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OP3: 「Platinum Disco」 by 井口裕香 (Iguchi Yuka)
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「つきひフェニックス 其ノ壹」 (Tsukihi Fenikkusu Sono Ichi)
“Tsukihi Phoenix Part One”

I will never look at a toothbrush the same way again.

Let’s get some things out of the way first. Tsukihi’s arc does begin in this episode, but with only three more remaining after this one, we don’t know much so far – just that she’s supposedly immortal, she’s the sister who is to be feared the most, and she’s also an imposter. Which is perfectly fine because this was more of an epilogue to Karen’s arc; we see how the relationship between brother and sister has changed after Kaiki was dealt with. Almost every heroine that Araragi has saved basically falls for him in one way or another, and it wasn’t surprising that Karen wasn’t any different either. After all, she already told him she was in love with him, so the events in the first half of this episode didn’t take a huge stretch of imagination to be able to predict. Karen’s new look (in the colors of the high school girls’ uniform), her desire for her brother’s compliments, Araragi as a jealous and overprotective brother / “boyfriend”, and a sister who practically grinds all over him and offers her virginity in exchange for an introduction to his kouhai – all these things weren’t all that unexpected given the off-the-wall scenes we’ve seen in this series already. However, what I didn’t see coming in a thousand years was the little game Araragi had her play in order to for him to introduce her to Kanbaru.

Yes, some viewers might find the rest of this episode extremely uncomfortable or objectionable. I can easily understand why they might feel this way – heavy incestuous overtones and/or underage sexual tension isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and nor should it be. However, I’m not here to cast any moral judgment on Araragi, Karen, or the toothbrush scene in this particular context. I feel it is out of the scope and style of Random Curiosity’s writing, and I’m fairly confident most of you wouldn’t want to read that kind of stuff here anyway. So for the sake of the rest of my post, please imagine that this scene occurred between two unrelated and consenting adults – the toothbrush scene’s ingeniousness would not be diminished in any way.

On the surface, you would think that the simple act of brushing your teeth – something you’ve probably done thousands of times in your life – would remain a perfectly innocent act even when done by someone else on you. Hopefully, it would remain even more so when done by a family member, like a mother does for her young child. If you really think about it though, a toothbrush itself can take on a lot of significance in adult romantic relationships, especially in regards to the degree of intimacy, and also its limits. One sign that a relationship has become more serious is when one person leaves their toothbrush at their romantic partner’s place. Even the closest of couples have boundaries though; locking lips is natural, but most draw the line at sharing a toothbrush. As Araragi says (channeling his inner Izaya), the act brushing your teeth is 99% of the time a strictly private experience – so when someone else does it for you, someone who isn’t a dentist, this act transforms from a daily hygienic exercise into a new, strange, and intimate encounter, akin to many fetishes. From Karen’s reaction and expressions, it probably felt like her first intimate, if not actually sexual, experience. NisiOisiN and Shibou Akiyuki’s transformation of a harmless everyday habit into a mind-blowing scene speaks volumes about how ingenious this whole scene is. The bar has been raised – typical fanservice, as found in countless other anime, just doesn’t quite cut it anymore.

It’s clear that Karen didn’t know what she was getting herself into, but where did Araragi even come up with the idea of brushing his sister’s teeth as a game? He’s always been a pervert, but he’s been a pretty clueless one at that – often being led on by others instead of taking the initiative like he does here. Maybe Kanbaru mentioned it to him as one of her fetishes, and so Araragi decided to demonstrate to Karen what she would have to expect from meeting up with Kanbaru? Or perhaps Shinobu had a say in this matter? At the very least, it would be quite interesting to hear what she has to say after witnessing the siblings’ little dalliance. The best part of the episode for me was when it finally dawned on Araragi what the true effects of his actions were on Karen, and also his subsequent internal struggle with right, wrong, and most importantly, the question of whether she is actually more beautiful than his ideal girl, Hanekawa. Luckily for our entertainment, the heat of the moment and Karen’s breathlessly spoken permission snuffed out any and all lingering doubt in Araragi’s mind. Not even Tsukihi’s impending threat of capital punishment could prevent the two of them from rounding the bases once more. Extra innings never sounded sweeter.

