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OP: 「Happy Girl」 by 喜多村英梨 (Kitamura Eri)
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「パパと呼ないで」 (Papa to Yobunaide)
“Don’t Call Me Papa!”

An anime that deals with strong family values and has not only Kitamura Eri and Ono Daisuke but Horie Yui as well?! Even if this show was absolute garbage (which it is not!), the voice acting talent alone would be enough to keep me interested. But if those names don’t ring a bell or you could care less about Seiyuus and just want a good story, Papakiki’s first episode delivered in both the family moments and fan-service departments — the former stemming from a conversation between Yuuta and his older sister and the latter from some impressive DD Cup size boobs.

In terms of first episodes, I was actually surprised with how much I enjoyed Papakiki. Starting with the art, something I don’t normally fret over, I loved how pretty everything looked. From the character designs to the quality of the backdrops, everything worked together and just looked right.

However, even if Papakiki had the best art in the world, it isn’t going to do any good if the story isn’t compelling enough to keep you watching — luckily Papakiki delivers on both. Honestly, I was drawn to this show the moment I saw the words “family-oriented” due to the fact that this genre tends to have a lot of genuinely heart touching moments. As petty as that may sound, I’m a sucker for an anime that can build up my emotions and toy with them however it pleases. With the promise of a good story focusing on one’s family, I’m excited that an important point about being a family was already made during this first episode. And while it may not have been a huge point, it’s a good start for something that could build into an amazingly immersive experience.

So where does that leave us for a first episode? We have college student Segawa Yuuta (Hatano Wataru) who’s trying to live it up as a college freshman but has everyone in the world competing for his attention. There’s his crush Oda Raika (Horie Yui) who has huge breasts but a strange personality, super player Nimura Kouichi (Ono Daisuke) who’s trying to get it on with every girl possible, and Sako Shuntarou (Majima Junji) the masochist who probably has a lot more dirty fetishes waiting to be revealed. At the same time, there are his three cute nieces: Sora (Uesaka Sumire), Miu (Kitamura Eri), and Hina (Igarashi Hiromi). And even though we didn’t get to see much out of Sora and Miu except for their pantsu, I couldn’t get enough of Hina. She’s just too cute.

At this point, I’m impatiently waiting for the all important announcement about something happening to our little trio’s parents. As you should already know, they will eventually move in with Yuuta and that’s probably when the show will kick it into high gear. The thing is, if you’re like me, you’re already loving this show. Can you imagine what’ll happen if it just gets even better?!

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  1. A series of lulz mixed with a bit of “D’aww and Hnnng”s. I like it. Oh and Hi Haruhi… err Sora. XD Thanks Takaii for covering this. I’m probably sticking to this one for ecchi instead of HS DxD.

      1. Actually if you compare Miu’s little devil personality with Riko, you can definitely see the similarity in looks and personality traits.

        However… you just have to bring up Airi… I have only seen the screenshots but now I feel guilty… you evil #$@#%!! Feel my wrath!

  2. I love this show so much^^….I actually prefer this one compared to Nisemonogatari due to its beauty in portraying family life and HNGGGGGGGGG moment (Same reason why I prefer Clannad AS compared to Code Geass R2)

    Btw talking about Airi…Definitely gonna watch that if I have some sinister thought toward MiuXD

      1. Heh, I’m with you, but I’m actually holding up pretty well. XD

        Yup Hina. You are just too damn cute. She was so cute blowing the trumpet I felt like I want her to blow my trumpe-*shot*

        The Moondoggie
    1. ryuuzaki, the two older children are not blood related with the main character. Also, he is going for his senpai and is more like a father figure to the three girls. Its not incest.

    2. There are various mangas about this story, wich is a light novel. Each one tells the story from different character views (the general point of view, yuuta’s, miu’s, sora’s and hina’s), and in the one related only to yuuta and his campus life, he has feelings for raika, so sry for you, no incest at sight. Try again.

    3. I’m sure YOU are the one that love incest, I don’t see any incest here, your imagination sure runs wild. And the one he like is Raika, and he doesn’t even love the other 3 girls in a romantic way.

  3. Good show, going to be one of my favourite of the season I can tell. These types of anime always end up a winner in my books.

    ……..oh and I didnt know Airi had a sister? \(^_^)/

  4. So what are the chances of character designer and famed (hentai) doujinshi artist Nakajima Yuka publishing his own doujins for this series? (Ragnarok Online fans would have heard of his “DL Action” series. I’ll say no more as this is supposed to be a “for all ages” website)

    Then again, it’s probably unlikely, I have yet to see Kobuichi publish any doujins for Hidan no Aria and Kore wa Zombie desu ka, or even the famed tonytaka for the Shining Wind game series, suggesting they’re bound by their contracts for obvious copyright reasons. (Still, it’d be pretty cool if they were allowed to)

    Kinny Riddle
    1. Well, damn, I just found Nakajima Yuu’s danbooru section. How the hell am I supposed to have pure thoughts about this series, after having seen his/her illustrations of other series? 😀

  5. While Kitamura Eri, Ono Daisuke and Hocchan were all instantly recognizable, I nearly failed to recognize Majima Junji as the voice behind the “creepy otaku”-like Shuntarou.

