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Mavis orders everyone to change location. It seems like Rufus from Sabertooth is the target. Rufus himself decides to take them all on together and uses his memory magic. The team dodges the attack according to Mavis’ instructions. Laxus has an advantage here because this magic’s element is lightning.

As the FAIRY TAIL team has spread out, all its members are running into opponents but it seems like none of them are difficult to take down. Erza scores one point for her guild while Gajeel scores two points. One of the opponents that ran away from Gajeel is taken down by Gray who earns his guild one point. So far, FAIRY TAIL has only fought Blue Pegasus members.

Mavis’ strategy is truly helpful as her team earns the top spot again. She diligently gives new orders to everyone. Makarov remembers that Mavis used to lead her team to many victories thankts to her prodigious ability in making strategies. Her nick name is “The Fairy Tactician Mavis”.

Ichiya wants to protect his guild but is knocked out by Jura who earns Lamia Scale five points as Ichiya happened to be the leader of Blue Pegasus’ team. Chelia is doing quite well too and it’s clear that there are three teams who are holding the top positions. Mavis isn’t quite sure how to defeat Jura.

On another side of the town, where Lucy is imprisoned. Natsu’s team seems to have reached her. Natsu breaks the captured girls out of their cell. Lucy won’t leave without her keys but the team doesn’t get any chance to go search for them as the floor beneath them parts and they all fall down. The team falls down in a place called “City of Death”, and they landed in front of “The Hell Palace”. This place was the last freedom criminals were granted, however, no one was able to get out of there. This is all said by the princess who virtually delivered the message to the team, calling them thieves. When the message has been passed, princess Hisui doesn’t seem to be very proud of what she’s said.

Back at the games, the battles continue. Gray runs into Rufus in a library. Both of them prepare for a fight.

Mavis continues being brilliant as usual. Last week I said she was my favorite loli, and I do not take that back. Watching our beloved Fairy Tactician order everyone around made her seem so impressive to me. Despite being so small and cute, she is so clever and and strong. No wonder FAIRY TAIL is such a great guild – it was funded by her after all! “Fairy Tactician” is definitely a name that suits Mavis. But like most strategies, hers lacks a few things. Her plan includes how to take out the easier opponents, but as it seems now, it doesn’t cover defeating Jura which is quite reasonable considering that he hasn’t really been fighting much in this tournament. She doesn’t have any memory of him worth using for the strategy. Did Jura fight? I just remember him earning a very high score in the MPF event.

This makes me wonder – who will fight Jura? I assume someone has to take him down because this is probably a “last man/team standing” battle. If Erza fights Minerva and perhaps Kagura, I can’t see her taking on Jura as well. Maybe Laxus will fight him? And perhaps Gajeel will take on the two Dragon Slayers from Sabertooth on his own like his team mate did a few weeks ago? It’s quite hard to predict who will facing who in this fight but I am absolutely sure that Erza will fight Minerva.

But for now, we do know that Gray is fighting Rufus. So far, Gray has been portrayed as quite weak in this arc. He hasn’t had any great victories; he hasn’t even fought much. I hope to see him win this battle but it makes me sad that he and Rufus probably will end up ruining the beautiful library they are in…

Aside from the battle, Natsu’s team, while being in trouble, I believe they might find something fun to do in “The Hell Palace” as it is considered to be a place of freedom for criminals. It seems like the princess has a good heart but is forced to do things against her will. She did not look happy after delivering the message to Natsu’s team. That makes me wonder if she’ll ever find courage to perhaps, help them escape? The problem now is that Lucy doesn’t have her keys which seems to be a bait for her to return to the Eclipse gate, and Yukino’s keys are probably there too. With so many things going on in the castle, I wonder if the Eclipse 2 plan will do something to interrupt the main battle in the arena. But first of all, what is “Eclipse 2”? As it seems now, we won’t find out too soon as next week’s chapter will show us Gray and Rufus’ battle. Poor library…

Moete kitazou!


  1. don’t want to sound stupid but personally I hate characters who just label people as criminals without even knowing the circumstances (referring to the princess). Of course now we all know Gray will take Rufus down because he has to redeem himself, what I am wondering about is if any member of Fairy Tail’s team will go down in this fight. I’m not sure how I’ll feel if Gajeel ends up doing the same thing Natsu did to Sting and Rogue.
    As for predictions Natsu and his pals will most likely find a way out exactly because the princess said nobody can escape from the hell palace. Either that or Mashima did that because he wants to create a war between the king and Fairy Tail by having them win the tournament while the King would refuse to release the others thus making an enemy out of Fairy Tail.

  2. Yay Mavis was so cool here. She is awesome when she is serious. Would love to more of her plans and hell it would be fun having a little flash back next week of Mavis giving Gray all the tips he needed to defeat Rufus into the ground.

    The princess made a strange facial expression so I won’t count her as evil. More constrained to her environment and roles. She probably is a good person inside as I didn’t get the feeling of evil or enemy from her.

  3. Well, jura did have a show down with jellal with him getting the pressure on when jellal intented to use his ultimate… But I believe that jura might be a cannon feeder in this arc if the main focus is between fairy tail and sabertooth… Just my 2cents

  4. I feel like Kagura and Jura will end up being taken down by enemies (Minerva and maybe one of the Dragon Slayers or Orga respectively). At this stage most of the weaker contestants are gone so only the top dogs remain. Rufus and Gray is already established and Laxus will probably fight Orga, although that is pretty lame and predictable but…what can we do. Gajeel will end up fighting Rogue probably, since their last duel got interrupted by Natsu’s heroics which leaves Juvia, Lyon and Sting, which should be interesting given Lyon’s interest in Juvia.

