「試合、やります!」 (Shiai, Yarimasu!)
“I’ll be part of the match!”

Girls und Panzer seems to be the very definition of what you would call a ‘sleeper’ or a ‘dark horse.’ Compared to most other shows this season it had next to no hype in the lead up to airing, yet it has so far managed to surpass most of them in terms of pure entertainment value. I think part of this can be attributed to the pacing, which feels swift enough to bring something new to the table each week, but not so fast as to feel like it’s rushing. We also have a large cast of characters, all of whom have their interesting quirks, an entertaining premise, and some pretty damn cool tank battles. Oh, and that general over-the-top vibe that comes about multiple times in each episode.

What do you do if you come across a narcoleptic girl in the middle of a battlefield? Why, you take her into your tank and make her one of the crew of course! Despite managing to learn how to drive the Panzer IV almost immediately after reading a primer, it seems like Mako will probably be the biggest handful of the Ankou team. Her low blood pressure means she’s constantly staggering about, barely paying any attention to anything, and getting her to participate is a challenge in its own right. I’d say that I’m currently torn between picking her and Rommel as my favourite character. She’s hardly the first person to have trouble waking up at five in the morning, but she may well be one of the first to have been woken up (along with the rest of the neighbourhood) by tank fire from the group who arrived to pick her up. Funnily enough, seeing tanks on the road (while brilliant and crazy) is not completely unheard of – it’s actually perfectly legal here in the UK so long as the tank meets regulations. Have fun shelling out for fuel though!

Despite her previous bad experiences with tanks (which I’m still positive will have a negative effect at some point), Miho is quite clearly a born leader. It’s not just the experience and strategic thinking that makes her the most suited for command, but the way she acts quickly on what needs to be done. I doubt any of the other members of the Ankou team would have been willing to leap from the tank and guide it across that bridge without a moment’s hesitation, especially given that there were four hostile tanks hell-bent on taking them out at the time! As predicted, they managed to win despite being outnumbered four to one and that was mostly thanks to her guidance. She was also the only one completely unmoved by their first shot – unlike the rest of the crew, she’s experienced it in the past and makes nothing of it. It’s funny to think that Hana was so moved by it she insisted on becoming the gunner! With Saori taking on the role of radio operator, Yukari becoming the loader, and Mako’s skilful driving, they’re going to be a force to reckon with!

There’s something really visceral about the directing during the combat this episode – there was a power to that first shot by the Ankou team that stood above what would’ve been accomplished without the shifting focus. Going hand in hand with this, while the music up until now has been good, it’s been nothing spectacular. The emphasis as they moved out onto the terrifyingly dangerous bridge, however, worked wonderfully in increasing the tension. So far, Girls und Panzer has proven itself as an anime that manages to do a lot of things really well, from absurdity, to humour, and even down to serious tension and cliff-hangers. I can only look forward to seeing where it plans to go – it has the potential to unite the beautiful camaraderie and strength in the face of hardship of STRIKE WITCHES with the diverse cast and tournament setting of Saki.

The episode closes on the advent of the battle between the newly introduced and meticulously organised Saint Gloriana school and our overly-colourful Miho-led Japanese batallion. This brings us some new additions to our already large cast, including Darjeeling (Kitamura Eri), Assam, and Orange Pekoe (Ishihara Mai). Yes, the British characters are named after teas and have tea emblems on all their tanks. It’s probably fair to guess that the experienced and disciplined British team, made up of a Churchill Mk.VII and four Matilda II Mk.III/IV, is going to end up losing to the rookie underdogs, but we should finally see the conclusion of the cliff-hanger from the very first episode and maybe get some more insight into what safety precautions are actually in place.

tl;dr: @MoombaDS – #GaruPan remains one of the more entertaining options this season with all its absurdities, humour, and even a serious moment or two!

