「劇場版 そらのおとしもの 時計じかけの哀女神(エンジェロイド)」 (Gekijouban Sora no Otoshimono: Tokeijikake no Enjeroido)
“Heaven’s Lost Property the Movie: The Angeloid of Clockwork”

Whenever something perverted happens, Tomoki is the yardstick by which I measure it. If Tomoki would have done it, it was probably awesome(ly perverted); if he wouldn’t have, you better get back to work, bud. As such, it should come as no surprise that I jumped at the chance to cover this movie. What might come as a surprise is the tone it takes, though that’s only if you’ve forgotten about the deeper side of Sora no Otoshimono, which is what makes this series so much more than your typical ecchi comedy.

Let’s take this in order. After starting off with some faux gattai action and a giant Sohara beating up an equally giant chicken – a chicken which has apparently appeared in the series before? I dunno, the characters had forgotten about it, and so had I. Moving on – we move into a 40 minute retread of the first two seasons. Now, let me quickly reiterate that I love Sora no Otoshimono. Interesting characters, a good plot, and plenty of Tomoki-level perversion make Stilts a happy camper. That said, those first 40 minutes were a slog. I understand that the idea was to retell the story from Hiyori’s (Hikasa Youko) point of view, t show how long she has been watching Tomoki, but the problem was that they stayed on each part just slightly too long. If I wanted to rewatch the infamous flying panties scene, or watch Tomoki get breast slammed by a masked “stranger”, I would go back and watch those episodes! As is, the movie didn’t spend enough time on each scene to fully convey the humor for someone who hadn’t seen them before, and it was too shallow of a retread for those who already had. I only cracked a smile once during the whole thing, and the fact that it was at Tomoki’s nipple song probably just says worrisome things about me. The whole bit should have been 20 minutes long at max, and with a much heavier focus on Hiyori. As is, it just felt like they were using old material as padding because they weren’t confident enough in their new material, or possibly were trying to get a decent run time for the marketing material. For shame.

That said, within a minute of Hiyori joining the New World Discovery Club, the good times were back. Tomoki’s initiation, and Hiyori’s willingness to go along with it, was fantastic. Sniffing panties, white swimsuit, nurse, miko…Tomoki-sama, I highly approve! But still, the “special sushi” was the best. Not only was it great that he’s apparently such a connoisseur of panties that he actually eats them, but the rightful punishment he received had me cringing and laughing at the same time. I’m not surprised Kaichou went for the light bulb, but eeee! That’s the Kaichou I remember, but keep her away from me when she goes into evil mode.

But hilarity aside, the point of these scenes – and really every scene prior to the confession – was to get us attached to Hiyori despite the tragedy that we all knew was coming, and that was a job that was done quite well. The scenes with everyone having fun together were so heartwarming that they made a creeping dread grow in my heart. That’s right, while Sora no Otoshimono’s characteristic perversion and hilarity were on full display, that’s not what this movie was about – it’s about us getting our tragedy on, and just enough clues were sprinkled throughout the first three-fifths of the film to make it hard for anyone to forget that. Which brings me to a little theory of mine – heavy foreshadowing, even up to the point of spoilers, do not necessarily ruin a tragedy. In fact, they can even enhance it. Let me give you an example. It will be from my experience watching Kanon (2006), so if you have for some reason not seen that show and don’t want to be spoiled (even though I just said it doesn’t really ruin it), skip the following paragraph. Also know that you’re missing a great show, and you should go watch it immediately. Like, before you finish reading this post. It’s really good, I swear!