Even if this episode made you uncomfortable, the sheer ingenuity of NisiOisiN in penning the now-infamous scene, Shibou Akiyuki for translating words on a page into animation, and Shaft in bringing this scene to life, cannot be denied. Together, they have succeeded in crafting an episode that would not have nearly the same effect if it wasn’t an anime – and one that is also completely unique even within anime itself (as far as I know). For better or worse, Nisemonogatari’s eighth episode sets a new standard in anime, one that will be discussed for a long time to come.

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    1. That is *actually* a toss up. I was waiting for a Renai Circulation v2.0 and, unsurprisingly, it happened. I’m still slightly more biased towards Nadeko’s theme because Bakemonogatari was decidely more dark and gruesome, and that made the fuwa’s more endearing.

  1. The toothbrush scene! THAT TOOTHBRUSH SCENE!

    Its filler. Its stupid. Its disturbing. Its uncomfortable. Its kinky. Its AMAZING! All at the same time. How is that possible!?

    I’ve got nothing people. My perverted mind cannot comprehend it. I just know that I can’t stop watching it.

  2. legendary toothbrush scene has finally arrived!
    there isn’t a lot of plot going on here… except the beginning, but you will see what it is meant later for sure… I love how they said this will be end of the story… sadly this arc will be the end of the “first season” of the monogatari series.
    I believe the idea of the toothbrush play is from Kanbaru (need to check the LN again for that), but kudos to SHAFT and director for that 🙂

    1. Araragi mentions it here (to himself) as well. Just before he starts brushing her teeth he says that this is one of Kanbaru-sensei’s ideas. I have to say, while I knew she was perverted I had underestimated her perverseness by quite a lot until now.

  3. “So for the sake of the rest of my post, please imagine that this scene occurred between two unrelated and consenting adults”

    Oh, I see. So you’re telling people to judge this episode without actually thinking about what’s in it.

    I find RC useful reading at times, but this ridiculous post does a great job illustrating its weaknesses.

    1. I’ve already made the point that I’m not here to delve into moral judgments, and I’m not telling people to judge this episode as a whole either. Nor did I claim to condone either incest or underaged kids fooling around.

      Instead, I am only asking them to judge this particular scene by its own merits – because it really doesn’t matter who the characters are – the crux of it is that oral hygiene was turned into something erotic while subverting the usual fanservice tropes. The relationship between the two and their ages doesn’t play a huge factor here.

      1. Well unfortunately, the incest part doesn’t cease to exist just because you choose to ignore it. It’s a plot point. Your fixation on that one scene to the exclusion of all else is telling; why would you NOT have an opinion about the episode as a whole? There’s no way that’s out of place. As it is I have to conclude that according to you there is nothing else worth mentioning about the episode, nothing else worth even having an opinion about. That sounds incredibly shallow, and I’m not buying that that’s any good because this happened to have fanservice that didn’t involve a girl taking her clothes off.

        If the bottom line is “it’s good for fanservice”, fine, say so. Not my problem if some people want to focus on that. That’s nothing special though, not by a long shot. Anime like that are the definition of disposable entertainment.

      2. I know it’s a plot point, and I never claimed that incest would cease to exist in the episode because I am simply asking the readers to disregard it only for this particular scene and for the sake of my argument – creating a hypothetical toothbrush scene, if you will.

        I am not “incredibly shallow” enough that I don’t have an opinion on the episode as a whole, or on the topic of incest either, but I feel the majority of people who read RC don’t come here to read about my personal morality – they’d rather talk about the scene itself, so this is why I chose to “fixate” on it. If you’ve read any of the comments, it’s abundantly clear that’s what most people are talking about.

        We’ve also seen incest many times before in anime – why should I devote my post to a topic that has already been well tread at the cost of addressing something that is actually new and unique? Nowhere did I deny that this scene wasn’t fanservice either, I just practically said that it sets a higher standard for it, which is something that is special, in a way.

        So sure, decry this as disposable entertainment while you read blog posts analyzing it. Just don’t attack me personally for not choosing to voice my moral views here.

