Where to begin, where to begin….

First off, let’s all agree that this episode was definitely better than the second. Heck, the second episode could have been omitted and everything would’ve flowed smoothly into this episode. Any developments beside the flashback in episode 2 were done much more smoothly and more in-depth this episode. Nova’s struggles with his relation to others and Liberta’s control of his power were better explored while also beginning development with Jolly and Debito. While this is a minor positive note in the series development, it also revealed emphasized the horrible waste of an episode the second was. If this episode already achieved everything the last one tried to do…why? Just why. Kon Chiaki, what are you doing!?

Speaking from an isolated perspective of the episode, the quality of the episode was actually alright. The diversity of the character interactions was good, especially between Nova and Sumire. Although we don’t know exactly what happened with Nova, we sure do know that Sumire plays a large role in some of the character’s lives other than Felicità. The legend of the church also was an interesting foreshadow, which seems to be tied to Jolly somehow, but I don’t expect us to reach resolution on that next episode according to the preview.

It’s also nice that they flashed back to Debito, Pace, and Luca’s past like they did with Felicità…it’s a tried and true way to develop characters. Of course this also increases the ‘cute fanservice’ available, with the show not forgetting who its target audience is.

However, despite these fairly good aspects, like episode 2, this episode failed to see the elephant in the room: the fact that Felicità’s freedom is on the brink of being severely restricted. Rather than say, training to win this war, everyone is content with leading their daily activities and only their daily activities. I wouldn’t have minded if daily life occurred with the training (you can’t just drop everything, especially in a mafia setting), but this omission is ridiculous.

If you came here looking for some serious exploitation of the mafia aspect, or any immediate action…drop immediately–the first episode has deceived you. At the rate that this show is going, it doesn’t even look like we’ll get to the tournament, but rather explore the events leading up to it. If you are able to shift your expectations in light of this, then power to you. This episode will probably be the indicator of the depth of emotions and development for most of the episodes. If that ends up being not good enough, I don’t blame you; this has been a J.C. Staff otome adaption that lost its potential via bad decisions.

Although I don’t feel strongly enough as a watcher to drop it, I do feel obliged as a blogger to drop this series, effective immediately, to switch coverage to Oda Nobuna no Yabou. I came into this series expecting action and strong leads, but neither are present in Famiglia, while both traits brim in Nobuna. Although for some this is disappointing, from reading the comments for the past few episodes, I’m sure a majority of you understand *wink*.

Anyways, it was a good run. Maybe if I had come in with different expectations this show would’ve worked out, but sadly my impressions are already set in stone.

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  1. Three episode verdict: drop this, people, already!

    This is yet another stupid generic show that doesn’t add anything, but the same old tired formula. Please stop supporting this sort of shows, thank you. If people keep watching and encouraging this, they will keep making these season after season, year after year, goodness!!!

    Zanibas, sorry mate that you’re stuck with this show, though? Thinking about dropping? I think people would appreciate that if you were to do so!!

      1. oopsy daisy, sorry, how on earth did I miss the bold sentence? I swear I read blogger’s post!! I swear! eh, sometimes, I get too worked up to write a comment, I do skip a few last paragraph or sentence! LOL! Anyway, good choice, mate. I’m all for banish one more generic show off the RC front page!!

      2. @KTNO –

        1) Joshiraku is pure comedy. As a blogger, it’s really hard to write diverse thoughts and posts when the genre falls there. You either end up explaining the jokes (which honestly isn’t that fun to me) or saying “haha funny” or “haha NO.”

        2) Joshiraku also airs on Thursday, along with Moyashimon Returns and Shirokuma Cafe. I can’t handle that kind of stack, unfortunately :S.

      3. Yeah I kind of can understand your point.
        Actually it’s not that I want it to be covered (because like you said, it’s hard with comedy), but it’s one of these show that I wish more people would watch it, you know what I mean (sorry if my english isn’t verry good)

        It’s the same thing for Tsuritama, Sakamichi no apollon or more recently Uta Koi.

      4. Thank you picking up Oda Nobunaga no Yabou Zanibas. I can’t get enough of the Sengoku Period. Its just such an interesting section of Japan’s history and I love history (Got me into playing CIV), it was my favourite subject in High School.

    1. Being an avid RC reader for years, I would just like to say that is unfortunate that the smug attitude that your comment beams with is becoming commonplace. Perhaps if the you (and the bloggers) concentrated on the positive aspects instead of matching their past expectations up, things would be more enjoyable.

      1. Calling a garbage a garbage is not being a smug, Julius. Read the rest of comments below. Almost all of them are bad for this show; that should tell you something. It’s not just one random trashing out of the blue. I think you’re being overly sensitive on political correctness. You can’t be afraid to call something a manure, otherwise everything is good and then nothing is good if everything good.

      2. If you think a handful of comments on a post that is already subjective and biased accurately represents universal opinion, sir, you have a very skewed perception of how things work. I was merely pointing out how the writing on RC has shifted so poignantly to judge a show based on one’s prior expectations rather than for what it is.

