With this chapter, the identity of the mysterious girl many people pointed out in a spread a few chapters back (the one who we could only see from behind) seems to have been revealed. Our new girl is Shiratori Urara, a rather haughty and self-important maiden who – especially when you take the orb’s reaction into account – is most likely going to be Keima’s next target for capture. I was pretty sure the name ‘Shiratori’ had featured at some point earlier in the manga, and a quick search confirmed that back in chapter 169, while researching the school, the ‘Shiratori Shouzou private residence’ came up in reference to an old photo they discovered. Either that was a complete coincidence, or some nice foreshadowing from Wakaki – hopefully the latter! But a bigger question surrounds her – why doesn’t Keima seem to remember her? Was it just his inattention due to constant gaming at the time (certainly plausible), or has something changed from when he first lived through this period of his life? All signs seem to point to the latter with the news that the school camp has been cancelled, meaning that events are definitely not going to play out quite the same way.

I also wonder what exactly prompted the past to change this much? Is it even really the past rather than some alternative universe? After all, the things Keima has apparently ‘changed’ (saving Dokurou and bringing Elsie into this time period) seem relatively minor and unconnected to both the appearance of Urara and the cancellation of the school camp. Hopefully we’ll be getting some more answers to these questions in the next few chapters – Wakaki certainly seems to have decided to start moving us along quickly again!

tl;dr: @MoombaDS – A new girl and some apparent changes to the timeline. Just what does Wakaki have in store for us? #TWGOK


  1. The world is truly ending, for god to cry over the quake that has struck his hand held “world.”

    Well, this is going to be interesting with how this girl seems to be another rich Tsunidere girl, who is not a fake unlike the last one.

    I am interested with how this will turn up as Keima sees Terri and pulls an epic confession that was supposed to be saved only for his future self.

  2. Another capture target eh? Well I’m liking this girl so far.

    I wonder if we’ll get to see Urara again once we get back to the present. I really hope we do because I want to see what kind of lady she’ll turn into.

  3. Something is off about this timeline, not just the new girl or the cancellation of the school trip, but Tenri seems to slightly recognize Keima and blushes when he looks back at her. Tenri said that fell for Keima during the trip.

    I’m thinking that someone is tampering with the timeline to ensure that the goddesses are released but never make it to their hosts.

  4. I’m wondering why there is a capture target (assumed) if this is set before the escape of the runaway spirits. Is there anything else to possess Urara, or are the spirits already released?


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