「無情なる雪合戦⇔調理実習(燃)」 (Mujouunaru Yukigassen to Chouri Jisyuu (Moe))
“A Ruthless Snowball Fight ⇔ Cooking Practice (Burn)”

For those following the golden give it at least three episodes rule, Acchi Kocchi gave a strong showing this week. If either the humor or the cuteness had been the main reason you’ve continued to watch, I’m sure this week’s episode immensely satisfied you.

If last week was supposed to be a Sakaki focused episode, this week’s was definitely a Mayoi one. While it’s obvious just how silly she can be, there’s only been a tiny bit of light shed on her ability to tinker with things. Up till now, we’ve only seen glimpses of her expert repair skills at work — like fixing a heater or the school’s PA system. Which is why I was blown away when she revealed her English speaking YKDM or Yukidama (snowball) system. Can you imagine how awesome to have an unlimited supply of snowballs in the midst of a snowball fight or how crazy would it be to have an automatic loading snowball bazooka? That said, I felt a bit of remorse for Mayoi after watching her creations get schooled by Io’s insane skill with spinning things and Tsumiki’s ridiculous strength. I’d still take the bazooka over innate skill any day!

Like I’ve continually said, Acchi Kocchi’s somewhat unique approach of handling Io and Tsumiki’s relationship will probably never grow old due to how many different avenues it can approach each situation from. More specifically, I suppose you could call it its ability to switch back and forth between humor and romance so quickly that it’s tough to see one or the other coming. For example, I could have swore that the second half of the episode was going to boldly highlight Tsumiki’s attempt to get Io to praise her. However, it instead turned into an exercise of who could make fun of Mayoi the best. And while my mind was focused on things like the power of onion juice and unfeminine stomach growls, I wasn’t expecting that cute switch at the end. Something about Io suddenly opening up toward Tsumiki and going as far as teasing her probably wouldn’t have felt the same had we expected it coming.

With another episode down and another one on the way, I honestly can’t wait to see what’s in store for all of us down the line. Maybe by the end of the series, we’ll see Mayoi piloting a homemade mecha.

P.S. You know, even though Io is probably the most gentleman-like person this entire season I could’t help but notice when he refused to help Mayoi after noticing she was wearing bloomers and not pantsu. I guess that in the end the urges of the male mind will trump over anything!




  1. I don’t get the setting. Is this world where cat ears are normal. Or are those two special. Or is the blonde one only faking it with her hairstyle. Or are they related?
    And does the purple ones insane strength have a source or is it only a comedic thing. Somehow i feel like this show could turn around into some futakoi alternative where shit is going down.

    1. There is nothing mysterious behind it. They are just portraying kitty like personality and cuteness. It is just a way to portray curiosity, desire, cuteness, etc. It is just like the male nosebleed portraying erotic turn-on.

    2. lol at downvotes. I wasn’t even being negative about the show. But guess not enough positive warants downvotes as well.

      Right let me shed some light on my confusion. I view any anime in their own world. Superpowers, clothing ripping physics, if it’s all part of that specific world, i can dig it.

      But here we have a world that looks normal, classmates and relationship that are friendly and cute. All pretty normal stuff. But then enter some variables that aren’t being explained and don’t fit in a normal world. So for me that makes me confused. How can a normal setting have super powers en cat ears. I’m sorry that i don’t just take because it’s anime for a legit answer.

  2. More specifically, I suppose you could call it its ability to switch back and forth between humor and romance so quickly that it’s tough to see one or the other coming.

    It’s transitions are fluid- because more often than not the romance and comedy in this show are one and the same. Comedy occurs as a function of the romance, and romance occurs as a function of the comedy; one leads to the other in a chain of progressive, fluid events- very much unlike other shows like say, Sora no Otoshimono that suddenly get serious whenever romance enters the equation- in these there is a clear divide between comedy and romance, it’s by far the simpler way to do things compared to maintaining constant fluidity where on event leads to another, or even serve dual purposes.

  3. Who would have thought Tsumiki has insane strength like this…

    And Mayoi’s omelette rice is freaking scary.

    PS. If they ever make Acchi Koccki Yochien in to a series, I’ll definitely watch it!

  4. I was kind of disappointed with anime this season except Fate Zero, but this one save the day.
    Not so good, but enough >3
    Thanks randomC, it was your ss on rss feed that catched my eyes so i tried, and it’s good.

  5. I like this series well enough, but the soft voices from Tsumiki and Io are creepy. There’s just something really wrong about them, like they could snap at any moment and bring about the end of the world Narutaru-style.

  6. I can see this show being a hit. So far it keeps the focus on comedy and puppy love but keeps it simple. Nothing incredibly extraordinary but its excution is very well done. That and i like how the anime food looks

    Zaku Fan
  7. I love how Tsumiki didn’t even have a second thought in finishing Mayoi off even after she was already done it by the snowball breaker and turn into a snowman.
    She is one scary kitten.

  8. “It has been said that, deep in the night, you can sometimes hear cries of agony coming from the home economics room.”

    And so one of Nekoge High School’s Seven Mysteries was born.


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