「Violation; 侵入」 (Shinnyuu)

I was expecting a new OP and ED this week! It would’ve been perfectly timed with the new arc and the introduction of a new mysterious student. I cheated a bit and looked up his name in order to get his introduction right – Noumi Seiji (Kobayashi Sanae), and his duel avatar will be named Dusk Taker. I hope this isn’t a spoiler… I don’t see how knowing his name will prove to spoil much in the long run. And if it does… well, let me know and I’ll be sure to wrap it under tags next time!

I initially thought that this episode would focus more on Chiyuri and her installation of the Brain Burst program. She got the hang of it fairly easily and quickly though… compared to Haruyuki, I almost feel like he learned everything at the most inconvenient times. Her duel avatar is known as Lime Bell and it fits well with her petite avatar and her color – green! I remember that green avatars are known for defense… that would explain why her health is at full bar even with her pounding away at rocks. Her healing abilities didn’t come as a surprise either… although I would like to know what kind of “traumatic” experience would lead her to gain this rare skill. It probably has something to do with her wish of bringing her friends all together again. Kuroyukihime seems to have an over-powered team now – with a healer and a flying avatar. We’ll see how the “talk” between our two heroines goes. That probably won’t take place for another few episodes though.

Then comes the departure of Kuroyukihime and a quick introduction of Noumi Seiji. Why is she leaving?! That was so… sudden and random. I sense bad things to come (well no shit, with this setup right?). She leaves Haruyuki with quite a series of fantasies though. I wonder what he’ll ask for… I would love for someone to cook me steak <3

Seiji has this very mischievous grin on his face that I want to just smack. He reminds me of one of those kids that think (or know) that he’s better than everyone else. He needs to have some sense knocked into him. I’m sure this is all part of the act though and he’ll appear to be this lonely, vulnerable boy somewhere down the lines. What his deal is, I’m still not sure yet either; I can’t even venture a guess. Perhaps he’s here to take over Black Lotus’ territory while she’s absent? Or perhaps he’s actually looking for a legion to join? My imagination has simply died recently, so I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts and predictions. For those who have read the novel, remember to keep spoilers under tags!

As for the new OP and ED… I am expecting epicness next week! And perhaps some good full lengths for me to put together.

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    1. I think the new OP and ED will be showed next week, because Dusk Taker doesn´t apear in the first one and acording to what I know there should be a new OP “Burst the Gravity” by Altima and a new ED “Unite.” by Sachika Misawa.

    2. new OP/ED probably won’t be here for at least 1 or 2 episodes… because there is one more important person haven’t been introduced… but would be nice to see it indeed…

  1. Episode ended right where I thought it would. Good, because Noumi is pissing me off already. Seeing his Duel Avatar in the preview doesn’t help either.
    The good news behind this frustration would be something to be introduced later on. I was hoping to see a glimpse of it in a new OP/ED but oh well. I still love this OP/ED.

    And Haru. Anything but option number 3 for KYH’s rewards is just asking for trouble…from us.
    Well you can argue with option 2 but that whole intimacy cable length thing is their gig so yeah.

  2. Chiyu is kinda getting on my nerve,Noumi naturally pisses me off, so episode is still great and I like it!!! Keep the OP/EP, I love it, unless there’s a new OP/EP that will be explosively nice and suit the show theme…

  3. Omfg just seeing that smug ass face pissed me the hell off. Adsafsdf I can’t wait until his dumb self gets owned and this arc over with. He’s one of the most annoying antagonist I’ve had the displeasure of reading. Well he’s not very evil, but defiantly annoying/rage inducing.

    On another note, Lime Bells power makes a ton of sense considering Chiyu’s trauma.

    1. Chiyu wants to heal the wounds that have tear apart the relationship they had as friends, well that makes a lot of sense, but when I see Black Lotus I can´t help to wander what kind of horrible trauma could create such awe inspiring avatar.

