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OP: 「あっちでこっちで」 (Acchi de Kocchi de) by つみき(大久保瑠美)、伊御(岡本信彦)、姫(福原香織)、真宵(生天目仁美)、榊(浅沼晋太郎) (Tsumiki (Ookubo Rumi), Io (Okamoto Nobuhiko), Hime (Fukuhara Kaori), Mayoi (Nabatame Hitomi), Sakaki (Asanuma Shintaro))
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「あっち⇔こっち」 (Acchi Kocchi)
“That Way⇔This Way”

After reluctantly picking up Acchi Kocchi after losing a few of my other picks for the season, I’m still amazed at how angry I would have been had I not covered this show. While the preview might have bashed on the show, I absolutely loved the first episode of this quirky slice-of-life. Something about the art style, the jokes, and the ridiculously cute Tsumiki who might be actually be a cat in disguise were more than enough to completely draw me into the story (even though there really wasn’t one).

For me, a slice-of-life without the draw of a strong romantic story needs needs to be funny. And unlike a lot of other recent shows like A-Channel or Kimi to Boku which either took too long to build up the humor or just wasn’t funny at all, this show was hitting home-runs at its first time at bat. If I were to pick a culprit for all this humor, it’d have to be from the combination of Hime (Fukuhara Kaori) and Mayoi (Nabatame Hitomi) — a pair of characters who on their own would probably come off as really annoying but together create some comedic gold. Seeing how the former is the quiet type that’s at times too innocent for their own good and the latter having a pretty strong case of ADD combined with the technical skills of a master electrician they provide a decent amount of humor for everyone to play off on.

But let’s not forget our two lovebirds Io (Okamoto Nobuhiko) and Tsumiki (Ookubo Rumi). While the probability of them ending up together is close to zero since things like that don’t happen in a slice-of-life like this (and because Io doesn’t seem to notice all the lovey-dovey signals Tsumiki sends his way) I enjoy watching all the teasing Tsumiki receives. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my romantic comedies as much as the next guy but when a show stops taking a relationship seriously and opts to keep things one-sided but takes a positive approach about it, I’ll give it a big fat thumbs up if they do it well. Because when it’s done well, it means those sneaky writers can at any moment throw in some super heartwarming situation and it’ll still make our hearts melt all the same!

You also can’t deny how cute Tsumiki is when she goes into nekomimi mode. While I’m normally against the use of something as stereotypical as nekomimi due to its horrible reputation, I for one haven’t seen it used in a while and it was a nice surprise to see very liberal use of it. At the same time, I was a little surprised to see just how much of a closet tsundere she was. Because even though Mayoi may be the usual target of her anger, it’s fun to watch that anger (or jealously?) branch out whenever someone gets too close to her “man”.

That said, I do have one small complaint about Acchi Kocchi. Which in reality isn’t a complaint but more of a personal gripe that I’d like to see if any of you share with me. I personally am getting sick of all these shows breaking each episode down into specific parts based on what’s type of gag they’re going for. For example, Danshi Koukousei was an amazing show that got me laughing all the time but I hated the fact that it felt choppy since it was broken up with long and tedious eye-catches after each and every gag. And while Acchi Kocchi doesn’t execute its breaks in the same way, I am curious about what it would be like to experience it without those little breaks during the episode.

Overall, I think that Acchi Kocchi is going to be a great show. It doesn’t live up to the stereotypes that a show like this garners (I see no moe-blobs!) and instead focuses on all the right things that make it a really good slice-of-life. Things like its humor, its enjoyable characters, and most importantly its liberal use of things like nekomimi and sound effect bubbles make it stick out as a show that’s trying a few different things that so far have made it really enjoyable to watch.


ED Sequence

ED: 「手をギュしてね」 (Te wo Gyushitene) by つみき(大久保瑠美) (Tsumiki (Ookubo Rumi))
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  1. That Ahoge… transforms into nekomimis! Also; her hair! It’s almost as long as she is tall!!! I liked the first ep (super adorable), but I’m still not 100% sold. Also. Street Fighter = Idiot fighter,or something along those lines. Thanks Takaii 😀

  2. Actually “so far” acchi kocchi is my fave for this season..not including F/Z since it’s a second season (so far I watched medaka, kore wa, accel, natsuiro, sankarea, sengoku)

    Man tsumiki iz really cute XD

    1. If you ignore the almost polar personalities and simply look at a screen cap and say “oh, a short girl with long blue hair, total Konata clone” maybe?

      That’s like dismissing Sora from Papakiki as just a Haruhi clone.

  3. we know give i keep seeing those indeed we have konata lookalike in it hey even got tsukasa lookalike with same voice to match it at well.

    all we need is kaGAmi to appear.

