「吉田くんちの事情」 (Yoshida Kunchi no Jijou)
“Yoshida Family Matters”

We’re definitely out of the rosy and sweet territory of the first few episodes, as we now make headway into the darker parts of Haru, Mitty, and their relationship together. While I miss how wide my smile was for previous episodes, I trust that Tonari is setting us up for bigger emotional roller coasters. While Yuuzan has done his part…for now, Hanazawa Kana as Ooshima Chizuru is looking to be brewing things up over a longer and larger scale. ENTER THE NEW CHALLENGER!

But first, let’s address Yuuzan and his… likability. It’s especially easy to not like Yuuzan, but his levelheadedness and control over his interests is both commendable and…creepy at the same time. He might be dehumanizing the situation and perceiving Mitty as more a means rather than a person, but somehow, I feel like Yuuzan may be attempting to make things right…in his own way. A sort of repentance for his apparent mistreatment of Haru in the past as was implied. I reserve my right to yell at him and call out his pretentious air, but before we get to learn more about Yuuzan…I will reserve my feelings for when he appears again with more information. I imagine that Haru’s brother wields a lot more influence and cunning than he lets on…which scares me for the future, but thankfully it looks like Yuuzan has served his purpose of shaking up the relationship for now.

As a side note, I feel that we would be able to see Yuuzan in a different and perhaps more positive light if we were introduced to him other than the “big bad brother”. Heck, maybe Haru and Yuuzan would’ve got along better if they came at a different time to a different environment. The lack of mention of Haru’s mother may be key to why they don’t mix well, but alas, there is so much we still do not know.

In a relationship, when we don’t know key information about the people we care about…it’s absolutely necessary to find out so we can help out, right? Unfortunately, Haru and Mitty are struggling around this concept: the first real roadblock in their relationship. Even though their relationship may not be formalized, for the most part it IS one, minus all of the physical contact (well, most of it!). Mitty obviously is irritated at not knowing about Haru’s past, since knowing that would probably explain most of his behaviors. Unfortunately, this comes into direct conflict with Haru’s desires for obvious reasons. This is a direct violation of a key rule of relationships and as we can see on screen…one can only tolerate this violation for so long without expressing irritation and disappointment. The two do mean well for each other, but until they compromise again on the issue, we can expect even more tension that makes us cringe in our seats. Although Haru did eventually open up a bit at the end, this is nowhere close to sufficiently informing Mitty about what matters–how he actually feels about his past and why. Although the two seem to get over it as Haru pulls off an embarrassing line…the resolution, up until Mitty shared her OWN self (which was adorably sweet), felt hollow and temporary. Haru! Step up your game in the next few episodes…don’t let us down…don’t let Nagoya down!

Mitty on the other hand, is exercising the upper hand once again in the relationship, and for now has kept it there. Although Mitty might be a bit too blunt at times, she definitely gets her point across and is becoming more and more honest with her conversations with Haru and herself. The fact that she still holds herself as an independent person who simultaneously cares for Haru is admirable–it’s a trait that grows stronger every episode. Her personality has morphed considerably since episode one, and she continues to do so without losing sight of her original traits. The dialogues that she ends each episode with (if you haven’t noticed already) show her experiences and maturity growing with each episode, which I find charming in a storyteller way. Other than being a nice storytelling device, the monologue reflects her attentive and thoughtful nature, as well as her signature inner control, which arguably has been the glue with her and Haru.

But sadly, it seems that Mitty has to pull most of the chains and suffer most of the blows to move forward. As example, look at Haru! That magnetic personality of his attracts all the girls, which Mitty is obviously jealous of. Those friends of his also try to hit on her, which Mitty dislikes. However, it looks like their newest challenge seems to be approaching, thanks to Haru and his ability to stand up for others. Although we don’t know much about class rep Chizuru, we do know she’s probably fallen for Haru in some way. It doesn’t take Mitty long (with that perceptive eye of hers) to notice, setting us up for more jealousy, misunderstanding, and guaranteeing that SOMEBODY is going to get emotionally bruised. Such is the sad reality of 99% of love triangles, but unfortunately, it is a roadblock that comes up over the course of some relationships. I think I’ll get my tissues ready just in case…

While these types of episodes are not the most enjoyable for me, the necessity of them to flesh out characters and their settings is crucial to a good story. While it may not be the most pleasant thing to see Haru and Mitty bicker…it’s a necessity that will bring them closer together. What lies ahead now for our couple? The trials of a relationship have begun to surface and challenge the weird bond that they share.

One last thing: the preview was awesome, and should be a movie ASAP.

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  1. https://randomc.net/image/Tonari%20no%20Kaibutsu-kun/Tonari%20no%20Kaibutsu-kun%20-%2005%20-%20Large%2030.jpg

    Mitty’s love for Haru becomes grander each episode, and her deredere side becomes more and more cute to look at each episode :).

