「憧憬乙女」 (Shoukei Otome)
“Aspiration Maiden”

Swimsuit episode – check. Festival episode – check.

It seems to me that a lot of people consider this show being a troll. I can understand that you’ll be disappointed if you’re looking for horror (which this show is labeled as). As for me, I did expect a bit more horror, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like the show. It’s a mellow show, but it’s amusing. It didn’t turn out to be what it was labeled as, but this works for me too. I wouldn’t really call this show a troll just because it walked away from its main purpose. The mystery is still there, but it’s progressing very slowly. And how could someone drop a show when it comes with these two fancy treats?

This episode focused more on Kirie’s insecurity than anything else, which is completely fine with me, although, I don’t think she has any reasons to feel insecure because she is adorable as she is. But I can understand her; Yuuko is a “threat” when Teiichi is concerned. While I find Yuuko and Teiichi’s relation more interesting and fun to watch, Kirie’s interactions with Teiichi are quite amusing too. I loved Kirie’s conversation with Teiichi at the end. Kirie, how could you expect Teiichi to think you’re Yuuko when you clearly lack these?

While I’m still writing about Kirie’s interactions with people – it’s quite fun to see how she can go from being the hero who calms down a panicked Momoe, to a crybaby because of a skeleton. But at the end, it seemed to me that she overcame her fears, one of them being her fear of Yuuko and being compared to her. It was nice to see Kirie touching Yuuko for the first time. I noticed that all “first touches” involving Yuuko end up landing on her breasts

The mystery of the week was the heartless anatomy models in the science lab classroom. It was an odd mystery, but if I got it right, the anatomy models lacked hearts, therefore they hunted people to cut out their hearts – but according to Momoe’s insane conclusion, the models just wanted someone to find their hearts.

With all these small mysteries and character development going in, I feel that the main story is slowly fading away. I enjoy this anime, I really do, but I want the plot to move on. I’d hate to see a rushed ending, and we’re almost halfway through the show. Kirie has had her character development, Momoe hasn’t really had one, but I don’t think she needs it – her personality stands out anyway. I hope to see some actual plot next week. But I wouldn’t mind if Teiichi got a bit more character development or perhaps, some nice back story.

I realized, I haven’t talked much about Teiichi at all. The only thing I’ve written about him (even though he is the protagonist) is what a lucky guy he happens to be. I still don’t have anything to write about him. He is a nice guy, but completely overshadowed by the amazing Yuuko. So, let’s hope for more story progress and a bit more about Teiichi next week. Ah, no, who am I kidding? I just want more Yuuko!

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  1. mfw Yuuko and Kirie look so similar.
    But it’s easy to tell them apart though. *looks at chest area*

    Anyways, the plot may be suffering since SL is shuffling and skipping chapters but since episode 1 I’ve pretty much given up on it being faithful like Sankarea. It’s still doing a good job though with the mystery(somewhat) and characters.
    Needs more and more Yuuko. And more Kirie as well.

    *grabs all the full-length pics*

    1. They stated that Yuuko is Kirie’s grandmother sister hence why she doesnt want Okonogi calling her Kanoe since it reminds her that they are related. its family resemblance.

    2. “like Sankarea”. I haven’t read its manga, did you mean that Sankarea is following its manga or that Sankarea is also going away from the manga just like OtomexAmnesia is?

      1. Sankarea is much more faithful to manga than Tasogare, and in my opinion Tasogare manga is better than Sankarea… remembering that this is my opinion. Sanka never scared me, I’ve always feel sorry for her… Now, Yuuko… there are moments in the manga that her really scared me, and there are times that I became in doubt if she really forgot everything about her past.

  2. Wasn’t expecting an episode to be focused on Kirie, but it sure turned out extremely enjoyable~ She looks amazing in that meido outfit with them nekomimi ears XD.

    But she really looks like Yuuko when she wore that wig. That side face split shot comparison they provided is like almost a simple mirror image. Teiichi is really one lucky guy~

  3. Show Spoiler ▼

  4. the truth is that they made ​​minor changes from manga to anime that are making a huge difference
    Show Spoiler ▼

    it’s a pity to be only 13 episodes, things are happening too fast.

  5. I don’t know what i should think about this adaption. Sure, i find it enjoyable, but they should have focused on adabting the story (i mean the mystery about Yuukos death and shodw Yuuko) instead of changing things so much.

  6. Gahhhh Okonogi’s reactions and Kirie crying are so adorable XD Yuuko and Teiichi’s relationship is very interesting, possibly a triangle with Kirie? Very good episode 🙂

  7. Oh dear, so much adorable Kirie this episode. I would not mind if she did grow her hair out like that. 😀 These girls look too developed for being in a middle school. Then again, girls mature faster … but still… @_@

  8. Adorable. I can think of no other word that hits this series better.

    So, I thought there was another evil spirit in the last ep – maybe things
    will return to that in the next ep. If there’s such a thing as a horror-comedy,
    this hits the mark (old Abbot and Costello).

    I can’t help but wonder if there’s a greater/deeper connection between Kirie and
    Yuuko that is at the heart of the mystery of this series. We’ll see…

  9. manga not even finished yet so I don’t expect to much for plot . I watch this anime cuz it’s fun and 99% of anime is entertaining for me ! Kirie lack beast lol but if I am teiichi
    I may say “OMG ! Yuuko-san your chest shrunk like Yuno in Murumuru sidestory!

  10. I think that one of the things which make Kirie so awesome is not just her teary look that causes me to want to jump right in to reassure her that everything’s okay, but that she overcomes her fear of evil-Yuuko/heartless-model to save Teiichi/Momoe when they need her!

    Kirie, you’re doing it pretty well actually!

  11. Loving the anime so far, hope the next few episodes are a bit more plot-centric.
    Defiently hope there’s a season 2, 12 episodes just doesnt seem like long enough.

    And the more Yuuko the better HNNNNNGGGG.


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