「つきひフェニックス 其ノ貳」 (Tsukihi Fenikkusu Sono Ni)
“Tsukihi Phoenix Part Two”

Still no sign of Tsukihi or a phoenix, but an amagami, some nishishishis, and two new mysterious and dangerous strangers go a long way towards making up for it – I said, with a posed look. Putting it lightly, this episode had a tough act to follow. It’s a given that there will be an inevitable letdown after one of the most memorable (and controversial) episodes of the series, so instead, the question becomes what can the episode do to soften and minimize this letdown? I predicted the pace would pick up rapidly by diving headlong into Tsukihi’s story to make us forget about Karen and toothbrushes, but it appears that the showrunners have decided to stick with the pacing of the prior arc with Araragi walking with/into/towards various members of his harem of heroines.

I was looking forward to watching Tsukihi attempt to mutilate the toothbrush twosome with her awls, but once again, we’re only left with a teasing outline of Araragi and Karen’s close brush with death. If I were Araragi, after such a harrowing experience, I’d probably want to call someone lovely and kind like Hanekawa, so I was surprised that he actually held up his end of the bargain with Karen and called up the perpetually naked Kanbaru in order to eventually introduce the two girls boxing match style. I’m not sure what to make of Araragi’s 180-degree turn in regards to Karen’s virginity though. Several hours ago, he refused to take it when Karen offered it to him, but now he tells Kanbaru that he’d rather take it than let her have it? Either his tooth brushing experience with Karen was mind-blowing enough to change his mind, or Kanbaru is truly that dangerously perverted. In any case, it doesn’t matter since it’s off to Kanbaru’s house we go.

What is it with these siblings and their punishment games? As if oral hygiene wasn’t innocent enough, they just had to go and make shoulder rides erotic as well? I think that it’s quite clever that the eroticism stems from a role reversal of sorts, and how such a simple switch can have such drastic effects. Needless to say, I’m now adding piggyback rides to the list of things that Nisemonogatari has corrupted for me. Normally, guys are the ones to give girls shoulder rides, so I didn’t really think about all the physical incompatibilities that might arise from having the guy on top of the girl’s shoulders instead. Luckily, there’s a nice diagram that explains exactly how things are supposed to be done, but nowhere on it does it say anything about cutting off the girl’s hair. Can’t say I’ve grown to like Karen’s new hairdo yet, but I knew that her locks would eventually have to go if we’re adhering to the theory that each haircut signifies the rebirth after the conclusion to their story arc.

The only girl, to my knowledge, who hasn’t had any change in appearance is Hachikuji, whom I was overjoyed to see again since her last parting with Araragi was so ominous. I didn’t have a whole internal debate about seeing her again like Araragi did here – but then again, I’m not a pervert like he is either. His whole thought process has forced me to rethink my preconceptions about perverts. Do they really analyze every situation and weigh the pros and cons inside their heads? Do they really only talk to little girls because of their potential for a hot, curvy body later on? And this whole time, I thought that perverts were merely simple and spontaneous, with a clear disregard for any repercussions to their behavior. Araragi’s mental exercise was all for naught though when Shinobu reached out of his shadow and ruined the greatest event of his life. I can only guess that she was jealous of Hachikuji after hearing all the things that Araragi planned on doing to her. Fortunately, he did recover quickly and proved yet again why I think he belongs up on the pantheon of perverts along with Kanbaru. Only a true pervert would be as bold as proposing to marry Hachikuji while he’s dating Senjougahara and in love with Hanekawa. (Kanbaru was so right!) She is, to borrow a phrase, quite “platinum moe” though, but that doesn’t make it any more acceptable!

Despite his perversion (or maybe because of it?), Araragi has a knack for running into girls – it’s like he can’t go anywhere without meeting a beautiful girl. Maybe it’s something about his body scent that leads them to him, or perhaps it’s the fact that he is part vampire? I’ve heard girls like vampires, especially ones with slick “King of Pop” dance moves. The two new girls he has the fortune (or misfortune?) of running into are much different than his usual harem members though. For one thing, their character design, and especially their attire, is very unique compared to the normal clothing and looks we’ve seen so far – reminding me a bit of Katanagatari’s character designs, minus the freaky eyes. The taller of the two, Kagenui Yozuru (Shiraishi Ryoko), manages to out-weird Araragi sitting on top of Karen by seemingly not being able to ever touch the ground, while the shorter girl, Ononoki Yotsugi (Hayami Saori) appends her speech with a description of her current…pose? I’m not really sure if this description will change in the future, but I’m betting it will. Probably the strangest thing about both newcomers is that they somehow already know a bit about Araragi’s supernatural side, and also that of his companions. With their mysterious nature and a connection to Oshino’s old haunt that has not yet been made clear, it’s not surprising that we also don’t yet know if they are evil – like Karen told her brother. The only thing we really know about the two new characters is that both Karen and Hachikuji were taken aback upon recognizing just how strong the newcomers are. The danger that is inherent in their strength makes any connection that they have with phoenixes, and by extension, Tsukihi, all the more interesting to look forward to.