    1. …which will improve the oral hygiene of otaku and (hopefully) their reputation among the non-otaku women of Japan, which might help them find loving relationships, and reverse Japan’s declining birthrate. I see, this episode is a conspiracy between Studio Shaft and the Japanese government to save Japan from its “graying population”! Banzai! XD

  4. This episode, without any boobs, or nudity, or over skin exposure, or beam-light censor or anything like that, defeat the fanservice level of any other anime that I ever watched…With just a simple toothbrush.

    Now I know why the toothbrush scene was very famous before even it animated…

  5. i had to turn off my super loud speaker and put on my buddy headset as if i was watching h–t-
    when that toothbrush scene appears, it completely caught me off guard. i wonder why tsukihi’s hair style changed? and in the OP too, is it all the girls shown is tsukihi?

    1. FYI, using Onii-han rather than chan is very funny gag to me.

      Tsukihi use Kansai dialect (or kansai-ben) rather than normal dialect used later which give the audience how confused she became when she found what her Onii-chan and Karen-chan were doing.

  6. after watching this ep,i realize something incest is FTW!i think iwill root for incest now with imouto fetish as bonus! and toothbrush is became ‘different’ tool when araragi using them way to go harem king!

  7. I haven’t been all that impressed with this series, to be frank. It tends to gerrymander a bit too much (especially when Senjogahara’s talking), but this ep was a pleasant surprise. Pretty funny.

    Also nice to hear Araragi’s emphasize Tsubasa Hanekawa as his ideal woman. Wonder if he places her higher than his girlfriend (I sure would). Still can’t believe how short he is nect to his little sister, though. Have them vampire cells stunted his growth?!

    1. Geesh, I was trying to reply to Ryuuzaki…

      And wow. Tsukihi’s arc has 4 episodes, and one is already used for this particular purpose of showing the siblings’ foreplaying before intercourse oral hygiene game. Looks life we’re having a couple of ONAs, complete with Shaft-level delays again…

      Not that I’m complaining about the contents of the episode.

  8. Excellent write-up, Verdant. I don’t think I’ll let anyone use my toothbrush too; it’s just one of those very personal things that’s yours and yours only.
    It’s understandable that the heavy incestuous overtones will not be everyone’s cup of tea but it sorta works in everything-goes-anime and you gotta give Shaft and Nisin-sensei props for making tooth brushing so erotic. This is ART, I tell you!

    Seishun Otoko
  9. I found this comment from another blog:

    This is a useful tool, commonly found in the range of 6 inches long, the functioning of which is enjoyed by members of both sexes. It is usually found hung, dangling loosely, ready for instant action. It boasts of a clump of little hairy things at one end
    and a small hole at the other. In use, it is quickly inserted, almost always willingly, sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly, into a warm, fleshy, moist opening where it is thrust in and drawn out again and again many times in succession, often quickly and accompanied by squirming bodily movements. Anyone found listening in will most surely recognize the rhythmic, pulsing sound resulting from the well-lubricated movements. When finally withdrawn, it leaves behind a juicy, frothy, sticky white substance, some of which will need cleaning from the outer surfaces of the opening and some from its long glistening shaft. After everything is done and the flowing and cleansing liquids have ceased emanating, it is returned to its freely hanging state of rest, ready for yet another bit of action, hopefully reaching its bristling climax twice or three times a day, but often much less. What is it?

    1. Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Explain to me what Karen was doing when trying to explain her feelings for her Onii-chan cause that’s Tsun Bucko (not Hitagi Grade but still), in this episode she channeled Senjogahara threatening Araragi when her begging to be introduced to Kanbaru failed, channeled Kanbaru when she was wrapped around his neck being all lively and perverse when being stepped on, Hachikuji when with overconfidence when facing her brother’s challenge and even a little Nadeko when she was embarrassed.

      And the Toothbrush scene how did you even overlook… your a Troll aren’t you?

      You didn’t seem to care only when Senjogahara enters the scene but in that case you probably didn’t enjoy most of the Previous season OR this one either, all the characters as a whole makes everything interesting that a lot of anime these days are sorely lacking

      1. To be fair, plot-wise, there doesn’t seem to be any foreshadowing about whatever’s the problem with Tsukihi. The only thing this episode established about Tsukihi is that she’s yandere for Koyomi (though we already knew that when she walked in on Koyomi and Shinobu), and Koyomi stating she’s immortal. Though that last tidbit does beg to question; if Tsukihi’s immortal, then she really shouldn’t have any problems, right? Or am I missing something here?