Random thoughts:

  • And here I thought the Japanese carrier was large… I have no words!
  • I wonder if the layout of the central part of the British ship is coincidental or if it’s actually meant to look somewhat similar to the design of the Union Jack.
  • Is that a variation on The British Grenadiers I hear during the appearance of the carrier?
  • Hana was knocked out by the blast or maybe just fainted from shock during battle. Either way I really wonder how safe this is supposed to be. Where are the safety precautions that were spoken of? Is it just those white flags that appear to pop up after a direct hit?
  • The history club members continue to quote their respective namesakes with things such as an alteration of Veni, vidi, vici (I came, I saw, I conquered).
  • Poor first year team can’t even run away successfully!
  • The way the student council team’s 38(t) practically glows is pretty damn funny. As is their training for hiding when they completely lack any sort of camouflage.
  • The rage of a thousand suns burns within her right now.

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ED1.03 Sequence

ED: 「Enter Enter MISSION !」 by 渕上舞、茅野愛衣、尾崎真実、中上育実、井口裕香 (Fuchigami Mai, Kayano Ai, Ozaki Mami, Nakagami Ikumi, Iguchi Yuka)



      1. seeing how theres a smal shrine behind them i cant help but feel some poeple might mistake it on quik sight for a deity to have descended behind it. but seriously whoever didnt have a laugh at that part will be hard to get to laugh in the first place.

  1. The security systems are battle-based-damage. Seems that the tanks have some kind of internal computer that evaluates the hits and, depending of the situation, allowing the crew to continue battling or simply shutting it down (that’s why the M3 was out of the match without receiving a single shot from the PzIV. Hana was unfortunate that she was in the hatch at the moment the StuG’s shell hit them. Yes, ladies and gentlemen: The girls FIRE LIVE AMMO!

    If that’s the size of the Brittish carrier, I’m beggining to wonder the size of the US-based carriers (someone say Avengers’ floating carrier?) or even the Germans (Graf Spee with steroids, maybe)

    1. That seems like a fair evaluation of the system based on what we currently know. I suppose in any sport it’s impossible to completely rule out injury, but given the frequency with which the girls seem to like sticking their heads out of hatches and how lethal that could potentially prove, I can’t imagine that being the only precaution. Or rather, I hope it’s not!

  2. Am I the only one who is expecting a tragedy to happen, something that involves an accident and a dead tanker?

    Somehow, I wished they colored their tanks a little darker for camo purposes….

    The Moondoggie
    1. Think of Zoids/Zero: combat system freezes, the unit stall and the pilot is safe for the rest of the engagement. The shells seems to be made to penetrate only 5% of the actual armor, but if the system determines that it was a critial hit, that’s it, you’re out. Now I see why Yukari put enphasis in the security systems the last ep.

    2. I don’t think this show is intended to be that dark. No, we’re not going to lose anyone. I doubt anyone will even get injured.

      But I won’t be surprised if the Panzer IV ends up in deep water before the end of the series, repeating Miho’s traumatic experience from before the show began. She’ll handle it differently, and it will resolve her PTSD.

  3. “Darjeeling (Kitamura Eri), Assam, and Orange Pekoe”

    What’s up with Orange Pekoe ? Its not a tea, its a leaf size. And there was another anime recently that foolishly used “Earl Grey” as some kind of elite tea. What’s up with that, Japan ? I thought you were a nation with old and respected tradition of tea-drinking !

  4. well at now 5 girls panzer team all set yea give maho very nappy got 5 alarm clock still napping?

    at least tank goodnees is here yea 5 girls tank crew won training match ok then now take on another tank school battle with twist IF they lose miho has do some “dance”?

    & yea how can we get one of those city-land type BIG NICE BOAT to ride?

  5. Even the “leopard 1” is capable to drive in normal Roads. At last you need these Backmirrors and these Signs to show the direction if you want to turn. And of course, you need HeadLight and Break lights in the Back.

    I saw some “Driving School” Leopard 1 for Tanks. There they even drive on Streets

      1. As for as chapter 5 scans, No. But hopefully, they will. I think something happen like a major war that cause some of the major lands to be uninhabitable.

        Btw, the next episode covers chapter 4 and 5 of the manga which are both translated.

