「It’s just like Heaven 」

“I’ll stay with you forever…” On the surface, this is a simple phrase that we usually take for granted. We generally don’t give it the same reverence as a phrase like “I love you,” but its effects can be just as profound. It is phrase that can bring joy, like it does for Kuma – but it is also one that can bring sadness, as it does for Yuu. And for Doujima, it is a phrase that he did not have the chance to say.

I don’t think I could describe this episode with anything more appropriate than the term emotional rollercoaster. Nearing the end of the twenty-something odd minutes, I was ready to dedicate my post to the Investigation Team’s epic final battle with Kunino-Sagiri, Namatame’s capture, and Naoto’s continued moments of unexpected cuteness, but the events of those last two minutes quickly dashed my hopes at writing something uplifting and fun like I usually do for this series. When something so depressing happens to one of your favorite characters, when said character is so innocent and undeserving of the tragedy that has befallen her, it leaves an indelible mark on your heart.

I think one of the reasons that Nanako’s passing had such an emotional effect on me is because how rare scenes like this are (at least according to my limited knowledge of anime). Sure, we’ve seen other young kids die, but often times, they’re not portrayed as an everyday average kid, or they’re not as prominent of a character like Nanako was. I’ve compared her with Rin from Usagi Drop or Hina from Papa Ki several times already, but I think the same comparison is apt here as well – just think about how you would feel if those two characters were to die. Her death came so suddenly too – one minute she’s firmly on the path to recovery, and the next moment her condition takes a turn for the worse.

As much as I’m affected by her death, I can only begin to imagine what it must feel like for her father and cousin. Doujima has never been one to deal with death easily, taking him years to finally move on from his wife’s death, and now he faces the same situation again – losing his daughter before he even has the chance to say goodbye. He had only begun to repair his relationship with Nanako before she was kidnapped, and even after she was saved, they couldn’t even spend quality time with each other since they were largely confined to bed rest. At least Doujima will have Yuu to grieve with.

We have already seen Yuu’s personality change when he found out that she was kidnapped, and I think now with her passing, he’ll use this as even more motivation to finally put this case to rest. Before Nanako became involved, he didn’t really have a personal stake in the Inaba kidnappings. Unlike the rest of the Investigation Team members, Yuu doesn’t have a shadow nor was he ever kidnapped. I think that this created this disconnect between him and the case that the other members did not have, and it is probably why up until now he’s been calm and cool in the face of adversity. Now that the case has hit close to home though, Yuu has a newfound personal motivation to fight and has become a force to be reckoned with. Even Kunino-Sagari’s Control spell wasn’t enough to keep him down for long, and with his deck of Personas growing by the day, I’m looking forward to seeing Yuu going all out on whatever or whomever stands in the way of his quest for justice.

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  1. Episode in a nutshell: NANAAAAAAAAAKO!!!!!!!!(redux)

    I still remember this scene. It was definitely a punch in the gut. I always though Nanako’s death would make an episode tearjerking end and lo and behold it did happen. Of course its nice to see Yuu just crying over her. The whole silent protagnist shtick always bothered me in the game because the Brotagonist always seemed unfazed.

    The fight with Kunino-Sagiri was pretty good. The Shadow Jesus Hippie always gave me the creeps even in the game. I’m also happy that Yuu summoned Sraosha and Koryu, two of my favorite personas. That was one epic Hamaon spell too.

    And now the mystery deepens with the fog even if they caught the murderer.

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  2. Well, this definitely felt like a good penultimate boss fight, storywise, although I’m sure that this is what it was in the game as well. All the Arcana cameos I’m sure were there went right over my head (plus it was pretty damn random seeing a giant golden dragon show up out of nowhere and go completely unexplained), but I guess that’s what comes with watching the anime adaptation of a game without having actually played it.

    As for what I DO know what I’m talking about, it was nice for Yuu to get some emotion just in time to watch everything go to hell. Being a stoic but well meaning Pro-Tag had its charms, but now’s not the time.