        Anyways, this felt like a pure fanservice episode, not that it’s a bad thing. I mean, after the extreme beat-down Koyomi went through last episode, he deserves a reward from Karen’s side, I guess?

        An wow; I remember Kanbaru saying she was popular with the younger girls but an actual fanclub?! I wonder if she ever abused her authority, being the lolicon that she is XD

      2. Yup like what beedle say
        Tell me what part of it is really good? the whole episode revolves w/ arararagi and big sis not to mention half of it is the toothbrush part :c

        Then I would like to know what make this episode not the worst so far?
        Yeah I know I’m killing the mood here…but it’s not my opinion

        And no why would I troll here? I’m telling the truth… there’s no really development here
        It’s only saying that the relationship w/ bro-sis relationship is okay now

        PS when I said the worst episode so far I didn’t mean it’s really bad…….well I guess it’s quite easy to understand what I meant here

      3. I wonder why all the reply’s to my comment have no way to directly “reply” back to them…

        What I’m pointing out is the i like series have so many dynamic characters (who are interesting on their own) not just the plot which I’m WELL aware is mostly absent from this episode. I like that everyone is eccentric and what is seen from the other (younger) sister who to finding Araragi and Karen in a compromising position plus her reaction to the bathroom scene where she sworn to have seen a “little girl” seem to be foreshadowing something since I’m really curious as to why she reacts to violently (with a straight face at that) when girls get to close to Araragi.

        And what with all these reply’s to me about the PLOT!? i replied to someone who seem to have hated the entire episode because there is no Hitagi tsundere to be found where in that did i SAY ANYTHING about my opinion (until now) of the PLOT?

      4. Okay Fantom

        This is the worst episode so far basically bec. there’s no real plot there
        the thing about I need more tsundering thingy is just to balance my comment w/ some kind of joke… u seriously think that I hate it bec. of diff things?

        And no I ENJOY BAKEMONO AND THE REST OF NISE’S EPISODE except w/ this one =.=
        Why would I watch nise up until now if I didn’t enjoy it?… Common sense is the answer dude

        Come on read my freaking coment and understand it
        “The worst episode SO FAR..SO FAR” I didn’t freaking say I hate all of them…. geez I dun know if your the one whose trolling

    2. It’s like saying this is the best episode so far….but opposite :C
      If you still didn’t understand what I meant
      It’s like having your favorite episode on your favorite anime but this time it’s the opposite ….

      and If I remember it correctly bakemono or nise never show a “talking” w/ two character on a whole episode..that’s the other reason why I hate it

  10. Does anyone feel like this episode was just innapropriate ?

    Bakemonogatari, and so Nisemonogatari used to be a kind of fantastic, surnatural show, and it was terrific for reasons that everyone knows : mounting screen by screen, funny characters, etc… !
    Then it turned into softcore incest porno, and it’s just disgusting.
    I was shocked by this episode. Ok, there always were little keys of eroticism in the show, but here, it’s to much, and in addition between brothers & sisters…

    Unfortunatly, it’s like a lot of japanese shows and mangas. I feel like they henceforth just use sex in their stories. Maybe they believe that it’s the only way to bring (back ?) viewers and readers (Just watch High School of The Dead or High School DxD… , or read To Love Ru… Pitiful.)

    Let’s back on Nisemonogatari.
    Now what ? Will Araragi take some good time with a wonderful threesome with Karen and Tsukihi ? Or form a harem with all the girls of the show ?

    Forgive me if my english is not correct, because I’m french ^^ !

    1. Im gonna agree with you on this one. The scene was funny, but spending an entire episode on it took it way too far. If it was only part of an episode it would have left me thinking “well that was silly”, instead it ended on a “what in the hell did I just watch”.