      2. @Vaan

        Perhaps some sort of “Water world” (with Kevin Costner)? Well, it is not really Important. But seriously. The “Nippon” Cruiser Peoples was like Ants… And these “British” one is Bigger.. Uff!!! 🙂

      3. Wait till they show us a US Carrier. It’ll be way GIGANTIC! If there would be.

        They haven’t so far explain why they use carriers or general knowledge about places and such. I hope they tell it to us soon.

  6. Muhahahahaha I’m really tempted to build the pink M3 Lee or decorate the interior of the Panzer IV just to annoy some scale modelers. It wasn’t enough with all my Idolm@ster planes from Ace Combat 6 and Assualt Horizon.

  7. Thus the friendly training battles in World of Tanks has started… 5,4,3,2,1,ROLL OUT!

    I really wonder how their team would go up against a force of Churchill and 4 Matildas. I’m counting on the power of the Stug to snipe them though the M3 seems pretty decent… Discounting the height. The Pz IV stands a chance as long as it gets to put a well placed rear shot. Though I’d love it if the got rid of that gun and got the L48

    As for the Stug… Lordly it may be… But I’d got for Afrika Korps colour scheme.

  8. I just love how Mako hates to get up early in the morning. She’s already my favorite

    And I like how cool and calm Maho is compare to the rest of the girls when they fired their first shot. Just shows how experience she is. Looking forward to how she grows as Oorai’s Commander.

  9. So that’s the name of that tune (The British Grenadiers)! Earlier one of the girls was humming “Scotland the Brave”, so I expect more marches to show up as each country competes. I wonder if they’ll play “The World Turned Upside Down” if the Brits lose?

    How can a show with so silly a premise be so good? They even showed one of the tanks throwing a tread. The safety part of it is what annoys me, but I’m just turning off my disbelief and going with it.

    1. Well, its a Anime. Not real War. So of course they dont have “Deaths” in this Anime.

      Of course, they “over kawaii” these Machine of Deaths with Anime. But dont forget, real Tanks are like Guns. They can Kill peoples, if you dont know how to handle them.

      So just enjoy the “Kawaii” Tanks and knowing here is no Deaths. Just dont compare to much with the Real Life things. If that was the case, then “Dog Days” is the same. War transfered into “takashi Castle” Sport events, without Blood (and Fair play)

      So, just think the Real Life Tanks as Base knowledge, but the use here is Anime Law rules.

      1. Oh, I understand “the difference between the 2D and the 3D world”. With Dog Days it’s so much fantasy that you just accept the lack of mayhem, but here we have realistic representations of real world tanks. Even with Upotte! the “girls as guns” was so sureal that the fact that the realism of the weapons and their destructive power didn’t intrude into the story. It would just be nice if they gave a reasonable explanation about how they make the situation safe. If they don’t, fine. It won’t stop me from enjoying it.

    2. Last episode, Yukari did emphasize on putting a lot of safety precautions and rules. As SeedStriker’s said, the shells where made not to penetrate the armor. If it was a normal live round, it would have killed them since a tank’s armor is weak on the rear.

  10. If that bridge had explosive charges, kiss that tank goodbye… (Company of Heroes-wise, the best way to kill a Tiger/King Tiger.)

    And it’s amazing that despite Miho and co. firing a blank tank round in the middle of the neighborhood to wake sleepy Mako up, it doesn’t manage to shatter glass windows of the houses there. XD (Though I was reminded of that MythBusters episode with the US Navy Blue Angels and that myth of whether a sonic boom/shockwave can shatter a house’s glass windows.)

    I wonder if the M3 Lee team will name their pink tank “Lulu Belle“? (Eh, probably an old reference, but I remember that movie when seeing the M3.)

