I would like to start this post out with a gigantic Thank You to our loyal and amazingly talented community. Not only was I blown away with the amount of artwork that was submitted but I was stunned with how much effort and time went into the designs themselves! They are original, have tons of color and the vast amount of creativity that went into each design was simply breathtaking. Once again, a big shout out to all the artists who submitted their art!

That said, I’d like to apologize with how late this post is. Besides work sucking up most of my time, I’ve been having a battle with the company I contacted about getting the shirts made. From color mishaps to a lack of communication, I’ve finally found someone who can make them and I’m excited to see how they look when they actually arrive! they look amazing!

But let’s get onto the part that everyone has been waiting for! After pacing back and forth in my room trying to choose the design I liked best (which is hard when every single one looked so amazing), I would like to proudly announce that number nine which was designed by Chappy is the one that will be placed on a shirt that I will proudly wear at Anime-Expo! (And the shirt I promised has already been shipped out!)

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank all the artists who donated their time to submit such amazing pieces of art. It is truly people like you who make RandomC as great as it is. If there is additional information you want to include on your artwork, feel free to e-mail me and I’ll make the proper adjustments.

And as for Anime-Expo 2012, I can’t wait for it! I’m really hoping I can meet more than just PockyG this time around — so if you see me walking around feel free to say hi! I’ll be trying to keep my twitter updated so make sure to check it out if you wanna find me (:


      1. LOL Thanks for the compliment, but the winner’s design totally deserves to win 🙂 It’s nice and simple and cute; I didn’t realize it until I actually saw all the other ones, but mine is wayyyyyyy too messy/complicated to be put on a shirt lol

    1. Oh didn’t realize you submitted!

      Just got to say, your image of Divine is spot on to how I see him in my head. Minus the royal gear…lol.

      Gonna have another guessing comp on who is who LOL

  1. Nice to see that the shirts are finally ready to be made, nice design too! I guess the writers will now be easily identifiable at Expo, hmm, how many of them are going? 3? I wonder if anyone reader’ll be able to pick them out of the legion of attendees, and even if they do, I wonder if they’ll be able to tell who’s who just by looking at their faces…XP

      1. @ qwerty

        Tell you what, if we can make it, we’ll all carry the items our chibis are all holding in the banner so you can identify us. So if I came, I’d walk around carrying a pair of stilts and a mug of beer.

        Takaii, good luck finding a giant novelty size mahjong piece! >:3

    1. I hope so!
      I still need to discuss the idea with Divine and Chappy but I don’t think anyone will have a problem if they can buy it at cost (whatever it costs to make and ship).

      So, to clearly state it again for everyone who happens to misread this comment — I do not want to make money on this shirt. I’ll try to see if there’s a option to order it from where I made it. (:

      1. Durp! something went wrong…
        Anyways, you can do whatever you want with the design! I’m glad I could do something back afther all these years. I think I have only left a comment once and that’s when Omni left. I had to thank him for all his hard work heh. So I was pretty excited and happy that I could finnaly do something back for this awesome blog 😉 I never thought my design would be chosen, my time was very limited because I had sh*tload of work to do for school. But I’m glad you liked it!

        I’m still a amateur and I learned tons of stuff while making this! I consider this as a learning project and to be honest I don’t really care much about copyright crap and money and stuff… That’s also one of the main reason why I made this. I got frustrated reading all the rage comments on your initial post. So Yeah, don’t worry about anything! I’m all cool with whatever you do with it! 😉

      2. It’d be nice if the shirts were available. I’d definitely be interested in making a purchase.
        But I’m telling you the gold mine is that banner – I’d love to see it on a T. I kinda feel
        like it’s a part of history…

  2. 2,5,and 15 are, in my opinion, the best, fashion wise at least. Only because they have a simplicity in their designs that don’t feel like they’re eating up to much of the shirt with a bunch of imagery and colors, and have this professional and clean look to them. Mochi’s is awesome as well (I really love the black and white in it.). I love 24 the most though. The artwork is so crisp and clean. It’s just amazing how talented the community is though.

    I’ll be looking forward to finding the shirt logo throughout the huge crowds there. Hopefully I’ll see you there, Takaii. :3

  3. I’m also looking forward to ordering one. The winning design is really nice, but it doesn’t really advertise the site (if that was ever an additional intention). Still, I’ll wear it proudly around NYC.

  4. Great to finally see this! Awesome job everyone *0*

    Just a small request Takaii, if possible. Is there any chance you could update my image (#15),
    to display any other of the eight designs I submitted instead of the current one?
    Like, maybe the red one (File named AnExp2012-A2)?

    I respect your choice in posting the silhouttes, but if my own counts too, I’d like for everyone to be able to see at least who were those silhouttes…

    Anyway, awesome contest was awesome. Good luck in the Anime Expo y’all!

  5. Mahjebus, that’s a lot of great designs…so many you could open up a fashion line with that many! Personally, I would like to thank our great community artists for putting their creative juices to work here! It’s at times like this when the community interacts with us this much that makes me go squeeee ^____^! Again, thanks to all of our artists: you all are wonderful people, at least to me :3.

    1. Sorry about that! It might have been my screen but the bottom half of the picture wasn’t showing up when I tried getting it to fit into the template I was using. I’ll get it fixed up later tonight.

  6. Ooh nice! Chappy’s is my favorite as well. Now I want that t-shirt! On white!
    Mochi’s design would look nice as a wallpaper or a DVD cover.
    I like Gladyfaith’s character design the best though. 😉

    1. Sharp eyes. I’m sure the person who submitted it didn’t mean to do anything of the sort but it’s been removed.

      You’ll have to clear your cookies/cache but it’s been replaced with a submission that was originally missing.

  7. I really like design #3 by Adam Dharwish! Is there a possibility to put these shirts on sale in some way? I’d love to wear the design Adam Dharwish made and the one Chappy made as well– or even making one for each design since they’re so many different and creative ones.

  8. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH ALL THE DESIGNS ARE SO CUTE!!!!!!! esp. the winner’s! congrats!!!!!

    also, my design#2 doesnt make sense (#25)
    could i request you put up the tshirt version? >__< right now it looks like jumbled up body parts haha

      1. thank you very much ;__; i’m the artist for your 1 and 2 and it is really encouraging for an artist to hear such input on their own pictures! <3

        as for 2, ive always wanted to draw a manga, but thats RC-tan, and i dont think im allowed to draw a manga about RC without permission from the staff here xD

  9. I’ll be down at AX this year again, I”ll (once again) keep my eye out for ya! Of course, if I get the chance to borrow this iPad, I could just twitter stalk.

    At any rate, maybe I’ll see you there!


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