「父の遺品」 (Chichi no Ihin)
“Father’s Memento”

Why are the FAIRY TAIL fillers so good?

The fourth station for this filler train is here, and we’ll have to stay here for a while because this is the main filler arc. We’re also picking up a new character on this station – the relative of LucyMichelle Lobster (Yukana), the girl seen in the opening and ending sequences, a girl I find adorable so far.

One of the many great things in FAIRY TAIL is the comedy, and there sure was a lot of it in this episode, especially when Michelle introduced herself, calling Lucy her “neesan”. I don’t understand why Natsu would think she is Lucy’s daughter but his joke had me laughing loud enough to wake someone up. Apparently, Michelle is younger than Lucy but appears to be around the same age because of the seven years that passed while Lucy was stuck on the Tenrou Island.

So who is Michelle? After some private research done by Laki and Makao, we now know that she is somehow related to a church. And speaking of churches, there appears to be some terrorist attacks going on – aimed toward churches. Besides that, she knew Lucy’s father, and her reason for showing up in the guild was to deliver a key – a memento of Jude Heartfilia.

It appears that Michelle will be staying with Lucy for a while so why not bring her along on a mission?

The mission our team took on involved some bandits and some fanservice. I wonder why Lucy’s sex appeal never works… Well, this time it turned out that the bandits preferred the half-naked Gray, which upset Erza because it was her plan to use Lucy’s sex appeal as a decoy. And we all know that an angry Erza means trouble. The mission didn’t last long, so we ended up back at the guild – and the key!

Apparently, this key’s functions are unknown, so Lucy took advice from Michelle and put up an investigation request for it on the request board. Pretty much like I had expected, team Natsu took on this job but it seems that this might be dangerous for Lucy. I wonder why her father’s memento would be dangerous for her – unless Michelle is someone suspicious or been in contact (while having the key in possession) with some evil person.

I’m suspecting that this key is related to the church incidents because the episode itself had many scenes with Lahar and the Magic Council discussing and investigating the issue. But I’m not very sure so I’ll leave it at that.

Oh, and I almost forgot! This week, we finally got to see and hear Bisca and Alzack’s daughterAsuka Connell. Unfortunately, I can’t find anything about her seiyuu but I’ll update this if I stumble upon any information.

With that being said, I’d like to point out how good this episode was. People who are skipping this filler season are really missing out. Oh well, it’s their loss. Anyway, next week we’ll see Laxus again, and it seems that he’ll be fighting Natsu. I can’t wait!

Full-length shots: 2, 7, 14, 20, 26, 27, 33

New eyecatch: A-part, B-part

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  1. If I didn’t know any better, that’s probably Rie Kugimiya (Happy’s seiyuu) playing Asuka. But that’s just me going by ear. It really sucks that they don’t bother listing VAs twice for different roles in Japanese. To this day, we don’t even know who Reedus’ voice actor is! All we know is that it’s the same as someone else in the guild (probably the same guy who plays Droy).

  2. tiny violin is playing for this really got wonder how much left is still til run of out anime fuel?

    yea can we trade this series back to re-continue rave master yea i want lost anime watching time back.

      1. grr wrong bring back rave master anime cause still i’m still upset way rave master ended come on are you serious bro yea it’s still in complete & feel got robbed of lost time on it.

        give i was over decade ago yet i still remember yea yet doing onore who created rave & fairy tail.

        yea bring back rave master anime back to here yea i don’t know really bring past rave master seiyu now this lobster aka reina aka yukana yea already haru & elie as cat’s parents?!

        now this indeed i’m so bitter on it yea going like chainsaw edge survivor series till give me back rave master.

      1. sure tell where is place internet go like sure you have an army but i got a “HULK” cause i find me way get rave master anime back.

        as for this yea will still not watch give back rave master.

    1. I wonder when he’ll realize that asking Stereoman (or any other person here) to bring back Rave won’t work…apparently, RC can influence the anime industry!!!

      Klac, since you want Rave to return so much, find the author’s email and spam him instead. Who knows; maybe their contact details are in Jump or his website or something. Or, write an appeal, get it signed, then contact DEEN since they animated Rave. That is, if you really do want Rave back…

      1. roar!!!

        really unless you know where i can find this creator of rave/fairy so i can give piece of me saying cause bring back rave master anime continue where it’s left off & go all full way to make truly 100% complete.

        cause that anime is like 30 or 40 percent complete come you left hanging almost a DECADE indeed onore that creator.

        so yea tell where i can send it to get it back.

      2. Go find it; you’re the one that wants rave to come back so badly. Check MAL or ANN or something. Google’s quite a comprehensive search engine. Copy-paste the author’s name written in Japanese; who knows, you might score. Don’t these guys have blogs?

  3. Yukana is Michelle?

    Anyways, I find it pretty sad where Lucy becomes the buttmonkey of the jokes. The past two filler episodes we never even see her fight for real. I hope they don’t make her a Faux Action Girl in the anime because she’s totally an Action Girl.

  4. Been debating on picking this series up for a while now. But i’ve been a little ify about it since a lot of people kept comparing it to one piece.

    So i’m curious, is this series like that or am i just getting trolled?

    1. I’d say both have similar elements, atmosphere, and artwork but the stories are unique. Something both series have in common is that they value friendship very much but they’re pretty different. One is about pirates, the other one about mages.
      I read One Piece (a few volumes behind), read and watch FAIRY TAIL (up to date), and both are great. I suggest you pick up this show and give it a try. I’ve heard that it’s hard to get into this anime because it lacks in overall “quality”, but seriously, once you get into it, it’s hard to let go!

    2. Both cater to “younger” audiences, but One Piece (in everything from the character designs to the fights) seems more juvenile. I can’t stand One Piece, but I definitely have a soft spot for FT.

      That said, I haven’t watched the new filler yet, so what am I doing in the comments here? Never mind! 🙂

      1. oh YES YES YES i will this rave master cause really it stole-rob me nearly some lost watching nearly a DECADE ago yea cause now this fairy tail even more reasons i MUST get back rave master.

        yea creator of rave & fairy i not forgot i’m gonig get it back.

    1. Yeah I thought so too. Usually I dislike filler arcs, but this just seems as a better start-up for the 7 year time skip. Though I wonder Show Spoiler ▼

  5. Erza: “Here. Get in this swimsuit.”
    Lucy: “Why the heck?!”
    Erza: “You’ll be the decoy! And it’s TOTALLY not because moe and sexy is what executives want! TOTALLY NOT!”

    1. Well, the official anime website calls this arc the “Hoshizora no Kagi” arc, or “Starry Sky Key” arc. So if that’s not the key in question, or even a key at all…

      But hey, it could be both.

    1. Well, plot isn’t a strong point of this manga partly because it is a shounen. It’s not about the plot. It’s about being flashy and exciting. Where Fairy Tail really does it for me is in the comedy. I think FT anime has better comedy than the majority of shounen out there, except for One Piece, which is also pretty amazing (Nami’s freak-out moments are pure win).


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