  11. tank goodness continues… bling of war (T) with the student council tank, first years get … moe of war, I guess? the interior with cushions and decorations was fun too!
    the series is as over the top as the carrier/school ships which apparently are where all education takes place

    the bridge scene has actually scared me that our MC will witness her friends plunge with the tank to inevitable doom… but thankfully the situation was defused quickly and it seems that girls are protected by plot armor thicker tham Abrams front plate…

    and now one memory showed up on my mental radar:
    Hello kitty themed wh40k army of Battle sisters, including of course pink tanks:

    gotta make a pink paint scheme for Dawn of War… like right now? 😛

  12. For some reason Mako sounds like Chiaki from Minami-ke to me, even though they don’t share the same seiyuu.

    Too bad the focus isn’t on the historic studies team though. They are the most interesting ones.

    1. Sharing many same character traits, Reizei & Chiaki is basically the same person. Not to mention that Minami-Ke Omatase OVA was just released around the same time with this episode 🙂

    1. On paper this series sounds awful. But I love it. Its one of those series that come out of nowhere and turn out to be great (like Upotte). Another new series I really like and didn’t think I would is Kamisama Hajimemashite. The character drawing in KH is weird but I love the storylines.

  13. Looks like our Tank Otaku is the voice of the audience in this show. Great to have her. Also tanks clearly make the best alarm clocks. What a great way to wake your friend up: in addition to the rest of the neighbourhood. Even without the gun, tanks are loud. Also the doors opening when the tank passed was actually pretty believable. Tanks especially with those ol style treds would pound the ground and potentially tear up the pavement.

    One of the biggest questions for me before this ep was; why of all the teams the historical club with their knowledge of war would paint their Stug like that and stick flags on it, compromising one of the Stug’s strengths, it’s small profile. Especially Erwin(who is my favorite character thus far)who clearly idolizes Rommel.

    This episode made it clear that they were compromising on the colour scheme. I can’t place the blue and white colours but you can see the influence of the other members(though all Erwin gets is the top and the wheels). The Afrika Corps colours would have worked fairly well for the arena their first match is taking place.

    Also that Pink Lee is bad enough but clearly the SHINY!?! 38(t) is worse. You never whant a shiny military vehicle! That president needs to be taken down a peg.

    Ironically its the volleyball team with more sense. Sure those letters might make some good aiming points but at least they can hide.

    Nice to see the brits being civilized. Also the red uniforms are clearly in homage to the classic red coats from the colonial days. Nice touch.

    Traffic Jam in Tanks? Don’t we all wish we were in tanks when in a jam like that?

    Also why is the student council the ones making drills for the team when Miho is the only one who knows what they’re doing?

    They Panzer IV crew may come to regret having all that stuff in their tank. Tanks are rough, hot and noisy. Those cushions might make them fall out of their seats or some of those items could get stuck under the pedals.

    My WoT profile has gotten very busy since this show started and speaking as someone who’s come up against those tanks in the game I think it’s fairly safe to assume that only the IV and the Stug have a prayer against those tanks, especially the Churchill. They may be slow but they are very tough.

    Another thing they did was show how heavy the shells are. That’s why the Stug’s rate of fire was so slow. Probably not as heavy as the genuine article but still pretty heavy.

    1. We’ve already seen a couple Tigers. One in the opening and a couple stills but yeah I want to see some in action. Definately want to see the other two, though I’d be surprised if we saw the firefly. I’d be more likely if we saw the upgunned American version(which isn’t as good)My Great-Uncle drove Shermans in the Canadain Army in Normandy. Not sure if he ever was in a Firefly. Glad to see the Churchill and Matilda though. Those are often forgotten tanks. Same with the 38(t) and the Lee.

  14. I like how they make the majestic sound of firing a cannon into something so feminine. And the tank moving on the road remind me of Ross Noble(British comedian) talking about his SPG moving on the road. Scaring the hell of normal people with tanks on the road.

  15. – You weren’t kidding Moomba when you said each team had their own unique quirks. Who’d have thought the Student Council’s Momo had a goofy side. I didn’t expect her to throw a fit when faced with criticism or when being called Momo-chan. I’m even liking Student Council President Kadotani now, who I found kinda pushy in the earlier episodes.