    I also love how it goes from the drama type to the comedic romance so easily XD. Nothing can stay serious with this show. XD Favorite Romance Comedy of the season definitely! Its true what Zanibas said. They bicker, but they literally became closer just AFTER that slight argument. If only all relationships were like this :/

    Also can someone tell me how to use the hyperlinks and spoilers and stuff on this? I don’t wanna have to post the entire URL everytime or hold back a spoiler if I don’t need to. I’m not good with the HTML tags so can someone please help me with them…

  2. This episode was too “ah shucks, too cotton-candy-bubble-gum disgustingly sweet” for my taste. I suppose it can’t be helped since it’s a shojou show to begin with, it’s like asking why there is so many fight scenes in a kung-fu movie. Having said that I still like the light rom-com comedy of this show and liked the manga as well, so I will keep watching it.

    BTW, why is that I feel Yuuzan is being portrayed as even more of asshole in the anime than manga? I suspect it’s the voice actor, goodness. Sure he was no saint in the manga, but at worst, he was like a too playful mischievous older brother-kun character who likes to tease his brother a little too much, but never with vile intentions, with occasional deep mature sides. I know it’s early in anime for his character, but… he’s just an ass so far. It’s a bit sad on a personal note since he’s my favorite male character in the manga. Yep, it’s the voice actor with his Izaya Orihara (of Durarara)-like voice delivery.

      1. well… can’t argue with that, Scruffy, since I’ve only read until chapter 34. Damn.

        Well until I read that and determine how nasty it is, I reserve the right to change my mind, but so far I like the character. But… do tell, Scruffy, what happens?? Just write it under the spoiler tag like you did and no one will complain as after all it’s up to them to click the spoiler!

    1. but she has no chance of winning. I will tell you why: she is a supporting cast while the study bug IS the main heroine. Tell me two shows where the main heroine loses to a supporting cast, especially loses the main protagonist to a supporting cast. Never happened and never will (I say two, since it’s possible one show could exist, but certainly NOT two). Statistically speaking there are much higher chance of two main characters dying than this, although not exactly a fair comparison since this never happens to a romantic anime show and it’d be comparing to zero. Therefore this angle is quite pointless to think further.

      1. I really like Ooshima (and her friend) since they bring the same honesty and straight-forwardness that Haru and Shizuku have. Show Spoiler ▼

        I feel like the author is great at making every character real in this series (no throw-away characters), and Ooshima should bring forward a lot of development – if we get that far in the anime.

  3. well more going on he said she said seem be more hmm to see.

    yea give haru’s brother “reason” give cause haru’s dad want haru back give “probs” still hmm more going on it.

    yea haru & shizuru going hmm but now look shy glasses girl of kana hana seem now looking to shy seeing of haru.

    & samurai part indeed that a BLAM part.

  4. Another awesome episode! All I keep thinking about is how frustrating it must be to be in Mitty’s shoes in regards to studying. Because I completely relate to that! I had a friend who never studied for anything and still ended up beating me on tests I slaved over. It’s slightly annoying at times lol. But now relationship conflicts are popping up and even though I’ve already read the manga chapters, I still feel like I’m watching something new. I love it ^^

  5. Wow, you can definitely relate to the: “In a relationship, when we don’t know key information about the people we care about…it’s absolutely necessary to find out so we can help out, right?” part huh? 😉 If you know where I’m getting with that… lol

    Jokes aside… I definitely think that their biggest roadblock is something that Haru has to get over and not Mitty. Mitty seems to understand herself and her feelings for the most part and it’s only Haru who’s “unsure” what kind of love he feels… and I’m sure that’s something that can only be experienced overtime =) They’re experiencing that awkward “grey” area of a relationship where you know you like each other but not sure how to progress because there’s still some unknown factors about yourself and the other person. I completely understand that.

    Anyway, I think the reason that I like this show so much is not only because of the fast paced plot, but the comedy and characters themselves. It’s funny and I don’t usually laugh at anime because it’s not my style of comedy… but Tonari is exactly my type =) It’s sarcastic, dry and awkward humor (mostly by Mitty lol) and it makes it relate-able and situational so I like that. Also, the characters are very honest with themselves…. so none of that self denial shit that drags on and on (although very realistic). Sometimes you just need a time skip and get straight to the point! Wow this is a long comment….

  6. What you missed is that Natsume is the true tragic character here! Poor girl just wants some sympathy and instead she’s straight smacked down with a unanimous “don’t infect me.” Harsh man.

    I do miss more comedy moments like that, but it is also great seeing a show deal with character and relationship development so head on. Shizuku’s comment about not even being able to remember her old self was striking in that it is so true. I almost can’t remember all the details of her back in the first episode given how much she has developed.

    1. As the saying goes, there’s a very thin line between tragedy and comedy. What you see as a tragic character is actually comic relief for other people. I’m firmly in the Natsume as poor laughing stock camp. 🙂

      Kinny Riddle
  7. “and control over his interests is both commendable and…creepy at the same time.”