This sliver of a connection to Tsukihi’s arc that we’re presented with in this episode might not be enough for some people, but Nisemonogatari has never been a series that is content with simply following a traditional progression and pacing of a story. Although I do want to learn more about Tsukihi, I’ve grown attached to the existing characters and their interactions with Araragi. As such, I have no complaints that it will take a while to get to her story, and I am optimistic that her arc will be still be able finish in a satisfying manner.

* Full-length images: 34, 38
* Spot the easter egg (eggs?) in 15
* Anyone know where I can buy a Tsukihi keychain?


  1. Only Nisemonogatari can have a male lead spend half the episode on his sister’s shoulders while spouting incest subtext.

    Shinobu was epic for cockblocking Araragi’s attempt to harass Hachikuji. Made even funnier when Araragi starts stomping his own shadow while screaming like a lunatic.

  2. the post review link to pic 38 is also pointing to pic 34 ;P.

    Loved image #15, no aliens, robots, qb’s, or ghosts. XD.

    Also, much fun to listen to Shiraishi Ryoko in a barely understandable accent o3o;;… Things are heating up >). … and I’ve got this nagging feeling that we’re going to end up having this series end like Bakemono did, … on bonus episodes on the DVD/BR releases >>;.

  3. “or Kanbaru is truly that dangerously perverted.”

    I would say so considering that the toothbrushing was thought up by Kanbaru, and there is hardly anything more perverted.

  4. Okay it was a fine episode mainly bec the two of !@$@$# appeared now

    and of course the conversation of mayoi and araragi

    and wow all of them loves short hair now :C
    I guess mayoi is the only exception here now

  5. https://randomc.net/image/Nisemonogatari/Nisemonogatari%20-%2009%20-%20Large%2025.jpg

    I didn’t notice before, but Karen-chan is surprisingly tall compared to Kanbaru and her brother, both older than her. Oh and Kanbaru looks much cuter with twin-pigtails, OTOH I miss Karen-chan’s ponytail already.

    The way Otonoki speaks in third person makes her a simplified version of the Misaka-imoutos and Last Order from Index-verse (the Misaka clones have more varied descriptions for their sentences, whereas Otonoki states all her sentences “with a posed look”).

    Kinny Riddle
  6. Speaking of the newcomers’ designs, particularly Ononoki, she didn’t have even a single image in the original novels, which means that her design is a full-blown anime exclusive. And really, it shows.

  7. i have no regrets picking up bakemonogatari when it came out. now i’m hooked onto the monogatari series.

    once again, i love the witty dialogues and character interactions as well as the quirks and nuances of the characters.

    quite rare to find such shows

  8. So Araragi is dating Senjougahara and is in love with Hanekawa, but planning to marry Hachikuji while taking Kanbaru As his mistress, while also not letting anyone but him to take his sister virginity, and don’t forget the final last boss Sengoku is a very much wanna have a bite on him. And if all of this is not enough he also have an ageless loli vampire as his servant and to be with him for as long as he live.

    I need to get some Wooden Stake and some Silver bullets.

    1. Good thing he hides his harem pretty well. (aside from his vampire whtever, tht is.) Still waiting for the war between his haremmates. *grabs popcorn and enjoy his interaction with other potential future haremmates for the meantime*

  9. Wow. His sister managed to chop off her hair, stop time and visit a hair salon for split-end treatment, and get back to the scene in the space of 5 seconds.

    Only in anime……

    Unlike Bakemonogatari, 3/4 of Nisemonogatari’s dialogue is pointless (though somewhat entertaining). I have a feeling that one could actually squeeze the actual substance (you know, the scenes that matter) into a couple of eps, and maybe throw in the toothbrush ep as a third.

    Easy to get away with this much meandering in the anime thanks to the animation and art-direction, but I have a feeling the novels would have annoyed me to no end.