    – SeedStriker’s explanation looks to be the most sensible answer to the tank matches’ safety precautions. Still what worries me is despite having a damage calculator built into the tanks or using less-than-powerful live ammo, those might not be enough to ensure safety when it comes to other potential hazards like falling off that rope bridge, sticking your head out of the tank hatches from time to time during gunfire, or leaving the confines of the tank altogether. Maybe the stormtrooper effect takes over when it counts.

    – Looks like it’s gonna a different tank shown in the ending sequence from time to time.

    https://randomc.net/image/Girls%20und%20Panzer/Girls%20und%20Panzer%20-%2003%20-%20Large%2030.jpg The morning call scene was really cute, this scene in particular. Miho and Hana look so adorable smiling like that.

    https://randomc.net/image/Girls%20und%20Panzer/Girls%20und%20Panzer%20-%2003%20-%20Large%2031.jpg Can’t forget this scene when you mention that morning call. That sequence of Mako getting ready to start the day is really adorable.

  16. Three episodes down and so far so good – this season’s “Oda Nobuna.” Definitely better than most predicted. Nice to finally get some real action this episode, but I would have preferred using the manga version of the bridge scene (The “A” team released a smoke screen before Miho checks the bridge, then crossed with Mako as the new driver, THEN turn and fire on the other tanks). Wouldn’t hurt to have a sliver of realism every now & then.

    Once again there were several LOL moments – particularly when they woke up Mako. Still, nothing on par with “Apologize to the Finnish” joke in Ep. 02. That was one of the funniest anime scenes I’ve watched (and re-watched) in a long time. I’m surprised at how much I now look forward to character interactions (esp. History Team) in addition to the tank battles. I never expected the show to have so many unique and interesting characters.

    Some random thoughts:

    – The “instructor” has got to be the most useless “teacher” EVER. WTH? “Don’t worry – it’s pretty much just ‘clang, clang’ (movement)and ‘bang, bang’ (shoot the other tanks).” After the mock battle, she says “Great job everyone. Now if you have any questions, just MAIL(e-mail?) ME.” Well done, Sensei. >_<.

    – I'd keep Yukari as the gunner. A 100% kill ratio (3 shots = 3 kills) with a low velocity, short barrel cannon (i.e. less accurate), fired during the heat of battle (i.e. under duress), while on a damaged suspension bridge, and with NO prior experience using a REAL tank gun is pretty much god-like marksmanship. Who needs laser targeting with that kind of aim?

    – So despite being hit on the side of the turret by the StuG III's high velocity, long barrel L/48 75mm canon, the Panzer IV remains "functional" (AND is pushed back onto the bridge LOL), yet the StuG III is "disabled" after being hit in the front (thicker armor there) by the much weaker, short barrel 50mm canon of the Panzer IV? Sorry History Team – you got ripped off. "Woe to the vanquished" I guess.

    – Maybe OT, but what's with the English subs. Commie is now troll-subbing with this episode (more German than English). Hiryuu is pretty good overall, but I'm finding "Tankwondo" less and less clever and more and more annoying/stupid each time I watch. Is that hard to use something like "Tankmanship," or maybe better yet, define "senshado" as "Way of the Tank" in a TL note the first time it's mentioned in a episode and leave it in romanji thereafter? *sigh* Guess I'll be using Aegisub.

    1. Even if the manga explained better the engagement, we don’t want a 1:1 translation of the manga.
      The instructor is on par with the SC: do it whatever you like, even if at the end, the ones with the experience, will and the better tank are going to blast us. No wonder that Miho now has a monumental work to do if she want her tank batallion to show results.
      While Yukari showed a deadly aiming, I want to see more of Hana, specially if she’s so close to climax each round. 🙂 Besides, Yukari is to hyperactive that having her as a loader is a step up, as the PzIV now can reload and fire way faster than the rest of the crews.
      The StuG’s shot was diagonal. The shell stuck in the upper-rear left pannel of the PzIV, just below the turret. You’re right, a direct impact should’ve disabled the A-Team, but it wasn’t shot completely into the rear end of the PzIV. In contrast, Yukari impacted just beside the StuG’s gun (direct hit), where the crew should be (in real life, with the upgraded gun, instant kill for the PzIV). As you said before: God-like marksmanship. The better shot won.
      As for fansubs, ironically Horrible-subs has the upper hand. “Tankery” while is not of my liking, is way better that what Commie and Hiryuu did, and the flow of the dialogues are right on hand. Personally, I prefer the “Panzercraft” of the manga, as it is more right with the “Way of the Tank” you speak.

