「森島はるか 前編 セクシー 」 (Morishima Haruka Zenpen – Sekushii)
“Morishima Haruka, First Chapter – Sexy”

I declare “Pa…papa…Okaerinrin!” to be the equivalent of Moe Moe Kyun.

It wasn’t Hibiki unintentionally flowing with moe during her roleplay. It wasn’t Haruka’s sister somehow being more forward than the queen herself. Heck, it wasn’t even Miya’s Nishishi Engrish (HNNNGH!) that was the cause. It was EVERY SCENE that made this episode the re-entry many have been waiting for.

Although Queen Haruka did not as strongly exhibit her signature kinkiness compared to last season, other characters sure started catching up. Whilst Haruka still managed to keep her original persona, this episode revealed a more exposed, sensitive ‘dere’ side to the previously resilient queen. Not everyone may enjoy this development as much as I did, but it is a development that will push this story’s conclusion.

This transformation in Haruka did not come about without affecting the cast in the process. Hibiki, perhaps disarmed by Haruka’s new charm point, displayed her own embarrassment this episode. Although more would’ve been excessive, Hibiki left me wanting more of her embarrassing roleplays. Junichi, clueless at first, catches on faster than usual to Haruka’s troubles, eventually setting up a fairly tense situation that well…we’ll have to wait for, won’t we?

But what’s most important is the NEW CHALLENGER, a totally unanticipated appearance by the gracious Jessica, (unrelated to Zessica). She didn’t get too much screentime (which I hope gets fixed next episode :3), but her forward ‘attacks’ spurred the development of romance more than any other character this episode. The look on Haruka’s face when that direct hit made contact was priceless. Priceless. She not only provided that healthy tension that makes a good arc, but also doubled the Haruka dose, twice the recommended daily value! Here’s a dare: when you see a scene where Haruka and Jessica are both talking, close your eyes. Can you tell the difference?

However, I am withholding any solid judgments so far on the arc. We’ve seen in many arcs in Amagami where the first episode was great, but the efforts made this episode will go to waste unless it concludes in style next week. Yes, the episode pulled off the setup, but can it follow through? Haruka had a spectacular finish last season, so I’ll take a bet that a spectacular finish will happen again, while perhaps fitting in a tiny bit more kinkiness before Amagami may end for good =(.

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ED6 Sequence & End Card


      1. It’s a bit weird.. sometimes when they say ‘green’ it means blue in English, but the direct translation is green. I guess it was what Raishinshi means by ‘ao’ and ‘midori’
        Korea has this difference too.
        An old joke I had with my friends, ‘in Korea, the grass is blue’

    1. Most people are familiar with the word “ao” being used in Japanese to mean the color blue, but “midori” can be used interchangeably to describe both blue and green.

      1. What are you talking about? Hibiki didn’t get a route in any version(Miss Takahashi had the route back in the PS2 version as a Bad End). Regarding to anime viewer, there will be one episode for Miya after Haruka’s arc, so be rejoiced! (Risa might be in the OVA, but no official confirmation yet)

  1. I actually find myself far more drawn to Hibiki than I have with Haruka for some reason, ever since the series began, my eyes have been more on her than Haruka…this episode just made it SO much better with her blushing so much, and that pout she made before they started their little “family dinner” practice was just adorable! ^_^

    1. Been wondering can cousin really look similar, I mean only brother/sister however u mix them and then husband and wife, either way the two cousin will always have half the gene from father or mother which can’t be the same as your cousin. Either way u only share half your gene with your cousin, I mean how can cousin look so much alike.

      1. honestly no one cares. this is anime. its not like people can ever look identical unless theyre identical in dna. In anime or manga is hard to make someone look “similar” to each other without changing the whole character. if they didn’t look alike then it wouldntve gotten their intended point across. just try and forget reality for a sec and see this as just an animation not soething to compare to real life.

  2. That title for this episode was so misleading.
    I like that serious side behind the fun side of Haruka in her romance life.
    And I think she’s sweet to have such a dream of getting proposed to.

    random viewer
  3. Going to do this for all Zaniba’s post from now onwards because alt texts really take some creative thinking and thus credit must be given when due.

    My top 3 favourite alt texts and why:

    Pure gold right there!

    I see what you did there..

    I see what you..actually no I don’t. Where were you looking!

  4. You guys should make .gif animations of the end sequences. Then you watch it all day just to see your favorite Amagami girl say that she loves you over and over and over again.

  5. I much prefer dark Haruka to her bimbo clone 😛
    I really like the alt texts. Can’t remember when was the last time someone did this. Maybe Kiiragi’s One Piece posts.
    “Junichi, I’m actually Zesicca, DUN DUN DUN!” Got a good LOL from that.

    Seishun Otoko
  6. I actually thought that Jessica was out to NTR Junichi from Haruka in this episode. Glad to know I was wrong. *doujinshi makers, take notes* Seriously, Jessica is just Haruka pallete-swapped with a slightly bigger cup size.

    Tsukahara Hibiki! The so called “un-cute but moe” swimming club sempai! I was actually abusing the replay button during the scenes that this episode had her in. Those almond-shaped eyes and that elegant-yet-with-a-hint-of-naughtyness smile raised my blood pressure. XD

    I called it right! “The-Amagami-Shed-Where-Kinky-Miracles-Happen” made its reappearance in this episode. Too bad they didn’t do anything “kinky miracles” this time around.

    @MrTerrorist: how does the Tsukahara Hibiki arc play out in the expansion pack/updated re-release of the Amagami dating sim? Did the game-makers do her justice?

  7. The wait is finally over and Haruka delivers 😀 I’ve felt that the last few arcs were rather lackluster overall and maybe its just my bias for her but thankfully Haruka hasn’t bored me yet.

    I didn’t realize she was wearing handkerchief either… O__O Hibiki is such a bro except she’s a girl and also comes packaged with those rare adorable deredere moments. Always going along with Haruka’s pace. Umehara is still single right? He was pretty bro too. Those two should get together and get their own stories.

    LOL BiiBaa. They probably do pronounce it that way. Also Miya engrish was hilarious, great imagination Junichi.

    Related to Mami-san? Drill hair unite!

    Really love the alt-text, it gives a new experience with screen caps. Shows that each one has a purpose in the blog that will motivate readers to pay attention to them and not just scroll pass them. Hopefully it’s not too much extra work. Anyway I enjoyed reading Zanibus 😀 Looking forward to next weeks.

  8. Oh my god! They don’t call Haruka the Queen for nothing. This episode was fantastic! And I love the alt text. I lol’ed at Rihoko’s alt text. If only you were there when Rihoko’s arc came along…

    Anyways, I’ve never been more jealous of an anime guy before. Junichi does NOT deserve Haruka.

  9. <3 Haruka <3 <3

    I've been waiting for this episode since the season started and now I can say: it was totally worth the wait. Now that it's here I'm actually glad they saved Haruka for last, I want my last memory of this show to be her adorableness.

      1. No kidding. I actually know some gals who are spitting images of Haruka. (hafu). They are sooooo cute! But unfortunately for them my waifu is super cuter! (^_−)−☆

  10. A little late for the party as I was waiting for Haruka’s arc to finish so I can view everything in the same order as season 1. Miss Sexy Jessica really caught me by surprise since she really just looks like a palette swap of Haruka, with the same level of playfulness to boot. Nice touch there. I missed reading image texts.
    As for this one. I can already picture big letters around it saying: “I’m dating Haruka. Live with it.”


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