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    1. the dragon, kohryu, is the ultimate persona for the hieroplant arcana.
      the wielder of the hieroplant social link is dojima.

      so the rest of the puzzle you can probably complete it yourself.

    2. I find the arcana hard to fallow sometimes as well, like Da5id as I never played the game(s) and have that as refernce. I only got it was Dojima persona/bond from his voice and hand stilling Yuu’s hand before the dragon appeared.

    3. I believe at that particular scene you hear Doujima telling Yuu to protect Nanako, and then the golden dragon appears.

      In a way it was like Doujima manifesting as the dragon through Yuu to protect Nanako. Kinda like how afterwards Yuu summoned the ultimate persona from Nanako’s arcana and pressed the ‘I win’ button, because you know…Nanako’s awesome.

    1. Please god yes.

      Did anyone else see the gas station attendant this episode though? If they don’t go true ending, that just seems like trolling.

      Also, if you’re only ever going to make one anime adaptation of a show, wouldn’t it be a shame to not do the true ending?

  3. I never played the game so I wondered what shocking development they would have in store for us to fill the remaining episodes but killing Nanako…not cool man, not cool at all that made me choke up


    *my only initial reaction after this ep*
    We-ell, as always, can’t wait for next week. I sure hope they pursue the True Ending and not just end it like that to be honest….

    I just can’t wait for next week’s episode, seriously. Something really is bugging me that they should go and release it like NOW or else I’ll be disappointed. XD No spoilers there, just stating~

  5. Prediction: majority of the comment will be Nanakoooooooooo!!!!!!

    Am I the only one who think Namatame Shadow(?) is both hilarious and disturbing AT THE SAME TIME!? To quote Hiimdaisy comic: It’s Symbolism!!!

    Obligatory reference: Welcome to Inaba Hill where you can face your own true self and enjoy the fog.

    And now, wht route will they do? Hopefully they have the time and episode left…. Speaking of which, how many more episode left?

  6. Dude, that was heavy…

    Show Spoiler ▼

    (Wow, I wrote a lot…)

    Atlus realy knew how to deliver tension and drama back then… and they still do here. I’m eager to see the rest.

    Thanks a lot for the review Verdant

  7. Everything I could say either has been said or is going to be said.

    But one thing I’d like comment on. Why did they barely use Heaven?! They started it and just when came to the good part they stopped it. WTH!

  8. I wasn’t affected by Nanako’s death as much as I’d have thought, since I’m a big cry baby during these type of scenes. I dunno, I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THAT SHE’S DEAD! (has not played the game or read any spoilers)

  9. Well, that boss-dude did say Mayonaka Terebi is a signal telling him who to save capture. And I thought they would go on with that lead (and the fog) in the next episode. But For What Reason Did They Have To Kill Off Nanako?! I think Yuu already has enough incentive to solve the case right (he did come this far afterall)? Why kill off Nanako so we get all teary (for no obvious reason as of yet)?

    Being logical, this has to be something about ‘saving’ people that last boss said, it might be neccessary for her to die as a plot device :(. So the true kidnapper/murderer might not be all bad as we thought. But Nanako’s persona/shadow never showed up, so no luck in saving her in the first place b/c she’s prolly still too young to have one?

    I knew that Nanatame wasn’t the final boss. He’s too un-boss-like in the most conventional sense. We knew almost nothing about him until like last episode. I don’t like his character design as well. Or his shadow for that matter.

  10. I don’t know… I watched too many series that when a character died, they will somehow revived in the very next episode. And for that same reason I am hoping that Nana-chan is not dead yet… Obviously I don’t play the game to compare the two. I actually feel very sorry for Doujima. 🙁

  11. YEAH! I was hoping that yuu in some point would summon tam lin!
    anyway….i’m looking for the final chapter of the series….(I just hope it’s not the ending I got first in the game)

  12. The whole time they were in the department store looking at kotatsu’s I had a sad smile on my face because I knew what was about to happen. The scene was definitely the most emotional thing in the game.

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  13. I’m not sure about you guys, but I think they’re going to turn the true ending either into a movie or an oav of sorts.