Okay, so tragedies and spoilers Vis-à-vis Kanon. So back in 2006 when Kanon was airing, I was a little behind on keeping up with the episodes, and I caught a spoiler – that Nayuki’s mom, Akiko, was going to get hit by a car. You’d think this would make the event less impactful, right? Wrong. Now I knew what was going to happen, but not necessarily when, or how. Now I was looking for the signs, and since I had grown to like Akiko, I was dreading what would happen. The dread grew as the signs started appearing, and my heart began to pound faster and faster as she walked down that fateful road. Some of you might think me silly for getting into it so much, but sh-shut up! *tsun tsun* Anyway, I see Akiko looking in at the cake shop, and the screech of tires, and then nothing. And it was worse than it ever would have been had I not known what was going to happen ahead of time. As any good horror writer will tell you, the anticipation is always worse than the actual event, and that applies here too. The scene was heart wrenching and well done, but my knowing about it ahead of time made it far more powerful than it ever could have been alone, because my mind did most of the work.

Such is the case here. Though I didn’t catch a spoiler like in my example, the signs were clear enough that things were not going to end well for Hiyori. Hell, some might even have remembered seeing her back in episode 5 of the second season, but that just gives you bonus points, because all of the necessary foreshadowing was done here. Throw in a memory of Synapse from Eishirou, some worrying comments from Nymph and Ikaros, and an early flash forward of a determined Tomoki, and all the heartwarming moments – including Hiyori’s very cute confession – were like burning flags amidst a field of pristine snow the color of the whitest panties. And yet, I didn’t even bat an eyelash when Hiyori had a close and personal meeting with a delivery truck. Perhaps I’ve become more desensitized to vehicular violence, but I don’t think that’s it. It just wasn’t time. After all, the alarms going off in the back of my head weren’t “senseless death” alarms, they were “tragedy” alarms, and as much as getting hit by a truck sucks, it isn’t a tragedy. Or at least, not by the definition my Literature teachers used to yell at me. They were very passionate about their jobs, let me tell you.

And ohhh boy, I was right. As soon as Hiyori dies, she disappears – and with her goes all the memories of those she met in her time on earth. As Eishirou suspected (eventually), Hiyori was not human, and was in fact an angel of Synapse who was living a sweet dream down on earth. But alas, as with all dreams this one had to end, and though Hiyori dearly wanted to return to Tomoki and the others, apparently this wasn’t possible. What’s more, it doesn’t even sound like it wasn’t possible because the Man of Synapse is a dick, as is usually the case when anything horrible happens in this series. No, from the sounds of it the angels wished for it to be that way – that they get to experience a dream on Earth only once, and then they wake up…and never existed at all. Is that tragic? No, not quite yet. In my eyes, a true tragedy always requires a flaw or a mistake. It requires the active participation of the individual in their own downfall, and we’re not there yet. Everyone forgetting about Hiyori isn’t tragic, it’s just very, very sad.

Well, almost everybody. Cementing his role as the only guy that constantly thwarts Synapse’s designs, Tomoki does not forget about Hiyori, despite everyone else – and every thing else – having done so. Well, except for Ikaros and Nymph, of course. I must admit that I’ve always had a soft spot for Nymph. She’s so conflicted, between wanting to respect Tomoki’s decision and her desire to have him be her master. On the subject of masters, I always feel like there’s a fundamental disconnect between Tomoki and Nymph on this point. While I wholeheartedly agree with Tomoki that the angeloids should be left free so they can live their lives as they choose, I get the feeling that Nymph just doesn’t get that. It’s even understandable…she’s not human, after all. She was designed to serve, so that feels right, and safe. I’m not sure how these two will ever come to see eye-to-eye on this matter, but I hope Tomoki stays strong. Just as Nymph feels guilty for lying to him, I get the feeling that Tomoki always regrets having become Ikaros’ master instead of letting her be free like the others. Stay strong, my perverted brother, stay strong.

Back in Synapse, Hiyori comes fully awake, and meets the Man of Synpase. And now we have all the elements of a tragedy! Sure, the Man of Synpase is still a total bastard who loves playing the serpent to Hiyori’s eve just a little too much, but the important part is that he doesn’t make Hiyori become an angeloid. She made that choice herself, which means she now has some measure of responsibility for whatever comes next. And I don’t think anyone thought for a second that it would be pretty.

