「運命の赤い糸!?」 (Unmei no Akai Ito!?)
“A Red String of Fate!?”

It’s really weird to hear Akihisa from BakaTest go super pervert in Boku H. We meet Kaga Ryosuke (Shimono Hiro). He’s a 17-year-old guy who lives alone because his dad died when he was three and his mom works out of the country. He has a bad habit of analyzing women’s bodies aloud which gets him a bad reputation at school.

His childhood friend Okura Mina (Ishihara Kaori) lives next door. Even though Ryosuke gets caught guessing the size of her boobs, she isn’t creeped out by it. She knows he’s just a misunderstood guy who really loves everything about girls. In fact, on his six item list of things erotic about women, he lists boobs 3 times. It reminded me of the scene in the movie Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story when Patches lists the 5 D’s of dodgeball only to list dodge twice.

Despite being seemingly normal (other than his overt pervertedness), his love of women is what really gets him into trouble. Now we’ve pretty much heard this story before. He meets another girl who ends up being sort of supernatural. He invites Restall Lisara (Endo Aya) into his house only to have her seduce him, stab him and then take his perverted energy and turn it into energy for her shinigami powers.

Even though it seemed like a lovely day to him, not everything is good news for Ryosuke. Lisara’s goal is to find the guy who has the energy of a million men. She wants to form a pact with this person in order to gain their energy when they die to increase her status as a top reaper. Of course, reapers don’t have extensive fighting powers for nothing. A huge tentacle monster ends up trying to kill both of them. In the process of telling him this, she tells him that he’s going to die soon. This puts him in a bind because his only chance for survival is to assist her.

This anime parallels many that came before it. First of all, it has an uncanny resemblance to High School DxD. Other than sharing the comedy, romance, and ecchi genres, Lisara looks like a carbon copy of Rias from DxD (fire-red hair and supernatural abilities). It seems like it’ll even turn into a harem later on. Second, Ryosuke is very similar to Issei in that he also thinks pervertedly. This show also seems to borrow from other anime. For example, some ideas in Boku H seem like they come from Shakugan no Shana. A couple examples are Lisara’s ability to create a field that doesn’t affect the surrounding area and Ryosuke supposedly being on the verge of death yet having a remarkable ability to create more spiritual energy (not to mention monsters).

Many of the synopses that I’ve read of Boku H have Ryosuke losing his sex drive to Lisara. This seems very misleading since all that happened was he got knocked out when his pervert-powered spiritual energy got transferred to her. In fact, it looks like he got a bargain since he got to second base on their first meeting. It just seems as if she’s against him being perverted. I don’t know if this is just bad execution or an alteration of the source material but it’s misleading nevertheless.

The action in this anime is commendable. It is high intensity and seems to be animated very well. I say this because Boku H doesn’t really have to rely on screen blur and camera shake to get its point across. They also animated slight movements during panning. Despite not being drawn well is in some areas I thought its animation was fluid.

One thing that you can count on in this series is the amount of boob fanservice you’re going to get. It happens early and often. I’ll see you next week where we’ll probably see Lisara in some more compromising positions.

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* Didn’t know where to fit this in but I found the scenes where Ryosuke being masochistic really funny.
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ED Sequence

ED: 「Reason why xxx」 by 佐咲紗花 (Sasaki Sayaka)
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  1. Should of put in there “Lisara looks like a carbon copy of Rias from DxD (fire-red hair and supernatural abilities).” with the added minus the large boobies.

    1. Minus the charming personality aswell, the girl have no caring for Ryosuke. The poor guy has it rough, he´s doomed to die in three months and pretty much the pet of a reaper.

    1. It basically is a different introduction. The main character as a whole got changed into something very… disgusting to be honest. I hope it’s short lived though because in the manga he isn’t anywhere near this annoying.

      On a side note – Endo Aya voicing Restall Lisra!!! 😀

    2. I guess they changed it to be similar to DxD due to the popularity of that show. But it’s a bit strange that they actually got rid of the aspect that provided the name for the story in the first place!

  2. wha?? This must be high school DxD II!!! IS IT NOT?? Lemme see:
    red hair leading lady -> check
    awkward and perverted (perhaps not as much as Issei) high school teenager leading kid -> check
    MAJOR BOOBAGE, unbashful, out-and-proud titties! -> check, check, check!
    fantasy element -> check
    What else?? At a glance, this is certainly attempting to re-live that glorious run of high school DxD. But if I may, that ED was so, so weak. A billions of miles to go before it even matches high school DxD’s ED.

    …And I’m sure posters like Stilts and Moondoggie will come running over to this any minute once they sniff on what’s going on here.

    1. a mere mention of Stilts brought what should’ve been a thumb-up positive post into an overwhelmly thumb-down post. The power of Stilts following is quite strong around here.

      passing dude
    1. well yea give shimono other names such as freak in ben-to, aki in baka test, & divine one in The World God Only Knows.

      got to wonder what kind of name will shimono’s Ryosuke Kaga nickname will be?

  3. Since I actually liked DxD very much, I am tempted to give the series a shot… even if it’s fansevice and cliche-ladden to the top, especially if action scenes are good quality.