    Guess I’m more used to hearing Majima voicing cool hunks than fat pervs, lol

    Kinny Riddle
    1. Now that just beats all. I only found out it was Hocchan and Ryuji’s VA after you mentioned it. Looks like Minorin and Ryuji got close after all…just not in the way anybody expected.

  6. How do you feel about the buildup up the episode? I ask since it did kind of jump around and have more of a “live action drama” feel to it more than anything; yet in the end it barely scratched the surface on anything.

    You know that I’m watching this because of you Takaii [literally] (we’ll forget completely that I’m the big Kitamura Eri and Horie Yui fan for a second here) and that now that I know how the story goes, I feel that you’ve drawn me into another time suck where my Tuesday nights no longer exist for actually studying but to deduce every little nuance.


  7. I didn’t plan watching this, but I ended up downloading this when it came out.
    It really suprised me how much I enjoyed this, and it reminded me a lot of Aishiteruze Baby! Which I just loved.
    I really hope this anime provides many aaaaawwwhhh moments like in Aishiteruze Baby did.

    1. Geez, how many times do I have to say this? This show’s main genre is family. There maybe a few fan service shots but the rest is about him being a father figure to the three girls.

  8. The anime did not disappoint!

    I have been reading the LN and the manga so I know the feel of the story and as far as it goes, the anime has the same feel.

    And there is no incest in the story. The only girl related to the protagonist would be the loli-Hibiki(lolz).

    And to all who would recognize the name Nakajima Yuka of the “DL Action” doujin fame, I advise you to forget for a moment that he was a doujin artist.

    And so: Papa no Iu Koto wo kikinasai! Episode 1 score: 8.5/10

    The Moondoggie
    1. Really thanks for the head up that this is incest free. I also want to view this as a family themed anime that’s gonna show how beautiful family is. Well of course having cuties like Raika around is a bonus too.

  9. “Honestly, I was drawn to this show the moment I saw the words ‘family-oriented’ due to the fact that this genre tends to have a lot of genuinely heart touching moments.”

    I like how you think there Takaii. This is why I also place Clannad After Story in very high regards for its focus on family Show Spoiler ▼

    . And yes Hina is innocently cute and adorable. You’re not the only one who went d’awwwwww. Oda Raika also looks like a character that’s gonna be remembered years to come from that first impression. I don’t know why but Raika reminded me loosely of Shijou Takane, if Takane’s mysteriousness went up a notch.

  10. Hmm, it started off differently from the LN though I like it.

    The question is, will the show follow the LN and stick with heartwarming family-oriented drama or will it ruin it by going off the track and focusing on ecchi/moe stuff?

    Let’s hope the show won’t turn out to be a latter.

      1. Lies…

        This show has plenty of panty shots, boobs rubbing, and seeing lolicon almost naked. Don’t say there is no hint of incest. Yeah, I am sure a family show display all that. How come I never saw any pant shots or close-up of boobs rubbing on the disney channel?!

        Lies, all lies… O_o

      2. @chaos
        Your stupidity amazes me. The closest thing to lolicon you’d see in this show would be the youngest girl, but given how young she is supposed to be I doubt there’ll be any fanservice involving her (thanks god).

  11. About Yuuta, nothing to describe because he is a main character of the story.

    About Sora, she does look like Suzumiya Haruhi based on the design, and her VA is really alike of Haruhi VA. Does Sora in love with Yuuta.

    About Miu, she does look like Maho Misawa from RKB. I have nothing to describe about her.

    About Hina, she is so cute especially her voice. Some people feel like wanna adopt Hina.

    About Raika, I do feel weird about her. She is a weirdo to me. But Kouichi mentioned that she was a weirdo and no boys get near her.

    About Kouichi, to me, he is really a playboy. lol

    About Sako, he is really masochist. lol
    Yuuta, don’t you forget, they called you uncle and it’s impossible for them to call you brother, Oi-tan.

  12. I like this show, but here are a few things to point out.

    Hina seems a tad older than being 3, more like 5 years old based on body size.
    Also in comparison to her sisters, her size changes going from thigh height to above waist height.

    Suppa Tenko
  13. Family is the most important thing in the universe, if you don´t have a family you have nothing at love. I´m already loving this show because it centers in a subject that modern society has abandon quiet a lot. I really like the art of the show and the different personalities of the trio, Sora strikes me as the tsundere girl in love with Yuuta, Miu has little devil written all over her and finally Hina is just one little angel; Yuuta got an adorable familly but being a single parent still in college, but that´s going to be a wild and fun ride.

  14. A question that’s been on my mind, the answer to which is likely to have already been inferred by those perceptive watchers: How old are these girls?

    Seriously, how old are they? Hina is 3 (and is adorable). But Sora? I mean, she has boobs and is shown at school with a gaggle of gawking girls. Miu looks a bit younger…

    Middle school? High school? Couldn’t be elementary school…could it?


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