「素晴らしき家族旅行」 (Subarashiki Kazokuryokou)
“A Wonderful Family Trip”

Given how we’re about half way through the series, I must say how impressed I am with how the story and the characters have managed to keep my attention even though there’s not really much happening. Since the tragic accident that supposedly killed Yuri and her husband, I love how their importance as family members has been preserved through not only everyone’s memories but also through Hina. And even though I feel that Yuuta still overreacts whenever Hina mentions her parents, it does serve as a reminder about something that will have to eventually be dealt with. Oh if only this series was slated to be longer!

But seeing how Hina will be far too young to explain things to for at least another few years, I love how the series is handling the second big issue — everyone becoming more comfortable around each other. Even though I talk about this all the time, I think it has to be one of the biggest draws this show has. However, as much as I love all the lovey-dovey family moments, I could really do less with Sora slapping Yuuta over honest mistakes. Unlike your normal slice-of-life harems where the slap actually brings some laughs with it, it always seems like Sora is letting her imagination get the better of her. But to my surprise, instead of putting up with it, I was ready to give Yuuta a pat on the back after he finally expressed some discontent with Sora’s behavior.

As I wait for the day that the idea of “delicacy” is thrown out the window and all four of our loveable main characters can just strip in front of each other without a care in the world, I’m glad that there’s still more than enough Hina to take my mind off of things. Unfortunately, it seems that there’s something scary lurking around the corner in the form of a scary hentai named Sako who could possibly ruin everything. And as much as I love how funny he is, I can’t imagine how scary it would be to see him alone with Sora, Miu, or Hina. Especially after seeing just how far he’ll go to get what he wants. Actually, I take that back — it’d probably be hilarious to see him stuck with Miu since she’d probably completely overpower him. Either ways, Raika seems to be accompanying him and hopefully be the one the story decides to focus on.

Update: My bad guys! I was under the impression that this was going to be a 1-cour series because of a talk I had with Divine (which I misinterpreted). I’m not 100% sure of which it is yet, but according to our lovely season preview it should be 2-cour. (:

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      1. @Stranger
        You are a bit… stupid? Since when did loli have anything to do with age? Miu doesn’t look like a loli and that is what actually matters. Tits are NOT sexy to lolicons. Got it?

    1. I’ve taken to calling it “daaawwwwww-service”. Mostly slice of life, like Usagi Drop, but for more ambitious with the loli. (with Rin only giving us a sprinkle, but Papakiki a couple of tablespoons).

  1. I read the first light novel to this recently and also have been following the manga. We’re not far from catching up with it in the show. Things are a good bit different. Many folks have complained about the near nudity of Hina in the manga during the bath scenes. Having had to do ‘scrub the child’ duty before I wasn’t really bothered by it. However, they nicely nipped it in the bud, cept for the soap… Yeah, sometimes I hate the net. I look forward to seeing how the next ep is going to get treated. I’m enjoying seeing how the differences between the 3 versions is. Good post, Takaii.

  2. I hope for a happy ending for this series, something like Yuuta’s sister being alive and well, you know I double check second episode saying 200 people missing not dead so maybe just maybe there is a chance there are actually survivors of that crash.

  3. Another enjoyable, if somewhat slow paced episode. At least next week is the one I’ve been waiting for where Raika finally returns into the limelight. Considering her lack of appearances its no wonder they released a side-story manga that concentrates on Yuuta’s club activities (warning, its very NSFW) and relationships with his college buddies.

    As for Sako, I seriously do not know whether to laugh or fear him.

  4. Oh if only this series was slated to be longer!

    I’m guessing this would end with a sequel hook like other light novel to anime adaptations. I’d keep my finger’s crossed for it if I were you.

    The Moondoggie
  5. Is it just me or did my Lord Hina get a lot of air-time this episode? It seems like the makers of this anime are starting to realize that Hina is the master of this show. Just too adorable and kawaii to contain! :-3 Yuuta…you better treasure and treat my Lord with the utmost care!

  6. I hope there’s a bit more drama soon. They just kind of gloss over it. The girls never really seem hit by the loss of their parents, even Sora’s crying was about “I’m so glad we could stay together” rather than about the realities of the situation or being overwhelmed, which would be more realistic for a girl her age, or heck, anyone. Instead every time it looks like there’s going to be some depth to the series they just quickly flip the mood and they move on. I’m enjoying it for now, but I think if they continue with slice of life and awkward crushes (really writers, the panty thing? That’s been done to death) and don’t inject some depth, even a little, I’m going to get bored and drop it.

  7. “I could really do less with Sora slapping Yuuta over honest mistakes”.

    This. Don’t know, I guess I expect more from Sora. Unlike other typical tsunderes she seems to have a very calm, composed, elderly sister side to her. So it feels like she should be mature enough to not slap him till he’s red especially when it was so much more her fault than his. He did say he would help carry it you know… I also wish Miu would stop saying he needs to have more “delicacy” but it’s like her catch phrase now.

    On the more positive side. Wow I didn’t realize that there’s barely been anything happening. Also Hina getting freebies and discounts. She’s just too adorable. Afraid for how she’s going to grow up though. She might start thinking that’s the norm!

    Sako-senpai awesome as always. If I ever needed to sniff out some lolis, I’d go to him.