  4. I actually like the break between the episode or else it will turn into Lucky Star where if the gag will miss, it will have that awkward moment until it continues its next joke. (Do you get what I mean? I guess I can’t really explain it well…)

    That being said, this anime is super cute I give you that.

  5. Watched first ep and decided to put it on hold. I’ve never felt so neutral about a series. The jokes are… okay funny. The characters are… okay interesting. The animation style is… okay, okay.

    Maybe I’ll follow it when I get bored.

  6. I love Acchi Kocchi! The humor is really cute..
    I hope they’ll be development for Tsumiki and Io! (most likely not)
    And Nobuhiko sounds good as Io! 😀 I was worried he would sound weird… X’D

  7. When Takaii says something is good, it’s good. I really hadn’t planned on watching this.

    Acchi Kocchi? Yep. It was good. The series just screams “cute”, but not in that obnoxious way that makes you want to rip your ears out, but in that innocent kitty way that you can’t help but adore.

  8. I picked this up on a whim but I think it’s totally adorable! I think part of it is because there are actually guys on the show (unlike shows like Lucky Star or Hidamari Sketch for example).

    I’m glad you mentioned that thing about the scene changes. I didn’t really notice ’cause I was busy trying to read the kanji… 8D

  9. Well, it’s clear I’ve an entirely different sense of humour cause I had trouble finishing the first episode. The jokes were of a level I constantly thought a ‘padoem tssh’ would follow. No wonder this is based on a 4panel. Do-able in an omake, on their own just lame.
    Yes, the character design is cute but I struggle how you can say that there are no moeblobs here. Maybe not in the direct sense as in K-On but otherwise Tsumiki is pretty much the epitome of moe. As is her clumsy friend.
    Ah well, to each his own, I guess. I prefer Sengoku collection in terms of comedy. Perhaps not the most orginal premise yet it plays around with the stereotypes in the genre.
    Anyway, before I start rambling on: Have fun watching this 😉

  10. Aside from Medaka Box, I was anticipating this too and deliberately refrained from reading the manga. Daigo vs Justin Wong comeback parody is a definite highlight. Another highlight was the window jumping scene since seeing Kikue-sensei get mad was so funny. Mayoi’s trolling also cracked me up, whether it was fooling around in the announcement booth, annoying Tsumiki, or making Kikue-sensei cry. For some reason, Kikue-sensei reminded me of iM@s’s Takane…again, and I really thought it was Yui Horie that was voicing Mayoi.

  11. Feels calm, warm and fuzzy with a tinge of excitement (when the other 3 characters come in).

    I don’t find this funny compared to Nichijou, Daily Lives of High School Boys and Kill me Baby.
    The humor is kind of dull to me but I like the cute expressions of the characters.

  12. Decent, but the manga’s better, imho.
    4 koma’s don’t always translate well when made into a full 30minute-per-ep anime series. Working~!!’s probably the best example of how to do it right.

  13. So Shirokuma Café gets trashed a lot for being boring, but this show gets a pass from those haters? Man, the power of moe culture is almighty indeed even in english-speaking regions.

    some guy
  14. Alright, this is my top pick for this season so far. I absolutely fell in love with this show after watching this episode.

    Overall, it was great, but there were so many f’ing fantastic moments. The Justin Wong/Daigo moment would normally be favorite moment because I’ve watched the original video like 100 times. However, the first “testing the PA system” scene and the “don’t run in the hallway” bit just had me absolutely losing it.

    Nichijou is still the best comedy/slice-of-life I’ve seen in a while, but this is certainly no slouch by a long shot. To me, it’s like comparing a billion dollars to two billion dollars. Either way, you’re still freaking set.

    Baby Choo Choo
  15. Is there a kawaii reference for nutbladder explosion?! Oh, wait, I think Da5id covered that already.

    I had no expectations for this show, went in blind. I had lots of giggles, more than a few laughs, and more than the required amount of daaaawwwwwww. I don’t find Tsumiki all that moe, kawaii is the more correct term? The first is srrs bznss, the former is for the dawwww? Right?

    Anyway, loved it. Need it. Gotta have more of it. At this point it’s going to become Mysterious girlfriend drool.

    And Tsumiki trolling us with her Dai Suki….NOT line in the ED was priceless.

  16. As I’m always looking for good new slice-of-life comedies, I had high hopes for this series. Needless to say I was not disappointed. From Tsumiki’s extreme cuteness, over Hime’s proneness to nosebleeds when she thinks of something remotely indecent (or just extremely cute), to Io constantly keeping calm, even if he does something crazy, everything about this show is awesome.

    I am surprised nobody has talked about the Opening and Ending themes yet. They are definitely unique, as expected from songs written and composed by members of IOSYS (yes, that IOSYS).


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