    2. I disagree – I think, pardon the expression, that this episode was very tongue-in-cheek. It pushes upon our mentality of what is acceptable in anime and provides the illusion of going beyond that, and challenges us to take sexuality at face value. The whimsical aspect, arguably just as important, is the near-absurdity of the fact that nothing really happens except Koyomi brushing Karen’s teeth. The grandeur of the music, the cadence of the bristles, and the overpowering depiction of Karen’s sensitivity really solidify this scene by tapping directly into the way we sense things.

      Appreciating the artistic merit requires you to abandon the mindset the seeing nudity or references to sex amounts to nothing more than fanservice. The scenes in this show are not a means of pandering to peoples’ desires – but usually manages to accomplish this fairly handily.

      1. While I appreciate its artistic merit, I wouldn’t exactly start lauding it as something that’s philosophically mind-boggling. The scene was hilarious and well-made, thought-provoking and pure genius yes, but there’s no denying that it still comes across as some form of fanservice whether it was intentional or not (I’m going with the former here given most people’s reactions). Fanservice isn’t limited to simply “bewbs” you know and isn’t necessarily bad, it can be done tastefully and as you said, tongue-in-cheek.

        Still as hilariously entertaining the scene was, I can’t blame people for feeling weird about the incest undertones (can we even call it that at this point?) especially considering the controversial nature of the subject itself. While I’m all for praising it for how well done it was, it’s perfectly understandable why some may find this as something that’s uncomfortable to watch and it’s definitely something that I wouldn’t fault them for.

      2. @ronri

        Just for the record, I apologize for my tone and sounding like I’m trying to write off people who found this episode objectionable as prudes or anything like that. I was also uncomfortable watching the scene, and I was sporting this silly ear-to-ear grin-of-disbelief as to how anything this risque was being aired. But I’m in accordance with verdant here – I’m not one to judge whether or not incest is “acceptable” or whether or not there is any moral story to be told here. I don’t think that’s actually relevant, to be entirely honest. The fact that this scene can strike so close to home without explicitly showing any sexual acts (among other things I’ve already stated), to the point that it can draw such strong visceral reactions from its audience… is just incredibly strong screenplay (wordplay, AND foreplay!).

      3. @Jif

        No problem. ^_^

        Just thought I’d point it out so no one would feel attacked (not that I thought you were attacking anyone of course). I myself recognize the absurdity of bashing the show for this scene (heck I love the Monogatari series!), but I also can’t fault people for feeling uncomfortable with this particular scene which despite how tastefully executed it is, it’s still obviously suggestive. I apologize if I came across as trying to attack you though, as I don’t mean to shoot you down on your points (in fact I agree with a lot of them).

      4. I agree with you on this. But what shocked me is really the incest nature of this show (Nisemonogatari).

        It made me drift on a problem that I find worrying in todays jap’ animes : The constant need of sex.

        But this scene, seen as you said, maybe seems understandable !

    3. I disagree; this episode was very appropriate. As far as this episode goes, I did feel at first that it was a waste, considering the series is ending and we haven’t learned anything about what Tsukihi’s problem is, but at the same time it felt like a welcome reward to cut the tension from the previous episodes. An epilogue to Karen’s arc, I guess.

      The reality of the situation was, Koyomi was just brushing Karen’s teeth. Their additional innings was also them brushing each other’s teeth. That is not incest by definition.

      Now what ? Will Araragi take some good time with a wonderful threesome with Karen and Tsukihi ? Or form a harem with all the girls of the show ?

      I think you’re over-reacting quite a bit there. Koyomi loves his sisters enough not to endanger their lives; Gahara-san’s made it perfectly clear what would happen if Koyomi cheats on her with anyone, without exception.

      Highschool DxD actually has a decent story, with great characters. And the main char hasn’t had sex yet even though it’s like his life’s ambition.

      To-Love-Ru was an ecchi-driven romcom that seemed to be going somewhere at times before suddenly halting, so I’d agree with that example. The sequel TLR Darkness, however, finally has direction and starts working through character development, so I find myself skipping over the ecchi to get at the heart of the story, since the characters are actually quite likeable.

      I dropped HotD, because it was going nowhere.