  10. Oh Kanbaru, it’s not even surprising to see you answer the phone naked anymore. Not that I’m complaining 😛 Koyomi is a brave man leaving her and Karen alone…

    Shinobu is epic. Seriously, there hasn’t been an episode where I haven’t thought that since she first spoke. Although Karen’s bee-like outfit is definitely the attention-grabber this episode XD

    I get the feeling I should be worried about the new pair, but seeing as how the Arc Title suggests they’re after Tsukihi, and seeing the fear she instills in Koyomi and Karen, I feel more sorry for the newcomers than anything >.<

  11. wait, in love with Hanekawa? whatever happened to that manly declaration of love for Senjougahara in episode 6? are his interactions with other girls not to be taken as seriously? or is he just that much of an asshole?

      1. I think Sen has it right a bit more, I think his being in love with Hanekawa is about on the same level as proposing to Hachikuji. It’s meant to be more fun than serious.

        That being said, I’ve been semi disappointed with just HOW fan servicey the last few episodes have been (toothbrush episode actually notwithstanding – I was perfectly ok with that.) Bakemonogatari had its moments, but they felt different than this. I just enjoy the story and characters too much and sometimes I feel like the fan servicey parts are wasting precious time – especially with only 2 episodes left.

        Also having no Senjougahara in an episode really hurts.

  12. finally, my favorite characters in Nisemono has arrived!!! 🙂
    there involvements will be quite awesome to the rather uneventful story (unless you call toothbrush totally eventful)…
    a bit spoiler about the two new characters: Show Spoiler ▼

    that old school is special to people of that occupation, guess why?
    ps. I forgot how the pacing of the LN went, but I imagine it will pick up quite dramatically soon… it will not disappoint (as long as you are not comparing to toothbrush)

    1. Yup.

      To be frank, there hasn’t been a whole lot happening in Nisemonogatari in general (especially compared to Bakemonogatari).
      I think that’s supposed to be part of its charm.

      I’m just waiting for the Kizumonogatari prequel.

    2. well, one reason not a whole lot happened is because Nisemono as LN is shorter than Bakemono, plus we had 5 heroines vs. just 2 here.
      but then again, the two appeal to different audiences…
      Kizu will be even shorter though but awesome nonetheless (hot hot Kissshot full version)

  13. Kudos Verdant for identifying those three phrases. I’ve been waiting for a post to cross check them. Even the less noticable amagami.
    This episode really is a mess – emotion wise that is. I don’t know whether to grin or get confused throughout the episode.
    On the Tsukihi not appearing yet, I got used to it because we had a couple of episodes for Karen filled with Senjougahara before she actually appears.
    Until then, I’ll just enjoy the moe Tsukihi OP.

    So.. We not expecting too much from Nisemonogatari and looking forward to Kizumonogatari then?

    1. well, low expectation for Nisemono is actually not a bad thing, so that the end will blow your mind away… Kizumono on the other hand, is a much more gripping story even though it will be shorter (movie format)

  14. Should also ad a warning: Please don’t try to cut your hair with a key… it’s just not going to work….Although you can your your key’s as a weapon (self defense course lol. )

  15. Karen-chan is so awesome! But so is her brother and Kanbaru and Hanekawa and Hachikuji and… seriously! I can’t decide who is the best character in this series >.< But I'm sure that the best comical pair are Araragi and Hachikuji:

    "But anyway, Hachikuji, I'm dating Senjougahara, and I love Hanekawa but I plan to marry you"

    Hahahaha~ I laughed so hard there, they're hilarious!

  16. I like the characters design as they are now. Kanbaru looks fine with short or long hair, and so does Tsukihi and Karen. I prefer Hanekawa as she is now with short hair but I just don’t want Senjougahara to cut her hair. I’ve seen pictures on Google with her hair short and I just don’t like it.

  17. the diagram lolol
    anyways, still patiently waiting for tsukihi :3
    I really don’t mind, cuz these eps are greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat AND platinum disco’s already an overdose of tsukihi for me weekly.

  18. Kanbaru once again changed her hairstyle o_0 and I know Hanekawa only knows what she knows, but I’m beginning to think that she knows everything @_@

    Also, platinum disco’s starting to grow on me xD

  19. Outburst laugh during Hachikuji scene, he is a pervert after all almost the same level as Kanbaru!!! Wonder if he admit he’s perverted level is on the same level as Kanbaru?

  20. I think Araragi has seen greater events in his life than glomp-harassing Hachikuji, but I daresay that he’s got balls to try to pucker lips.

    Did anyone else find it creepy that Hanekawa knew he was going to Kanbaru’s?

    1. About as much as Senjougahara knowing the number of women he’s visited and that he saw Kanbaru naked…

      It’s possible that Kanbaru tells both Gahara and Hanekawa when Araragi visits her.


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