It was not. Hiyori returns to Earth and is reborn as Zeta, the titular Angeloid of Clockwork. And she is not fucking around. Under orders from the Man of Synpase to kill all the “downers” (as he is so fond of trying to do), the newly reborn Zeta starts doing a number on Sorami City, using her Time-based powers to take blocks of the city back in time. Once again Nymph is prepared to take one for the team, but fortunately Tomoki arrives to stop her. While not holding a candle to Hiyori, Nymph can be quite a tragic character herself, what with her willingness to hurt herself for the benefit of those she cares about, so I was glad that Tomoki showed up and stopped her. But while Tomoki and Eishirou rode off to do who-knows-what, we were treated to some high-powered angeloid combat as Alpha, Beta, and Delta attempted to knock the clockwork off Zeta’s back.

I have to give it to the Man of Synpase. He might be a sadistic bastard, but he’s not stupid. With him already well aware of what the three renegade angeloids can do, he decided to give Zeta the tools necessary to fight back – such as some epic-level counter-hacking to defend against Nymph’s inevitable hacking attack. Smart, but if he was really smart, he’d have sent the harpies down with Zeta, because it was still 3 vs 1, and the 3 are kind of awesome. Zeta didn’t really have a chance.

Yet though they managed to break Zeta’s clockwork, that couldn’t be how it ended – this has always been and always will be Tomoki’s show, so it was up to him to save the day. Mind you, now that I’m writing this I’m not sure why he didn’t just ask one of the angeloids to fly him up to Zeta, instead of wasting all that time getting to a good launching point…but maybe that would have been seen as a hostile act, I don’t know. The fact that I didn’t think about this until now means that the whole scene was done well enough for a little bit of fuzzy logic to be safely ignored, so moving on. Flying into Ikaros’ nearly self-sacrificing shield, Tomoki gives Zeta back her hair ornament…and with the words he said so long ago, returned Hiyori to herself. This, gentlemen and gentleladies, is why Tomoki is so amazing. He may be an epic-level pervert, but he is a chivalrous pervert, and he knows when to turn off the pervert entirely and be all chivalry.

Not that it could end like that. Tragedy, remember? After hugging Ikaros and stealing just one kiss from the boy who made her fall in love with Sorami City, Hiyori flew away and sucumbed to the bomb within her. Goodnight, sweet princess. May you dream a beautiful dream unending this time around.

Or did she really die? Having not read that far in the manga, I don’t know, and of course the AIC ASTA might decide to go the anime original route anyway. Here’s what I do know…generally when a character dies, I want them to stay dead. There are some acceptable exceptions – Rei of Neon Genesis Evangelion comes to mind, because it served to reveal something about her character and the plot – but mostly a resurrection just cheapens the moment. I’m not sure if I would be mad if Hiyori really does reappear in Season 3, though. Part of that is a function of how well the writers made me like her during the first part of this movie, which heightened the tragedy by making me so dearly not wanting it to happen. More than that though, it might have to do with the general tone of this series. Even though it can get awfully dark and sadistic at times, it’s still generally a carefree good time, and a permanent protagonist death might cast a pall over that. Still, I suppose I’ll have to wait until Season 3 to update you on that. Be excited!

Alright, it’s time to wrap this up before I need to start inserting chapters. As is my wont, let’s bring this back to the central question of anime viewing – was it entertaining? Overall, I’m a pretty easy guy to please. Throw in some panties jokes, a little well deserved comedic violence, and some blushing from a haremette or two, and I’ll be as happy as a racoon digging through the trash cans out behind a four-star steakhouse. Yet this movie was more than that, giving us a modern take on the ancient form of tragedy that would make at least one of my old Literature professors squeal in inappropriate glee. But there was still the mostly useless first 40 minutes, and the fact that condensing the entire thing into one sitting didn’t let us come to care for Hiyori as much as we could with Nymph in season 1, a character we spent weeks getting to know. There also wasn’t nearly enough Tomoko, which is nearly a sin in the Book of Stilts.