      Now, this is something that’s been bugging me a lot; I don’t understand the hate/rage/disgust about incest. I’m not ‘pro’ incest since I find the negative consequences from a biological standpoint to be too heavy, and I understand why there are laws against it given the statistics of father-daughter cases that positively correlated with child abuse, but in the fictional world, so what? Heck, if I take my religion to the letter, I can’t marry anyone since we’re all siblings and descended from a common ancestor, so by definition are blood related.

      The ‘incest’ felt rather tame to me relative to all the other supernatural (God Crabs that steal people’s weight, Snake Curses, etc) and absurd (Koyomi being “Web thrown” around by his intestines, Koyomi being punched through a flyover) things in this show.

      The scene was mind-boggling, yes- a toothbrush, of all things!- but I still don’t classify it as incest, no matter what was implied.

      1. You can’t seriously be saying all that without looking at it from another perspective right?

        I agree with many of your points, but the fact is such reactions are truly bound to happen. Even you say there was no incest (sure it was just a toothbrushing scene, so let’s completely disregard how it’s shown and set up in context while we’re at it right?), the incest undertones are still very obviously there. While I’m not one to bash this show for this scene (I love the Monogatari series), I can’t fault people for feeling uncomfortable about this particular.

        Sure you say it’s fictional, but that’s not something that many people would necessarily view it as. There are certain elements in works of fiction that allows us to immerse ourselves and enjoy it for what it is. One of them is the idea of being able to relate to the characters or the situation. Consider that the Monogatari series has interpersonal character development all throughout the series,obviously at times one would find that they’d be able to relate to the certain themes or ideas being used. Now what you have to remember that by doing so, people unintentionally feel affected by what they’re seeing, simply because they’ve already established that previous mindset and connection of relating themselves to the story. That’s why I can understand why some people would find this scene uncomfortable, because despite how harmless it may seem in your eyes, it’s still obviously suggestive and to deny that means to deny the very charm of what makes this scene great at all.

  11. brilliant animated. nothing was lost in this scene oh no far from it that kiss in the last minute was not there in the novel! i salute you SHAFT for skipping the dman censors and give us a perfect toothbrusha nd karen x koyomi episode i wait for the BD with longer version!

    1. I first saw it in 480p on laptop, 2nd time was in 1080p and on a bigger screen. Usually I don’t rewatch anime eps but this one was really worth it to see in 1080p, even if it’s only an upscale.

    1. character setting, Karen is taller than Koyomi, thus she has a BF shorter than her (guess why?)
      character setting, Tsukihi is shorter than Koyomi, thus she has a BF taller than her (guess why?)

    2. No, Karen was always taller than Koyomi. I believe Karen is 170cm, while Koyomi is only 165cm. That’s why people kept commenting that Karen was the big little sister since she’s taller than Koyomi.

  12. “One sign that a relationship has become more serious is when one person leaves their toothbrush at their romantic partner’s place”

    is it bad that my toothbrush is everywhere >:D i leave my towel at my friends’ house too… and contact lens stuff… and a spare fone charger…¬_¬ hmmm i might as well move in

  13. I think I’m missing something here. What’s the big deal? He brushed her teeth?
    Come on people we’re on the internet, you see things worse then that at least ten times a day.
    I personally saw nothing all that weird or wrong with this episode compared to the others.

  14. I didn’t really like this episode. I guess because the fanservice didn’t make it for me or because it lasted the whole episode.
    But if Tsukihi only gets 4 episodes, who gets the other two?

  15. Karen/Araragi didn’t tickle my fancy as much as Araragi does with other chars, but I gotta admit, that toothbrush scene turned me on(yeah, I said it ). And I don’t mean in the same hentai-fap fanservice-y sense either, I mean I could vividly feel the emotions and intimacy whirling between Karen and Araragi. In today’s anime, you rarely get a scene like this without the show having to turn it into some ecchi fanservice crap.

    Well, you could argue that it WAS fanservice, but I disagree. I consider fanservice to be a blatant attempt by one or more characters to showcase themselves in ‘ecchi’ situations. I did not get that feeling here at all. Neither Koyomi nor Karen knew what they were getting into, and that whole scene details how rational/logical thought can very easily be thrown out the window during strong emotional moments(e.g. lust). It really is quite ingenious =03.