      1. An avatar’s color often indirectly shows their trauma… but as to vol.11, there haven’t been any mention about the special color of black… aside from the crossover chapter between SAO and AW… so for one, we can’t use the color to infer what her trauma was…

        the anime did cut that part, so I can say this, when kuro hime was in the hospital back in arc 1, none of her family member came, only a lawyer, who acted like a guardian, came to sign the paperwork… and more about that will be revealed in vol.9. So I can speculate that there might be something to do with family (most burst linker have sort of family issue anyway)

        also there is her “parent”, which is mysterious and probably hold a key to her trauma as well…

  4. I´m starting to feel real sorry for Taku, everything Chiyu does indicates she´s truly in love with Haru and it´s so obvious that I can´t imagine how Takumu can stand it.

    1. I don’t think she is in love Haru at all. You have to understand that they are childhood and that women act according to how comfortable with people. Clearly Haru is in a monogamous relationship so he shows that he isn’t a threat to Takumu.

    2. I agree. Taku really loves Chiyu, but she seems more concerned about Haru that for him.
      I in his shoes would end with her, a relationship like that is not worth my time and sorrow.
      Of the three, Taku seems a more enjoyable character, has matured from his fight with Haru and does not deserve such abuse of their feelings. I support you Takumo, get over it.

    3. I mentioned in a previous post (that I can’t find atm) that I thought Chi also treated Haru a little too well compared to Taku… to the point that I thought they weren’t dating anymore. That was followed by like 2837429384 comments that said I was wrong and Chi actually does love Taku – it just isn’t very evident at the moment and Haru being the protag… has to have a harem -___-‘
      I don’t want to say that you’re wrong… Chi does show a lot more outwardly affection towards Haru. However, the story does follow Haru and not Taku or Chi… I’m sure there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes romance/affection going on =) She also cheers for him during his comeptitions so that’s a plus ^^

    4. about Chiyu’s relationship… well, it is one of the key point in this arc, so I can’t say too much, but I can say this, after the Trojan incidence back in arc 1 (episode 3-4), Chiyu was mad at Taku, and Taku blamed himself for that… as a result, their relationship is in a very awkward state… But it is true that Chiyu showed a bit “too much” affection toward Haru 🙂

  5. I just finished listening to the new OP/ED songs for Accel World on Youtube. “Burst the Gravity” and “Unite” are definitely great and fast paced songs. But I’m gonna miss ED 1’s song “Unfinished” it’s my favorite song in Accel World so far

  6. ok, about Chiyu’s trauma… I think the episode tried really hard to make it more understandable… think about what she said and really wanted, and what would manifest as a result? Also if you are careful enough, you will see another visual hint in the episode… (need to know where to look though) Since this is a major spoiler, just keep guessing and I am not going to say anything specific about her ability…

    As to lime bell, it is a mix of green and yellow avatar. therefore it has good defense and indirect ability… Since Chiyu’s real body is good at physic activity (running), her avatar is good at martial arts since it involves a lot of body motion… (Haru took a harder beating in the anime than in the LN though… poor porky)

    funny how the cable between Haru and Chiyu are shorter, while Taku had to use a longer cable… Chiyu, I know your trauma, but don’t be so unclear about it, ok?

    Haru’s choice of reward in the LN is really fun, hopefully they would re-animate that part 🙂

  7. Accel World is a terrible anime and it proves it again with this outing. Honestly they’ve ruined the best character, Chiyu. She is the only one that says “Isn’t it just a game?” And for all intents and purposes it is. The entire cast just has self-esteem issues and really wants to achieve something palpable in their lives, which they haven’t yet. Sorry but I’m not in love with this anime. Best part is that Chrome Disaster Arc is over.

    1. I can say I understand where you are coming from, but if it is terrible, you can just not watch it…

      yes, you might think brain burst is just a game, but that is only part of the truth… eventually you will understand how it is more than just a game…

      and I can assure you, as an LN reader, the best arc haven’t even started… and you have to go through these not-so-great parts to get there… lack of love is respectable, but no patience and bias is a different matter…

    2. You say it’s a terrible anime yet you’ve watched 13 episodes already.

      And as jrj mentioned or if you paid any attention to the plot, it’s been hinted many times that BL isn’t just a simple game since it can influence and provide advantages to their real life. From having 30 minutes to think and plan things or simply do what any kid attending school would do, cheat during exams. Or how KYH used Physical Full Burst. And don’t forget how it’s implied that Taku overused his points to win at Kendo Show Spoiler ▼


