OP1.5 Sequence

OP: 「DreamRiser」 by ChouCho

「戦車、乗ります!」 (Sensha, Norimasu!)
“I’ll ride the tank!”

The few who complained at the lack of time spent on tanks last week certainly won’t be disappointed this week! Let the search for tanks begin! As you might expect from Mizushima Tsutomu, Girls und Panzer pulls no punches when it comes to being over the top. It’s one thing to find a rusty 38(t) hidden away in the woods, but rappelling down the side of a cliff to find a Type-89 I-GO? I don’t even think I want to know how it ended up in that cave! Of course, if this was the extent of the brilliant craziness, it would hardly be deserving of that reputation. But it doesn’t end there – oh no, it most certainly doesn’t. How does the tank instructor, Chouno Ami (Shiina Hekiru), make her entrance? Why, by dropping out of the back of a carrier aircraft and proceeding to flatten the principal’s car in a Type 10 of course!

Girls und Panzer has a rather distinctive cast of characters, particularly when compared to certain other series this season in which characters lack any particularly notable traits. This week, in addition to getting to know some of the previously introduced members a little better, we had the proper introduction of Akiyama Yukari (Nakagami Ikumi) – a rather excitable girl with an extreme tank fascination who serves as the fourth member of Miho’s tank crew. While not introduced properly, we also have the extremely lazy Reizei Mako (Iguchi Yuka) who Miho bumps into on the way to school and later proceeds to find sleeping right in the middle of a live ammo mock tank battle. Even the massive first year team – mostly voiced by first-time seiyuu – gets some proper screen time this week, consisting of Sawa Azusa (Takeuchi Hitomi), Yamagou Ayumi (Nakazato Nozomi), Maruyama Saki, Sakaguchi Karina (Tada Konomi), Utsugi Yuuki (Yamaoka Yuri), and Oono Aya (Akina).

So far, I’m really enjoying how each of the characters is patterned for their particular role – while the main and first year crews are made up of a wide variety of personalities, the volleyball club, student council, and historic studies club all have their own particular conventions. There’s quite a bit of entertainment value to be found in the ‘subtle‘ political hierarchy of the student council, the volleyball club’s constant use of volleyball terminology for everything they do, and the historic studies club’s insistence on talking in historic tactical manoeuvres and classical adages. I’m already pretty much decided that I’m going to root for Team C in this mock battle (though I suspect Miho’s team may turn things around and secure a win) and possibly even further on down the line!

What better way to teach young girls the way of the tank than to immediately throw them into a mock battle with live ammunition? We have Yukari’s assurances that there are special safety precautions in place and I find myself really curious as to what they are. There’s nothing immediately visible and they seem to have been very careful not to show us, cutting just before impact during the opening sequence of episode one. I wonder if it’s something that will actually be explained, or just a detail we have to deal with through suspension of disbelief. I’m sort of hoping for the former, but if they chose to go the latter route, I doubt it will impact my enjoyment much. It seems pretty likely that they will explain it though. For their first battle, some of the teams certainly seem to know what they’re doing, though I suspect the historic studies club’s knowledge of tactics is proving a great help. I do wonder if this decision to gang up on the only team with experience is going to cause some sort of resurgence of Miho’s apparent PTSD though.

tl;dr: @MoombaDS – A diverse cast, a badass instructor, and a live ammo mock tank battle… what more could you possibly want? #garupan

Random thoughts:

  • No fanservice they said! No fanservice! I guess it’s pretty tame compared to certain other military girl anime though!
  • I’m quite glad this trope didn’t happen to me the first time I ever drove a car!
  • Team D (the first year team) is so big they can’t even fit everyone onscreen properly!
  • It’s good to see that despite the alternate history, the internet hasn’t changed at all! Nobody ever reacts well to questions on the internet.
  • I may not know a great deal about tanks, but I’m aware that the instructors tank – the Type 10 according to the official website – is a rather new tank. I wonder how long it’ll be before we start seeing upgrades to the others (or if we ever will)!

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ED Sequence

ED: 「Enter Enter MISSION !」 by 渕上舞、茅野愛衣、尾崎真実、中上育実、井口裕香 (Fuchigami Mai, Kayano Ai, Ozaki Mami, Nakagami Ikumi, Iguchi Yuka)



  1. wow, erm, WoT,erm, woot!
    This is my series of the season! No it is my wet dream!
    If there was some lack of tanks in first ep., second one has really helped, with all the junk tanks being found in strange places. And some of the girls really dig tanks and their tactics wooohooo!
    Cleaning tanks made for some nice fanservice too… And the instructor is HAWT!
    It’s nice to see modern tanks are, well, modern, so Panzerfahren is basically more ritual martial art in the vein of kendo or archery than real war-related activity…
    For those dissatisfied with Commie’s sub, they made alternate sub without germanisms, but some are inherent in the show (Panzerkiel FTW!)

