「壁~conquer oneself~」 (Kabe)
“Wall ~conquer oneself~”

I’m still slowly working my way through Sousei no Aquarion, but even I could appreciate what an awesome throwback to the original this week’s episode of Aquarion EVOL was. Not only do we see the return of the magician-like high commander in Fudou Zen (Fujiwara Keiji), but we see it in style with the infamous “Infinity Punch” that circles the globe several times over before tearing down the Berlin Wall. “And then he proclaimed, ‘Let there be illicit sexual relationships!'” (Fujun Isei Kouyuu!) Okay not really, as Zen’s laying down the law to prevent romping in the dorms at night, but the rest of it is more or less true.

If you’re not familiar with the original series, the absurdity of Aquarion’s Mugen Punch will probably be a bit too much at first. However, if you keep in mind that the series is a tribute to super robot shows where physical constraints are the least of its concerns, then it could easily be perceived as “randomly awesome”. The lack of any visible damage on the CG-rendered Vector planes and the orgasmic robot combinations are just another level of ridiculousness to it all, but they’re really not that hard to overlook when you consider the production quality behind Satelight and Kawamori Shouji’s original work and the type of show that Aquarion EVOL’s trying to be. Anyone who’s seen Gurren Lagann shouldn’t have too much difficulty getting behind the stuff here, so for those who haven’t, just think of it as a show that looks like Macross Frontier but doesn’t take itself too seriously. At least, that’s what I see it as.

Even with more relevant developments surrounding Shrade as the top male Element user with a weak body, Cayenne as the protective brother who fears losing Mikono to Aquarion, the genius girl Crea (Tange Sakura) (with over 300 IQ according to the official site) as the reincarnation of Rena, and now Mykage as (presumably) the reincarnation of Touma, I’m still getting the most enjoyment from the over-the-top depiction of mecha action with various bits of humor throughout — something that I only recently learned carried over from the original series. The previous episode provided a good feel for the seemingly perfect balance of seriousness and comedy, similar to the formula that Rinne no Lagrange is using to much success, so that’s one aspect that has me really sold on EVOL. Naturally, I’m looking forward to seeing the romantic comedy side of things pick up next time (mmm, Zessica), but I’m also quite curious as to exactly what went wrong with mixed combinations in the past that caused them to become forbidden. Donar’s made it clear that it destroyed most of his body, which leaves me wondering if it something as straightforward as sensory overload. I gather I’ll find out soon enough, now that Mikono’s committed to fighting alongside Amata and Cayenne.

* Any negative connotations that I may have had with the Guilty Crown cast are pretty much gone now. EVOL’s already provided a positive impression of them in their new roles.
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  1. What happened to the pic link in this sentence?
    “Okay not really, as Zen’s laying down the law to prevent romping in the dorms at night, but the rest of it is more or less true.”

  2. the trademark mugen punch is back! along with Fudo Zen?! Ok, he is almost the same, but not the same person… and I must say I like the new Gothic loli Crea much better…

    so Amata is going to yell a different combination name every time now?! WTF does snow melting have anything to do with gattai?! but it is nonetheless fun to watch and does provide a laugh there :3

    I thought 恋爱禁止 = relationships (the regular type between guys and girls) are forbidden… but I guess you can take it to the sexual level… 🙂 Judging from the preview, it will be another those silly training session with the ring on the shoulder… and might lead to another awesome attack 🙂

    Zessica, be aware of the evil hand of Amata… you might fall in the next episode :#

    1. “恋爱” pretty much means romance… which is why we’ll have a date episode this week. :3

      As for snow melting, I thought it was a reference of Mikono shedding her “useless” shell? Also it kind of rhymes with “tokimeki” which was of course the entire point.

  3. I skipped the Mikono/Cayenne scene since I couldn’t bear the cliche lines being spouted but otherwise, another awesome episode (even if I did facepalm at the infinity punch o_0). This show ain’t no Gundam, that’s for sure XD I guess it’ll be better to think of this as Guren Lagann.

    on another note, Shrade’s badass, though I can’t help but feel he’s hiding something sinister.

    Can’t wait for the next episode 😀 Zessica ftw!

