「アンチリンク」 (Anchi Rinku)

Fifteen weeks ago, we got to know this adorable girl called Michelle Lobster. As the story slowly progressed, she turned out to be a very suspicious character, and now, finally – the truth comes out! Gildarts and Laki’s adventure has brought us the real Michelle – a sickly girl in coma, and this coma is caused by a Lacrima! Based on Michelle’s physical condition, I’m guessing that Zentopia took her in right after the accident that wiped out her family, and used the Lacrima on her.

If this is the real Michelle, then who is the girl traveling with Lucy? I assume she is a trap created by Zentopia – if it wasn’t for her, nothing of this would’ve started. Someone thought she might be a doll which I think is quite a good assumption to make based on the face Michelle did near the end of this episode. But at the same time, a doll is an object without emotions. I’m guessing she’s either a very functional doll or a stellar spirit. Whatever she is, I just hope Lucy won’t be hurt because of it. She recently found out about the death of her father; losing her relation with Michelle would be too hard on her. I hope Michelle pulls a Legion Corp move and changes side if she turns out to be a Zentopia tool.

Besides Michelle’s true identity being revealed, we had a lot of good battles throughout the episode. So far, only Wendy and Bickslow have been making progress. Wendy’s diligence and patience kept Bickslow alive and these efforts made Grim Reaper (Erigor) remember his buried past. Congratulations to Wendy for being the first one to win against one of the Oración Seis members! It’s quite fitting for her considering that she was introduced as a new character during the original Oración Seis arc, and this shows how much she has grown since then.

Someone else who is growing as a character is Doranbolt. His meeting with Katja whose face bears a resemblance to Wendy’s turned out to be a catalyst for his true strength – the power of justice. Say goodbye to Mest because Doranbolt is back! Unfortunately, he couldn’t defeat Racer who managed to finish his “anti-link” which basically breaks the biological links (Organic Link magic, Brain is a good example) of the person being attacked – in this case, Katja. Good thing Katja didn’t like her biological link, so for her, this is like freedom, however, she lost a friend on the way.

Alright, with one Oración Seis member down, some Legion Corp members on FAIRY TAIL’s side, Doranbolt back in the council, and Michelle’s true identity revealed – it’s time to get down to business. We’re halfway through the season now, and I expect to see a spectacular conclusion to this arc near this season’s end with many good fights to watch on the way.

Moete kitazou!

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Note: Mashima Hiro is releasing an art book called “Fantasia” containing FAIRY TAIL illustrations on Aug 17!




  1. I’m pretty sure that Michelle, or Other Michelle, is the one from the into walking out of the fire with armor similar to Dan’s. They might be two Michelles or they might do the “Michelle is also the girl in the cave” thing. It reminds me of the last Bleach filler with Nozomi. I liked that filler and I’m enjoying this one too.

  2. I feel really sad with Mest and Wendy. He really thought that Wendy died. It seems quite pedophilic but it’s quite sweet nontheless. I wished to see more of Katja though. Too bad her role is already over.

    I did not expect the Michelle plot twist. Of course I knew Michelle was suspicious but the revelation came out of the sole episode that Michelle WASN’T in the spotlight (heck, she didn’t even get a speaking role!) was quite fantastic!

    Show Spoiler ▼

  3. I really want to like this ark but everytime there is one, the characters all become very weak. Natsu takes out one of the leader of Oracian Seis in the past episodes almost by himself but now he and other guild members can’t even take out “Sugarboy” that used the goo. And now all of a sudden the Oracion Seis guild becomes super powerful that all of them can be probably ranked S-class wizards. I wish the anime would return to the manga storyline now.

  4. I see everybody has their magical huge boobs back this week. Oh wait… that’s just Fairy Tail’s terrible animation.

    I’m really hating how weak their making Fairy Tail look considering how the manga is progressing.

    P Ko
  5. I’m so sorry, but couldn’t they make this filler, or these fillers, LESS of a joke ? It’s like all I’m seeing from the timeskip are jokes after jokes after jokes… how about a challenge like the other arcs, or least SOMETHING that wouldn’t make the Tenrou gang doubt about their capabilities ? Just give us a one-time antogonist that we never see again.

    Seriously, it’s getting ridiculous… and I just hope that they fill up the pace soon.

  6. Why are people upset that they’re weak?
    They were 7 years frozen in time, of course other people get stronger from training and practicing magic in the meantime, seeing as the peak of magical power isn’t somewhere in the middle of one’s lifespan and even old farts are able to wield the most devastating spells in the Fairy Tail universe.
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  7. https://randomc.net/image/FAIRY%20TAIL/FAIRY%20TAIL%20-%20143%20-%20Large%2008.jpg That screenshot is so misleading if you didn’t see this episode.
    I hope we will continue to see Katja in the rest of the season. And maybe Doranbolt will go back to his old look from 7 years ago. Seeing Wendy’s combo attack was great but I don’t think we will see it again 🙁
    I still don’t know if Angel’s powers are as a summoner or something else. And I see Coco is safe still from the preview. Well, those are my comments.

    random viewer
  8. I see in ANN that we will enter beach(training) episode in November. So i hope a good resolution in this filler and fate of Kinana too since she isn’t seen in manga post time skip.

  9. @Zangkin,

    “And now all of a sudden the Oracion Seis guild becomes super powerful that all of them can be probably ranked S-class wizards.”

    I don’t know if you really are watching the show. This “all of a sudden” you’re talking about is a fuc*ing seven years. If you don’t get stronger by that time frame, that would be unbelievable!


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