So, the verdict – was it entertaining? As is so often my answer, yes, it was! (Clearly I need to get a new question, or worse taste in anime). Solid jokes, character development, and a tragic plotline that tickled my writer’s heart all kept me entertained throughout (after the first 40 minutes, at least), and left me with that slightly hollow but cleansed feeling of a proper catharsis. It’s not a pure tragedy since Hiyori was partially saved and might be coming back, but it still worked overall, and was a good addition to the series. Hopefully you enjoyed it as well! And if you haven’t watched it yet…why the heck did you just read this entire post?? That was silly, spoiling yourself. Though, if I’m right and spoilers don’t matter for tragedies, maybe it’s okay? However you watched it, give me your thoughts in the comments below.

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ED: 「そらとまぼろし」 (Sora to Maboroshi) & 「Second」 by blue drops


  1. It was nice to see more Sora no Otoshimono but the first 40 minutes of the movie are taken strait from the TV series… and the scenes are visibly lower resolution than the new material.

    Also in the manga Show Spoiler ▼

    To put things in perspective this movie starts in the beginning of volume 9, and they are up to volume 14 in Japan.

    Samurai Pumpkin
      1. I started watching SubDesu.
        Saw they translated 戦術戦略用エンジェロイド (Senjutsu Senryaku yo Engeroido – Tactical/Strategic Type Angeloid) as Pet-class Angeloid.


  2. I’m a huge fan Sora no Otoshimono. While the second season ran into some problems here and there, the first season and the manga (oh god, the manga) are beyond amazing. Hell, the manga remains as one my favorite ongoing comedy series as of now, and this particular arc happens to be one of my favorite arcs. It’s not just because the comedy is pure gold, but because the drama also happens to be pretty solid, and sometimes just damn good.

    Needless to say, I was incredibly excited for this movie. This arc, for me at least, was one of the standouts among the Sora no Otoshimono’s storylines. Still though, I was bit worried going into this considering that Otoshimono’s second season was a bit lackluster, although by no means bad. Luckily, this movie avoided most of the obstacles that the second season faced. The comedy was great despite, as you said Stilts, a dragging feeling for 40 straight minutes, and the drama was pretty darn solid, although, while still quite sad, it never quite reached the “want-to-put-a-bullet-in-between-your-eyebrows-since-it’s-just-that-damn-sad” level of Clannad or Kanon, although that’s pretty good, considering that Otoshimono is a comedy series above anything else. Then again, repeated playthroughs of Metal Gear Solid 4 have left me solid and unmovable as a 14-ton rock.

    Overall? Great movie. Tokeijikake no Angeloid is a welcome addition to Sora no Otoshimono. It’s very funny, entertaining, bitter, and well worth a watch, whether you’re a fan of the series or not.

    Having not read that far in the manga, I don’t know, and of course the AIC ASTA might decide to go the anime original route anyway.

    Read it. Finish it. Hell, import tankobons from overseas if you’re wallet can take it. The manga is just… just great.

    1. “She’s so conflicted, between wanting to respect Tomoki’s decision and her desire to have him be her master.”

      Desire link is broken. Looks like you forgot to input the image number when typing out the file location.

  3. Hiyori stole the show for as long as her arc lasted in the manga, and the fact that she’s been animated is joy to my senses. All the more reason to continue animating the series. Not your average comedy here.

  4. Thank you so much for this review. Without it I probably would have skipped the movie completely and missed out. I watched the first 10 minutes or so and was like “oh its just a rehash of the other seasons with tiny changes. No thanks I had enough of that with endless 8” And I closed it.

    1. Bad choice. You should do like me, check somewhere for the movie’s premise (AniDB not always is your best friend on that one…), it’s the best to do if you haven’t read the manga until now and don’t want to be spoiled.

    2. Glad to hear it! Doing a movie post is a bear (it’s like doing 5 episodes back-to-back, which is why this took me days to finish it even though I watched it and wrote the first draft on Thursday, lol), so I’m glad that it encouraged someone to watch this awesome movie. Huzzah!

