OP12 Sequence

OP12: 「テノヒラ」 (Tenohira) by HERO
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「聖戦のゆくえ」 (Seisen no Yukue)
“Where the Crusade Will Lead”

It’s a new season so we have two new songs for this show. I like the new opening sequence but I can’t say the same about the ending one. I truly loved the previous ending song so I’ll miss it very much. From what I saw in these videos, I assume Oración Seis will return – finally! When I found out that Kinana used to be Cobra’s snake, I expected Oración Seis to show up at some point, or at least Cobra himself. One thing about FAIRY TAIL’s opening sequences that I’ve always disliked is the fact that they usually contain spoilers, for an example, now I know that Natsu will fight Midnight. Oh well, it’s not the end of the world – but the Infinity Clock is!

Zentopia wants to save the world by keeping this clock to avoid the horror it may cause; I wonder what this “doom” could be and why Jude was working on it – another point that makes Michelle even more suspicious (because she was with him all this time while he was working on it). I assume Asuka read about the end of the world in the book, and that’s probably why she didn’t like it.

According to Natsu, beating Byro would be like defeating Gildarts… I wonder if that’s a logical assumption to make because Gildarts never finished his battle with Byro. I guess we’ll see how it goes for Natsu who seems to be up for a fight against Byro next week. At least he should be a bit easier now that the octopus is out of the way. Also, Natsu has friends that can aid him and I believe Dan and Coco are two of them! By the way, there was a lot of blood splattering when Taurus cut off some tentacles which really surprised me, because I don’t remember there being much blood in this anime (except during Gray and Ultear’s battle)…

Leaving that, and going on to something quite, well, I don’t know how to describe it – peculiar, odd, scary, or perhaps gruesome? You name it! Forget jiggly butts, it’s all about the jugs now. I don’t understand this sequence, I mean I do, but there is no reason for it to be there. How can wearing the Jiggle Butt Gang’s costumes help Charle get over her phobia? Oh well, the girls looked quite attractive in those costumes so I won’t complain, but seriously, Jiggle Jugs? That felt so out of place and it was completely random. There could’ve been other ways to ruin Erza’s long-awaited picnic – why all the jiggles? Well, at least we won’t be seeing them again, I hope.

The highlight of this episode to me was Mirajane’s battle. It was a spectacular battle – it had good action, plenty of fanservice, and it had new background music. Mirajane’s Demon Halphas is completely new to me, I’m pretty sure this is for the filler arc. It’s probably the first “new” magic we’ve seen in this arc that’s created for this story. Personally, I really enjoyed this but I wonder how this will affect the story. Mirajane’s battle ended hilariously with her calling Hughes “bad girl”. She is so scary

Having that said, it looks like we’ll have more involvement from Zentopia next week – looking forward to that!

Moete kitazou!

Full-length shots: 6, 8, 10, 22, 23, 27, 30, ED12 – 1


ED12 Sequence

ED12: 「YELL~輝くためのもの~」 (Yell ~Kagayaku Tame no Mono~) by サーターアンダギー (Sata Andagi)
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  1. My eyes! my eyes!! please I don’t want to see those jiggling man-boobs EVER.. Good episode especially Mirajane’s battle!
    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be at the toilet scrubbing my eyes with bleach.. 🙂

    1. I apologize if this came as a spoiler to you. This is old news from the manga, I think it was around 100 chapters ago. But I thought it would be okay to mention this because the current opening sequence makes it quite obvious. Once again, sorry, I didn’t mean it to be any spoiler.

      According to the FAIRY TAIL wiki, it’s chapter 130, it was around the time when Lucy infiltrated LOVE & LUCKY.

    2. She had her own character profile in a trivia section of Volume 21 of the manga. While it didn’t outright say she was Cubellios, the hints in her description made it VERY obvious (was turned into a snake, vaguely remembers hearing someone saying he wants to hear her voice, etc.).

  2. This sure is one long filler arc, but that doesn’t take away it’s still quite good. As FT Manga fan I’m satisfied by this filler arc since it gives a look at what could’ve happened before the current manga arc. It’s very FT-ish and doesn’t feel like filler to me, so why not. Also, the return of Oracion Seis (though some look like Edolas Counterparts or what not) and especially Cobra makes things a lot better.

    1. I’ve been seeing a few people thinking that these Oracion Seis guys are the originals’ Edolas counterparts. I’ve never gotten how they could’ve made that connection. For all we know, maybe they are; maybe they somehow got lost in Earthland before the links to the parallel worlds closed off forever.

      But it seems FAR more likely that they look different because…well, it’s been seven years! Who in this series, besides the FT members returning from Tenrou Island, the really old people, and that glasses guy working for the council, doesn’t look at least slightly different than they did before the timeskip?


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