「暗証番号」 (Anshō Bangō)

So I guess those cute little omakes with Muru-Muru just wouldn’t feel right anymore, would they?

Needless to say, I strongly discourage you from reading any of my posts on the last six episodes of Mirai Nikki until after you’ve seen the eps, because they’re going to be full of spoilers about what’s already happened in the anime. And I’m going to plead with everyone once again to please refrain from major spoilers in the comments, even under spoiler tags, because we’re so close to the end – and so much is still to be revealed – that it’d be a terrible shame for a new viewer to be spoiled now. By the same token it’s getting increasingly hard for me to discuss the specifics of events in the episodes without dropping hints, so I’m going to focus more than ever on the artistic merits of the ep in question.

And on that note, as a manga reader, let me just say “Score!” because this was a really good adaptation, continuing a hot streak the anime has been on lately. There was a lot to like about this episode, but what I liked the best was that it captured something I felt from the manga – that this was the time when we really saw the payoff for Yuki being who he is. All of the weakness and uncertainty the audiences complained about was worth it (at least for me) because what came down this week was an order of magnitude more interesting than if Yuki had been a traditional badass or a cold-blooded killer. The whole series has been subtly making Yukiteru’s case all along – that he’s really in an impossible position. He’s not a violent person by nature – he’d rather avoid conflict altogether – and he certainly doesn’t want to cause anyone else harm. Yet it’s grown increasingly clear that the only way he could survive was by entrusting himself to and then, worse, becoming more like Yuno. It’s easy to say he should have flipped a switch and changed sooner, but that’s really not who he is.

As the game has gotten closer to the end and Yuki’s resolve has solidified, the decisions he faces are getting harder. Killing Eleventh’s guards after they killed his father was hard, but much easier than setting up a bunch of Eight’s kids for their deaths as a ruse to attack Eleventh. And that was easier than being forced to shoot a friend, Ninth, or be shot by her. And of course the hardest choice of all is still to come. If Yuki found these things easy, I don’t think Mirai Nikki would be anywhere near as interesting. And the fact that Yuki showed tremendous grief over what happened in this episode – and still did what he needed to do – puts his character arc in a very interesting place.

What can I say about Ninth? If she had to go, at least she went out as she’d lived – with a bang (I hope someone feeds the chipmunks). In many ways her arc has been the most complete and satisfying of anyone in the cast. She’s a fantastic character (especially in the anime) and was right up until the end. While she clearly recognized the change in Yuki (“Did he always have that face?”) she also saw a lot of herself as the lost child she was in him, and that’s the contrast of her life – she’s a self-described terrorist and she has the black deeds on her soul to back that up, but she obviously has a compassion for the helpless – exemplified in the affection she had for them, be they human or not. You can decide for yourself whether that shot grazed Yukiteru’s cheek on purpose, but there’s no denying that something stayed her trigger finger there at the end – she was the quicker draw, after all.

While Minene’s heroic attempt to take down Eleventh with her own death failed, he wasn’t safe anyway – despite his confidence that he was secure in the Gasai Bank vault behind the second door because Yuno was “a fake”. Her retina worked well enough, and so did the bullet that ended John Bacchus – leaving the field clear of players, bar three – First, Second and Eighth – who’s currently under the protection of Akise. Akise states that his goal is to have Yuki win the game, but that he doesn’t trust Yuno – and then, the fabric of the world seems to tear and he and the remaining diary holders are transported to the sanctum. There’s Muru seems quite vexed that Deus appears to be dying too soon – but he’s not so dead that he can’t reach out and grab her as she makes a dive at Akise

There’s really not much time to breathe in this episode, but that’s just how I like my Future Diary. And I’m pleased to say this episode made me feel almost exactly the same way I did when I read the corresponding manga chapters, which is the #1 hope I had for this adaptation going in – as I’ve said before, what makes this series special isn’t so much thinking about it but experiencing it. Rest in peace, Uryuu Minene – we’ve left one of the great characters behind, but this journey is far from over.


  1. Wow, they really sped through Vol’s 9 and 10. 4 chapters in one episode, plus that one half chapter!

    I…don’t have many words for how well this episode turned out. The events just played out so nicely. Have fun in hell, 11th.

  2. John Bacchus: This several feet of steel will protect me from that fake Gasai Yuno.

    Gasai Yuno opens the second door *slasher smile* and shoots John Bacchus in the head.

    Me: Nobody expects the Spanish Inqui– oops, I mean nobody expects Gasai Yuno. Wrong story, bro. XD

    Seriously, 11th’s death was anti-climatic and kinda boring. After all was said and done, I was kinda expecting Yuno to skewer his guts with her katana, or chop his head off with her ax. The irony of it all was he was calling Minene and Yukiteri “boring” before Yuno arrived. And how does he die? In the most boring and anti-climatic way possible: a handgun bullet to the head. He used to be Sakurami City’s Mayor, until he took a bullet in the head. Skyrim jokes LOL.

    Minene’s death kinda reminded me of (Evangelion spoiler): Show Spoiler ▼

    In the memory of the Tsundere Terrorist Cosplay Bomber, Uryu Minene. Your fans will miss you. *manly tears*

    1. In the manga they have Yuno lop off the Mayors head with the Katana if that makes it any better.

      And 9th… You will be missed dearly. Man god must hate her, her life was utter crap from beginning to end.