  4. AWESOME. In one episode we have the return of the MUGEN PUNCH, the destruction of the Berlin Wall, and Fudou taking command of NEO-DEAVA! Fudou then proceeds to cockblock an entire school of sexually-starved teens. Never change Fudou. I can’t wait to see what kind of “curriculum” he’s put for the students.

    The only thing this show needs is more screentime for Zessica. She’s the only character I consistently like not because she’s hot(okay PARTLY because she’s hot) but because she’s the only one seems sane and friendly. Cayene took another step back for me for being a jerk again.

    I’m also looking forward to Crea “Not-Rena” largely because she’s voiced by Red Saber.

  5. I gotta get in this SH!T!!!!! like YESTERDAY!!!!! but i also wanna appreciate the subtle nuances of this “throwing back” to the older version….BUT I HAVE NO TIME!!!!!!! WHAT SHOULD I DO!?!?! is their a cliff notes version of the “older series” like a OVA or something that will give me the feel of the old, without all the time consumption??..YEAH YEAH, i know its probably worth it to see the old version..but….

    BROOKLYN otaku
  6. Is that Fudo the same Fudo? Our badass Fudo?
    Wasn’t he Gen? Zen?

    Oh gosh the new girl is even cuter than Rena and how nostalgic the Infinite Punch!
    Too bad they didn’t use the opening as an insert a song in the episode…
    After Nisemonogatari,this is my favorite show of the season.

  7. “Naturally, I’m looking forward to seeing the romantic comedy side of things pick up next time (mmm, Zessica)”

    It’s going to be hard for the romance aspect of the series to get into any significant level next episode with those damn Love Ban Bug Zapper Armbands they’re wearing in the preview. >.>

    1. 1) He is a reincarnation of Fudo Gen from Sousei no Aquarion.

      2) It’s strongly advised that you don’t watch it since according to Kawamori this isn’t strictly a sequel to the original.

  8. Given Crea’s comment of Fudo breaking another seal she is definitely Rena 12,000 years later.

    Though I don’t think they are reincarnations. As Gen Fudo now going by the name Zen Fudo (How very imaginative) implied to be a immortal human who was the third pilot of Aquarion.
    Rena who is the reincarnation of Apollonius and Celiane’s pet dog was a Element with vampire characteristics that lived already for several centuries.

    Gen may become slimmer and wearing an eye patch and Rena became a loli rather than just goth-loli is definitely them.

    I can only guess those two pulled a Doctor with their new forms.


    If the theory Andy is Pierre reincarnated holds maybe Mix is Cloe reincarnated.

    Cloe didn’t approve of Pierre’s womanizing ways but she did like him finally confessing at the end.

    Only in this life she doesn’t approve mixers.

    Talk about taking your baggage to the next life.

    From a Kawamori interview.
    Q: Is the OVA of the previous series a sequel of the previous TV series?
    A: It’s a parallel universe. However, the event 12,000 years ago is common because it happened before time and space diverged.

    If we ignore Kawamori’s usual NO CANON treatment I guess Altair the Abductors home and Vega Earth 12,000 later are parallel universes of the OVA and TV series.

    At the end of the OVA Apollo, Silvia and Reika’s Multi Mugen Punch had a side effect on a parallel universe.In the OVA their battle with Touma froze the Earth. The dimensional side effect on the TV series just before the beginning it was snowing while somehow the name Apollo slipped to Silvia’s mind while she and Pierre were scouting for Apollonius based on vision of Reika. There is also an implication that OVA Apollo, Silvia and Reika created that parallel universe. Reika was willing to be cursed with misfortune as a price for her sins and previous incarnation Scorpius sins. Hence TV Reika being more depressed and unlucky than To Aru Touma.

    I’m going with Mikono and Cayene both inheriting Reika’s soul as one is depressed and the other has her power. Mikono would a strange case of having both Silvia and Reika.

  9. if Scorpio was indeed immortal 24,000 years ago then he is indeed Gen 12,000 years ago and Zen now.

    Altea looks like a colonized Atlantis
    and that was indeed Touma – wait isn’t he inside the Earth with Apollo and Sirius?


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