OP1.5 Sequence

OP: 「CHOIR JAIL」 by Suzuki Konomi
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「邂逅乙女」 (Kaikou Otome)
“Encounter with the Maiden”

Last week, I mentioned that this anime didn’t give us a proper introduction to the characters – but I said that too early. This episode covered the introduction I was looking for – how Teiichi met Yuuko, and how they established their club.

Someone else that also got a more proper introduction in this episode was Momoe. I’m not a big fan of her, but she sure is funny, however, the best character in my opinion is still Yuuko. As the childish person I am, I found myself giggling at Yuuko’s adorable childishness throughout the whole episode, something I think the rest of the audience (people more mature than me) did too.

And Teiichi, the luckiest guy on planet, got into the most awkward situations as always – some of them involving nudity. Behold – Yuuko – as naked as one can be! I bet you didn’t expect that (unless you’ve read the manga).

So, we know that Yuuko is childish, considers skeletons to be naked beings, she is the president of the club, she is jealous of Teiichi’s relationship with Momoe – and she has amnesia, however, who she really is remains a mystery (and the purpose of this story). I’m very excited to see how this story will unravel itself, and how the riddle named Yuuko will be solved, but it’ll be a long way and many mysteries along the path towards the end – one of them being a “Demon hiding” ritual – the main purpose of Momoe’s introduction.

Solving this mystery brought us back to the twoperspective aspect that was used last week, but luckily, we didn’t have to see the same thing twice because of the split screen – something I hope this show will stick with if there’ll be more scenes like this. It was quite funny to see how something so scary according to Momoe turned out to be something (accidentally) perverted. And Teiichi sure is a lucky man… Who gets the opportunity to grab the same girl’s breasts twice, see her naked, and get a kiss from her – in one episode?

With the love triangle being properly introduced, the only one being left from last week is Kirie, whom I assume to appear next week, but I’m not sure because unfortunately, this show doesn’t provide us with proper previews, so I’ll just sit here gritting my teeth till next Monday (this show airs on Sundays but I sleep around that time, sorry for the delay).

So, with that being said, I’d like to give my thanks to my dear friend “Encoder-chan”, whose kindness can’t be measured. Because of her, I was able to add the videos in this post in time. As you might’ve noticed, the opening has been updated. There are a few new clips in the sequence, and I think the music itself has changed a bit (unless my ears are deceiving me). We also have an ending now! Personally, I think this ending is perfect for this show. It’s odd and mysterious – just like Yuuko herself.

To round things up, I’d like to say that I’m enjoying this show very much. It isn’t very flashy, but it is attractive and fun. So far I haven’t met any disappointment, and all I can say for now is that waiting for next Monday will be a challenge for me.

Full-length shots: 1, 7, 8, 10, 32, Ending 2

Note 1: No one said anything about the 1080p last week so I’ve gone back to using the regular 720p.

Note 2: Please, use the spoiler tags – I don’t want to edit comments again.


ED Sequence

ED: 「カランドリエ」 (Calendrier) by Okui Aki
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  1. She’s such a teaser. Loving every miniute of the episode. Anyway, crying yuuko didn freak me out but the demon hiding did. And i must say, the exorcism scene was downright hilarious!

    In that scene, yuuko was right about one thing. She appears as how other precieve her. That scene was definitely a representation of our world view

  2. Great editorial decisions in this series. The first episode was a really good mood-setter and introduced the concept that not everyone could see Yūko in a funny manner. I’m glad that the “real” plot was introduced in the second episode.

    Too bad Kirie isn’t around yet. She’s my favorite character.

    P.S. @Kentaiyoshimi, they are adorable, aren’t they?

  3. I thought that Yuuko’s voice sounded familiar. Then I Googled her voice actress and found out that she’s the same VA who did Shijou Takane from The Idolmaster! So from incredibly cute and sexy alien to to incredibly cute and sexy ghost! Perfectly casted, in my opinion.

      1. Already liked her on the first episode, but doing some research on the manga (reading the first couple of chapters) and watching the 2nd episode pretty much sealed it for me. ^^

  4. The only things I saw in this episode
    Yuuko’s boobs.
    and…Yuuko’s boobs.
    I like her as a childish ghost. I like her character. They seriously need to cut back on the fanservice though if this anime is to be to my liking.

    1. Can’t forget that ones like Higurashi and Umineko no Naku Koro ni were similar. The first couple episodes of almost every arc starts out in a pretty funny, childish, cute, ecchi anime fashion, but then it transitions bit by bit into the horror aspect.

  5. I actually find the animation pretty… eerie =X It fits the mood of the anime really well though so I can’t complain too much. I like it’s unique style of storytelling even though Momoe’s personality bothers me a lot >_< Great post! No more "dat elevator/rock" images haha!

  6. I wonder if we have reincarnation as well as a ghost in the show.Several times at the start of the episode Teiichi was shown with black hair and green eyes and it looks like someone left Yuuko to die in the flashbacks.He may be bound to makeup for his actions in a past life.

    1. I’m guessing it’s kanji unless it was a mistake or something. What stood out to me was that only “one” is in its “lower case” form. We chinese don’t write “one” in its “lower case” in legal/finacial documents since it can easily be transformed into another character.

  7. As someone who has read the manga up to it latest issue, I’m glad that they did this episode as they finally show this part of the story that hasn’t even appeared in the manga though certain parts mention here and there on how Teiichi meet Yuuko for the 1st time and we get to see how Momoe becomes a member of the club.

    Also depending on how they do this series I hope there will be more than just 12 episodes I’ve so far seen a few changes that got me wondering where they are going to take this and I hope it doesn’t go to far from the main story.

  8. Momoe is really annoying and for this reason I didn’t like episode 1 that much. But now I’m glad that I did not drop this show. Childish Yuuko is indeed cute. Her old-fashioned school uniform looks good. There is a lot of nice patterns and flower decorations all over the place. I also like the drawings for the little stories within the story (like e.g. the history of the school) which remind of ancient books or scrolls.

    Stereoman, I’m looking forward to following your posts on this show. And btw, I wouldn’t mind 1080p at all as the series starts to have lots of nice pictures now!

  9. THE MOMENT he said something on the lines of “I like to touch you” in the first episode I Was hooked. Not for any ensured ecchi but for the mere that in this supernatural anime, we have a guy with normal affections for his hot love interests and just says, “hey i look your boobs, but im a little shy about it so its okay…when we’re alone”.

    Oh and all the ghost is cool too

  10. If it counts for anything, I was thrilled about the 1080, the pictures were such good quality! I doubt you’ll go back to it for just one person, but just know that at least one person noticed and appreciated it!


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