      1. Most of that weight differential is due to the armor.

        The Type 10 uses composite/ceramic armor.

        The Abrams uses the depleted-uranium armor.

        As a result, the Type 10’s armor is lighter than the Abrams but also more vulnerable.

    1. Cheers to the sentiment as well ewok.

      If only it was the 2A6 or any of the 2A6 derivatives in service with other European nations… Wunderbar…

      Though I’d certainly love to air drop in a 2A6 from a Globemaster

  2. Amusing how the StuG III team found their assault gun submerged in a swamp.

    I wonder if they based that scene on how a particular StuG IV (not the same vehicle, but close enough) was also found in a swamp, cleaned, and eventually restored. (I’m sure someone else might have better details on this, though.)

      1. Well, the Eastern Front was one hell of a big battlefield, so finding submerged tanks in Russia’s rivers and swamps is hardly surprising.

        Speaking of the Eastern Front, I do hope to see a team that uses T-34s. (Like that team that uses M4 Shermans in the intro.)

        P.S.: Am I the only one here who watches this show and has also played Company of Heroes? (I’m more of an RTS guy.)

      2. Not to mention the Eastern Front was host to some of the biggest tank battles too in terms of sheer numbers. Usually several hundred tanks and sometimes quite close too. The entire front of Kursk having several thousand tanks (a little over 8000 or so, IIRC).

        Considering we already got a glimpse of a modern tank with the Type 10, it would be awesome to see other modern tanks be given cameos from time to time; Abrams, Challenger, Leopard, etc. As said first episode, as well as other, older tanks used in battles with bigger/more powerful/advanced tanks as “boss” battles for our (main) characters.

  3. 2nd episode in and it sealed the deal. Truly lookin forward to it weekly.

    That aside, I’m totally impressed with the amount of detail put in – From the tanks to the historic terms and the Internet… Ask Google.

    But what struck me the most was the tank shop.

    SUBLIMAL ADVERTISEMENT FOR THE FOLLOWING BRANDS! – Tamiya, DML, Trumpter, Academy, AFV Club. Italeri and ICM

    And yes, the tank simulator feels like WoT… Was that a VK3601H that I see?

    And for extra brownie points, think this’s what Taneshima Popura wants to be – https://randomc.net/image/Girls%20und%20Panzer/Girls%20und%20Panzer%20-%2002%20-%20Large%2020.jpg

  4. well get more to develop sure found more tanks & now clean-up.

    oh here come instructor yea cue with tank smashing a car oh somebody call insurance for car got pwn’d by a tank.

    well now tank battle work-out with student trying to drive a tank well go next?

    daffy the wizard
    1. For those dissatisfied with Commie’s sub, they made alternate sub without germanisms, but some are inherent in the show (Panzerkiel FTW!) – check the sub tracks in your media player

      1. They haven’t released any without the german, just with “less” german.

        I grabbed the “less” v2 last week and there were still a bunch of instances where the characters were clearly speaking common japanese phrases that were replaced with german subbed text.

  5. I’ve just figured this show out. It has lots of cute girl’s, enough subtext to fill the yuri goggles and comes with a premise so retarded that you can’t believe someone actually provided a budget to animate this show. But then it plays its dumb premise so straight and so earnestly that the ridiculousness turns into awesome.

    Basically its AKB0048 just replace the idols(IN SPACE!!!) with lots of tank pr0n. I think I’m really going to love this show.

  6. I’m guessing that it’s a grade level thing for the type of tanks the girls use, with the newer models going to the higher grades and the modern MBTs being used by the pros. Sort of like Upotte! with the weapon types grouped by grades.

    This is the type of show where you just turn off your critical thought processes and sit back and enjoy the cute girls and tank porn. Oh, and I really want to meet the automotive club that got them all running in tip top shape over night. 😉

  7. An enjoyable 2nd episode.

    – I got the feeling those tanks weren’t just abandoned in those places at random. Putting those tanks there on purpose looks like something the student council president would do.
    – Diverse cast is definitely a treat. It’s hard to pick just one favorite. Each team brings its own charm to the table.
    – Still wondering why that girl was the only one in a bikini, unless she was ordered to. The president must be really something that someone is willing to be her stepping stool.
    https://randomc.net/image/Girls%20und%20Panzer/Girls%20und%20Panzer%20-%2002%20-%20Large%2014.jpg Subtle fourth wall breaking gag was cool.
    – Loved that scene where Saori and Yukari directed the subject away from Miho’s family background. Strong friendship right there.
    – At first I thought it was Hana that Miho saw on the way to school. That walk creeped me out.
    – The comparisons continue. If Saki had an ending with chibi characters and a world famous onee-san, Girls Und Panzer has those too.
    – Learned something new here. So commanders kick their driver’s shoulders when they want to turn. Felt sorry for Hana learned it the hard way. And speaking of commanders Saori with glasses was really cute.