      1. I’ve watched 13 episodes because I follow it on my blog and my girlfriend happens to like it. What I don’t agree with is having to get through the ‘bad parts’ to get to the good ones and my enjoyment of the anime shouldn’t be dependent on reading the LN. Yes there is that aspect to it, brain burst does have real life advantages to it and I know it is a means to bridging both the real world and the virtual one. But rarely do we see the plot taking advantage of this connection and using the base of its premise to create dynamic sequences that occur simultaneously in the RW and VW. Sure there was that part with chrome disaster but it had a very lackluster progression and ending. My main gripe is still with characterization which is still valid.

    1. I think it would be impossible for her, Lime Bell is design for healing and soppourt, it´s like a rpg game you don´t send your white mage to fight in the vanguard, i´d be suicide. But Cyan Pile suggested that Lime Bell resistence and overall defence is tremendously high since she didn´t get any damage for destroying part of the stage.

    2. she did manage to beat up Silver Crow quite a fair bit and has ridiculously high defense, so i’d say she’d do pretty well in a 1 on 1, though of course her attacks will be limited to simple melee attacks.

    3. well, she is half green, so her high defense plus her good physical control due to her athletic ability makes her a good melee fighter in addition to her special… if we are lucky enough to see it in season 2, you will see her shine as a melee player… and to be honest, she is rather clever as well 🙂

    1. Speaking of designs, is not it curious similarities between the avatars of the “guardians” and their “protected”?. The face as viewfinder and thin body in Black lotus and Silver Crow. The size and type color of Cherry rook and Scarlet rain. Cyan pile and Lime bell have a weapon or instrument attached to his arms, Taku on his right and Chiyu in her left.

  8. I don’t know why, but every time I see Noumi Seiji, I’m instantly reminded of Baka Test B-Class president, a.k.a cross dresser Nemoto Kyouji. Would be funny if Seiji was forced to cross-dress later on!

  9. Chiyuri needs more outfits! I’m glad she’s lime bell i liked that avatar best from the opening..the big hat and the sparkle cannon won me over lol. healing hadn’t occured to me but it should have i guess seeing as how mmorpgs often have it in any winning group. LOL at her girly i’ll beat your ass up attitude. she’s really getting into the game wanting to fight haru lol. she’s totally right games are for fun, if you think about it haru really gets intense over the mission at hand to get black lotus her level 10. nothin saying you can’t get there in style though.

  10. Surely there must be some trope about the audience knowing that trouble is about to brew once the Master (Kuroyukihime) is away, and this new arc seems to fit that description nicely. I just can’t seem to remember the name.

    At first I thought Noumi’s voiced by Ogata Megumi of Evangelion fame, since she also did a similarly smug character in Angel Beats, but that didn’t last long and the character went into Villain Decay. Hopefully, Kobayashi Sanae would do a better job of making me hate her character as hyped by everyone here.

    Kinny Riddle
  11. Seriously.. what’s wrong with you Chiyu?? You already have a boyfriend and he’s just next to you when you decide to be oh-so-lovely-dovey with another guy. If I don’t call girls like you a bitch, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. That’s why I decided to call you Chiyu Da Bitch.

    Taku should give her a slap on the face, maybe that will make her learn her mistakes, then again with girls like her maybe not.

  12. Taku has made mistakes, but does not deserve such treatment. When someone is just as indifferent to what you feel, is where you have to finish things or you will feel worse.

  13. Oh well, we have an Hacker now. Why? Taku’s Bushido Enemy. He could activate his “Burst link” without appear on the Local School net.

    My Bet. He is the Yellow King. Because, he can hide things

    1. Actually Cherrie already spoiled the name of the new kid’s duel avatar: “Dusk Raider” vs yellow king’s “Yellow Radio”

      Also Yellow Radio’s VA is Ishida Akira where Noumi Seiji/Dusk Raider VA is Kobayashi Sanae.

