Oh man, this chapter was such a tease…


Jellal excuses himself, saying he is in a hurry but ends up being stopped by Doranbolt who knows that Mystogan isn’t supposed to exist in this world. Doranbolt knocks off Jellal’s beanie, revealing the guy, but Yajima saves him by telling the council members that this is the reason why Mystogan hides his face (people will mistake him for being Jellal). The council members assume that this person is the Earth Land version of Mystogan.

On the other side of the street, Mermaid Heel is strolling around. Kagura notices Jellal and feels sick. Millianna turns around and spots Jellal too. Kagura settles down and walks away. Both she and Millianna wonder why he was hiding in FAIRY TAIL; Millianna questions Erza.

Lahar apologizes to Jellal who says he’ll report to the council if he spots the evil existence known as “Jellal”. Having that said, Jellal turns around and thanks Yajima who only did this so no trouble would befall Makarov. It turns out that Lahar knew this man’s true identity. He tells Doranbolt that he won’t allow Jellal to escape. Jellal moves on from that scene. He has lost track of the magical power he was following.

In another side of the town we find Makarov and Laxus discussing Lumen Histoire. Laxus tells his grandfather everything that Ivan told him about Lumen Histoire. Their conversation is interrupted by Mavis who says that Lumen Histoire isn’t darkness – it’s the light of FAIRY TAIL. Makarov reminds Mavis that this information is only for those who have been guild master to know. Laxus tells them that he won’t pry.

The discussion goes on, and the masters are wondering how Ivan got his hands on this information. They assume that Purehito told Ivan about Lumen Histoire. Mavis blames herself and starts crying, shocking Makarov and Laxus.

Moving on to another side of the town, we find the FAIRY TAIL members feasting in a tavern called “Bar & Sun”. Erza seems to have recovered completely, but Elfman on the other hand isn’t fully healed yet – pathetic according to his sisters.

Elfman sneezes and assumes that he did so because someone called him a man. He looks to his left and notices that Evergreen is sleeping next to him. He calls her a woman (a bit different from his usual “man”).

Back at the feast, Wendy is sulking because she couldn’t win her battle, but everyone comforts her saying that she did well. Natsu interrupts the scene with his wine barrel surfing, and ends up knocking into Gajeel. Gray joins the surfing too, something that makes Juvia squeal. Erza tries the surfing too – everyone is having a blast.

It’s getting late, and we find ourselves at Sabertooth‘s lodgings where Sting is having a discussion with Lector on a balcony. He is anticipating an upcoming battle with Natsu – something he has been waiting for since the Tenrou Island incident. Lector thinks that Sting will win. The chapter ends with Yukino making an unannounced visit. There are 4 more days until “the fated day” (7/7).

Oh where do I begin? This chapter was filled with enjoyable moments. Hmm, I guess I’ll start with the least interesting part (in my opinion) which is the Jellal incident.

I had no idea how Jellal would get out of the sticky situation he’d gotten himself in but I’m a bit surprised it all worked out so well. I’m happy for him, or should I say Makarov, that there are people who care so much about FAIRY TAIL. Although, Jellal isn’t free yet. Mermaid Heel has spotted him and Lahar didn’t fall for Yajima’s trick.

I think Mermaid Heel‘s behaviour was very odd. Kagura feeling sick was very random, but that’s not the odd thing. I expected Mermaid Heel to lash out at Jellal but it never happened. I thought Mermaid Heel loathed Jellal, some of them want him dead – such strong hate, yet they didn’t attack. I know that hurting a participant of the games is against the rules, but logically speaking, they shouldn’t care about the rules when Jellal is concerned if they despise him so much. Oh well, now that they know that he’s there, maybe something will happen later?

Leaving that, it seems that Lumen Histoire might not be what we thought it was. Knowing that Purehito probably was the one who told Ivan about it, no wonder it was assumed to be something dark. I don’t want Mavis to be sad but a crying Mavis is adorable!

The FAIRY TAIL members are funny as usual. Wine barrel surfing, eh? I wonder if Cana appreciates the barrels being used like that… While the guild never ceases to amuse me, I don’t intend to write much about them goofing around because the highlight of this chapter was Elfman and Evergreen.

There is so much shipping in this manga. This chapter was such a tease… While a lot of people say that romance is impossible in shounen manga, I doubt that when it comes to FAIRY TAIL. Mashima Hiro has constantly been teasing us with romantic moments – I expect some romance from this title. We’ve already seen a kiss between Erza and Jellal, we have a married couple, and now we have Elfman acknowledging Evergreen being a “woman”, which means a lot when it’s said by him.

I’m rooting for this couple (and several other). Aside from the romance and goofing around, it seems that Sting is up against Natsu soon. I expect a good fight between two dragon slayers. Also, the last page of the chapter has be confused. I’m trying to figure out what Yukino is up to, and I wonder if 7/7 has anything to do with Eclipse… I guess we’ll have to wait another week to find out.

Moete kitazou!


    1. I want to hug Mavis too, and I don’t care for a second how old she really is, I love my lolis.

      Speaking of Jellal, I wonder how he will get out of this one, now that Lahar and Doranbolt know he’s the real deal. If we’re lucky they’ll eventually say that he’s not Jellal but Mystogan of Fairy Tail.

  1. First ;_; There’s never been a guild leader as ad’aaawwrable as her!

    As for Ever x Elfman…OMGWTFBBQPSTUPCBETJCTOMG~!!! *coughs* Ahem. Excuse me. It’s just, that shipping… :3 :3 :3

  2. July 7 was the day when the dragons all disappeared in the year x777… Lucy’s mother also passed away that same year… Perhaps this event somehow shadows events of the past and perhaps her mother’s passing was not a natural occurence but something similar to what will happen with the Eclipse Plan… Can’t wait to find out!

  3. Mavis…d’awwwwwww! I predict that the story between Mermaid Heel and Jellal is gonna unfold like this: They didn’t attack because they wanted to pry on Fairy Tail and see why they gave him sanctuary. Fairy Tail will reason but Kagura and Millana hate him too much to listen, they will attempt to take their revenge right on doomsday’s doorstep until Jellal finally does something in public that can be taken as redeeming (such as fighting perhaps…Acknologia or saving a life or something?) I think it will end with something like Kagura and Millana not forgiving him but find themselves unable to exact their revenge either.

  4. If Lucy’s mother was a star magician, and we approach a similar date to which she disappeared, is likely to eclipse the cause of this. Probably has nothing to do with dragons and is purely coincidental to trap us in interest.
    If a couple who would like to see finished together in this manga is Erza and Jellal. After much drama in two arcs, three with this, Erza deserve a happy ending. If only Jellal stop blaming himself and finished Mashima to be dramatic and fatalistic with this relationship.


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