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OP: 「恋のオーケストラ」 (Koi no Orchestra) by (Yoshitani Ayako)

「謎の絆」 (Nazo no Kizuna)
“Mysterious Bond”

The lesson “Don’t rush things” is already hard to learn when in a relationship; however, Tsubaki has it even harder. “Don’t rush things, or else I’ll scissor you. -Urabe”

The_Magus_Killer kindly points out in the comments last episode what the author, Ueshiba Riichi, developed as a thesis for this show.

“Teenagers these days are too quick to have sex, and are missing out on all the fun that a not-quite-sexual relationship can be.”

Today’s episode clearly affirms that statement. Tsubaki is at a total loss on what to do in a relationship. It’s been a month without anything but spit, so what does he do? Listen to and follow up on stereotypical advice! Hold hands he tries, but instantly is rejected. Talk hobbies he does, but instead finds out about Urabe’s awesome hobby: panty scissors. By trying to apply standards to an unorthodox girl with hopes that his dreams will come true, Tsubaki is met with firm retaliation, followed by a reaffirmation of their true bond, making it crystal clear who is in control and who has much to learn.

What do you do in a relationship? What does it really mean to be in a relationship? The answers vary among couples, but Kanojo has taught us in one episode that anything normal is not the answer for these two. Tsubaki finally sees the framework he has to work with, and now it’s up to him to improve for the sake of two rather than one. Considering his performance in episode one, I have high hopes that his character progression won’t stall. I wholeheartedly expect our protagonist to pull off another unique approach that will make Urabe burst…with something. This shift away from self-centeredness is an important one; it is a trait that in itself is admirable, but will be even more valuable when new conflicts come in later episodes.

One such conflict is the identity of Urabe. How is she able to use scissors so skillfully? What does she do on Sundays? Why does her spit have supernatural abilities? Could Urabe’s bag be a hint? We are presented with numerous unanswered questions that Urabe stealthily avoids, furthering her mystery. Tsubaki must learn more about his mysterious girlfriend if he is ever to make progress, but must also follow her pace to avoid anger. On top of that, new characters that will undoubtedly throw a wrench into the process and Tsubaki will definitely have lots to balance as their relationship progresses.

Speaking of progression, Nazo no Kanojo X’s own pacing is quite natural. While limited to 12 episodes, the anime is taking its time to properly develop each scene and not rushing through its most important moments. The abandoned house scene definitely highlighted this effort, often panning to a bug decaying to further the “deconstruction” of their relationship. At this pace, the anime will most likely not catch up with the manga, but that sits alright with me. Let them take time to set those jokes up correctly; let them take time to add ambiance by drawing out the scene.

Now that the premise is properly established, it looks like new challengers will be appearing next episode. How will they mesh with Urabe’s weirdness? I predict both Urabe and Tsubaki will run into trouble with these new faces for different reasons, but just how exactly is something to be revealed next week!

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  1. I quite like the pacing. A lot happens, but it doesn’t feel rushed.

    As far as I remember, the anime announcement in the manga says that the story won’t completely follow the manga, and I certainly hope so, because Show Spoiler ▼

    Well, I certainly have high hopes for this, and I am glad to see the panty scissors animated! xD

  2. @HenDarou, is that so? I was hoping for a faithful adaptation. I hope that the “won’t complete follow the manga” means “we’ll shuffle things a bit”. I’d really like to see the full manga animated.

    At the current pace (3 chapters per episode) 12 episodes should be enough to get to the end of vol.5 of the manga (the Hayakawa arc). I hope this show gets a second season or at least a couple of OVAs.

    1. Yeah well, it’s just that, at the pace things move in the manga, even if the anime gets a second season, there might never be a real conclusion. I mean Show Spoiler ▼

      I personally kind of hope that it takes the best parts of the manga and then gets an alternate conclusion. If it’s popular, they might still give it a season more for the manga ending at some point. Well, that’s what I hope for, at least…

  3. One thing I do appreciate is that, while Urabe’s quick to draw the scissors at times, she never actually hurts him and she understands that there’s nothing that can be done about dreams and she has no right to punish someone for them.
    That nosebleed made the episode

    Bio D
  4. Man, I looove the manga, and this is almost as good. I’m very pleased with how MMX is going. Last episode I reserved judgement no the seiyū choice for Urabe, and now I can say that she was a good choice. I can tell it was a good choice because when I read the manga, I hear her voice in my head, and it feels right.

    My one and only complaint deals with the dreams. They could be better, but I’m a SHAFT fanboy.