        Garbage? Are you some kind of expert in anime? Do you specialize in this studio’s productions? You have little to no pedigree in the subject yet you declare your opinion as fact- that is the very definition of smug. There is no objective writing nor any useful insights other than “This show is boring gtfo.”

        For the record, I dropped this show after the second episode.

  2. Well said and agreed. I was very interested in this series going from the premise and the first episode, and was hoping to see some conflict, i.e., the arcana duello. Instead we have some slice-of-life exposition where they will try to make viewers drop their guard before “shocking” them again in bringing the plot back into focus.

  3. Well this episode certainly was better than the second. It might have just prolonged itself from being dropped by me for the time being. There was a comment under the video when I was watching it on Sunday. It said, “With a tournament around the corner you would think they’d be training but instead they’re screwing around.” <—– Damn Straight!

    I won't be dropping it just yet. Probably because I'm just denial or I just don't wanna leave this show and it starts to step up it's game after I leave. (This always happens to me) But the second half of this episode just saved it's ass for now.

    One thing I don't get…Felicita says she wants to decide her own fate when she can't even lay a good kick on her father. Liberta says he'll give her freedom, and Nova says the same. And everyone else wouldn't mind having Felicita as a bride. Um here's a great idea for the Arcana Famiglia….TRAIN GOD DAMMIT TRAIN. The way they are now they can't face Mondo.

    Instead they're rescuing cats, playing with children as if that big announcement by Mondo doesn't even exist now

    1st Episode = Decent
    2nd Episode = *Sigh* Don't let me down
    3rd Episode = You're lucky. You just barely saved yourself. JUST BARELY

    Predictions for episode 4? (More screwing around)

  4. I stopped watching after the 1st episode. I had planned to watch the 2nd episode, but what with so many other shows that are far more compelling and entertaining, I had completely forgotten about it. I was hoping that after reading the posts for the 2nd and 3rd episodes that the series might spark my interest again, but nope. I don’t really mind the lack of action, but I definitely hoped that Felicita would turn out to be a strong female lead. That, she sadly does not seem to be.

    If the series does pick up eventually, I’ll definitely revisit it at much later time, but it’s dropped in my mind for right now. Sad, too, as I usually like JC Staff’s works. Hopefully, their adaptation of Little Busters coming up next season will be far better. Please don’t let me down, JC Staff. 🙁

  5. how disappointing… the first episode had some promise and potential to develop into a good series but now i want to drop it… zanbias, i wouldn’t blame u for dropping this series and picking up something else you’d rather blog.

  6. I agree that this episode, although a considerable improvement over episode 2, definitely lacked sufficient action and character development. I guess I still see potential though and want to watch how the tournament eventually pans out because I’ll likely be sticking around for the series’ rather short run. Thanks for blogging the first 3 episodes of Arcana Famiglia, Zanibas!

  7. I’m so very disappointed with this series. To think I was so excited and thought this would be one of the gems this season. I’m debating weather I should drop it myself.

    P Ko
    1. Uh, try 9 more episodes (according to MAL) – apparently it’s already a quarter of the way over.

      I RARELY drop anime but I learned my lesson after Guilty Crown and this one will share the same fate. This actually had potential too.

      Now I need something else to watch – I’m down to only Hyouka, Eureka Seven Ao, Natsuyuki Rendezvous (awesome btw), and SAO.

  8. I think they actually do their training since it looks like Arcana power is supposed to be trained spiritually.

    For an example Felicità power, “Hearts” made her able to see what other people feels. I think the way to train it is to communicate with other people and understand their feelings.

  9. All the people saying they’re dropping are catching heat…

    True, Oda is something we’ve seen before but it is currently more entertaining than Arcana Famigilia. If it gets better I’ll come back to it, but as it is now I don’t find many of the characters interesting or strong enough or find the plot interesting enough as of right now to keep watching. But like I said, if it gets better I’ll come back to it.

    Mike F.
  10. I think I’m dropping this one. Honestly, I do like the premise and based on what I know about the VN, the game DESPITE its light-heartedness and bonding moments has enough events and likable characters to make up the time until the Duello (since the Duello isn’t until the very end of the game). The problem I have with the anime adaptation is that for a series only 12 eps long it doesn’t pick what events or focus they should do very well. Even if you go into the series not expecting it to be like katekyo hitman reborn there’s just not enough to draw your attention, character wise or overall plot wise.

    The manga looks like it does a better job adapting the series (though to be fair, that’s up in the air since both the anime and manga aren’t close to done yet), at least in terms of balancing characters and not forgetting what’s at stake (as Zanibas says, the great big elephant in the room of Felicita’s freedom). It’s a shame the anime didn’t take take advantage of potential because even if it somehow DOES pick up and get better from episode 4 on the first three, at least 2 and 3, wouldn’t do it much service.

  11. Still on character development,2 episodes wasted already… Not that I dun like it, but if it can do what Tari Tari have done up till now, it would be better… Straight to the point is important.

  12. Luca is the only reason im sticking with this. I never hated main character so much like this. Liberta and Nova are fine but something just not right. just my opinion tough ^^

  13. I think most people came into this show expecting the wrong thing. This game is an adaptation of an otome game. As such, it’s doing a good job. If your expectations is that of a shounen mafia story, it’s doing a horrible job which is expected since that’s not the focus.

