「隻眼の転校生」 (Sekigan no Tenkousei)
“One-Eyed Transfer Student”

Laughter and comedy take a supporting role to a more serious character development episode.

Jin’s arrival at Neo-DEAVA causes quite the stir among the ladies. As if the fall of the Berlin wall were not enough to satisfy the girls, they continually swarmed the poor new guy like a pack of wolves. More than two minutes with him seems to alienate any interested women though. Of course, any girl would be if a guy were eyeing them from head to toe in a creepy sort of way.

You have to feel sorry for the guy since he’s basically traumatized by his first impressions of the women around him. Not knowing anything about women is one thing but who wouldn’t be terrified in his position when you see a female use magic, tear off someone’s hand, swarm the cafeteria like unruly animals, or just plain get abused by one?

Seeing Jin rummage through the library for information on women reminded me of overly curious adolescent boys trying find out anything about the female reproductive system. It’s understandable though since Altair is devoid of females. I just find it a little odd to see many people in the library in such an advanced civilization. Jin has a device that can do just about anything! (It hacks, projects, works as a phone, and eavesdrops.) Couldn’t he just have stayed at his bunk and just searched for info on the internet? This works to our advantage though since it’s funny to see all the people there get freaked out by his antics.

Even with all his social awkwardness, Jin is a natural Romeo. It’s like he’s done all of this before without realizing it. He manages to capture the attention of Yunoha who seems partially disingenuous when she says she is only worried about him because he’s a new transfer student. It’s definitely shaping up to look like it’s more than that. This is especially the case since Jin and Yunoha seem like opposites. Yunohana wants to be more outgoing while Jin would love her ability to disappear and be left alone.

I’m a little surprised at how fast Cayenne connected the dots when it came to Jin. His dream about the one eyed giant is a little interesting when it comes to Jin’s orders to basically capture a woman to take back to Altair. In the scene there’s a silhouette of a girl in the mecha’s hand but it doesn’t look anything like the girl who he’s taken a liking to (Yunoha). In combination with Zen and Shrade’s comments and the episode preview, I think he’ll be at Neo-DEAVA for a while longer. He really is opening up and I like how they leave open the possibility that he may switch sides.

* Taking over for Divine once again.
* You like holes bro?
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ED1.7: 「月光シンフォニア」 (Gekkou Symphonia) by AKINO & AIKI from bless4
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  1. The music that played when Jin saved Yunoha was perfectly placed and had an awesome impact on the scene, and the new ED was great too.

    The soundtrack of Aquarion is simply amazing, seriously.

    1. what an amazing episode it was so romantic the best episode so far in my opinion (probably because my fav type of anime is romance) but what im more surprised about is how unlisted noticed the girl in the one-eyed-giant, when i saw that part i came right away to randomc to check if he had any opinions about it, has it looked like it wasn’t Yonoha but he cleared my question. And i realy liked your description on this episode.
      Thank you for your hard work.

  2. I wasn’t pleasantly surprised on this episode. After the clothes-ripping and Mix x Andy episodes, I was prepared to be underwhelmed, but while most of Jin’s actions were only okay, the second he raised his hand and deflected the shot from Yunoha – and didn’t even know he could do that! – my eyes widened. I’m curious as to why he is only now realizing that he has this power. Though, well…I guess that’s the power of love 😉

    1. Regarding Jin’s power: perhaps there’s something about the environment of Vega that permits power to be expressed? We know already that Vega has a much healthier ecology than Altair, perhaps the ability to wield element power comes with that?

      Or maybe it’s just because there are people of the opposite sex around.

  3. As much as I love this episode and this new pairing, the Romeo and Juliet-esque second half worries me a little. Hopefully the writers aren’t trying to foreshadow anything tragic. D:

  4. Funny how the fanartists shipped JinxYunoha even before the episode aired. Seeing Jin get shocked by seeing girls was pretty entertaining though. He’s like that closet Hikimori only trying to go undercover and failing at it. Fudo can totally see through Jin though because he Fudo.

    Andy continues to be my facorite guy, espeically with his obsession with holes and diging.

  5. It was pretty funny seeing Jin get intimidated by everything “Reaigler” related at the start but if we’re talking about things that disturb you, I seriously think there is a worse one. I hadn’t really thought much of it when it was just Andy and Amata but Andy is so disturbing. As far as anyone knows this is some kid who only just arrived and in his room he has to deal with a guy who is talking excitedly about how awesome holes are and how they have to go dig holes together. That’s more than enough to scare you off other people forever.

    On another note I wonder if this episode shows that Altair pilots also have special powers, and if so I wonder how good their mechs are at using those powers. Barrier is pretty standard as a power but it’ll make him even harder to defeat.

    1. I have to agree, the music makes literally ANYTHING that happens in this show 100 times more epic. And if that isn’t the definition of a best soundtrack candidate I don’t know what is. I’m a Amata/Zessica fan, but if they go the other way and use a good song (like the one in this episode) I will be completely unable to disagree, or even be disappointed for that matter.

  6. Why do I get the feeling that Zen FUDO is actually a refugee from Altair? He seems to know a whole lot more than he lets on, and he just allows Jin to gather all the data for Altair’s “Reaigler/True Eve” search.