    Nearly teared up when he gave them the photo. ):

    And sorry but that bunny just reminded me of Kyuubey…


  8. This episode made me wonder about something I hadn’t given much thought to before. Why are they not living in the kids house? Their possessions would probably go to the kids and Yuuta is the next best relation and is taking care of them.

    1. Maybe, just hypothetically, it has to do with Japanese law? Also, that house is quite a ways from Yuuta’s work and school… and RAIKA!!! ~_~!… But you’re kinda right, would make sense. Actually thinking pseudopsycologically, wouldn’t living in the house be an indication that Yuuta’s sister may indeed have passed on? Thus causing potential drama with cute lil’ Hina. Even further thoughts, would he have enough money to maintain utilities and/or land taxes etc. for a house of that size? I mean there must’ve been a will or severance set out by the father for the 3 kids since he was a suit-dick and all. But in all honesty, it doesn’t seem like this anime is supposed to go that deep.

      Just my 5 cents.

    2. My take on it.

      1. Yuuta might need his relative’s permission to stay there.
      2. He will be forced to pay the bills. I’m sure a full-sized house costs way more than a small apartment room.
      3. Would you rather clean and manage a large house or a small room?
      4. Too far from Yuuta’s work and university.
      5. The kids don’t care, I mean they even prefer to sleep with Yuuta instead.

  9. It’s amazing Sako-senpai managed to accurately sketch out what Miu and Hina look like just by their voices.

    Yuuta was right about trying to hide his nieces from him. lol

    And more of Yuuta’s cute seiyuu neighbour please.

    Kinny Riddle
  10. Aside from my agreement that Sora needs to tone down the unwarranted slaps and Miu needs to stop talking about “delicacy” when things are almost never Yuuta’s fault, I still love this show. Yuuta being constantly forced into Hina’s pace is always adorable, and when Sora isn’t being “tsun” she’s my favorite. Miu has her moments, and she’s definitely cute, just a little too man-eater-in-progress for her age for me.

    I’d be scared to introduce Sako to my nieces too! If he wants to visit them I’d make him sign a written agreement that he has to bring Raika with him every time. That’d be the only way I’d be comfortable, and I’d still never leave the house with him there! XD I know he’s actually just harmless and very overstuffed, but I can see where Yuuta’s coming from.

    It also makes me a bit sad that Raika seems more interested in if his nieces are cute than she in seeing Yuuta more. That man has a hard fight ahead of him, but I suppose he can use Hina as bait if he gets really desperate for her attention… except he’s too nice of a guy to ever do that intentionally XD

    1. I think it’s clear she, deep down, welcomes these situations and the slapping’s
      are her way of not giving him the idea that she really wants to show off for him;
      it’s the price he (unwillingly) pays. Also, this is Anime…

  11. Yuuta should get a special ringtone for Sako. Something like: “Every breath you take”, by The Police.XD

    Seriously though I’m also getting tired of Sora slapping him all the time and Miu and her “Delicacy”.

    Looking forward to next episode when Raika comes over and the status quo (which is starting to get a bit long in the tooth) get’s thrown for a loop.

  12. i always wondered about this: miu is 10 and in 5th grade right? but in cardcaptor sakura: Sakura and her friends are all 10 but in fourth grade? so does the japanese school systems have the same structure as america or was Miu held back in her kindergarden years?

    1. Could you imagine how hectic a school system where grades directly correspond to each individual students’ age would be?

      The class rosters would be constantly shifting, and the academic calendar would be permanently in flux.

  13. Enjoy that baby drool, Yuuta. You are a very lucky many that you didn’t get this a year earlier. Potty training a little girl is….delicate. This goes for all you guys wanting kids. Every little lie, every little discourtesy, every single thing you ever did that you would regret, gets payed back with potty training. I mean, you are pretty much stuck calling it a potty in adult conversations for a good three or four years. That is the least of it.

    And it’s good to see this main character be a man.

  14. After 6 episodes of waiting since Uncles(lol, I actually forgot his name) got the kids, Raika finally meets them. Actually, I’m rooting for Raika and Uncles. I just don’t think Uncles will see Sora as somebody more than a niece and I doubt they’d take an incest/loli route (though they’re not really blood related) if they actually plan on pairing Uncles with somebody.

    The Story You Don't Know
  15. I enjoy and fear this show so much, is a wonderful story but everytime when Hina mention about mama and papa, or asking where are they. You cant help but get choke up a bit, I mean how do you really respond to her question, or when the time comes to tell her the truth, who really have the heart to tell her what really happen. Yuuta really need to get together and introduce them to more new ppl so when the time comes for her to learn te truth, she will at least have tons of ppl to support her.

  16. I still enjoy the series, but I don’t expect anything more than a Rou Kyuu Bu! type of
    seriousness from it (but I was hoping more drama). It’s a little too light hearted
    considering the seriousness – even Usagi Drop had the bed-wetting adjustment to the loss
    of her (Rin’s) “father”.

    If I visited a home I grew up in and spent so much time building those childhood memories,
    I’m pretty sure I’d be balling at some point – at the loss of my home no matter how much
    better the new situation is. So this episode, while enjoyable, didn’t seem how
    real people may act.

    1. Well, while that’s true, Hina’s manga explains why Hina’s still so bubbly. I don’t know if the anime will ever show it, but I do hope so since that tear-jerking.

      If you’re curious, try googling the series’ title with “mark of the rabbit”.


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