「A Bordo! – La Battaglia Finale」
“On Board! – The Final Battle”

There is a lot going on in today’s action filled episode of La storia della Arcana Famiglia. Last week’s issue with Nova’s father remains and it turns out that Nova unintentionally put his father to sleep. He’s still conflicted about the whole situation but the reason why his father is in coma is that Nova’s power went out of control. So how do you make sure that doesn’t happen again? – Disguise yourself as a pirate and attack the person wielding the unstable power!

Dante’s plan was clever. Not only did it bring the trio together emotionally, it also helped the boys develop their powers. I’m a bit surprised Libertá fought the masked man. While he did appear as a villain to our trio this week, he’s still Libertá’s hero, also, I thought he’d figured it out that Dante was the masked man. I think it’d be more normal to question the man before attacking him. That issue aside, the battle was very intense and interesting. It looks like Libertá’s training has paid off as he performed very well in the fight. Unfortunately the boys weren’t strong enough to stay awake after using their Arcana powers. I’m a bit surprised Felicitá just stood there as the mast fell towards her. It looked like she had time to run, or just step one meter aside… Oh well, all’s well that ends well!

Last week, I feared that Jolly would do something bad to our trio but it seems like I was wrong, although, he is still quite mysterious, and scary too – I mean, that uncanny beverage that was served in the omake… Personally, I think it’d be more fun if Nova would be punished instead of Libertá as he is more calm, and less expressive. Libertá already expressed his carnal emotions throughout the episode – loud enough to make everyone run into the hands of trouble. I hope Jolly concocts another potion just for Nova, or maybe Luca; that would be priceless!

And speaking of Luca – it looks like next week’s episode will focus on him and Debito. I’m a bit surprised at how long it took for this anime reach the conclusions for Nova and Libertá’s stories. Next week, the second half of this anime will begin but only one third of the characters have been properly introduced. If La storia della Arcana Famiglia doesn’t get a second season, I’ll be very surprised. Anyway, let’s look forward to next week’s episode where we’ll have a look at Luca’s secret base. I wonder what that could be…

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  1. This was my favorite episode so far. So much great action and we finally see Nova’s Arcana in action as well, not to mention Liberta finally using his as well. But the preview they gave for this episode was such a troll, I thought the focus was Liberta, Nova and Felicita vs Jolly or find ing out more about Jolly. I was mistaken.

    But damn! Liberta is one hell of a great dodger! XD. And how does Felicita NOT feel those things pressing against Liberta’s back?? XD

    I pretty much knew Dante was the masked man, But for the whole thing to just be some type of training session really opening my jaw. I never knew that much.

    But I definitely saw some maturity from Liberta this week, though he still is very childish. Lol

    And that omake!!! XDD Delusional Liberta speaking almost like an author of the perverted things he wanted to do to the Princess

    “You’ve rendered the sinner unconscious” -Jolly XDDD

    I like Jolly even more now XD

    And one question. If Liberta’s Arcana is the power of the word (Sounds like Lelouch’s geass which brings me to this question) Does that mean if he commands someone to die, will they die? Or does his arcana have limits?

  2. Well, well, well. Felicita had some action this week instead of just standing around (faint hints as to how she was in the VN)! Color me surprised…

    … Oh, and I think Liberta *totally* deserved that shot to the solarplexus. 😉

    Autumn The Cuzzy
  3. I think I just watch this show just for the omake and Jun Fukuyama xD I’m so singleminded.

    oh carnal desire you are a great friend when it comes to this show. makes me come back just to see Liberta in more pain

  4. Luca Luca Luca Luca! I finally get to know more about him, I’m gonna look forward to next week’s episode with great like.. what do you call it? Anticipation! I kind of want to know more about the Trio: Luca, Debito and the Lasagne guy! (I call him Lasagne guy since I can’t remmeber his name well at moment!)

    I’m still glad this anime wasn’t dropped, and I really want to know!!!!! *fangirl scream* -> doesn’t really match my personality but :p well, how can I say it, you know..!!!!!!

  5. I’m starting to think that every episode after this one will just show every character’s arcana powers, and then when it comes to the Arcana Duello it will be anticlimactic. I hope not. Oh and Dante could have really died with that knife thrown to his head. I mean that’s a really thick mask. I suppose this is a good wrap up for the younger trio team.

    random viewer
  6. I’m surprised that the anime is already halfway through to the Duello (since this event happened close to the end of April in the game and the Duello is a month later) even though it seemed to be taking its sweet time introducing each individual character.
    Anyways, this was one of the best episodes by far, including the last one because of actual plot and action, though there were some weirdly animated parts (Liberta’s hands were on Nova’s shoulders once frame, his cuff the next, and then his shoulders… and also Felicita just standing there and watching the mast fall).
    I’m still watching to see how the pull off the Duello because the matchups are different depending on the route you take in the game.

  7. @ Stereoman

    I just Wanted to say:
    Thank YOU!! for Picking up this show after “Zanibas” was obligated to drop it due to lack of Action, however he did pick up one of my favorite shows this season ^_^ in the process so it’s all good.
    I also wanted to ask how did you make those Image Stitches?
    Did you have to take a few screen shots and put them together using “Photoshop” ??? because I’m not sure how it’s done really.

    This show is really good even though there hasn’t been much action until this episode but I should have expected that though. Only hoping they are saving it until the end so at least we get to see the Arcana Duel take place.

    Oh YEAH and to Those in the Random Curiosity Community that still doesn’t yet know, Stereo”Man” Is actually a “Woman/Girl” :). I was really confused when i first found out since i genuinely believed she was a “He” due to the word “Man” in her Name.

    1. Thanks! It makes me happy to see that there are people who appreciate this show still being covered on RC. ;o;

      About the full-length images, you’re right. I take several screenshots of the panning scene and put them together using Photoshop.

      Haha, you’re right, I’m a girl. “Stereoman” is a song title, sorry for being so confusing!

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