    1. @Mediafag
      This is Fudo we are talking about. He always knows more than he is letting on. Even in the original Aquarion. He is called the Magician then and so is here. He goes now by Zen now instead of Gen. The implication in Aquarion Fudo was the original third pilot of the Aquarion in the TV universe. Implied as an immortal human that erased his record in the Book of Genesis. A book written by Apollonius and Celiane’s daughter… Alisia, the ancestress of the de Alisia siblings Sirius and Silvia. The book is probably now known as the Book of Twin Stars.

      Now Altair has a Alisia whom they took from Vega. Who is somehow related to Amata who has wings like Shadow Angel-Human hybrids/descendants.

  7. Great episode. The end scene alone makes me want Jin to turn good and be one of the main characters. However, as much as I’ve liked these side character episodes, I do think it’s time to get back to Amata/Mikono/Zessica. I’m really hoping that a lot of the fan theories are right and Amata goes with Zessica as Celianne, but either way I think it’s main character time again.

  8. crap after amata x mikono, i start liking mix x andy. and what now?! im shipping jin x yunoha!!! the ost is very epic, which forms a warm feelings in my heart especially when jin is protecting yunoha.cant wait for kagura next episode!

  9. The all knowing Fudo!

    With Yunoha’s help, Jin might go over to their side.


    How come I get the feeling that this series might come to a Vandread conclusion …

  10. I too must express my undying love for the soundtrack and Fudou’s undisputed mastery of this show.
    There was something strangely attractive at seeing the normally striperiffic Zessica wearing casual clothing.
    Preciew has me EXCITED.

    Bio D
  11. I’m actually hoping he’ll become a goodie, and sooner or later Altair’s Redhead will have to join in with the fun too, seeing how he’s called a Main character by some sources and how he hasn’t done anything exceptional YET. (aside his attempts to kidnap his ‘smelly wench’ Mikono)
    Also… Am I the only one who starts thinking about any line Fudo says?
    I kinda miss his Sousei no Aquarion self though, with all the weird tricks he did there.

  12. Good episode. Jin will probably be the one to help Neo-Deava understand why Altair keeps abducting people. Jin only became fascinated with Yunoha after he figured out she was the one that beat him in the last episode, but he is surely starting to developing feeling after protecting her/revealing his Element power. Since they have opposite powers like Andy and Mix, they will have more development I’m sure.
    @Crook. He basically speaks in riddles, shaping up events to come. At the end of the episode he is saying that Jin can only create a barrier against either the people of Altair for so long before he has to choose a side.
    I’m glad Kagura gets freed next episode. I want some MAJOR plot development soon. We’ve got all these candidates for Eve set up now, and I want to know who it is! Mikono, Zessica, Mix, or now Yunoha? And what is up with Alicia?!

    1. Yeah I know how Fudo works, it’s just that he says such meaningful things when they’re so simple at the same time, and I’m really hoping for the conclusion to have some references to and maybe even (First season spoiler) Show Spoiler ▼

  13. Unlisted, where are all the Zessica screen caps? An Aquarion post is not complete without some drool-worthy Zessica caps and I thought you are on Team Zessica too T_T
    Even without mecha fights, Aquarion is soooo fun to watch. Fujoshi Sazanka and Holey Andy managed to crack me up first minute into the show. Jin’s a smart guy, crocodile tears is indeed a woman’s strongest weapon 😉

    Seishun Otoko
  14. I think that Jin’s actions in this episode is actually a representation of how nuch man know about women. An epic battle between Jin and Altair forces when he finds out that he is in love with Yunoha would be awesome, I wonder what would he shout.

  15. With Kagura’s return next episode, I’m guessing Jin’s decision- whether to stay in Vega or go back to Altair- will also be made.

    Why do I get a feeling though that Zessica’s going to be kidnapped -___-;; Anyways, more Zessica goodness next episode, and seems the focus is back on Amata!

    And, nice catch Unlisted o_o I totally didn’t see that silhouette in the one-eyed giant’s hand! Based on the skirt, it’s either Mix, Mikono, or Yunoha. Assuming that _is_ long hair instead of part of the clouds, then it’s either Mix or Mikono. At the moment, Jin seems to be scared of Mix, so there is a possibility he’d associate her with the True Eve, I guess?

  16. I think Jin would start to love this world more than his and will find a different solution to the methods used on Altar. If one of them ends up being taking away as the so called “Eve” there is no other person who will know where to located her without an insider which can be Jin. He has the knowledge to get back if he chooses to with the right equipment I’m sure.

  17. Yunoha romance between Jin and I think you need several episodes to get done, friendship is what I see here that love, not saying that is not possible.
    Kagura again and looking to make trouble for others, we’ll see which side is Jin, but I find it hard to betray his people.

  18. Couldn’t he just have stayed at his bunk and just searched for info on the internet?

    Are you serious? There is no escaping rule 34 on the net. What if his curiosity gets the better of him and he decides that he needs to re-enact some scenes from some doujin? I am now very worried for Yunoha. Invisibility cannot save her fast enough. =(

  19. What happened to posting screen shots for episode 11?
    I’ve been waiting even thought I’m sick…
    I thought this episode was great I like the story line and the GUYS!!

  20. With the way they’ve been pushing the Amata and Mikono romance anyone else kinda getting the feeling that Zessica is gonna get kidnapped in an attempt to try to swerve the audience? Personally I like Zessica and I would like to see her do more than just mope around because Amata won’t notice her feelings for her. They were originally playing up 2 love triangles: Amata/Mikono/Zessica and Amata/Mikono/Kagura, but while the latter love triangle actually has actually been progressing pretty well, I’d like to see some progress on the former love triangle, after-all it worked for Macross Frontier.


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