  5. Frankly speaking, it changed so much scene in Manage, which is really a nightmare for fans of Nymph.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  6. DAMMIT ALL!!! it was not supposed TO END LIKE THIS aarrrg I Rage Show Spoiler ▼

    Show Spoiler ▼

  7. Yea, the manga was better. The recap was nice but too long as Stilts said, but the animation was really nice. Really really confused about why they had to change up the ending. The manga had a perfectly workable bittersweet (more sweet than bitter) end to that arc, and yet they just had to change it to a tragedy. Maybe this was so they COULD cut her out of the 3rd season, but how could you cut out someone that is the epitome of PURE.

    1. Personally, I’m always of two minds on this. On the one hand, if the manga is the best story that can be told, it stands to reason that that’s the story that should be told. However, what’s the point of spending all that time and money to directly translate a story that has already been told? Slavishly animating the source material frame-by-frame doesn’t add anything to the medium, so it’s personally worrisome for me to advocate that. Even so, some of the looser adaptations misfire so badly that it’s not really the same base story anymore.

      The way I think of it is this…this anime has always been good, and this movie had a good story. If the manga is different, and even better, that just means we get more Sora no Otoshimono, right? Everybody wins ^^

      1. But…but…there’s one less pair of boobs. Yea, that’s valid. One less pair of boobs if they killed off Hiyori.

        Also, I would argue that FMA:Brotherhood was pretty kickass in its own right separate from the original anime and the manga. Some things just need animation to bring out its true awesomeness. Sora no Otoshimono would not get that treatment anyway since the original anime plot did not deviate as much from the manga plot. Further along that analogy, I guess it feels like if the FMA:Brotherhood anime killed off Lan Fan or May Chang (someone introduced late in the story).

  8. so does she lives or dies at the end in the movie?
    I really hate when writers make you believe that someone is there without showing the person.
    I hope someone makes a video that adds a few seconds at the end of the movie where we see for instance a new angeloid or an okama angeloid or someone else, heck it might as well be alpha, delta or beta. the anger is coming back…..

  9. I agree that the flashbacks were long, but it served as a refresher for me. I don’t remember exactly in which season it was, but didn’t Nymph have a similar problem with a bomb implanted in her chain collar? And it was deactivated right? So why couldn’t they save Hiyori like back then…
    I wasn’t spoiled by this tragedy because I did not read the manga, but I still don’t like unhappy endings no matter how well it’s done.

    random viewer
  10. The manga was awesome, and heck, Hiyori is probably the perfect girl.

    What Tomoki said is right, the unpopular boys(which is most of us)should always remember the first girl to confess to us while we are shunned by the other girls. And yes, he kept his promise, to always remember Hiyori, he did not even forget about her, he was the other one whose life had the greatest impact by Hiyori, she let him felt how knowing that someone likes you.

    I prefer Hiyori’s “death” scene in the manga better.
    Show Spoiler ▼

  11. I got into this because I was told this wasn’t a typical harem ecchi anime but recent events don’t convince me. Is Tomoki only romantically interested in Ikaros or is there another girl who has the same chances of ending up with him at the end?

    1. Ahhhh, okay. Thanks, that makes a lot more sense now! And to your below comment…it’s probably a little bit of both 🙂 I’ll keep trying to get better so it’s easier to enjoy!

  12. P.S.
    Stilts: I originally didn’t really like your writing style. But as you are blogging most of the shows I am watching (Shows too much about self), I decided to take a read once and then. Well, you certainly are rubbing off me and I am liking your posts more and more! (An improve in skill or I adapted to it??) Regardless thanks for all the fun reads from here on out! Thanks!