    I also agree that the princess is not a bad person – she is probably trying to protect them by taking them out of the struggle, and I feel like she is secretly opposing her father’s plan. However, it’s all speculation at this point.

  5. My battle predictions for this game as it has reached it’s final days and is about to meet it’s climax is as follows.

    Gray vs Rufus/Leon : As mentioned above Gray will face Rufus to redeem himself from the loss of the first day. I predict that Gray will
    find some way to defeat Rufus wipe that stupid smirk off his feminine face. He cannot afford to lose this fight at all.
    As for Leon, it is natural that the two disciples of UL will continue their rivalry as always, maybe with Juvia’s
    help Gray will have the upper hand as Leon might lose his focus for the girl He loves.

    Laxus vs Orga/Jura : No one can say that they didn’t see this coming, another battle between a Dragon Slayer( Laxus ) and a God slayer
    (Orga, as we should have known by now because of his black lightening) we’ve already seen two previous battles
    with same duo before( Natsu vs Zancrow and Wendy vs Chelia), I would love to see Laxus in action against another
    pompous sabertooth member.
    I guess after Laxus beats Orga (which I believe He will) I wonder how it will play out with Jura. Maybe Fairy Law
    but I doubt since it only works on those who are enemies Jura may be an opponent in the games but it’s not the
    same as being an enemy to Fairy Tail, both are just fighting for the sake of their guilds.

    Erza vs Kagura/Minerve : This is going to be awesome because it is Love vs Hate. Erza’s love for Jellal clashing against Kagura’s Hatred
    for Jellal but since this is the grand magic games I don’t know if Kagura will decide to get serious and draw
    her sword although she swore to unsheathe that sword for Jellal, if she decides not to unsheathe her sword
    then maybe this will be just a preview of the battle they will have again after the grand magic games.
    Minerva will definitely feel the wrath of Erza Scarlet for turning Lucy into a scape goat, that I can guarantee
    nobody messes with the Power of the Feelings of Fairy Tail and lives to laugh about it. I know it won’t be an easy
    battle but still, it will be an epic battle.

    Gajeel vs Rogue/Sting : I personally thought it was unfair for Natsu to take all the glory for beating the two Dragon Slayers by himself
    and pushing Gajeel out the action although I still like it, now we get to see Gajeel shine however I would prefer
    to see Gajeel defeat them one by one depending on who He meets first instead of another one vs two Dragon
    Slayer like it was with Natsu and I look forward to seeing how strong Sting may have turned out and if Gajeel is
    able to handle him.

    Juvia vs Milliana/Chelia: Finally after all the predictions that I have mentioned above, that leaves just Juvia, Milliana and Chelia, I guess
    It is left for Juvia to handle Milliana, and Chelia and find a way to defeat them to give her Fairy Tail some points.

    That’s my battle prediction and it’s all I can come up with, I don’t know if some members of Fairy Tail will go down but at least they will take down some of their opponents with them to give their partners especially the leader the chance to win it for their team.

    K C M
  6. Well, this final day is not just about beating everyone. All Fairy Tail has to do is get te most points and as long as that is possible, Jura doesn’t necessarily have to be beaten at all. I haven’t fully kept up with the points so I don’t know how many points can still be acquired by each of the remaining teams, but if there is enough then it could be possible. Who knows maybe Lamia Scale becomes number 1 and a rivalry of second place for both Fairy Tail and Sabertooth begins.

  7. First things first I thought this chapter was awesome mostly due to the fact I love all the Code Geass/ Death Notesque plotting and planning from the First. Seriously I could have seen her putting on a mask and then eating chips DRAMATICALLY!

    Beyond that though the battle royale is setting up all the expected fights perfectly. Rufus v. Grey as Grey needs to stop being a pansy and man up. Gajeel I assume will go against Rogue although I have my questions that he’ll go against Sting too as I’m feeling Sting has a surprise up his sleeve. I’ll assume Laxus goes up against Jura but I’ll be crazy and says he gets support from Juvia just because I think their powers would make an interesting unison raid.

    Erza has to go against Kagura and Minerva that is obvious the entire arc has been building to that, an old friend with a fellow uberpowerful sword master. Also lets not forget Mashima likes writing and drawing sword fights between Erza and other strong females as he did in the Tower of Heaven arc. He’ll we’ll probebly see the same “armor” from that fight too as that seems to be Erza’s go to dueling armor now.

  8. Awesome chapter. Didn’t really like the whole trap floor thing though. It was so predictable something like that would that you didn’t want it to happen. But it did. Nonetheless, exciting chapter! Wipe the floor with his ass, Gray!

  9. Here’s what i think would be pretty sweet. If Juvia stumbled upon the battle between Gray and Rufus, she would be sure to join in, even if Mavis gave her the mission to scout out the other enemies (i think that’s what i read at least). Because we all know that her Gray-sama comes before everything, even the mission given to her, or even her own life. If Mashima pulls off an unison raid or something like that with Juvia and Gray, that would make my day, or month. And that might be a good chance for Gray to convey his


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