  16. Being a dude who has a little sister himself, I have always firmly been in the camp that believes siscon fetishes were created by people who don’t have one. But even I thought this episode was super hot, holy crap. Amazing ep through and through.

  17. Incest? Not quite liking that aspect of the show, however, it does make sense in context. Araragi is a vampire and he did suck Karen’s blood, so it makes sense for her to fall in love with him, but seriously…I was a bit uncomfortable when Karen was seen enjoying it so much, but when it also awakened latent feelings in Araragi it just became a bit too much to watch…Overall still a fun episode and Tsukihi’s opening is cute, but I was hoping for more dynamic visuals like Karen’s opening. Also, each of the girls have some physical object to manifest their abnormalities (Senjogahara, staples for the crab; Mayoi has the backpack for the snail, etc.) so I wonder what Tsukihi’s is…

    Censor this!
    1. Also, I can’t believe how utterly gorgeous ll the characters are in Nisemonogatari. They’re seriously the best character designs I’ve seen! No wonder there’s so much fanservice in this show…

      Censor this!
    2. This is not fanservice. This is the pinnacle to which studies in sexuality aspire. No expense is spared to emphasize the cultural and artistic backdrop in eroticism – no curve of the body is left unanalyzed, no motion is wasted. We are left not with a bubbly “hoo hoo, breasts!,” but with an invocation of sexuality itself that connects at a deep, visceral level. This is reflected abundantly especially if you were feeling uncomfortable while watching this. Through lurid imagery and sharp narration, this episode reaches out through the screen and titillates the very senses of its audience. Truly, a daring masterpiece, even if the incestuous undertones (overtones?) proved to be oppressive.

    3. Don’t worry, Tsukihi OP already give all you need to know, just finish her arc, and watch her OP again, you will understand all of them.

      Want some hints …

      Show Spoiler ▼

      Yes, while the song is fun, but the rylic somehow give a little lonely and sad feeling through the song, and that’s why the song fit perfectly with Tsukihi’s complex personality.

      SHAFT do compose a very good OPs those match the character in each arc.

      When you watch Karen OP, you understand Karen personality and abnormality through OP, same goes for Tsukihi’s.

      I don’t know how many people here already finished reading nisemonogatari novel, all I can say is just watch Tsukihi chapter ’till the end, she has more and complex situation than Karen.

      And what I can say right now is, when you finished Tsukihi arc, either by watching nisemonogatari animation or reading nisemonogatari novel, just try watching her OP again and you will find that SHAFT done this OP very good and very fit to Tsukihi.

  18. Koyomi’s channeling Naoe Yamato o_o I have a feeling Karen and Koyomi will get along with each other even better once Karen meets Kanbaru!

    and holy toothbrush! Even with all the hype, Shaft did not disappoint. Still, I wonder how Senjougahara will react when she finds out; she was able to tell how many women Koyomi’s been ‘playing’ with just by looking into his eyes.

    Tsukihi’s reaction was just plain awesome! As is her dancing in the OP.

    on an unrelated note; any particular reason why one of the screencaps is labeled ‘10.5’, Verdant? o.o just curious.

  19. Shaft just broke the laws of reality and created a anime with both story and dick hardening properties. Its nothing short of a breakthrough of the century. Now if only other shows can get this combination right.

  20. Sometimes the sexiest thing isn’t in actually seeing what you want to see, but in imagining it. NisiOisiN and Shaft managed to make one of the sexiest scenes ever, without really showing much of anything. I am impressed!

  21. I felt so dirty watching the last few episodes of Nisemonogatari. I mean, er, in a…good way? I think Nadeko would want to have her teeth brushed too. Actually, I think the entire harem would be in an uproar for Koyomi-style teeth brushing. Shinobu is probably first in line.

  22. キタ━━━(゜∀゜)━━━!!!!!

    The legendary toothbrush scene that everyone has been talking about! It has certainly lived up to its “Wincest” hype, and I must agree.

    Though this is supposed to be the beginning of Tsukihi’s arc (along with a very catchy OP by Iguchi Yuka, up there with Renai Circulation), Karen totally steals the show this week simply by putting on a skirt and making all sorts of sexy noises. Her cuteness has increased hundredfold.