  13. I felt that they wasted so much time (30~min) giving flashback introducing the new Angeloid “Hiyori” but my disappointment immediately disappear once the real story kicks in thanks to Hiyori’s charming character. Still, I don’t like how the movie was handled by the producers, they could have been more creative on the flashback and when the real story started, it felt very rushed, I felt they are starting Season 3 right? They might as well have included this arc. Anyways its good to see all the Angeloids again, as always I like how this show can be very funny then turn a full 180 degrees and become very violent and dramatic. Waiting for season 3.

  14. The first 40 minutes was enjoyable thanks to the nipple song.. ^_^
    IMO, I liked how Sora no Otoshimono combines the perverted jowks/moments yet with a nice twist or combo of a good plot/story..

    Faint Smile
  15. I had the good fortune to watch the movie last year at Anime Festival Asia and I have already written a review on it on my blog, which I shall mirror here.

    As a Sora no Otoshimono fan, it would be a gross understatement to say that I went into the movie with HIGH expectations.

    …unfortunately, I felt that the movie was a let down due to a number of problematic issues.

    Without any preamble, let’s get straight into the review. Throughout the course of the review, I will be assuming familiarity with the two television series and an understanding that there will be spoilers for the movie and the series in this review.

    Before I do begin, however, explanation of some of the plot details is necessary.

    The first third is a kind of recap which was mainly footage from both television series with some added scenes from Hiyori’s point of view. This is done to introduce Kazane Hiyori, who is a pivotal character in the movie.

    The second third begins the story proper and we see Hiyori join the New World Discovery Club to get closer to Tomoki, who she is in love with. Perversion and comedy ensue.

    The final third begins when Hiyori is tragically killed as she gets hit by a truck while crossing the road. We did see Hiyori in the series as an Angel/Person of the Sky in a pod. It is then revealed that these Angels can project an ‘avatar’ of themselves on Earth to ‘dream’ to enjoy themselves. Distraught that she is unable to see Tomoki again as her ‘dream’ was destroyed, Hiyori takes up the Master of the Sky’s (the Angel who enjoys torturing Nymph) offer to be remodeled into an Angeroid, as this is the only way that she will be allowed Earth. Unfortunately, being remodeled also means that she falls into the Master of the Sky’s hands as Angeroids have an obligation to obey their master’s every command. She begins attacking the town and our three Angeroids, Ikaros, Nymph and Astraea fly into battle.

    After Tomoki delivers one of his superbly worded speeches, Hiyori eventually regains her senses. She then sacrifices herself to save everyone when the self-destruct device in her collar goes off.

    After the credits, we have an ambiguous ending. We are left to assume that Hiyori returns to Tomoki as feathers fall from the sky behind him.

    …and that’s pretty much it for the gist of the story. Now for the review proper.

    The main issue that I had with the movie was its horrendous pacing on a number of levels. As you can probably tell from reading my story summary, the movie was divided into three very distinct segments that did not flow well together and created a very disjointed viewing experience. I personally believe that even the television series fared much, much better in terms of mixing the comedy and drama.

    Also, I personally felt that the entire first third of the movie was a complete waste. They reused far, far too many scenes from the television series in the first third. Other than the few added scenes with Hiyori in them, they were literally cut-and-paste from the original. A blatantly obvious money saving tactic? On one hand, I do agree that the Fallen Down concert scene was gorgeous to watch on the big screen. On the other hand, I don’t think they needed to show the scene off in its entirety.

    I understand that they wanted to establish the character of Hiyori as being always present throughout the entire first two seasons, but I don’t think that she needed that. Instead, they could have started off with introducing her character right from where the two television series left off, creating some new situations that allowed us to get to know her character and her motivations. Instead, she was very awkwardly shoehorned into preexisting footage. This really isn’t a viable option as I don’t suppose they planned on making this movie from the very beginning, but in my opinion, it would have been best if they could have established the character of Hiyori from the very beginning, in the television series. That way, they would not need to waste any time doing so in the movie and the audience would be familiar enough with her character and feel sufficiently attached to her.