    Glory to the panty-scissors.

    1. Agreed – I’ve only read a couple of chapters, but those visual orgasmic dream scenes were easily the most impressive I’ve seen in a while. Maybe the anime/studio isn’t quick to play that hand just yet?

  5. Excellent! I haven’t read the Manga, so I’m looking at this completely without
    expectations of events. I love the interactions – and subtle hints at the future.

    Notice that she said she’d never do that with a doll tied to her head – not that she’d
    never do “that”
    . Also, she peeked at his wet dream – wow! Pretty intimate.
    I wonder if he can use her drool in the same way she can read his (don’t spoil,

    The voices fit so well, too. I loved how he eyed his sister’s scissors! Is he thinking, gee,
    do all girls carry panty-scissors?


  6. And another show that I wasn’t planning on checking out that I’m really liking, that’s the third one this season. I’ll probably read the manga when the anime is over.
    I like the OP its really catchy and surprisingly sweet.

  7. Those panty scissors. I loved her finishing move (and Urabe Mikoto as well) ever since I read it in the manga, and the animated version did not disappoint. And Tsubaki-kun reminds me of the time I was in high school.

    If Urabe Mikoto was a Heroic Spirit, her “Drool” and “Panty Scissors” would be her Noble Phantasms.

    Loving the screencaps, especially the “COUNTER HIMITSU”, Zanibas. =)

  8. Has anyone thought about what would happen if Tsubaki and Mikoto actually kissed? It’d basically be like a “direct injection” of Urabe’s psychedelic spit into Tsubaki’s system- he’ll probably be high and hallucinating for most of the next 12 hours…

      1. Imagine if you could share a kind of psychic unity with your lover through nothing more than a simple (french) kiss. Instant transcendent intimacy; a mutual understanding deeper than any amount of “communication” could ever hope to attain, achieved without the utterance of a single word. And I imagine that the sex between two people who shared such a special bond would be unparallelled in terms of emotional and physical fulfillment. It’s definitely kinky, but that only adds to the fantastical appeal of it all; that many would find this concept to be appealing is perfectly normal, since it is essentially the ultimate fulfillment of what every person seeks in a relationship… 😉

  9. Also, Zanibas, it’s likely that, as the flower in the first episode was symbolic for the vagina, and the butterfly for the penis, perhaps the lemons are testes or genitalia in general? Showing two of them at the end covered in what I assume to be more sweet saliva kinda makes me think of them that way, at least. Or, it could be as simple as a lemon being “bitter yet sweet at the same time”, which is how Urabe strikes me.

    As for nosebleeds, first you need too think about what happens when a person becomes aroused. Now, I cannot speak for women, as I do not have a vagina, but for men, a degree of blood flow is diverted straight to the penis, which causes swelling, which… Yeah, you get the picture. I’ve always assumed nosebleeds were taking that and overexaggerating it. But then, if a girl can also get nosebleeds from arousal then… So, I don’t think it actually happens like that in real life. Er… Ask your doctor >>

  10. Well, there is now a supernatural or alien element, since she was able to see his dream (including the doll) just by tasting his saliva. Actually quite a cute scene since it obviously turned her on. Up till now she has seemed totally in control of the relationship, but that means she’s vulnerable.

    The only thing that annoys me is that there is no personal relationship. Just a suppressed sexual one. While this is probably a more realistic portrayal of “first lust love” I hope we see something more.

  11. – “What does she do on Sundays?” Show Spoiler ▼

  12. That doll on the head had me cracking up. Am I the only one who found it interesting that it was a futon and a doll in kimono instead of a western style bed and barbie doll?

    BTW, which subs are people watching and recommend?
    *Zanibas: comment guidelines do not allow us to talk about subs. Sorry ’bout that 🙁

  13. The scissors were impresive. But I was won by the saliva mind/sub-coincious reading! It cracked me up and and then the inmediate nose bleed from her, couldn’t stop laughing, memories from Maria holic and Yuru Yuri came really fast. Some of you seems this as good; but is a double edge weapon. Specially if he has something to hide… ( for instance a surprise party for her) lol that’s just an example. That ability can raise problems and funny situations. Hopefuly the writer will develop that area.

  14. It seems both sides of relationship can use the saliva for reading partner’s emotions, and in the Urabe case possibly even mind!
    I love how Urabe stripped before closed-eyes Tsubaki to get kinky mindset…
    oh and I’d love to have such technique with scissors, would feel quite safer on the night street 😛


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