      1. Definitely don’t agree that “we don’t want a 1:1 translation of manga [source material]” as a general rule, but in this case it’s not even relevant since the manga came after the anime. There’s plenty of “over the top” scenes as it is (tank search, Mako wake up call). So, JMO, but something a bit more realistic like the way the battle ended in the manga would be a nice change of pace. LOL- poor Miho. Yeah, Sensei, like the SC is strictly comic relief. At least they are entertaining even if useless.

        Agree 1000% with wanting to see Hanna “tankgasm” after firing off a few rounds XD. Yukari’s about to have one herself – if not already. Yukari’s accuracy was just so extremely good that it stood out to me.

        Also agree with Tankery being acceptable along with, Tank/PanzerCraft, Tanking and aforementioned Tankmanship (like using swordsmanship for Kendo). I planned to go with Horrible, but there was a couple just WTF type translations each episode that lost me (Ex. Ep. 02 @ 14:51-14.52 – “Potato Chips”!?). Meh, may go back anyway.

    2. Yeah I enjoyed Nobuna last season and I’m definately enjoying this one. “Appoligize to the Finnish” is also my favoirite joke thus far and cemented Erwin as my favorite character.

      I thought the same about the hit to the Panzer IV by the Stug, which IMHO has the best gun of all their Tanks, and came to a few conclusions. Either the round hit in a non critical area(in other words the shell wouldn’t have done any significant damage or killed any one. It has happened) or something about what Mako said about them throwing the match. Also there was what Erwin said last ep about a secret pact. Although with that crew you have to take everything they say with a pinch of salt cause it might just be a historical reference.

      1. Well, as the “Bullet” hit, the tank was on the Bridge. Perhaps the Impact was weaken, because it pushed the tank forward. Well, at last it must happen to the tank. because without the Hit tehy have fallen from the bridge. But the Impact was strong enough to “Push” the Tank that forward, that the Driver hit her Head and was knocked out

      2. You’re not kidding about the StuG III AusF. G having the best gun (L/48 75mm) – it’s not even close. Both the Panzer IV and the Type 89 have short barreled, low velocity 50mm or 57mm canons, the Panzer 38(t) has a 37mm. The M3 Lee has a 75mm, but it’s an older design with a relatively short barrel (longer barrel of the same canon uses on early M4s). The L/48 75mm was put in the Panzer IV AusF G making it vastly better in tank v. tank combat.

        Despite no turret, I think the StuG III is the best “tank” they have. If the Panzer IV was a Ausf G, then I’d go with that. More than anything, they need to replace the M3 Lee and the Type 89. Maybe the “Russian High School” has a couple of low mileage T-34/85s they can get cheap.

        Erwin rocks – probably my favorite character so far with Mako a close second. The whole History club is great and needs more screen time. What I find surprising about this show is the number of interesting characters. Can’t wait for the episode.

      3. StuG has definitely best firepower, followed by Lee (75mm has terrible placement in the hull sponson but at least its L31 compared to snubby L24 on Pz IV… I can see at least Pz IV getting L42 gun upgrade soon and becoming primary weapon of the club!)

    3. Panzer IV has a 75 mm cannon, which CAN shoot armor piercing shells. I think it is possible to penetrate StuG III front armor with it, if tanks are close enough.
      Of course StuG III `s gun is much stronger, but who hits first usually wins!
      What are you waiting for from instructor with Hekiru Shiina`s voice? She has mostly goofy voice roles!

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