for my taste, but what isn’t, these days… Great music, great mecha designs, and good use of color in the OP and ED.

    I’m looking forward to seeing more, but I’ve been burned enough times by the current generation of mecha shows that I’m not sure I want to let myself get my hopes up.

  18. As long as you have interest in what you’re doing, continue doing it. Some people will be sad if you drop a show they like, but honestly it all depends on you guys. I’d rather read posts about some obscure anime that one of you like rather than something that was created just to meet a deadline

  19. Wow, I can’t believe I’m in luck! Guardian Enzo is covering all the shows that I’ll be watching. Love the depth in his writing! I’m really happy the other writers are covering the other animes as well! Too bad there’s none for Inu x Boku SS.

  20. Oh I forgot to comment on the poll! I prefer in-depth discussions since this is the only place where there is. I don’t want randomc to just be another anime forum discussion site. I think that’s one of the aspects I really love about this site. Although you can make a compromise…. how about putting a summarized version then below is the in-depth version. Just separate it with a header/underline though. That way readers can choose which they want to read. But I hope it won’t be hard the writers, seeing how many things you have to cover.

  21. I was thinking that maybe you can keep the usual play by play episodic blogging of heavy hitter series like Gundam, Mirai Nikki or Nisemonogatari and such. You know, popular shows that you probably have a lot to say and talk about. But then you could do that “Retrospective Look” thing with the shows you didn’t plan on blogging like Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou or Inu x Boku SS. Like every month or 2, you take a handful of screenshots from the 4 episodes and then 1 short paragraph impressions of each blogger who watched it.

    It doesn’t have to be EVERY show that didn’t get episodic coverage, but just the ones that you feel like you have something to talk about. Kinda like at the same frequency those bleach manga posts get churned out.

    Chillax Mang
  22. I’m kinda of surprised BRAVE10 and Inu x Boku SS aren’t covered, but as long as I get to read Senki and Nise I don’t really care.

    Anyway, I’d really prefer to stay with the wordy posts; that and the timely consistency of posts are what keep me coming to RC instead of other team sites like Metanorn and Sekijitsu or individual blogs. The detail and thought that goes into RC posts instead of simple summaries and comments are just more interesting to me, and while shorter posts wouldn’t stop me from coming to the site, I think it would probably reduce my interest in it quite a bit.

  23. Serious posts for serious shows; less serious posts for comedies and such. But really, the main reason why I love this site is because of how intelligent, complex, mature and impartial the posts are when dealing with plot/thematically heavy shows. Shows like comedies that lack these elements (correspondingly) shouldn’t require as much analysis.

  24. Even if RC doesn’t cover Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou, I’m still happy that you guys are still alive.
    Just don’t over work yourself, guys. Specaily Divine. (stare)chiiii~

    Croos is already satisfied on what RC writers are doing.

    1. I don’t understand what you’re getting at. Bleach is being blogged on the site; Gintama isn’t.

      The schedule includes what’s airing this season and any shows carrying over that we’re blogging. It’s not rocket science.

  25. I couldnt vote for any of the two options, since I wouldn’t mind less pictures while I still love to read your in-depth analysis on certain episodes. Therefore I’d prefer a mix of the two presented options.

  26. Hi, I’ve been reading this blog on and off for about six months now, not everything, mainly old posts about shows I’m interested in. I really appreciate all the hard work you put in! Anyway, I have a question . . . who is that incredibly cute cat-eared girl on the right hand side of the blog?

  27. I discovered and came to love the site for the analysis and quality. I would be for less screen caps but I really enjoy reading the thoughts of the writer. Though I enjoy the manga style posts too. As long as it’s done well I don’t think their’d be a problem. I’m entirely for more shows and perhaps a well thought out idea minus the elaboration and incorporating less screen shots if that would help stave off the lethargy of episodic blogging. However I’m fine with what’s covered now and the process. If you guys are comfortable as it is I’d just stick to that with less screen caps or only screen caps relevant to the post itself. In either case I’ll be periodically back to this site for more, as long as it’s around.

  28. A quick impression or an in-depth analysis…

    I really think that you should consider your abilities and time tables more than your reader’s opinion. I’m OK with both anyway. If you can make time to make “posts with in-depth analysis”, then go ahead, otherwise its OK to be late or make short post: its your personal blog anyway.

    The Moondoggie
  29. I want to ask a question. Having the same thing but shorter and sweeter is good in all(in-depth but less wordy), but is that really going to be much easier to write? Having to put the same meaning in a few less words is difficult in my opinion. I have a hard time trying to write something that is easy in my mind to explain but ends up being a giant 1000+ word paragraph. Even now, having to write what my point is (and I hope you get my understanding) is brain aching.

    All I want is Divine and the others is to not be stressed out in making a post, so maybe they can try taking another show under their wing.

    P.S: I hate writing as well.

  30. I was a bit torn on the poll options, but I ultimately chose the long blog posts. However, divine, sometimes there isn’t really much to say on certain episodes. You can also post some of the blogs later like on tues/wednesday.

    About the schedule, it seems like the major shows are being covered. Still somehow, I’m amazed that Enzo skip out on Dashi and Natsume for Another on monday.

  31. I definitely think that you can still aim for an in-depth analysis without making it super lengthy (500-1000 words). In the end, I think you need to do whats most important for you and the other writers. You guys have your priorities & responsibilities outside of this site and I hope that the other readers realize this as well… Regardless of the direction you go towards, I’ll be here supporting RandomC!