  14. Why can’t this show reach the lvl of SAO in term of comment and excitement/hype? Is it just the protag? Or the shonen tone?

    Well, its good to hv a good healer on their team. Just as long as she doesn’t spam stuff lk MARIN KARIN. And we hv another hacker tht use Taku tactic AGAIN. Well, K-Y-hime pick the worst time to go 4 a trip.

    1. well, for one, SAO has all the LN translated in English… so more people knew about it… AW on the other hand is almost non-translated in English 🙁
      also, a lot of people like OP character like kirito, and hate something so unconventional (yes, porky is a unconventional male lead)…
      plus, AW is a little more emo than SAO…

      all that said, AW’s story is actually more well-connected between arcs. It just flow better in my opinion… and no “OP MC comes in and saves the day” formula… though you know, people like that stuff 🙁

      kuro hime’s trip will serve several purposes… from fan service to fan service to plot advancement to fan service to side story material… oh, did I forget to mention fan service? 😀

    2. it’s probably because of the male lead. nah, it is because of the male lead i think. most people wouldn’t really want to watch a porky lead.

      also, well, most people like SAO, since as far as they know, SAO had higher stakes, unlike in AW where you only lose the way to cheat through everyday stuff and Show Spoiler ▼

      Most people say that SAO has better plot. Even though it tends to jump stuff. That and people like the characters of SAO better, and they get attached to it more than they get attached to AW characters. I still haven’t seen a character in AW that I can honestly say i’m a fan of.

  15. Still waiting for an episode where the protagonist (Haru) will not act like a whiney emo…
    There is hardly any character-development.

    Sorry but every week they deliver us a scene where they emphasize the relationship between Haru and Kuroyukihime (“I will never fight you”, “You belong to me”, “I will never leave you”, and so on…).

    For me: It does not work. This couple is just too unequal. It’s not like “King of Queens” where the chubby one is nice and the pretty woman is petulant. Kuroyukihime is a nearly perfect girl while Haru only in his optical essentials looks totally different than ANY OTHER MALE in this series. Certainly the author wanted it to be an unequal couple but I just don’t get a feeling for it, if you know what I mean.

    I really like Accel World but unfortunately this couple is not a decent one.

    1. Perhaps he is just a “replacement” for the Red King.. I dunno, why he appears in the OP when it display Kurohime in Chains. Is he, pardon, was he her “Guardian”?

      1. from my take of the LN, red rider (first red king) is not her “parent”… and it can be inferred that her “parent” is a female…

        the chain in the OP is most likely her guilt that chained her from fighting… (evident in the last chrome disaster arc where she lost her will to fight after seeing the memory of killing her friend red rider)

        and yeah, this couple is weird in a sense… but consider Haru’s personality, it is understandable… but as the story goes on, Haru will become more dependable. Haru is not a natural womanizer, so give him a bit of time, he WILL man up!

  16. For me this episode raised a lot of questions to get me out of my normal lurker mode. I know a few of you have read the LN. I would like some insight regarding a few ideas I have. I will put them spoiler tags, on the off chance my guesses give away a plot point. Though, to be honest I am probably just off in left field.

    Regarding the other healer
    Show Spoiler ▼

    The special abilities and appearance are related to the characters trauma:
    Haru – Wanting to fly away/soar higher. Also, Haru’s average appearance do to Haru wanting to be just normal/average.

    Taku – I believed it was mentioned earlier he was beat up by upper classman in Kendo, so his pile driver is related to that. Being his need to strike back.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. To answer your concerns:
      Show Spoiler ▼

    2. Show Spoiler ▼

      Mixed Milkshake
  17. Accel world is one of good story but after read 3 lines and nick Dusk Tuker pop-up (plus I already read spoiler about this nick arc from some comments) ,This arc is not my cup to tea.

    Why can’t they just skip through this arc?

    1. I feel your pain there… it was painful to read this arc in LN as well (especially the Uber cliffhanger at the end of vol.3)… but to compensate for the rather painful parts, there are two rewards… Show Spoiler ▼

      also to get to the later and better story arcs, this arc is necessary since all further events rely on what happened in this arc


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