「織田家、お家騒動」 (Oda-ka, ouchi soudou)
“Oda Clan, Family Feud”

Nobuyuki has been spared. Yoshiharu has earned his place as general. Nobuna has united the province of Owari under the Oda banner. History is happening, but as with most adaptions, it’s happening in a uniquely fictional way.

Speaking directly about today’s episode, it definitely had the same ups and downs as last episode, with some nicely done character development in-between. For example, although Takanashi Yasuharu has done a great job with the dramatic scenes, the music that plays afterwards (when the protagonist saves the day) is, once again, a little uncanny and cheesy. Also, the tempo was once again fast paced as some of you pointed out as a flaw in the comments last episode, but others of you, like myself, see it as effective use of time. As a result of the pacing, there was much crucial character development this episode–some desirable, some not so much. I myself found all the developments enjoyable, even the romantic tension between Yoshiharu and Nobuna. Despite this anime being classified as a historical comedic romance by ANN, myanimelist, and AniDB, the romance is fairly light so far in favor of drama and action. The show does a great job on balancing the historical characteristics of the core characters whilst also not ignoring the feminist traits. Two instances I can name right now: Nobuna’s balance between being a strict Daimyo and a carefree youth, as well as Nene’s loli characteristic blending with hints of her future level-headedness and wisdom.

However, what I really want to speak about today is the history. Thanks to episode one and the resulting research on the Sengoku period, I have found myself part of a group who finds the combination of historical Japan and anime a winning combination. Comparing Nobuna’s and Nobunaga’s parallels and divergences is a tantalizing historical experience, but with the added bonus of being on the anime train. In fact, the show has encouraged me to research so much, I kept delaying this post because I kept uncovering new information about the show, the history, and all of its imminent goodies! If you plan to stick with this series, I highly suggest you do a little research if you haven’t already: it’ll enhance the experience.

For those of you who have done your research, you’ve noticed that these last two episodes [and the next one] are taking great liberties adjusting the chronology of events straight up revising history altogether (though one is a sneaky way of phrasing death).

This has some implications for Yoshiharu. In the first episode, Yoshiharu is introduced as a time traveler, with the future at his fingertips. He uses this to his advantage and basically skips many events by chiming in at the right time. Now that events are basically playing out completely differently, the future changes as a result; any knowledge from the future starts to become ineffective. Fear not though: the protagonist isn’t going to become useless anytime soon, thanks to this episode. Along with being from the future, Yoshiharu is a great strategist (and economist, Horo would be proud) when it comes to this era. The turn-based strategy games he has played are historically accurate enough that he’s basically read the strategy guide for this era. Although he can’t read people’s minds as accurately, he does have genuine expertise as well as historical context. It may come off as a bit ‘perverted character shows his skills at the right time’, but thankfully, the events of the story help to curb this trait.

But what of the future? Now that Yoshiharu has played his part, where will the series go? What will happen at Honnou-ji? What is to be of Tokugawa? How many more lolis are going to appear? I did a quick google image search (yes I know it’s a light novel), and unless the covers and extra art are a lie, there will definitely be some interesting tangents that the story takes, with some expected exploitation of the genderbending potential. Although we’re at the 2 episode mark, I already know what I have in mind to suggest next week at the 3-episode check. After having to deal with the troubles of Famiglia, I can say at the very least I wo’t be dropping this show anytime soon.

As always, here is some complimentary historical material to enhance the experience!

Historical Notes: Possible Spoiler Material

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  1. The animation quality just looks so vivid during both day and night scenes. It’s good that the plot involves more about the history than just another harem show.

    random viewer
      1. Yep, I have to take what I said about this anime in the Aracana Famiglia’s comment section, this is quite enjoyable.
        It’s still not very original but I had fun during thoose 20 minutes.

  2. I highly recommend reading Taiko by Eiji Yoshikawa. It is an epic novel of this period of history. Of all the animes that have done anime retellings/adaptations of this time period, I have been enjoying this alternate retelling the most (albit maybe too soon to say as only two episodes have aired so far)

  3. While its not exactly an accurate depiction, Sengoku Rance was extremely fun as a game~

    I love the camera effects they use to enhance critical moments of the show. Its awesome!

  4. watching this series made me play shogun 2….and samurai warriors 2. just love the sengoku period in general 😛

    as for this anime the visuals are pretty awesome, can’t wait for this weekend for the next episode

  5. My instant fave this season, vibrant and fluid animation, likeable characters, proper MC, not fan-service heavy and I’m kinda learning a bit of Japanese history too! (Although a bit skewed lol)

  6. https://randomc.net/image/Oda%20Nobuna%20no%20Yabou/Oda%20Nobuna%20no%20Yabou%20-%2002%20-%20Large%20Preview%2002.jpg

    Assassin?! (Fate/Stay Night one, lol)

    But yeah, it will be interesting to see where the series goes given the historical changes being made rather than being (mostly) canon like we tended to get with such series’ before. Like how long will Yoshiharu be able to tell what’s going to happen and change it before things become SO different that what he knows from the future no longer matters? He’ll have to REALLY use his brain then rather than a “cheat sheet” if you will.

  7. I like how it throw in cheeky convo and keep ecchi stuff at its minimal, dun need too much of those… However, Yoshiharu is a little too proactive, he would have been dead already in real ancient Japan….

  8. as for the people who are thinking that Yoshiharu is still in our dimension are fooling themselves cause if that were the case he would’ve met real Nobunaga,IMO he has travelled to another dimension where the past is going parallel to our real time so yoshiharu did’t jump to the past but to an alternative world where people exist in his real time with gender-bender characteristics so I would say that he is not a time traveler but a dimension jumper. he said that the Nobunaga that killed his own brother exists in his future but he doesn’t know Nobuna’s future pretty much sums it up.

  9. https://randomc.net/image/Oda%20Nobuna%20no%20Yabou/Oda%20Nobuna%20no%20Yabou%20-%2002%20-%20Large%2036.jpg

    Dawwww…. It’s cheesy I know. However, I can’t help but enjoy the romantic tension between the two. I’m glad that Nobuna is not just a straight out tyrant and that she does have a light-hearted mischievous side to her(Judging from promos, I thought she was going to be one big TSUN with little dere and is just going to treat the MC like shit 24/7!).

  10. 「織田家、お家騒動」
    The charactor「家」(family, house) has several ways to pronounce that depend on context.
    In this case 「織田家」(Oda-ke), 「お家騒動」(oie soudou) are proper pronunciation instead of (Oda-ka, ouchi soudou).
    I know Japnaese written language is complex. Same as English to me…


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