    2. The specifications of 11th defences and their failure obviously suggests that Yuno is indeed true Gasai Yuno. This leaves us with the mystery of the dead one. Perhaps if Akise cross-checked the DNA of the living Yuno we would have reply…
      As the series approaches the endgame it becomes clear that utlimate showdown will be between Yuki and Yuno, betted on by respectively Deus and Murmur… speaking of Murmur, anyone who believed for a second her cute appearance deserves dead end.

    3. Agree. That was totally anticlimactic. Pop. Done. All that lead up to the impenetrable door. I would have loved to have seen her go sadistic on him. That would have been oh so much more satisfying and more Yuno-like.

  3. And then Yuki becomes god, brings everyone back from the dead including “real Yuno” and lives out his god days with twin hotties. The end. I wonder how often he would have to resurrect one of the Yunos after they inevitably killed each other for his attention.

    P.S. this was sarcasm, not a spoiler.

  4. No death by decapitation. That was so (and I mean completely and utterly) disappointing considering how epic the manga is at that particular scene.

    Other than that it was good, especially the Ninth bits.

    1. The episode showed her opening the vault via the retina scanner (after sending Yuki away to destroy the Holon) so that she could do it without having to explain herself to him (since based on Akise’s evidence a couple episodes back, we/Yuki know that she is not the “real” Yuno and should not be able to open the vault). So, no, she did not sneak in before the vault was even opened (I’m assuming you mean opened for the mayor to get in). Also, the way they did this scene in the anime was better, in a way, than the manga, in that they don’t both go away and then Yuno just returns to open the vault while Yuki is quivering (in a sewer? I forget).

  5. This would have been my favorite episode if 11th’s death wasn’t very anti-climatic. I wanted to see him running scared for his life when he saw Yuno enter the vault and get his head cuts off by a katana, just like in the manga. That would have put a smile to my face.

    My only request for the next episode is that they Show Spoiler ▼

  6. C’mon Yuki! You have a hot woman in bed and you freak out?? Man… That is just so you. Guess the “new” doesn’t extend to that type of thing. Unless Yuki is into what Enzo posted way up above.

  7. oh boy now indeed the end is near cause now mirai nikki armageddon

    we see yuno slashing people give her & yuki plan to get 11th also free those 3 & give 9th still hmm cause yuki doing this casuse yuki want his parents back.
    give 9th said if yuki fail 9th going get shoot ya.
    meanwhile those 3 still hostage till kosada big mouth oops but yuno slash to the rescue.
    11th lock himself in safe sure got door no.1 ok but door no.2 nope yea 9th hunting yuki.
    during with 9th mention her past life from lost parents, grab for bread, etc cause what yuki doing remind of herself.
    11th watching give seeing only people can open door no.2 is 11th & gasai family give certain that yuno is a “fake”.
    while yuko going after big 8th block by akise then stop see yuki in trouble.
    while 9th on search hear noise it yuki phone who to pull trigger?
    9th look like going til see her younger self then 9th got shot.
    yuki cried then wonder how to get 11th.
    but wait 9th still hanging just got one more bomb left & it’s heart bomber.
    9th lock herself in vault to blast it all to open path for yuki.
    then 9th ready smash her phone to blow it all up see her younger self & her parents.
    while younger saying thanks & 9th really want be saved so she go as a human.
    boom nothing happen here yuno telling yuki smash 11th’s venjix computer.
    while 11th relax door no.2 open cue OH NO it’s yuno cue head shot goes 11th.
    yuki smash blast computer see yuno blast 11th days later yuki’s hand on yuno’s soft.
    while akise, big 8th, & others wonder next give let yuki win give don’t trust yuno.
    then black orb appear while yuki writing names that we’re “bye” plan also bring back.
    more black orb appear cue mirai nikki armageddon.
    mur mur see deus more weaker then here big 8th & akise.
    mur mur tried to attack caught by deus with akise ask will everything be normal when game is done.

    indeed now we’re in the end is near cause now mirai nikki armageddon.

  8. Epic episode

    Mirai nikki was excellent for me before, but any anime that makes me cry ( being man) gets an A+++ in my book , and minene death accomplished that perfectly , I started to drop tears as soon as she did

  9. Minene is the best character; fight me.

    And while they did cover what I’m pretty sure they would cover, I’m again surprised at just how much they managed to squeeze in at the end. At this rate, they’ll probably save the last four episodes for the finale, which is more than I could’ve hoped for.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  10. Loved the background music when Minene realized her true desires and gave up her life willingly. And the part where she hesitated because she saw Yuuki as a reflection of herself (thrown into horrible, savage environment where one is forced to kill in order to survive) is also quite emotionally tearing.

  11. yet now with the end is near cause now mirai nikki armageddon is on the way wonder how wrap it up in 5eps?

    besides all mention & hmm on it yea really give still wonder how the dub will be like someday?

  12. I loved 11th’s look when the door opened because i was having the same look and esspecially with the funny diary entry on Yuno trying her best. How the hell did Yuno do that?!?

    This episode did make me think a bit on Yuno’s motives. What if she wants the entire world destroyed? And is the spheres of annihilation really Deus’ doing? Was the thing implanted into Minene was her past self?

    Zaku Fan

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