    I can’t really tell why they would kill off nanako at this point unless they’re going for a bad ending or an original ending, guess we’ll see how things will go next week.

    1. Excuse me, are they enough material for a movie/OVA ‘cuz accdng to my limited info(obtain frm spoiler) they shouldn’t be enough material for a OVA/movie episode. Just how much stuff do they left?

      Tht aside, would lk to see P4U/A get turned into movie.

  14. i think in the next episode when they go to confront namatame and “THAT” try to happen margareth is going to apear inside the mind of yuu and then the empress slink will be stablished

  15. What a heartbreaking episode. Namatame is a lunatic who thinks he’s a savior, but he’s just as clueless as anybody else in the Investigation Team. He doesn’t know the repercussions on the other side. Kunino-Sagiri looks like a rejected fallen angel who is suppose to be a savior, but he looks like a freaky Moa head wearing a t-shirt that says love and peace. Kohryu saved the gang from his control and the gang showed payback to him. Poor Nanako had to die and Doujima will get furious against Namatame. Yuu still needs to get Empress and Judgment though.

  16. I’ve never played the games, but I really enjoyed watching Persona 4 due to the comedy. I was caught completely off-guard by this turn of events. My stomach completely dropped at the last few seconds of this episode. I thought this was a light-hearted show and suddenly my favorite character dies!I was so ready for a happy ending :'( And she didn’t even get to see her father T.T I feel like Nanako always gets the short end of the stick..it’s unfair..

  17. if i dont play the game i think i will probaly cry right now,this series really good adaptation, i wonder what will happen if P3 is animated with arisato last scene is (probaly) more emotional and unpredictable,i probaly will cry even though i already know that he will die
    but i dissapointed they dont use helel as star arcana initial persona,and one more thing when empress arcana will trigered? or maybe they will make margareth *hidden* boss animated? (i am looking forward if they will)

    1. I highly doubt the animation will make Margaret a boss, more like a seer telling Yuu to face his destiny and find the truth. Lots of symbolism throughout the series despite its lighthearted moments. I highly doubt this series ends at 25 episodes since we’re still left with unsolved mysteries.

  18. Wow, they actually did it…

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  19. The real killer is the one you’d least expect. Just saying.

    For some reason, I didn’t cry. But, I didn’t quite expect this, Nanako dead and all. She was just supposed to be in a coma.

    Also for those who want to see P3 as an anime, there’s a chance there’d be a rise in suicide rates via gun in Japan should they make it, if you know what I mean. 😉

  20. True.
    The true ending… the Judgement Arcana event…
    Show Spoiler ▼

  21. Regardless of the circumstances, the anime seems to hype up the PS Vita game P4G (Persona 4 the Golden). Besides, they don’t want to disappoint the fans anyway and we’re not even sure which ending the anime is going towards yet. I want to see what the Investigation Team does to Namatame anyway and whether Yuu Narukami will get any new Arcana.

  22. So, we’ve come to this point. A few things were changed here from the game, but that seems to be par for the course. (JiCi’s post, lists all the changes) With less then a handful of episodes left, i’m curious if there going to do the good ending and have an OVA for the ‘true’ one. Or if there going to try and cram it onto these last few episodes. It’s hard to say at this point.


    The adaptation of the dungeon, The adaptation for this entire ep was BRILLIANT.

    Genbu, Seiryu, Suzaku, Byakko! –> KOHRYU! I’m like .. wait, why 4 tem– KOHRYUUUUUU! (Kohryu is probably my strongest persona in my playthrough of the game so I’m a little attached to the guy.) –perance arcana in this fusion?

    I’d almost forgotten the gimmick of this battle and how the boss will mind control you. That, was freaking awesome. Oh man next week needs to get here faster XD;.

  24. Oh god. This one’s last couple of minutes absolutely RIPPED OUT MY HEART AND STOMPED ON IT.

    I hope there’s some cosmic loophole the Investigation Team can find and use in order to bring Nanako back. She’s so sweet and innocent; I can’t bear the thought that she’d be gone from the world.

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