  8. My favoirite line from the episode? “Appologize to the Finnish!” I Knew I was going to like Erwin. >)
    A few annoyances though. I can understand the difficulty in learning to drive an old tank so I didn’t face palm when the first years tried to google it, and the Historic club would know about such things so that’s fine, but the ease with which they all managed to drive them was a bit too much for my liking. It’s not like modern tanks where you just turn a wheel or something it’s much more challenging.
    Also having watched tank overhall severall times I can tell you that it would take days, even weeks to get those tanks just to look presentable.

    A few more facepalms from things that were said as well.
    “So the turret doesn’t move?”–The STUG doesn’t even have a turret.
    “It’s got screws everywhere.”–Those are rivets
    “But aren’t all tanks basically the same?”–She says after seeing all the CLEARLY different tanks standing in a neat row.

    I’m nit pickig of course but that’s how I felt at the time of those scenes.

    Feel sorry for the vollyball team in what is eaisily the most inadequate tank. Clearly the STUG III and the Panzer IV are the most threatening machines,The Lee coming in just behind the IV( losing points from its tall silhouette and sponson fitted main gun) Makes sense they would try to take out the IV first. Even the I-90 with its puny gun should be able get through the thin rear and side aromor.

    The STUG III easily has the most potent gun. A high velocity 75mm anti-tank gun will punch a hole clean through the other tanks on the team.

    Disliking that Prez more and more.
    looking forward to the next ep.

    1. Well, it was also said that many of them had never even seen a tank before (the “art” was gone for several years at their school), so some of those moments are actually pretty understandable.

      Though, the STUG bit could be understandable since, IIRC, it’s the HISTORY CLUB that has it, lol.

      And I’m guessing the “tanks being the same” bit is…well…pure tank naivety. After all, when one looks at tanks on the outside without knowing anything in-depth about them, the things that really stand out are just that it’s a big vehicle with a big gun(s) along with “bigger gun wins” perhaps. A lot of the things that really makes tanks so different from eachother, aside from appearances, are on the inside. I wouldn’t expect most of them to know anything more complicated like cannon velocity, angle of deflection, barrel length vs. range/penetration, and things like that (yet).

    2. Sorry to say it was wrong when it was said that StuG III was important to Finnish army during The Winter War against Soviet Union in 1939-40. Finnish army got those assault guns later, in 1941, but they were indeed very important during The Continuation War against Soviet Union in 1941-44.
      I am born in Finland, lived there my first 26 years before moving to Sweden where i live now.

      Must say that this girls & panzers thing has been brewing at least 6-8 years now, in Japan there is magazines about tank modelling with this theme since years ago.
      I admit i am one of model builders myself…

  9. Well, you must give the “Engine Club” their Credits, too. They work wonders to bring back Life to the Engine and Gears to move the Tanks 🙂

    Or they are used to fix Tanks in a jiffy 🙂 And have many Replacement Parts somewhere in Stock.

  10. I’m still on the edge with this show. I really felt sorry for Mako getting kicked in the shoulders. She is going to end with a bad back!!! Not to mention loopsided oppais. Common be gentle with the driver 🙂

    1. That was random position assignment, and it isn’t the final version. If you look at the closing chibis, the new girl ends up as the driver with Saori as assistant driver. Miho is commander, and the other two (Hana and the tank otaku) are gunner and loader. It was Miho who told Saori to do the kicking, and presumably when she’s the commander she won’t be kicking hard.

      Though based on the teaser at the beginning of the first ep, it looks like Miho mainly uses voice commands.

    1. I thought it might have been an early version of Battlezone. Course I know exactly how you feel: when Hyoka showed Virtual On in one of the last episodes I was over the moon saying: HOLY SMOKES I know that game. Something very rare in anime. It was the same arcade version too.

      1. Definitely a reference to Battlezone – except Battlezone had kind of a periscope to look through at the screen and two sticks for control.
        I think the US Army also used a modified version of Battlezone in training.

        I must have poured loads of 10ps into those machines when I were a lad!

  11. Dem heads!

    I still haven’t watched the second episode but will wait a few more to just run through a couple. I kinda liked Strike Witches for all the wrong reasons so I’m not to interested in this one yet. The tanks are amazing though. Very fun to watch, I’ll admit.

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