    Perhaps the cut-and-paste scenes were the writers’ attempts to fill in the newcomers on what had already happened. If that was the case, they did a terrible job as well. Most of the cut-and-paste recap scenes were from points in the series that didn’t contain any major plot points or developments at all. No Synapse, no Tomoki’s dream, no Angeroid introduction, nothing. But then again, with movies like these that pretty much require people to have already seen the television series, I say, forgo any attempts at re-establishing characters and past events and just get into the story proper.

    So that is the pacing issue on one level. On another level, because of the segmentation and wasted time in the first third, the movie was not able to handle the plot and character development of Hiyori well.

    The first third had way too many reused scenes. The second third was far too short to fully develop Hiyori’s character and allow the audience to get attached to her. The transition to the final third by way of Hiyori’s death was also too sudden and I don’t think we were able to get attached enough to her to fully feel the impact of the scene. Finally, the last third was again too short to do justice to the plot, emotion or fighting. In short, the plot progression and sequence of events in the final third was just too fast and hurried.

    There was precious little buildup to Hiyori’s Angeroid reveal. Without that buildup, there was no feeling of dread nor was there any emotional stake in the battle. Contrast this to Chaos’s portrayal in the second season. From the very beginning, she was made out to be a real, credible threat and this was amped up gradually and considerably throughout the course of the second half of the second season. This ended with a satisfying climactic battle. With Hiyori, we get none of that. She appears, they do battle, The End.

    Not to mention, there was very little to no explanation of various aspects of Hiyori’s Angeroid form. What was that big circular thing on her back? Why does she have such a strong weapon as time control? Why didn’t they use it any sooner? What was that pod that she was in? Was she tricked into becoming an Angeroid?

    I was also quite irked to find out that Chaos saw absolutely zero action in the movie. Having seen her released and reunited with Tomoki at the end of the second season, I was really looking forward to see that devilish loli kicking some ass. But alas, that was not to be as she needed ‘further adjustments’.

    To tell you the truth, I have no idea how many of the movie’s issues were the fault of the Manga, as opposed to the Movie’s writers, as I have never read the original Manga. From what I understand, the Manga featured a different ending that I felt was superior to the movie’s. Hiyori also has control over weather instead of time…

    Still, I wouldn’t say that the movie was all bad. Some of the highlights for me were the comedy and gorgeously animated action sequence of the final third.

    Finally, I would like to give a special mention to the brilliant audience whom I watched the movie with. Surprisingly, or should I say, not so surprisingly, there were only 10 girls in the audience versus hundreds of guys.

    Being in conservative Singapore, I hardly expected the audience to react at all, especially to the ecchi stuff. But it would appear that (male) Otaku are (male) Otaku, no matter where they are from. All of the guys in the audience clapped, cheered and cried in awe at all the panty shots, cosplaying Hiyori scenes and perverted antics of Tomoki. I would say that the audience made the movie experience that much more enjoyable.

    In conclusion, I don’t think Sora no Otoshimono: Tokeijikake no Angeroid is a horrible movie by any stretch of its imagination. However, it does have significant problems that will let some fans down. Not only is the movie awkwardly segmented, the first third of the movie takes up way too much of the run time and, in turn, affects the pacing and character development.

    1. I was there at AFA and watched the movie too 😀 liked the atmosphere. being someone that has followed the original manga, I was initially quite disappointed with the 40 minutes flash back (although they remade it, but it is still essentially flashback) which is too long in my opinion. And yes, I don’t really like the idea of changing the power of Hiyori from weather to time… maybe they just want to come out with an outstanding movie title so and relate Hiyori to it, oh well. and I also at first disapppointed they cut out the scene where Nymph show her hidden power… but come to think of it, Hiyori is the female protagonist of this movie, so this can’t be help I guess. Apart for these laments, I am satisfied and enjoyed every bit of the movie, at least never fail to bring out the essence of Sora no Otoshimono

  16. OH YESSS THe nipple song!!! It was the joint funniest bit in the show along with the JDF fighters and thier pervy assault run. (its like three guys got in their fighters JUST to do that! )

  17. I felt like being trolled having to watch through those 40 minutes in the beginning.
    Worst of all, the giant chicken part only happened in the manga yet and was one of Judas’ epic games, but because they didn’t show all of it, it became pretty sucky for people who haven’t read the manga.
    But Jezus, was I happy when the story finally began.
    The sad moments were convincingly sad, I must say.
    When I read the manga I liked the arc mostly just because of Hiyori, but the anime had quite a good take on the tragedy around it.
    I just don’t get why she got Time manipulation power, something that never happened in the manga, and wasn’t really necessary.