    1. This is true. However, even though we know this I still don’t think we could stomach more of this show. It’s not the genre that is the issue, it’s the horrendous directing and flow of the show. That is not even mentioning that all of us probably hate at least one of the romantic interests deep down inside.

    2. Oh yes, most definitely. I came into this with incorrect expectations, and now I can’t change them. Despite its pitfalls other than breaking expectations, it does a decent job of serving its intended audience. I just don’t fall into that audience, sadly. 🙁

    3. Exactly. From what I can tell, the vast majority of otome games are even forgettable to fans of the genre (I’m not one), and their frequent complaint is of a weak protagonist. That this adaptation seems to have depicted the lead as weaker than the VN did (according to one commenter I saw here) probably means it has only niche appeal.

      The seasonal gal game adaptations are also something I tend to skip, but I checked this anime out because it seemed possible it could have a story element or character that interested me.

    4. I understand that Arcana Famiglia is a otome game and think that it would have some nice action was misleading. But I think it isn’t working well even with fans of the genre. I saw a lot of complains among friends on Twitter and is the same old story: many girls are tired of the same generic reverse harems with forgetable female leads. If Felicita were a stronger character, maybe this could be better.

    5. This pretty much sums up why everyone is upset. It’s not a bad show at all, which is why I’ll continue to watch. I came in expecting an otome and I got an otome. I’m pleased. Too bad it wasn’t the same for everyone else.

  14. You’re actually dropping it now? (Not that I blame you >_<) I told Div I would pick it up… but then he said that would completely occupy my weekend =( I already have Fri/Sat shows sigh*

  15. I know that I (and many other people) watch this show with wrong expectations. Yes, it’s supposed to be an otome game-ish otome game adapted anime. However, note that it would only be good when you’re only looking for bishonens, and bishonens only. The way the show delivers the characters’ interaction isn’t even good, though relationships and character interactions are the bane of shows like this. The voice acting is messed up from time to time, and this is something people would not expect for an otoge-adapted animes. Felicita also can be lovely even for female viewers (at least from what I’ve seen from my female friends’ commentaries) but the show is still doing it wrong. At some point, I can’t help to think that J.C. probably didn’t adapt the VN story well.
    TL;DR, It was nice knowing you, Arcana Famiglia.

    1. While I agree that the character interaction on a whole is rather poor, the bright point in it all is between Debito, Pace, and Luca. Those three, and Jolly, could hold up this show on their own because they’re interesting enough characters. The show has chosen to focus on Liberta and Nova, though, and they’re by far much weaker characters (namely Nova). That’s the biggest issue with the direction. It would be a more entertaining show if they focused on the more engaging characters.

  16. Maybe I am a weirdo but so far I like the charecters in this anime. I don’t like the way it is laid out, of course, but I do believe I can’t judge it just yet. I am the sort of person that has all the wrong expectations for an anime, and my sense of like/dislike is abnormal, but so far I like this anime. In fact I’m interested more to know what’ll happen once those calm episodes are gone. There is a duel coming right?

    If I had one thing I didn’t like in this anime, it was Nova and Samire’s interaction. I don’t like obvious hints to a ‘sad’ story, either spill it, or shock me with it.

    As for now I don’t want to judge this anime just yet, a little bit more!

    I am liking Luca mostly so maybe that’s why :p Cheers!

  17. I’ll wait until there’s fighting going on and that could be near the middle of the season. Besides they need to develop some sort of romance in there too so that could take some time. But I don’t place this anime as a priority to watch so I can just marathon it later when it’s done or something.

    random viewer
  18. I won’t give up on this one yet. Quite honestly, I didn’t even watch all of episode two because it got so boring. The biggest flaw of the series so far, in my eyes, has been that they’re focusing on the characters that should not be focused on. The primary reason this episode was better was because they had the more appealing mood-makers (ie. the childhood trio) take screen-time away from Liberta (who is not unappealing, but certainly shouldn’t be given as much attention as he has) and Nova (by far the weakest character of the main cast).
    This was an otome game. I can understand people having lofty expectations, but this is rather what I expected of it. The aim of the game, and the genre in general, is a romance. That can be built by training events, but ultimately the central point of this series was always the characters and their interactions and not the tournament (a final event and climax). The otome game explanation also stands for Felicita. Finding an otome heroine with an actual, likable character is rare. The only ones that come to mind off the top of my head are Alice from the Heart no Kuni series and the heroine of Love Revo. More often than not they’re just vehicles for the viewer/player, which I think is what they might be going for here: sacrificing Felicita in sake of giving more focus to the male cast.

    The anime itself could be much, much better- but there has also been much, much worse in terms of otome adaptations. So I am disappointed to hear it’s being dropped, especially since I, personally, have zero interest in the other show, but so be it. I still see promise in it if they start focusing on the characters that make for good screen-time, such as Luca/Debito/Jolly/Pace, but as an otome and not as an action piece.


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