    Anybody familiar with the Blazblue series should know that Yuuzan and Hazama are voiced by the same actor. That makes him so much more creepy.

    1. If you include Kyousuke’s hilarious “gentlemanly” pervetedness from OreImo, as well as the near stalker tendencies of Miketsugami in Inu x Boku SS, that’s four out of four in the “creepiness scale” for Nakamura Yuuichi. lol

      (And of course, there’s Graham Aker and his obsession with all things Gundams. )

      Kinny Riddle
  8. “But I thought you said you loved me.” LOL That was just too funny and cute.

    Also lol at the opening scene concerning Haru’s concept about “dating at night”.

    More Hanazawa Kana in a romance anime is always welcome.

    Kinny Riddle
  9. …when we don’t know key information about the people we care about…

    I think it’s difficult and maybe painful for Haru to discuss his past with Mitty. People are people and sometimes
    it takes a lot of strength to to hear all of the details about someone’s past; and trust. I think that Haru doesn’t
    want Mitty to pity him for his troubled past, or focus/relive those events. He may be afraid, too, that those details
    may colour him differently in Mitty’s eyes and he doesn’t want to jeopardize what they’ve built so far. It’s difficult
    to admit to someone you’re trying to build a friendship/future with that you messed up big time – that you were a jerk.

    I think Haru has decided (on Mitty), and has grown with Mitty, but Mitty still isn’t convinced that his confession was
    genuine (it was). Yuuzan spent a lot of dialogue explaining how Mitty’s influence changed Haru. His own brother
    seems to realize that Haru’s change is a reflection of his feelings for her, and her influence on Haru.

    When Haru wants to, he can be very attractive to the opposite sex – Mitty saw that early on. Mitty’s problem isn’t
    waiting for Haru to fall in love with her, but to accept the love that Haru is offering her right now.
    The irony is that Mitty has probably grown as much as, if not more than Haru; she is interacting with many other
    people than episode one where she says –

    “I don’t have time to pay attention to other people.” (ep 1)

    I think this series is amazing in how it seems to affect its viewers – you can almost tell the guys comments from
    the girls comments and it definitely showcases the gender differences quite well.

    I think (even after 5 episodes) this series is on par with Nazo no Kanojo X the difference is that while Nazo
    (seemed) focused more on the physical, this series is giving us a good insight into the emotional tides in a budding
    relationship. IMHO, these emotions are universal in any new relationship no matter the age of the actors.

    Also, Mitty has learned how he must have felt about losing her as she feels about him (possibly) returning home.

    I love how all of this is presented with well-timed comedy to underscore the story line.

    Since his return to school and newly found smile-ability, Haru has been surrounded by infatuated cute girls at school;
    I can emphasize :). But the class rep suddenly lands on Mitty’s radar as it appears an imminent confession to Haru
    is about to unfold. Blood will be spilt, and a battle of epic proportions unseen in Anime history will be told…

    Can’t wait for next week!

  10. https://randomc.net/image/Tonari%20no%20Kaibutsu-kun/Tonari%20no%20Kaibutsu-kun%20-%2005%20-%20Large%2007.jpg

    I get the feeling that if Natsume actually physically existed during my school years, I’d have been smitten by her. Not surprising, since she did mention that boys go crazy over her, but still. She’d be the girl I’d be secretly sneaking peeks at in class, and I’d be wondering what it would be like to be caught up in her pace. I mean, a beauty with a laptop and a mouth mask. I can’t help but be curious about her, and I can’t seem to get enough of her.

    Did I just profess my love for an anime character? 0.0

  11. This will be a first time for me but I’m not rooting for the HanaKana character because as much as I love her and I can’t believe I’m saying something so cheesy, Mitty and Haru’s chemistry is so effin’ adorable.

    This will NEVER work! Props to Natsume though and not much of her this week.
    -Yuuzan is definitely annoying, can’t believe how much I’m hating a Nakamura Yuuichi char.
    -Chizuru is falling and falling hard.

  12. …Mitty has to pull most of the chains and suffer most of the blows to move forward.

    This reflects the tankobōn volume covers…I fully understand now \(*0*)/!

    Mitty not only tames the eccentric Haru through her influence on him represented by the chain, but she takes the reins in their relationship to keep hold of Haru and never lead him astray. Figurative language is awesome!

    On another note, thank you for the post, Zanibas (-^o^-)/. It was a pleasure to read!

  13. lol, this episode really stirred things up – firstly, it has shed light on Haru’s past, and why he is so insanely good at school grades without apparent effort. 3 years of studying of boredom… I am unsure if to be awed or pitying…

    secondly we get a glimpse of the devious and manipulative Yuuzan.

    And finally, a wild lemony challenger appears, in the form of outrageously cute, though socially awkward class rep, Chizuru.


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