  4. They totally change it from the manga and novel, first and foremost this series is basically a comedy, there are only a few very series fight scene in the series, but here we got a series fight on the first episode and maybe due to the fact I read the novel/manga already I just couldn’t find myself laughing as much as it should be not sure if is just me, but I actually pay more attention to his pet dog more than anything else during this episode, I am sure those that read the manga will understand why.
    I truely hope they stick more to the novel storyline and turn it back into a funny comedy then maybe I can enjoy it more.

    1. It’s always difficult to watch shows where they butcher the original story this much. Even if the end result isn’t horrible so is it hard not to compare to the superior story it could have been.

  5. oh yes this is indeed the 2nd coming of DxD even more showing ero is justice?!

    ok then we got a guy who nice guy also ero person one day rain meet red hair then got sword’ jab cause she is a grim reaper.

    then battle main guy see ero stuff realize do ero stuff for power up all check but he got 3 til rest in peace.

    ok then after seeing yea might see how it goes & manage go beyond 3 months.

    DxD jr.
  6. So Sheryl Nome is now a Shinigami. Seems legit. I had a big smile on my face when Kaga Ryosuke got the idea to “recharge” Lisara Restall’s energy is to grope her breasts and proceed from there – seems like he’s been playing the Fate/Stay Night VN too much. Haha.

  7. +100 Seishun points for those who are watching Boku H 😉
    Impressive action scenes, glorious fanservice, ecchi humor that makes me LOL and an all star cast with Endo Aya, Ishihara Kaori and Shimono Hiro. Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai is pure epic win in my book!

    Seishun Otoko
  8. I read a bit of the manga after the season preview, and I was actually looking forward to this. Both Ryousuke and Lisara seem a bit different from their manga counterparts. Will continue to check this out, but the excessive fanservice is a slight turn-off for me.

  9. well, I expected this to be different from Highschool DxD, or any ecchi anime with supernatural elements in general, but it doesn’t seem so.

    Oh well, still watching though.

  10. Not to be nitpicking but, isn’t it bad to put NSFW picture in the front page? And I think the writer should put some kind of note or warning pointing that there are some NSFW screen caps inside the post, like recent Berserk Movie post. There are children among us readers, you know?

    1. Didn’t even think twice about the excerpt caps since they’re chosen at random.
      I thought everyone knew how this show was going to present itself.
      For those who stumbled upon this post: now you know this show will never be safe for work!

      I forget that not everyone is grown up.

      1. I don’t think it’s even a matter of people being grown up or not (I’m 19) but the fact that I generally browse RandomC in public places. So.. yeah.
        Thanks for changing it, but please keep that in mind in the future.

    2. Whoa, Znail got more upvotes while my comment got more downvotes? God. So, I’m in wrong side here, eh?

      Sorry if I’m repeating myself, but as far as I know, here in RandomC, whether the title itself suggests there are NSFW caps or not, the writers NEVER put NSFW caps at the main page and ALWAYS put some warning regarding those scenes. Just want to say that.

    3. A. Where the hell are your parents if you’re watching something like this?
      B. They’re boobs. And yeah? 50% of the population has them. Get over it. Unless you were fed formula from birth you’ve sucked on them.

      If you know the premise of this anime then you shouldn’t be “shocked”- hell if you watch anime in general you shouldn’t be shocked- unless you’re only a Naruto fan who likes to play with his Pokeballs and fap to Rukia Kuchiki.

      That said- NSFW in the title wouldn’t hurt.

  11. I think Mina is quite refreshing as a childhood friend type in this sort of series. Usually, even if the guy is “normal”, if there’s even a slight bit of (perceived) perverseness from him, the female childhood friend tends to bash his brains in as much as, if not more than the main tsundere does.

    The fact that Mina actually understands his true self and doesn’t even care if she’s the subject of his quirky perverseness (just giggles it off) is a nice change of pace. It makes her seem like…I dunno…an ACTUAL CHILDHOOD FRIEND and not only in tsundere-like moments like we tend to get.

  12. I’m just gonna come out and say I hate overtly violent female leads.I will not watch any anime that has them, someone said Ristall wasn’t as violent as typical tsunderes, but that was a flat out lie.

    It’s a shame too because the male protagonist was kinda interesting.

  13. LOL nice take on the red string of fate.

    Will continue watching because I liked the episode itself, but the comments about it being a bit unfaithful as an adaption are worrying.

  14. Which is crazier? The current world issues or a shinigami that feed on a person ero energy? Seriously, Japanese are getting more and more imaginative and I like it!!! Give me more!!!

  15. honestly I was a little, scratch that, very disappointed with this episode, they change a lot of material/plot from the manga. For example, the male lead supposed to be non ero after his energy get suck by Lisara, and they actually removed that?? I hope I’m mistaken though we’ll see in the next episode. Another is Lisara and the male lead personalities were changed quite a lot, in a bad way. This is quote sad because the manga was very good and interesting, and I was hoping for more goodness in the anime version. But instead all we got is the normal harem thingy…

  16. At least the director had enough brains not to let the tentacle monster to rape her and just attack her because honestly everytime something with tentacles shows up, they usually end up molesting the living crap out of their victims. I will say this though, it may be similar to Highschool DxD but at least Dakara H’s battle animation is a lot better (though sadly they don’t keep the same quality in the fight in the second ep).

    Chris Marshall

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