I think this chapter proves that the mysterious girl from the past chapters definitely is someone from the future.


We’re back at the graveyard. Yukino and Arcadios introduce themselves for the sake of formality. Arcadios explains his battle plan to the FAIRY TAIL guys. He says that the power of a celestial mage is necessary and that is where Yukino’s power comes in. Natsu doesn’t like this idea at all and confronts Arcadios. Yukino explains that this plan, if successful, might be able to take down both Zeref and Acnologia.

The group visits a castle called “Palace Mercurious”, the home of the majesty. Arcadios apologizes for the attempted kidnapping (Lucy was the target). He also reveals that the Grand Magic Games are just used for camouflaging the White Knights’ dirty work – collect magical power from all participating magi. This is necessary because Eclipse, or the gates that will change the world, require a great amount of magical energy to open. Arcadios says that twelve keys will be used to open the gate when the sun and moon intersect. The Eclipse plan will allow the White Knights to travel 400 years back in time to eliminate Zeref before he became an immortal. Yukino reminds Lucy that time flows differently in the Celestial World and that’s why using the unique dimensional plane of it can open up the gate.

The moon and the sun will intersect three days from now on 7/7, which also happens to be the day the dragons disappeared. There isn’t much time to discuss after that because the Imperial Army appears from nowhere and surrounds the team. The minister of defense wants Arcadios to come with him because he has leaked classified information to outsiders. He is opposed to the Eclipse plan because changing history is dangerous. The minister orders the army to arrest Arcadios, Lucy, and Yukino. Upset by the fact that Lucy got involved, Natsu prepares for a flame attack, only to have his magic absorbed Eclipse.

The minister tells the FAIRY TAIL guys not to misunderstand him as he is only doing what’s best for the country. He adds that the majesty has taken a liking towards the guild and if they win the tournament, they might get a chance to meet with him in person, and if they get on his good side, they might even be able to free their friends.

Finally, the Eclipse plan is revealed to us! I’ve been waiting for so long, and I definitely think it was worth the wait because this concept of using the celestial magi’s powers to travel back in time is really interesting. It’s quite obvious that Arcadios lied to everyone. His desperate attempts at befriending FAIRY TAIL seemed to be working for a while, but of course, Natsu knew something was wrong. I was a bit afraid that the team would be convinced by Arcadios as he really presented his arguments quite well, but I’m glad FAIRY TAIL has some brains (a bit surprised that it’s Natsu though).

We know by now that Arcadios worships Zeref, so why would he want to go back in time? It’s assumable that his motive lies somewhere in Zeref’s immortality. Maybe Arcadios wants to learn the secrets behind becoming an eternal being? Maybe Arcadios wants to be “Zeref” himself? And what’s up with the minister? Arresting the celestial magi does not seem like a good way to prevent Eclipse from occuring. On the contrary, arresting the girls will only make it even more possible for the gates to open because they’ll be close to the gate itself. The minister may oppose to the plan, but he has been part of the group that has been working hard to make it happen. The Grand Magic Games isn’t a new thing. It is an annual tournament with shady motives. So the minister appears to be very suspicious to me. The question now is – where does the king come in?

The king, is he related to this project? If he has the power to let Lucy and Yukino go free, then he probably had a hand in their apprehension. There are so few people of power left to trust in Fiore

With so much politics going around in FAIRY TAIL today, things are definitely becoming more interesting and exciting. Now that we know for sure that time traveling is involved, I think it’s safe to say that the mysterious girl is from the future. While it has been hinted that she is a time traveler and many of us have been guessing that for a long time now, this really seals the deal. Knowing that celestial magi’s magic is involved I can only assume that the girl can’t be anyone but Lucy. It can be Yukino too but that wouldn’t connect so well with Levy’s story from the future.

I wonder if the dragons’ disappearance is related to time traveling. The date can’t be a coincidence. Now that we’ve had so many chapters involving dragons, I’m sure we’re about to find out what really happened to them. The story in FAIRY TAIL hasn’t been this exciting in a long while, and I’m unquestionably looking forward to the next chapter. I hope Lucy is okay for now. Natsu, hurry up and charge that battery of yours!

Moete kitazou!


  1. le gasp! I just had an epiphany! What if Lucy’s mother isn’t dead and is trapped in the past? She disappeared seven (14 years ago to be precise) years ago on the same date of the Eclipse, meaning that she was obviously the previous victim and this brings a new notion! What if the project failed but while nobody managed to go back in time Lucy’s mother did and got trapped there…or what if it succeeded and Zeref was the one who went back with her and through the magic of those times he became that immortal being that he is today!

      1. with that said I have one more thing to add; the one armed lady might not be a future Lucy but her mother that made it to the present. Though I’m sure this theory was thrown out when Jellal saw her face. Lucy and her mother do look alike so it’s likely he could have mistaken her for Lucy herself. Unlikely, just wanted to add.

  2. I forgot a bit that Arcadios worshipped Zeref. With your reminder and your comments on him and the Minister, it makes me wonder if Arcadios’s arrest is staged. That way, they might have been “kidnapped” to facilitate the Eclipse plan while it appears they are arrested to prevent it from happening…

  3. I’m still skeptical about Arcadios. Maybe its just me, but having him at the villain at this point is just a bit TOO obvious and predictable. I’m just gona assume there’s not to him than we know for now and hope he may not be a villain at all. He even did try to stop Natsu before his magic was drained by Eclipse gate, which he didnt need to even if the whole arrest was staged. So theres some merit to his character. Im sure a lot of people will disagree with me though, but I dont like going with the obvious predictable route, and right now labelling Arcadios as a villain kind is just that.

    I guess we’ll find out in the future of this arc what really pans out.

  4. According to how Hiro does time travel, Fairy Tail will travel 400 years back in time and meet Zeref which will cause the disappearance of dragons and the creation of Acnologia. Then Fairy Tail will come to the present and some how defeat Acnologia and Zeref in the present.

    Suppa Tenko
      1. Perhaps the runes sensed that Natsu and Gajeel existed 400 years ago as well as in the present, making them well over 80 years old (which I think was the condition?). But that leaves the question of why no one else was trapped inside, unless only Natsu and Gajeel time travelled?

  5. Hey guys something just occurred to me as I was reading this chapter. What if the mysterious girl that Jellal saw wasn’t Lucy but Yukino,
    I think it is either Lucy or Yukino but I am leaning towards Yukino because her intentions for working with Arcadios was never to create
    a futuristic havoc but prevent it and she thought she was doing the right thing until it was too late to realise arcadios’ lies and now she
    is traveling back in time to try to stop was she regrettably helped create.

    K C M
  6. Hey guys did you check out one of the new manga series that came out a few years ago that is about to be transformed into an anime, It is
    called Magi and it’s anime will premiere on sunday. I read some of the chapters and I found it to be cool( based on my judgement, I don’t
    know about yours if you have read it ) and it might be one of the series that is welcomed into our love for japanese manga/anime.

    K C M

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