    Side note, how comes that everybody gets 3 thumbs down?
    Somebody doesn’t like perverts?

  18. movie is good, but I don’t like how they change the storyline from the manga especially the important part about nymph getting winged and an upgrade which is important in later part of the manga. There is a reason for everything in this arc and skipping that is just unforgiveable.

  19. That was a very long read XD
    I didn’t mind the 40 minute retread at all. It reminded everything I like about SnO and made me love it even more with the introduction of Hiyori. No longer undecided on who’s my favorite Angeloid, Zeta’s the best. That dress and her cleavage will put Inori’s to shame 😉

    Seishun Otoko
  20. Man I love this series and although I enjoyed the movie and all, and I did appreciate the anime original ending they do, I was still disappointed that they did not animate and follow the manga properly. The manga is and I mean IS EPIC! TRULY TRULY AND UTTERLY EPIC! What happens in the manga for Hiyori’s story didnt just gave her a great character introduction but also a VERY VERY AMAZING AWESOME (NO ADJECTIVES IS ENOUGH TO DESCRIBE IT) character development for Nymph!!! READ IT! I GUARANTEE YOU 1000% that if you didnt like the sudden tragic tone that the anime has taken (dont know why they did this when the second season ended so happily compared to the mangas, it was an anime original and mind you I enjoyed THAT better that it was depicted in the manga), then I suggest that you start reading the manga about Hiyori and not only will you grow to like her, but will also LOVE NYMPH (if you didnt, or will grow to love her more after reading it). Here is a juicy spoiler of what happens to Nymph:

    Show Spoiler ▼

  21. @STILTS: Since you have not read that far in the manga yet and well I dont think there were any announcements for a third season already of the anime right? So go ahead and read it, cuz I guarantee you that you will enjoy it! It’s a lot different sequence that the movie and you already know that it ends differently, in a much more EPIC proportion!

  22. I have very strong feelings – a true love/hate for this.

    The series’ did a great job with Nympth and (to a somewhat slightly lesser extent) Astraea.
    It was near impossible for me to care about Hiyori; that’s the way it is. Also, as ‘X’ has
    mentioned, they deviated from the awesome Nympth development that happened in the Manga
    (great mention – thank you for bringing that to light).

    Which is the 1st of my major complaints about the movie – we learned very little more about
    our favourite Angeloids and in point of fact, I thought they even acted differently than they
    did in the series’.

    My second point is that unless you just watched both seasons, it was difficult for be to
    follow the timeline for Hiyori’s interleaved appearances in this movie.

    When they finally did start the “story”, the build up was too fast and I felt that, for as
    powerful as she was portrayed, she was defeated entirely too easy.

    For as much as I loved the series’, this movie should not have been made..

    Hopefully, the rumoured 3rd season this fall (2012) will return the the series’ roots and great ways.

  23. A little late to the show, finally was able to watch it. The end, I have never felt so attached to Hiyori like I did. WOW I cried so hard, so hard I thought I lost someone. That is how amazing this movie was. If you can make a viewer get attached to a character like that, you deserve praise. Seriously, wow even the last bit with Tomoki smiling was icing on the cake. I know she’ll be back, next season we’ll see.

    Jason Isenberg
  24. hi! all of author , i think that it’s so friendly and sorry because it still remains finish.i want to watch continues more sara no otoshimono movie.and more time i think it’s love ,hate and happy movie for me.so,i’m so sorry when it’s just the end during the short time.

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