「雨中の敗走」 (Ochuu no Haisou)
“Rout in the Rain”

After watching Yuuji’s rise to power and the subsequent mental breakdown of roughly ninety percent of the Flame Haze throughout the world, I was afraid that this episode would be a big pity party for the Flame Haze. Thankfully, with people like Centerhill and Margery finally stepping up (or showing up) this episode did not disappoint.

After watching this episode, I firmly believe that Yuuji’s actions are completely contradicting what he says he’s trying to achieve. Seeing how he’s already brought down a majority of the Flame Haze and asked for their cooperation, it bothers me that he’s still mercilessly slaughtering them. I mean if what Yuuji has said comes true, what good is it if there’s no one left to witness it? Second, I’m starting to believe that his goal will actually bring the devastation he promised it wouldn’t. As Centerhill explained, the chaotic storms in the Rift are the byproduct of the imbalances that occur when the Tomogara consume a human and use their Power of Existence. If Yuuji decides to move everything into the Void itself, I wonder where all the byproducts would end up at…

Crazy conspiracy theories aside, there were a lot of flashy fights and unexpected deaths in this week’s episode. I was nearly in awe watching the new and improved Shana standing alongside Wilhelmina and Centerhill as they tried to stall a serious Sydonay. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say I cheered a bit when Margery made her flashy entrance. On the other hand, I never expected that Centerhill and Sirotci/Samuel Demantius would actually die! Luckily, the writers really emphasized the importance of both Centerhill and Samuel’s deaths. While Centerhill may have joined a little to late for me to feel any empathy for him, I did get a little emotional as I watched Samuel share his final words with Zirnitra.

With another great episode, this second half of this third season seems like it’s on its way to being just as good if not better than the first. With more characters, bigger places to battle on, and an even bigger final boss to take down I can’t wait to see what the second half of Shana’s final season has in store for us!




  1. I am very confused regarding Centerhill. Maybe if he actually joined earlier he wouldn’t have died. Furthermore, why he was no match for Sydoney was beyond me – considering Margery survived numerous encounters with him and Margery is most likely far less powerful than Centerhill. Maybe Margery’s plot armor was simply too thick for Sydoney’s halberd.

    Anyways, I wonder if this means the other 3 “gods” will also join the fight, after Centerhill died.

    1. You yourself said it, Margery survived her numerous encounters, not beat Sydonay.

      In season 1, Margery only managed to pwn him briefly because Sydonay was distracted about discovering the Reiji Maigo (Yuuji) at last and only wished to retreat.

      In season 2, the flashback in 1930 New York was the only other encounter between them. Margery could have easily died if it weren’t for the sacrifice of another young Flame Haze intervening.

      So yeah, Sydonay is ridiculously “haxx0r”.

      Kinny Riddle
    2. Centerhill could have escaped if he had chosen to do so. But, he needed to delay Sydonay at all costs. Margery’s ball thing was supposed to do that, but he was too strong for it.

      Plus, Sydonay didn’t have his staff in the previous Margery fight…

  2. I am guessing how the plot will go from now on is that Yuuji will be partially successful in creating this new world, but as Centerhill pointed out, it would be flawed and the Tomogara will revolt against him. After that he may finally reach some sort of truce with Shana.

    Also I still think Kazumi will eventually become a Flame Haze through this chaos (which will obviously affect Yuuji deeply). This is the biggest development I am expecting for this series.

    1. I’m guessing that this whole plan by the god of creation is a lie. When the new world is created it is done so while absorbing our world. Yuuji/GOC say they want peace and everyone happy but they continued to slaughter the flame hazes. To me that shows how underhanded and decietful their side is.

  3. I’m interested to see the three remaining Nature Gods show up, now that it seems they will join the frey. If their powers are anything like Centrehill’s, then the Flame Haze are going to get a much needed power boost. 😀

    I am really interested to see what will become of Kazumi. She’s been showing up repeatedly through ops and eds with her cross, I have to wonder if she’ll eventually use it.

    Skins Thunderbomb
  4. Pyrrhic Victory on all sides. They all think they won, but suffered great casualties on each side. Somehow, the ending may become a zero-sum game where it goes back to the way it is, with both sides fighting again, with no real change to the world.

  5. Oh well, Samuel has fallen – and Centerhill too. But they manged to save what remained of the FH army, and completely out-tactic the Shogun. Furthermore it seems at Centerhill’s request rest of the 4 Gods will join the fight. Also, it was good to see Margery (and Marchosias!) in action again.
    I think the real reason “why Snake has to be stopped” is that his “new brave world” will share the same misfortunes now evident in our world, and people will suffer the predations of Tomogara just like here. That it brings “unbalance to the force” is just a result.

  6. I really like this Flame Haze war that’s going on. While I loved the first season, what I disliked about the first two seasons is that there was very little emphasis on how great the actual conflict was as the focus was strictly within Misaki City. Bal Masque seemed like they were only composed of the trinity and the psycho scientist.

    Of course I do understand that it was the resurgence of the Snake of the Festival which caused the formation of the flame haze army, it would have been awesome if we were able to meet all these characters throughout the series’.

  7. That’s what I said last week! Yuji’s contradicting himself, and I said that last week, but no one was really listening to me Q3Q

    Ah well, it doesn’t matter. At least you get it.

    Maximum Dusk
  8. Sydonay is way too overpowered and imbalanced. Four Flame Hazes, 3 of which are main characters, against him and they can barely seal him for 2 minutes to talk a bit. I was hoping Margery’s grand entrance was some awesome spell that just kills him outright, but…yea basically just wraps him in a ball of blue yarn. The size of that ball was almost the size of the seal on the Snake. Really, WTF!

    1. Can you explain why they are still killing the already retreating Flame Hazes? Is there a reason? I don’t care if it’s a spoiler, just put it in tags. You seem to know the most about the Novels, I would be grateful.

    1. Why… Why did you have to write a big spoiler like this?? I mean, I know you put it into a spoiler tag but… I didn’t want to know it U_U
      People, please don’t read the comment above!!


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