  32. It’s up to you what you want to do of course, but personally, I find I skip the pictures and go right to the analysis. I really only click any of the pictures if it was something really memorable.

  33. I think it would be good if you just ANNOUNCED the type of post format you were going to use for that particular series for its duration. For example picking one/two MAIN shows (each?) to do the regular long-ish post such as Another, guilty crown, Fate/Zero. The rest,for time saving sake go with a more moderate or even small manga format. It’ll give you more time to discuss shows as well as cover variety because different shows have less audience/require less anaysis so it depends.Analysis and impressions I feel are more important because you don’t really need to summarize a show people just watched especially because the well-timed HD screenshots pretty much do the job for you. Perhaps you could make a self-imposed time limit on your post writing because i find that when an episode is interesting/complicated you’ll have more to say and will write faster. ALSO you’re doing a great job but I’m a little sad nobody decided to cover Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou…I’LL DO IT!! hehe 😉 Good luck finding a balance guys.

  34. Rather horrified that Danshi isn’t being covered because I was so looking forward to it (I thought you were too Divine! ;~;) – but I guess there wouldn’t have been that much to write about it anyways. >:

    Back to topic at hand – I think the mixed, “this show/episode deserves a longer/shorter post,” approach is the best way to go. Some episodes, or sometimes entire shows just don’t require the longer, wordier post that RandomC strives for. I think it’s more of a personal judgement thing – do you think that this show/episode merits more screencaps, or more analysis?

    And going along with the discussion on screencaps – I personally find them more appealing when I’m clicking around on posts, but that’s a little superficial thing that I could easily go without (since I’m such a loyal reader!). I do like it when helpful screenshots are integrated into a post though, because it helps me either recall whatever moment is being discussed or see a scene from a different angle. Either way, I find it extremely useful and wouldn’t want that to be taken away from RandomC posts. Superfluous pictures I could do without, I guess (but the pretty pictures! D:).

    As always, don’t overwork yourself Divine. I (and I’m sure most other readers too!) would rather you not burn yourself out running an anime blog c:

    Finally, thanks to all of the wonderful writers that keep this blog running! I always rush straight here after I finish a new episode of whatever anime is coming out. Again, thank for everything!

  35. I enjoy reading insightful posts, especially if the episode confuses me. Thoughtful discussions spring from thoughtful comments by the bloggers. As for the pictures, it helps to see the whole episode summarized in a few pictures on the front page. I only look at those and the ones that are hyperlinked. And yeah, analysis doesn’t need to be wrong. As my teacher always says, good English is short English.

  36. Just wanted to comment about the poll: I really enjoy the in-depth analysis each post brings. I think that it really helps start the conversation, gives me new perspective, and shows me little things that I may not have seen.

    The impression I’ve gotten over the past few years is that the large number of screen caps take quite a bit of time; I wouldn’t mind fewer (even significantly fewer) screen caps if that meant more series could be fit in.

    Heck, I wouldn’t even mind no caps, it’s all about the perspective, analysis an discussion. I can’t think of a better place to find well-thought out, well written episode-by-episode impressions and analysis.

    As always thanks to all the writers, and don’t burn yourselves out.

  37. I’m the type who reads your blogs after watching the episode, so I really just go directly to the text (and the comments). So I wouldn’t mind having less screencaps. Only use screencaps that would complement your writing (or do you use the caps as springboards for ideas?).

    I love the in-depth analysis, as I like to analyze things myself. It doesn’t really matter how long or how short, but how much you revel into it. If it deserves a long post and you can’t stop writing – why stop yourself? If it’s all fluff, why bother?

    1. Thiiis. I have the same thoughts. I also only read after watching (and comment after reading). etc. Also like someone else said your writing makes it so that whenever you link a pic in the text 99% of the time I guessed right which pic it’s gonna be (even if I still click on the link lol).

  38. there isn’t a third choice for the poll? for me, i would prefer that “the current media-rich posts with in-depth analysis” only if the writer really likes the series. it will not do any good to both the writer and readers just for the sake of writing if you know what i mean

  39. Totally happy this season 😀
    For me 19 out of 23 shows this season are being coverd here on Randomc.So that will mean that I’ll be here day in and day out 😀 though I really need a good schedule for this season as I’m having 7 more show than normal. Here is my list

    Ano Natsu de Matteru
    Papa no iu koto wa Kikinasai
    Black Rock Shooter
    Recorder to Randoseru
    Kill me Baby
    Guilty Crown
    Inu X Boku SS
    High School DxD
    Senki Zesshou Symphogear
    Last Exile
    Area no Kishi
    Mouretsu Pirates
    Gundam AGE
    Rinne No Lagrange
    Mirai Nikki
    Aquarion EVOL
    Phi Brain
    Zero no Tsukaima 4
    Shakugan no Shana

    As you can see it will be a heavy season for me. (hoping I will get through it all :D)
    As for the bloggers I commend each of you for your dedication and hard work. But please try not to overwork yourselves it aint good for ya ya know 😛 especially you Divine.

  40. I’d say do whatever format you desire to do. You’ve got a great thing going here and a great community, but the reason it’s good is because the reader can sense the writer’s passion. If that’s waning a bit (or perhaps other activities are biting into that energy), then scaling back is probably the way to go. The fact that you’re testing the waters with the community probably means this is the case, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. You’ll only burn out if you keep pushing yourself in a direction you’re not personally driven to. The reader will certainly sense something like that.

  41. Wonder why no one decided to blog Inu X Boku SS :< I mean sure, it's not the best, deepest show ever, but it's better blogging material than some others this season, I think. Oh well…


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