    I echo Araragi’s sentiments upon seeing this: “So kawaii~” (GJ to Kitamura Eri for nailing Karen’s voice just right. She just has a thing for playing such roles. )

    I very much look forward to all the doujinshis being published in the near future describing these “extra innings” in more detail.

    Kinny Riddle
      1. Berserker will steal the toothbrushes of the Matou household and pawn everyone (Gilgamesh first) with it. Saber will get her teeth brushed by Berserker as the last servant standing. XD

  23. I’m predicting spectacular sales of the BD that contains this particular episode. In fact, I’m expecting the sales result to break all records.

    The limited edition had better come with a free orange toothbrush. =D

  24. I was disturbed and questioned whether or not this is my favorite anime. I have avoided reading the novels and will probably continue to do so only if I know they aren’t going to finish the anime series. A series that because of this episode WILL NEVER MAKE North American airwaves! [Or they will simply omit ep.8]
    Anyways I guess after a bit of reflection I can just put this episode aside when watching it again. But as anime goes… Honestly it was genius. Now if excuse me I have to brush my teeth! :-p

  25. “heavy incestuous overtones and/or underage sexual tension” is my one of my favorite cups of tea.
    I have been convinced to grab the Bakemonogatari eps despite how much that tsundere pisses me off, WHY?, 1.For the story, 2.Before anymore SOPA/ACTA bs deletes the links. Hope that movie comes out soon.

  26. This is the best episode of this anime I ever saw. The timing, the music, the screenplay! This should get an Emmy! No, an Oscar!!! No no!! It should get the Reuben!!!!! IT HAS THE GUTS!!!!! WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!HAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

    Reminds me of tickling. Is this a new form of tickling? THE TICKLING OF THE TEETH!!!

  27. For the guys, if you didn’t get a hard on just the genius of that whole scene then there is something seriously wrong with you. My heart seriously was going nuts. You thought the writers couldn’t get any weirder? Yeah well shit just got better because that was awesome.

    Jason Isenberg
  28. Its funny how Izaya’s sister and Karen (Araragi’s sister) Has the same voice actor. They both also seem to be comfortable with incestuous acts!. The question now is, who are the better sisters. ^ ^

  29. this is pretty funny, i lol’d throughout, though looking back, it kind of is disturbing, being an only child, i find it humorous but for ppl w/siblings, i wonder how they see incestous scenes such as this. this eps seemed unnecessary but i do question the aim of this eps.

    this actually reminded me of a TED video i saw where an expert on sex was discussing orgasm. i remember her saying that there was a woman who got an orgasm every time she brushed her teeth. so the idea of making toothbrushing erotic isn’t all that foreign. now it makes sense!

    1. A lot of us figured episode four to be the Milestone (of a much much more controversial nature). But comapred to eight, four was showing the cash, but not paying the bills. Eight held firm to the money clip, and payed by the due date. To bad it hit a surprise surcharge, eh?

  30. While this OP is very catchy, the fun rhythm and melody, yet a very complex & emotional mood of Tsukihi was represented in this OP.

    Yes, the song is fun, but the rylic somehow give a little lonely and sad feeling through the song, and that’s why the song fit perfectly with Tsukihi’s complex personality.

    I don’t know how many people here already finished reading nisemonogatari novel, all I can say is just watch Tsukihi chapter ’till the end, she has more and complex situation than Karen.

    Not quite a spoiler but read at your own risk, since someone can predict what will happened next for Tsukihi by this hint.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    And what I can say right now is, when you finished Tsukihi arc, either by watching nisemonogatari animation or reading nisemonogatari novel, just try watching her OP again and you will find that SHAFT done this OP very good and very fit to Tsukihi.

  31. I was halfway through with reading the comments
    but i gave in.. tl;dr

    All I can say is that the toothbrush scene did not disappoint!
    If anything, it exceeded my expectations.

    But there is one thing bothering me though..
    A lot of the guys^ seem to be putting tooth brushing on an erotic pedestal.
    I just found it highly amusing at best..
    Guess going from tentacles to toothbrushes just doesn’t cut it for me anymore 🙂


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